Solidni Jistota club and rest... Facebook FB event

Prague Thrift Store benefit gala & fashion show@ Solidni Jistota club restaurant

In Prague, 11.03.2014 18:001 - 11.03.2014 23:591

...Prague Thrift Store in conjunction with International Women's Association of Prague (IWAP).brings you an evening of fasion, food,  Brazilian Dancers from Tradicion, beautiful fashion modelsKung Fu performers and a unique performance byAdrienn Banhegyi, World Champion rope skipping performer and Cirque du Soleil star.

All proceeds go to the Azylovy Dum mother's shelter.Buy tickets at the shop or at the links we have provided here for you.....

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1085 Budapest, Kőfaragó utca... Facebook

Community Cooking for the Homeless in Super8

In Budapest, 15.03.2014 14:001 - 15.03.2014 19:001

Karma Points Activity... Super 8 staff & Budapest Bike Maffia makes a HUGE portion of food for the homeless. Come, peel some potatoes. 

they are there all afternoon... 
free entry, big bar & garden, good people 

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Krymska 12, 110 00, prague... Facebook

punk benefit @ cafe v lese

In Prague, 21.03.2014 19:301 - 21.03.2014 22:001

local punks making soli concert for friends in the north of CZ, who are running an indipendent cafe

three bands_bit of punk, bit of hardcore and maybe even some emo for the loners*

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Andreasgasse 7, 1070 Wien ... Facebook FB event

pay as much as u want entry to "Evil Things" exhibition @ Hofmobiliendepot

In Vienna, 26.06.2014 18:001 - 26.06.2014 20:001

Pay as much as YOU want for the "Evil Things - An ENcyclopedia of Bad Taste" echibition  - profits will got to the homeless-help center "Neunerhaus" ( - ‘It is only by eliminating bad taste that we can recognize what good taste is’.  Nowadays, it seems harder and harder to find the thin line that distinguishes good from bad taste. This exhibition, consisting of more than 400 objects of more or less bad taste, explores the boundaries of taste and classification of our time. Have fun between penis-slippers and Brandenburger-Gate-Brush!

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KC Grad, Brace Krsmanovic 4, B... Facebook FB event

Delicious Monday @ KC Grad

In Belgrade, 17.03.2014 19:001 - 17.03.2014 23:001

Every Monday we are celebrating good food in KC Grad. Today, crew from popular radio station B92 are preparing meals, and all money they raise will go charity funds.


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?stiklal Caddesi Şehit Muhtar... FB event

Solidarity-Party Vol 1 @Eski Cambaz

In Istanbul, 19.03.2014 20:001 - 20.03.2014 1:001

Freedom is sometimes bounded with the colour of your passport.
Freedom of movement is a privilege instead of a right.
Two migrant friends of us got stuck in the wheels of bureaucracy. They got stopped in Greece while they were trying to reach Fortress Europe. To reclaim their rights, they need our solidarity - and we need yours ! No one is illegal !
Friendship without Borders
Friendship doesn't need money. But lawyers do!

DJ: Peter Huflattich
balkan/latin influenced tech-house | gebrüder dargus | germany

check out the music on SoundCloud

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Pod Pałacykiem, Generała Tad... FB event

Kuchnia Spoleczna @ Pod Palacykiem

In Wroclaw, 23.03.2014 16:001 - 23.03.2014 18:001

Social Kitchen is back to Pod Pałacykiem! As always, loads of fantastic vegan food will be shared, and all income will go for charity: this time to Fundacja Ekostraż. Oh, there really is no better place to have dinner on Sunday!

Tickets: 10 PLN or vegan meal :-)

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Klub 007 - Strahov, Chaloupeck... Facebook FB event


In Prague, 28.03.2014 18:001 - 28.03.2014 23:001

if You like hardcore music_don't even hesitate and check out this soli party for local squatting scene*

GUTS & GUNS (de)




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CAFÉ NA PŮL CESTY centráln... Facebook FB event

Global Beats - concerts, didjeridoo workshop@ Cafe Na Pul Cesty (central park Pankrac)

In Prague, 12.04.2014 16:001 - 13.04.2014 2:001

World music concerts and DJs playing with live instruments from 8 p.m. at Cafe Na Půl Cesty.

From 4 p.m. U can join didjeridoo and tibetan singing bowls workshop and open jam session in the park in front of the Cafe.

A lot of  music will be in indian style and U can also test indian vegan food there.

It is a charity action - entry is voluntary and money goes to a 1 year old child Martin who is in the process of healing from blood cancer.


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Kampa Island 118 00 Prague...

Kampa Stred Svet (Center of World) open air concert/show/FREE@KampaPark

In Prague, 12.04.2014 14:001 - 05.04.2014 20:001

The Island becomes the place to be again.. all day action & fresh air for free!

Celebration opening the gates of Kampa will 'happen' under the Chrales bridge at 14.oo...

All the park will be alive with possibilities & on top of that there will play 5 bands.

If you know the names then you will be delighted.. if not.. come discover something!

It's gonna' be a great day!




