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Summer show opening : Summer vibes // Exhibition @ Gallery November

In Belgrade, 09.08.2018 18:001 - 09.09.2018 18:001

We are honored to invite you to the opening of the first group show dedicated to summer and its charming atmosphere. 

Radiant sun, vivid colors, sandy beaches, seaside, waves splashing against the shore and feeling of sublime joy are only some of the associations that bring summer to mind. No other season tolerates such fondness for clichés as summer does, and its enchanting atmosphere has always been inspirational to artists. 
At the Exhibition "Summer vibes" we will present selection of interesting artworks by six artists, emanating summer charms.
Each of the presented artwork search for no conventional aesthetics and often find a new sort of rebellious beauty. This beauty dares to reveal the grotesque of pictoral, while telling no difference between the digital and ‘real’, and giving away the enjoyable beauty of the imaginative as well as popular.

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