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Travelling Without Moving // Exhibition @ Dom omladine

In Belgrade, 19.09.2017 19:001 - 03.10.2017 19:001

Human thought is so highly developed that it can cover almost 
anything we want, conscious or subconscious: material subjects that 
are familiar but also not present, something we have never seen but maybe we have read or heard about it and also completely abstract 
and made up subjects, places and events.

Emilija Radojičić (EmaEmaEma) is a visual artist based in Belgrade. Through a ritual dedication to the process of drawing and creating, in the latest period of her work she is exploring feelings, vibrations, natural occurrences and phenomena through which the human mind and body is reflected with the goal of finding possible positive, often abstract solutions for it’s own state of being.She is active in fields of drawing, painting, objects, installations and urban interventions (murals). By now she has had numerous solo and group exhibitions, audio-visual performances, collaborations and publications in the Balkan region, Europe, Asia and America.

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