Posted by: Gordonsky

pod budankou, 150 00, prague... Facebook FB event

The Garden Party @ Budanka

In Prague, 26.04.2014 15:001 - 26.04.2014 22:001

in the ruins and old gardens, You can discover the secrets of Budáňka and it's history, presence and maybe even future...come and share the moment with local community trying to save this (almost) forgotten place...beneficial event to repair the walls and build up the roof...

guided tours at 3pm and 4pm, with bit of a help of old pictures presented at the exhibition..

also to be seen: vegebar, ping-pong, DIY pancakes, meeting the neighbours, piknicking...


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Bozidarac, Radoslava Grujića ... Facebook FB event

Charity Concert, live Alternative music, R'n'R', Indie @ Vracar Rocks / Bozidarac

In Belgrade, 26.04.2014 20:001 - 27.04.2014 1:001

Five bands are uniting their will, music and skills in attempt to help children who have cancer.

Kristali are a Serbian brith pop/pop rock band.

Svi na pod is electronic band from Belgrade which combine Indie music with trip hop and dub.

Repetitor are a young blood on Serbian music scene. They can be described as noisy, hurricane guitar band.

Sinestezija is new wave, post punk band.

Straight Mickey & The Boyz are a new R’n’R tsunami from Belgrade.

300 RSD + voluntary contributions


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... FB event

House for Homies without Home @ Babylon

In Istanbul, 08.05.2014 22:001 - 08.05.2014 4:001

While most of us are spending time at our warm apartments, thousands of homeless are fighting with cold. HOUSE FOR HOMIES WITHOUT HOME is a collective group of DJs using their creative minds and collaborate for only one idea: Love of house music and desire to help others...

Two friends from Berlin, Paul Technau and Bernardo Aviles-Busch are also the duo behind the project Mondaen. Compiling Detroit and Chicago House and Berlin Techno and Deep House the interaction can be seen in the DJ booth. When we question the meaning of Mondaen, a classic music which is chich and modernized comes out. After the local and international success of Paul’s early project Tiger Rag Club, House for Homies without Home project got many artists and photographers like Casso Wairy come together. The main idea about this project is to raise donation for homeless people through music.



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Vrch Svaty Kříže, 130 00, P... Facebook FB event

Million Marihuana March 2014

In Žižkov, 10.05.2014 12:301 - 10.05.2014 22:001


altought it might not seems so_it°s still illegal_could You believe that_so? lets have a party!

first things first_meeting after noon_march starts at one_around two entering good old Žižkov

and then_concerts_djs_hemp market_discussions_NGOs_kids area*

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Rokycanova 29, 130 00, Praha... Facebook FB event

MMM afterparty @ Fatal

In Žižkov, 10.05.2014 22:001 - 11.05.2014 2:221

ska-punk afterpaty at Fatal music club with live band and later on dj's till morning..

beneficial entrance to all afterparties 80,- >>> to cover expenses of the MMM

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Kubelíkova 27, 130 00, praha... Facebook FB event

MMM afterparty @ Palac Akropolis

In Žižkov, 10.05.2014 22:001 - 11.05.2014 4:441

two dj stages afterparty_soul+funk & reggae+dancehall+dub


beneficial entrance to all afterparties 80,- >>> to cover expenses of the MMM

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Tahovské náměstí 7, 130 00... Facebook FB event

MMM afterparty @ Storm Club

In Žižkov, 10.05.2014 22:001 - 11.05.2014 5:551

two dj stages afterparty_ dnb stage & techno stage...

beneficial entrance to all afterparties 80,- >>> to cover expenses of the MMM

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plynární 23, 130 00, prague... Facebook FB event

MMM afterparty @ Cross Club

In Prague, 10.05.2014 21:001 - 11.05.2014 7:081

main stage with reggae bands and later on djs and second stage inna di dnb style..

for Million Marihuana March event >>> see Žižkov map+events list!

free entrance till ten..later_beneficial entrance 80,- >>> to cover expenses of the MMM

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Hradcanske namesti 11, 118 00,...

Castle Bazzar @ Hradcany

In Prague, 11.05.2014 14:001 - 11.05.2014 19:001

join the charity flea market during Your castle sightseeing...raised money goes to blind people...visually impaired...sight challanged...simple the people with different point of view on the world*make a stop and do something good, while shopping some original gifts for Your friends...


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Krymska 12, 101 00, Praha... Facebook

clothes bazaar @ cafe v lese

In Prague, 12.05.2014 19:001 - 12.05.2014 21:301

give & take style of clothes bazzar...the best thing for all the punk travelers, who somehow lost all their clothes...all You need to do is come to café v lese, maybe even bring those few things You still have and leave with all brand new shiny clothes, wich were no more needed by the fellowman...

concert later > Chresus Jist (Serbia) + Modern Delusion (Croatia) + Zkouška Sirén

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Kostelni 42, 170 00, prague... Facebook

Genius Loci @ Technical Museum

In Prague, 12.05.2014 19:001 - 12.05.2014 22:001

...well, it might sound boring for some as it's basicly a choir playin different styles from traditional music to contemporary music like Phillip Glass for instance...but the point is, that it takes place at National Technical Museum, wich is deffinately worth to visit and this time You just pay voluntary fee as entrance and the money goes for the repairs of Libušín Castle..well, don't ask why they need to organise beneficial concert to repair a castle in the state property, but that's how the game goes...so_grab this opportunity and check out this wicked museum and listen to some sweet music at the same time*

