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In Belgrade, 12.03.2015 21:001 - 13.03.2015 0:001

Since its beginings in the city of Liege in 1999, The Experimental Tropic Blues Band have gained more & more support and interest from the public due to its wild stage antics and their raw blend of blues and rock’n’roll.

500/800 RSD tickets for event

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Dope Body & Cities Aviv - live hard rock @Urban Spree

In Berlin, 06.10.2015 21:001 - 01.01.1970 1:001

Trap Rock from Baltimore MD

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Karadjordjeva 46, 11000 Belgra... Facebook FB event

Mistery Train // live Rock & Americana @ Mixer

In Belgrade, 09.10.2015 20:301 - 10.10.2015 3:001

Mistery Train is radio show which have culd status since it presented some unique underground artists for more than a 30 years.  Specialy for this case a group of artist/musicians will make tribute for this show. 

Tickets (promo): 1000 RSD 

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Echoes of the Underground // rock punk goth party @UNDER

In Bucharest, 05.02.2016 22:001 - 01.01.1970 1:001

Wanna party but can't find your thing? :(
Here's what you're [probably] missing!! A Froday night to dance to your favorite rock tunes <3  Post Punk, Art Punk, Deathrock, Goth Rock, Coldwave, Batcave and more... with DJ Malefas & DJ ModernWitch in the legendary UNDER

Free Entry!!


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Valerinne [RO] & Mytrip [BG] // @Control

In Bucharest, 11.02.2016 21:001 - 01.01.1970 1:001

VALERINNE - Album and EP release Monumenta & Telemetry

Epic local post-rock / noise band. Instrumental, atmospheric, haunting, loud and emotional music, completed by live visuals. Check'em out http://valerinne.bandcamp.com/

Mytrip is a solo harsh ambient / drone unit from Bulgaria, been at it for over a decade now! Check'em: http://mytrip.bandcamp.com/

Artist support: 2o lei

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Dead Man's Boogie [DE] & Rapture [RO] // all kinds'a rock @Underworld

In Bucharest, 18.03.2016 20:001 - 01.01.1970 1:001

A full-on rock show !! alternative rock, stoner rock, heavy metal, hard rock, punk rock... you get the picture :P

Line UP:
Dead Man's Boogie [DE] ♦ https://www.facebook.com/deadmansboogie/timeline
Rapture [RO] ♦ https://www.facebook.com/Rapture-Band-371674032893309/timeline

Band support: 15 lei

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Glavna 29, 11080 Zemun... Facebook FB event

Rita Mosss / Friend of Gods (GRE) // Post punk & Math rock @ MKC Kombinat

In Belgrade, 17.11.2017 20:001 - 17.11.2017 23:001

RITA MOSSS, of German-Jewish descent, is an old and infamous wanderer of the Athenian red light district. Since she was a young and fresh faced girl her home was inhospitable streets in the center of the city, where many a dark figure drifted aimlessly. But besides her passion for the adult business she was also an artist, and now that the time for her retirement had arrived she started devoting herself in writing songs that derived from her deep experience as a passionate servant of paid love. Because of her age she is not capable of performing her songs in front of an audience, so she hired two dumb and sleazy old customers of hers to pay the music the justice it deserves. The only reward for the two fellows is some wisdom in Venusian arts by the mistress herself, Frau Mosss.Because above all, Rita Mosss is a woman full of passion with a loose rectum.

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