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Dr Dragoslava Popovica 22, 110... Facebook FB event

Benefit Evening @ Green Youth of Serbia

In Belgrade, 20.05.2014 22:001 - 21.05.2014 2:001

States of emergency have been declared in parts of Bosnia and Serbia after the heaviest rain and worst floods since records began 120 years ago. Overflowing rivers have burst into towns and villages, cutting off whole communities, while landslides have buried houses. Green Youth of Serbia organizing benefit evening and all help will go in threatened areas. You could leave there old or new clothes, shoes, food and everything which might help those poor people.


Posted by: Beograd-Zeljko

Muzej Savremene Umetnosti, Usc... Facebook FB event

Mad in Belgrade +++ Electronic Music festival @ Museum of Contemporary Art

In Belgrade, 24.05.2014 12:001 - 25.05.2014 12:001

MAD in Belgrade arrives to Belgrade, bringing an explosion of sensations and experience! This new interactive festival will give the unforgettable and non-stoppable two-day fun to the capital city. On various locations more than 100 artists from the field of electronic and dance music will perform during 48 hours.

What MAD in Belgrade has to offer to its visitors is interactive fun and participation in the joint game to remember. Exciting animation of the visitors will be the part od MAD adventure, while gigantic sculptures and architectural interventions will become the scenery for a completely new experience, making MAD in Belgrade the craziest festival that Belgrade ever had!


One day ticket = 1200 RSD // Two days ticket = 2000 RSD



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Muzej Savremene Umetnosti, Usc... Facebook FB event

Mad in Belgrade +++ Electronic Music festival @ Museum of Contemporary Art

In Belgrade, 25.05.2014 12:001 - 26.05.2014 12:001

MAD in Belgrade arrives to Belgrade, bringing an explosion of sensations and experience! This new interactive festival will give the unforgettable and non-stoppable two-day fun to the capital city. On various locations more than 100 artists from the field of electronic and dance music will perform during 48 hours.

What MAD in Belgrade has to offer to its visitors is interactive fun and participation in the joint game to remember. Exciting animation of the visitors will be the part od MAD adventure, while gigantic sculptures and architectural interventions will become the scenery for a completely new experience, making MAD in Belgrade the craziest festival that Belgrade ever had!

All the revenue from the sold tickets for the first day of MAD in Belgrade festival, that will take place on 24th and 25th of May in the Park in front of Museum of Contemporary Art, will be donated to help flood victims in Serbia. 


One day ticket = 1200 RSD // Two days ticket = 2000 RSD


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Brace Krsmanovic 12, 11000 Bel... Facebook FB event

Big Humanitarian Party, DJs Alternative music @ Peron

In Belgrade, 24.05.2014 23:001 - 25.05.2014 4:301

Last week was a good example of solidarity. Serbia was hit by massive floods, the biggest in last 120 years. People from all around region helped flooded areas in many ways. Tonight u can contribute also by buying badge on this party, because all money which would be gathered will forward as a help.   

DJ Makinwa
Nebojša Intruder
Marko Gangbanger
DJ Ognjen Krstić 

Free entrance // 1 badge = 100RSD


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Inex Film, Visnjicka 76, Belg... Facebook FB event

Dan mladosti // Alternative Music, Art Exhibition, Movies @ Inex

In Belgrade, 25.05.2014 16:001 - 26.05.2014 2:001

Time machine is installed in Inex which allows visitors to celebrate old Yugoslavian feast – Day of Youth. In honor to Tito, communistic party and all working people there will be big party, art exhibition and video projections.   

Free entrance


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Basta, Karadjordjeva 43, Belgr... Facebook FB event

Humanitarni koncert - "Džez u pomoć" // live Jazz @ Basta

In Belgrade, 25.05.2014 13:001 - 26.05.2014 2:001

Whole day jazz event which have humanitarian character – all money gathered here will go as a help to flooded areas

14h-15h Maja Volk 
15h-16h Jovan Maljoković 
16h-17h Belgrade Dixieland Orchestra 
17h-18h Valentina's bend 
18h-19h Duo Trioritet 
19h-20h Milan Petrović Quartet 
20h-21h Nemanja Nikolić Trio 
21h-22h Mare i Di Luna bluz bend


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Dom Kulture Studentski Grad, B... FB event

BEDEM TONOVA // Humanitarian Concert // Alternative Music, Reggae @ Studenstki Grad

In Belgrade, 28.05.2014 15:001 - 28.05.2014 20:001

Another charity concert (as a help for flooded areas) with famous Serbian bands – Block Out, Masta Basta, Bas i stega and many more... 

Ticket = 5 litars of water



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... FB event

Spoken Word İstanbul @ Karakedi Kültür Merkezi

In Istanbul, 29.05.2014 20:301 - 29.05.2014 23:591

poets, novelists, stand-up artists, dancers, improv actors, musicians, jugglers, story tellers, actors and actresses and just anybody and everybody who loves to take to the stage to speak their words.

and so should you, yes you, what ever you have on mind, let it out. you'll feel much better :) 

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... FB event

We Are All Refugees @ Karakedi Kültür Merkezi

In Istanbul, 06.06.2014 20:001 - 07.06.2014 3:001

Benefit concert for Syrian refugees in Istanbul.

Yabangee crew & friends will be @ Karakedi Tunel on June 6 with a stellar line-up of six different bands - Turkish, yabanci and of course Syrian... and yes - there will be NO COVER CHARGE. 

Your TICKET IN will be any kind of DONATION – no matter how big or small, and of course support for the cause. 
For all Erasmus students and professional English teachers, if you have been here for a while and might be leaving soon,  you may have many things around your home or closets that you will not be taking on your voyage beyond.
And for all you other Istanbulites, Spring is finally here – so here is your perfect opportunity for a little spring-cleaning. Bring it on!
-clothes and shoes
-household items 
-children and baby items

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Centralni park Pankrac, 140 00... Facebook FB event

world music @ cafe na pul cesty

In Prague, 21.06.2014 14:001 - 21.06.2014 22:001

...beneficial concert for local NGO working with travelling people from all around the world, who get stucked in CZ for some time*workshops, worldfood, fleamarket and concerts of course...

entrance voluntary fee

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Rathausplatz, 1010 Wien ?, U2 ... FB event


In Vienna, 31.05.2014 18:001 - 01.06.2014 0:001

International AIDS charity event. Prepare to get condoms thrown at yo' faces and naked bodypainted people. Even if you don't have a super pricy ticket to get INTO the party, you can get to know our sweet CONCHITA and Ricky Martin will be spookin around!

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Restauracja Agawa, ul. Waligó... FB event

Culture2Animals @ Restauracja Agawa

In Wroclaw, 30.05.2014 21:001 - 31.05.2014 2:001

Restaurant Agawa opens it's summer garden Agawa na Grillu with a huge charity action for an animal shelter. Together with some local DJs, VJs and producers they will spice up friday night with some electronic sounds. Also, for bringing gifts for animals, you can get something in return :-)

Visual: VJ EMIKO

Ticket: food/blankets for animals!

Posted by: Wojtek

Mikser House, Karadjodjeva 46,... Facebook FB event

Humanitarni matine / DechkoTzar & Zla Zla / Food fest, T-shirts sale, DJs Funky @ Mikser

In Belgrade, 31.05.2014 18:001 - 31.05.2014 20:301

Humanitarian matinee – cheap food, even cheaper drink, unique T-shirts sale and good music.


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kulturni centrum klubovna, 160... Facebook FB event

benefit concert @ dejvicka klubovna

In Prague, 14.06.2014 18:001 - 14.06.2014 23:001

soli party for iniciative against racism*


afterparty_Dj Uberpunx a Dj Nahanbě

vege-grill before the case of good wheater...
voluntary entrace +- 80,-

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cafe na pul cesty, 140 00, pra... Facebook

soli party for ABC @ cafe na pul cesty

In Prague, 29.07.2014 19:001 - 29.07.2014 23:001

solidarity party for local ABC!

bands_for hardcore fans mainly...

Landverraad / Lawine / Remek

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orebitska 14, 130 00, prague...

vegan barbecue @ sale

In Žižkov, 08.06.2014 14:001 - 08.06.2014 22:001

vegan grill / games / maybe even music

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SKC, Kralja Milana 48, 11000 B... Facebook FB event

ROK (OD)BRANA /// live Rock'n'Roll @ SKC

In Belgrade, 14.06.2014 20:001 - 14.06.2014 23:401

                                       ….as you know, Serbia was hit by massive floods

   ….damage is huge – people lost their homes, shops, cars….

                 ….city close to Belgrade was totally destroyed…

 ….this concert, besides giving a good fun with the best Serbian guitar bands, also seeking to help threatened areas….

                                    …..300 RSD ticket


::::: Disciplina Kitchme ::::    

    :::: Eyesburn ::::

:::: Popecitelji ::::     

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orebitska 14, 130 00, prague... Facebook

a-kontra soli dinner @ sale

In Žižkov, 25.06.2014 19:001 - 25.06.2014 22:001

...benefit dinner for local anarchist magazine a-kontra with storytelling from the good old nineties...

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Kredka, Plac Grunwaldzki 30, 5... FB event

Red Cross Car @ Kredka Dormitory

In Wroclaw, 25.06.2014 15:001 - 25.06.2014 17:001

Got some spare stuff? Give it all to the Red Cross workes who will wait in a special car in front of the dorms on Wednesday from 3 to 5! :) Everyting is needed: CLEAN clothes, kitchen stuff, food (but only unpacked and with long experience date)...

All we collect will be given to families in need in the area of Wroclaw.

Posted by: Wojtek

... FB event

ROCK FOR CANCER-live music@Slechtovka in Stromovka Park

In Prague, 28.06.2014 14:001 - 28.06.2014 22:001

,,,,The Sam Thomas Charitable Foundation presents ROCK AGAINST CANCER
Open Air Free Summer Concert at Slechtovka in Stromovka Park- near the ruin & old gazeebo garden, aka Slechtovka) FREE ENTRY! VSTUP ZDARMA!-
* children's area bouncy caste, face painting & balloons-* charcoal food grill & full bar
* cafe with coffee & cake-* charity raffle-* benefit for cancer research raised by donation
* proceeds to Cancer Research UK registered charity..........


Posted by: chrissy

Avinguda Coll del Portell, 74 ... Facebook

Together for Life Festival @ La Miranda

In Barcelona, 02.08.2014 14:001 - 02.07.2014 23:591

Together For Life Festival Barcelona 2014 is a cultural festival charity to support DINSART, project management and creative art therapies based in Barcelona. Food, music and activities for all ages.

Free (All proceeds made with the stands will be donated)



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stvanice 38, 170 00, prague...

electropunk @ stvanice

In Prague, 08.08.2014 19:001 - 08.08.2014 22:001

...two electropunk and one hardcorepunk band are playin at this benefit concert to buy bikes for kids in Lithuania...all hapenin under the bridge at Štvanice...near the skatepark...

Beyond the Borders

Frau Frankenstein Und Spüllboys

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plzenska 130/221, 150 00, prag... Facebook FB event

PravekFest @ Dr. Vojak

In Prague, 10.10.2014 17:001 - 11.10.2014 22:001

...for all the hardcore music lovers, there is this two day benefit festival for underground book publisher...


FRIDAY 10.10. / starting at 17:00


Victims of Classwar (black-crust/punk)

Choked by own Vomits (fekal gore grind)

Močoví Khameni (crust/grind)

Napalmex (noise)

Spreading Dread (thrash metal)

Menstrual Soup (hc/grind)


SATURDAY 11. 10. / starting at 17:00


TASS (punk-rock)

Spots (anarcho-punk)

Gun Joking (alternative-post hardcore)

 Kopec Šišek (death-folk)

 S.N.B. (violence-punk)

 Galanti (brutal big-beat)

 ~ˇ^ˇ~ (noise-experimental)

 Uncle Grasha’s Flying Circus (nun-core)


entrance 80 per day or 150 for both_

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Kneza Milosa 16, 11000 Belgrad... Facebook FB event

Charity Runner Neil Launch event @ The Three Carrots IRISH PUB

In Belgrade, 27.08.2014 18:001 - 28.08.2014 2:001

Please do come along, support this charity event, say hello, and enjoy a great evening 'down the pub' :-). Sweepstake, exclusive Charity Runner Neil t-shirts, polos shirts, caps, CDs, ties and many more things as a price, and of course lovely jublly Irish music and beer! 

Free entry 


Posted by: Beograd-Zeljko

Za Invalidovnou, Praha...

DIY Carneval:street fest@streets of Prague

In Prague, 27.09.2014 13:001 - 27.08.2014 18:001

DIY Carnevall

Street fest in DIY masks and costumes in Prague ´s streets. Starts in street : Za Invalidovnou, Praha at 13 o´clock.

Soundsystems, juggling, music...

This year is the teheme: Recyclation

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Pretorius Straat, 1092 Amsterd... Facebook FB event

ASEED benefit dinner - 3 course vegan meal for €4 @ Joe's Garage

In Amsterdam, 15.09.2014 19:001 - 15.09.2014 21:001

ASEED is about actions for Solidarity Environment Equality and Diversity. Tonight they organize a 3 course vegan meal to raise money to bring the members of this activist network togther and start new projects. Held at the squat Joe's garage in the east of Amsterdam.

Price: €4 for 3 course meal

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CRK, Jagiellonczyka 10c, Wrocl... FB event

Vegan Social Kitchen @ Utopia CRK

In Wroclaw, 28.09.2014 16:001 - 28.09.2014 18:001

Our favourite food even in the town! Just come and enjoy the whole variety of vegan food made by locals. Those events are getting better and better recognised here, so you will definitely enjoy an amazing variety of food! And this week the whole income goes for Samba Team, playing drums on every manifa and pro-human-rights event around.

Please remember that the amount and quality of food depend only on us, so we encourage you to prepare your favourite vegan meals to share them with others!

Ticket: 10 PLN (for charity!) or vegan meal.

Posted by: Wojtek

Psychiatrická nemocnice Bohni... Facebook FB event

Prago Union @ Fifth Colony

In Prague, 09.10.2014 19:001 - 09.10.2014 23:001

...czech out the local hip hop band playin to celebrate 15th anniversary of the fifth colony, club situated in the madhouse and surrounded by really nice and big park...worth to see anytime*

voluntary fee entrance*

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Novotného Lávka 1, Praha... Facebook FB event

Pio Squad/ hip hop concert@Klub Lávka

In Prague, 14.11.2014 21:001 - 15.11.2014 2:001

Pio Squad

- benefit concert and a new videoclip from Bangladesh

- one of the Czech best hip hop / rap bands 

guest:  LA4
Support DJ Poeta

Entry:  200 Kč
Pre sale: 150 Kč

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Braće Krsmanović 4, Belgrade... Facebook FB event

Pojačaj, Benefit night /// Live and DJs Hip Hop @ KC Grad

In Belgrade, 11.10.2014 22:301 - 12.10.2014 5:001

After several successful benefit events for homeless people of Belgrade, volunteers of the Red Cross Palilula are organizing the sixth benefit event POJAČAJ! on 11th October. The goal of this event is to gather funds for the people who live on the streets of Belgrade.

In 2012, 2013. and 2014. five benefit concerts were organized in KC Grad and in the club 20/44. With the gathered funds, volunteers of the Red Cross Palilula provided packages for homeless people.

This event will be supported by Belgrade band SAJSI MC and Belgrade DJs Shekimon, Marina Bogičević, Inspektor&50 Grass (Vatra). The ticket is 300 RSD and collected funds will be used for providing help for homeless people of Belgrade.


Posted by: Beograd-Zeljko

coverplace... Facebook FB event

23 & 161 @ coverplace

In Prague, 14.11.2014 21:301 - 15.11.2014 7:001

...local freetechno scene organising a benefit for a local antifa crew...

1. stage:
Bebe, Nana (Fatal Noise)
Bazooka Joe (Cirkus Alien)
Joss Crooks (Technical Support)
Marek (Technical Support / Fatal Noise)

2. stage:
Komatsu Soundsystem & guests
NGR (Komatsu)
Izstvy (Komatsu)
Kolaczeg (Vosa)
YCHY (Prague Nightmare Allstars)
MEPHISTO (Prague Nightmare Allstars)
CALGARRY (Prague Nightmare Allstars)

noM; Phase/Cirkus Alien
ZAE; Vosa

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Chaloupeckeho 1903/6, 169 00, ... Facebook FB event

What We Feel & Moscow Death Brigade @ 007

In Prague, 15.02.2015 18:001 - 15.02.2015 23:001

...two legendary bands from the russian antifascist scene are here and ready kick Your ass!!! In case You have Your heart on the right place, then its just ment figuratively...otherwise get ready to get Your ass whooped...oi Oi OI!!!

...for the big interest, there is gonna be two six and at eight...better to buy in presale at (trojanova 9) or at the for 161czk

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Purkyniego 1, Wroclaw... FB event

Reggae Special for Charity @ Stary Klasztor

In Wroclaw, 10.01.2015 19:001 - 10.01.2015 23:001

Hey, do you know what The Great Orchestra of Christmas Help is? Well, come and join this biggest charity action in Poland (Europe?), drop some cash for kids and elders and enjoy a good night of reggae music with Pajujo, Namaan, The Whiff and Gradu Minimo

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vegan social kitchen @ Utopia CRK

In Wroclaw, 18.01.2015 16:001 - 18.01.2015 18:001

Social Kitchen is back in New Year - we're more than happy :-) Best idea for Sunday. Social kitchen is prepared by its' participants. So bring a VEGAN meal to share with others and dive in a delicous ocean of food :-)

For those who come empty-handedn: entrance is 10 PLN, all income goes for charity


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In Wroclaw, 20.01.2015 18:001 - 28.01.2015 19:001

Unique exhibition of dreamlike , mysterious and unrealistic images. These series of portraits by Luke Kapy were made in  XIX cyanotype technology. During exhibition you can buy cyberphotos via mail: All profits go to Wroclaw Hospice for Children Foundation. C'Y ! AFTERPARTY@KONTYNUACJA (Ofiar Oświęcimskich street, 17)


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orebitska 14, 130 00, prague...

soli dinner @ sale

In Žižkov, 19.01.2015 18:001 - 19.01.2015 22:001

...soli dinner for the local rising squatting movement united under the name KLINIKA...

food: čevabčiči + potatoes and celery cream // salad // curry soup

all You can eat for 100czk

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jeseniova 60, 130 00, prague... Facebook FB event

squat prague @ klinika

In Prague, 24.01.2015 14:001 - 25.01.2015 7:001 the local rising squatting for the CLINIC...

14:00 demo @ the evicted KLINIKA house (see map)

evening >>> soli party at these clubs:

Vlatavská + Podnik + Neone + Dejvická klubovna + Potrvá + Prostor Husitská 23 + Café na půl cesty + Kavárna Liberál + Dead Jack + Indigo Bar + Napa Underground + Klub Buben + Fatal music club + Kavárna Čekárna + Dejvická nádražka +Standart Café + Belzepub

more info at the facebook event page_

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usedlost cibulka...

soli party @ squat cibulka

In Prague, 30.01.2015 19:001 - 31.01.2015 5:001

Every city needs a clinic!

soli party for local squatting movement...

VICTIMS OF CLASSWAR Rochlitz/Leipzig, Crust/black

Teppichbodendisco Dresden, melodic punk

Pommes oder Pizza - P.o.P. Berlin, anarchopunk

Menstrual soup Prague, HC/grind

BadBadness Prague, crust/HC

Uncle Grasha Flying Circus Prague, nuncore/noise/violence

entrance 100czk ... see the map for directions.tram stop poštovka...

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narodni trida 20, 110 00, prag... Facebook


In Prague, 21.02.2015 16:001 - 21.02.2015 23:451

Veg fest to support local dog shelter house...

MEMENTO MORI (hardcore hip hop)
EAT ME FRESH (hardcore)
JAHTEC JAMMIN' JOB (reggae/dub)
KOLONA & EIA (hip hop/rap)
BUTTERFLY KILLERS (distorted blues)

+++ lectures, infopoints and photo for animals+++

entrance 150 ,- /// after 22.00 free_djs

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krymska 12, 110 00, prague... Facebook

no racism.soli party @ cafe v lese

In Prague, 07.02.2015 19:001 - 07.02.2015 23:231

celebrating five years of local Iniciative Against Rasism!

Image Ctrl -
Spezial-K -
Lightning Glove -

Dj's Boogie Dan, Spezial-K

Afterparty: Dj's Boogie Dan, Spezial-K

start at 19:00_music+food+distro
entrance 120,-

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Kazimierza Jagiellończyka 10c... Facebook FB event

Vegan social kitchen @ Utopia CRK

In Wroclaw, 15.02.2015 16:001 - 15.02.2015 17:301

Social kitchen is prepared by its' participants, so bring a VEGAN meal to share with others and dive in a delicous ocean of food :-)

For those who come empty-handed: entrance is 10 PLN, all income goes for charity (this time for MANIFA, women's day manifestation)

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Rytířská 16, Prague... Facebook FB event

4th Annual Spring Fashion Show by THRIFT STORE @ U Modre Ruze

In Prague, 10.03.2015 10:001 - 10.03.2015 23:511

Proceeds from the event will help refurbish SKP HOPO Azylovy dům, a shelter home for families with children

The charitable 100 CZK cover price includes a welcome drink and appetizers to enjoy while you get settled in for the show. Free for IWAP members.

.. something for everyone, including a raffle with many great prizes donated by our generous sponsors, including a 2,000 CZK Grand Prize Credit Certificate from the Prague Thrift Store and much more.

If you have any questions please feel free to email or call 608623339

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Vegan Social Kitchen @ Utopia CRK

In Wroclaw, 15.03.2015 16:001 - 15.03.2015 18:001

Another social kitchen, our favourite Sunday event!

Social Kitchen is prepared by local food enthusiast, so we strongly encourage you to bring your own VEGAN food and share it with others! It's also an amazing opportunity to meet other peeps and their receipies :)

Entrance: vegan meal/10 PLN for charity

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MeetFactory, o. p. s. Ke Sklá... Facebook

Zrní + The Plastic People of the Universe – for Máca @ MeetFactory

In Prague, 24.03.2015 19:001 - 24.03.2015 0:001

Benefit concert for Máca supporting underground legend the Plastics People and alternative band Zrní.

Marcel „Máca" Dufek is a person with disability, which is called Cerebral palsy (CP). He is unable to control his limbs and needs help from others to normal activity. The costs of the "independent" life is about 40,000 CZK per month. 
If he cant get the money he ended up in one of care institutions, which is opposite the idea of free life.
Official website:

250 Kc entry fee

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Teatrul de Comedie, 11, Strada... Facebook FB event

Art & Fashion for Education - Charity Event @Comedy Theatre

In Bucharest, 14.05.2015 20:001 - 12.06.2015 20:001

A premiere in Bucharest, Art & Fashion will fusion in order to help the unprivileged children with special abilities. Romanian fashion designers will create apparel inspired by works of art in a pro-bono initiative.

Vernissage: May 14th, 20:00

Posted by: Uca

Národní třída... Facebook FB event

Pio Squad //hip hop benefit concert and DJs with photos from Bangladesh@Rock Cafe

In Prague, 16.05.2015 21:001 - 17.05.2015 4:001

Pio Squad //hip hop benefit concert with photos from Bangladesh after party: Hip hop DJs Richard, J-Kid, Pufaz

One of the top Czech Hip hop bands. Not oly great and melodic Rap but also great music, some of that made by DJ Matoa.

They have new clip made for to help people in Bangladesh. This evening will be dedicated to those poor peole! Come and help them to with your entrabce:) 

Some older clip:

ENTRY: 150,-Kč forsell in Rock Café, and  Ticketstream and / // 200,-kč at place 

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plynarni 23, 170 00, Prague... Facebook FB event

Filastine // Electro @ Cross Club

In Prague, 18.06.2015 19:001 - 19.06.2015 5:001

...wicked electronic project called Filastine to be presented at dub turbulence stage, with some local electronic scene bands at the main stage and whats more, the entrance for the whole event is voluntary fee, wich goes to the local dog hard and help at the same time...what else You need for Thursday night...big up Yourself!!!

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25 George Enescu... Facebook FB event

Quart'Elle string quartet // charity concert @Journey Pub

In Bucharest, 09.11.2015 19:001 - 01.01.1970 1:001

Charity performance by the lovely quartet. Their playlist includes reinterpretations of hits - with a silky classical touch, of course.

Entry: donations start from 20 lei

Posted by: Mieri

3 Monetariei... FB event

BluesCore Band // live blues @Clubul Țăranului

In Bucharest, 15.11.2015 20:301 - 01.01.1970 1:001

8 incredible jazz/blues musicians will enchant you in this united effort to raise money for two victims of the "Colectiv tragedy" which happened at the end of last month.

Entry by donation.

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48-50 Calea Victoriei... FB event

Foosball for Xmas charity @Question Mark

In Bucharest, 15.12.2015 19:001 - 01.01.1970 1:001

Nothing like a little foosball to get the holiday cheer going :) join your fellow foosball enthusiasts & raise some money for a good cause... Merry xmas!!

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14 Batistei... FB event

The Empathy Collection // charity art exhibition @ArCuB Teahouse

In Bucharest, 03.12.2015 14:001 - 04.12.2015 23:001

An art exhibition circling around the concept of empathy. It's designed to work as a platform for promoting local artists & also as a charity action for supporting the victims of the 30th November fire & their families. Lots of pieces will be for sale, entry is free, come and enjoy :)

Bonus: live ambiental music

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120 Calea Victoriei... FB event

Fair for Happiness // holiday cheer & workshops @Green Hours

In Bucharest, 12.12.2015 11:001 - 12.12.2015 19:001

A holiday fair meant to bring out that winter spirit & good ol' cheer!! In a cozy atmosphere, Green Hours jazz club will serve traditional hot beverages & freshly baked goodies with apple & walnuts so you can really feel it's xmas <3 lots of creative workshops for all ages & handmade gifts will be waiting for you, and every penny goes to supporting the education of 35 children in a home.

Free entry!

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160 Splaiul Unirii... FB event

UBIKUBI + KITRA // design exhibition & sale @Nod Makerspace

In Bucharest, 16.12.2015 18:001 - 20.12.2015 21:001

Local design & graphix artists UBIKUBI // // & KITRA // // join forces for a good cause and expose for us a united collection of Flying Saucers, unique saucers & plates with an original design - for sale.

Free entry
Programme: Wed 18.oo - 21.oo | Sat-Sun 15.oo - 21.oo | Fri, Mon & Tue 17.oo - 21.oo

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8 Olari... Facebook FB event

The Bookstore with Cats #2: Winter edition // cats & handmade fair @Hecate

In Bucharest, 20.12.2015 12:001 - 20.12.2015 19:001

Cats are good all year round :) and now you can be their Santa! At Hecate - bookstore & cat home - you can come and love the resident cats as much as you want, have some hot chocolate, get all Xmasy with the little handmade fair & sweet shop, and even take them with you! As many as you want. Or if you can't, you can still care for them by donating cat food, accessories both old&new, or funds to help support their vet bills. 

*All cats are vaccinated, dewormed, potty trained & have health cards :)

Free entry and cat love

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41 Maximilian Popper... Facebook FB event

Red Santa // fundraising for felines @Miau

In Bucharest, 12.12.2015 14:001 - 01.01.1970 1:001

A fundraising X-mas fair, this time it's our feline friends from Miau cat café who need our support! And you can totally help by coming to their flea market fair with epic prices: they've got accessories, jewelry, clothes, shoes, also things for pets... and many more :)

Free entry.

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13 Stelea Spătarul... FB event

One Year of ODD Gallery // experimental electronic party @Manasia Hub

In Bucharest, 18.12.2015 20:001 - 01.01.1970 1:001

ODD - a nomadic modern art gallery & provoking agent in the local scene - is turning one year today. It's been one inspiring year of new contexts and social gatherings for the love of art & a deeper understanding... this party will be a fundraising event to they can restore a new space that was offered to them.

21:oo Diana Miron + Bogdana Dima + Lauren?iu Co?ac (live)
22:3o Plurabelle (live)
oo:oo Amber Amber (DJ set) + RMN (visuals)

Free entry, donations welcomed!

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48-50 Calea Victoriei... FB event

Pandrea VS. Las Poftas // punk, noise rock @Question Mark

In Bucharest, 20.12.2015 20:001 - 01.01.1970 1:001

A regular punk-rock show with local bands, come see how it's done around here!!

2o.oo ♦ Las Poftas
21.oo ♦ Pandrea //


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4 Constantin Mille... Facebook FB event

sweater&DANCE! //

In Bucharest, 21.12.2015 22:001 - 01.01.1970 1:001

pulovăr&DANCE! ♦ for the selfless selfish ♦ xmas charity action
mandatory festive uniform: sweater

♦ That Couch Funk Collective //
♦ Electric Brother (dj set) //

Entry: 10 lei. Bring a gift!

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41 Maximilian Popper... FB event

Mărțișor for our Furry Friends // fair & fundraiser @Miau

In Bucharest, 27.02.2016 12:001 - 28.02.2016 22:001

Miau café invites you to a charitable Martisor fair for helping stray or abandoned animals =^.^= 

The Martisor is a traditional Eastern European celebration where we honour rebirth & the coming of spring, & Miau is more than a cafe, it offers shelter & a loving home for many furry friends and a chance to get adopted :) This fair displays a colourful market with martisoare [traditional broches], vintage clothes, bijous, vegan treats & accessories for cats and dogs. Any donations welcome: either funds, animal props, food... and shall be given to 3 local animal sanctuaries .

Let's join forces this beginning of spring and give attention & love to souls who need it !! 


Posted by: Mieri