rosa-luxemburg-platz, berlin... https://www.volksbuehne-berlin... FB event

THE PERVERT'S GUIDE TO EUROPE - political talk @Volksbühne

In Berlin, 21.11.2015 21:001 - 01.01.1970 1:001

Jürgen Kuttner meets Slavoj Žižek - A substantial conversation about Europe's future

german/english - simultaneous translation


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Terazije 40, 11000 Belgrade, S... Facebook FB event

Burden of Peace // movie projection & discussion @ Zvezda

In Belgrade, 23.10.2015 21:001 - 24.10.2015 0:001

Burden of Peace follows Guatemalas first female Attorney General Claudia Paz y Paz in her fight against impunity. After taking office Claudia obtains spectacular results and many high level arrests are made. But her determination encounters strong resistance from powerful elites that have up to then felt above the law. Will Claudia be able to win this battle? We have unlimited access to Claudia from the beginning of her term. Witness her battle against corruption, impunity, crime bosses and former political leaders responsible for genocide. Watch an epic tale of personal sacrifice and opposition, of change and of hope.

after movie discussion w/ director

free entrance

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rosa-luxemburg-str 30, berlin... FB event

The Birth of Comedy out of the Spirit of Despair - discussion & movie @ Babylon

In Berlin, 21.11.2015 19:001 - 21.11.2015 22:301

19:00 Discussion in English with Slavoj Žižek & Jela Krečič Žižek: " The Birth of comedy out of the Spirit of Despair "

21:00 Movie Screeningca: "To Be or Not to Be" (Ernst Lubitsch - english/german subtitles)

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25 George Enescu... FB event

Winter Gathering of Therapists @Journey Pub

In Bucharest, 05.12.2015 12:001 - 01.01.1970 1:001

The 2nd official gathering for therapists (and whoever wants to join, really) over: drinks, food, whatever, and especially some pretty interesting people! Get down on it

Free entry.

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1 Arhitect Ion Mincu... Facebook FB event

TED evening // projections & discussions @Seneca AntiCafe

In Bucharest, 17.11.2015 19:001 - 01.01.1970 1:001

An evening of smart projections & talks based on the everwise TED Talks motivational speeches. The focus will be on the emotional side of us, with sound teachings & advice on how to keep it balanced and healthy.

Free entry & open discussions


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14 C. F. Robescu... FB event

inSIDEout // self expression & workshop @BEAT bar umanist

In Bucharest, 22.11.2015 15:001 - 01.01.1970 1:001

inSIDEout is meant to be a oasis of self expression & social plasticity, a therapeutic experience through art & interior exploration. Together with the other participants, through drawing & colours, you will create a social & artistic little vortex and acknowledge what there is to take in.
All welcome, you only need a desire to rediscover inner peace.

Duration: 2h | Entry: 40 lei (30 if you bring a friend), first tea&coffee&water included

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15 Smardan... FB event

Belgian Night @Pura Vida Hub & Tea House Bucharest

In Bucharest, 25.11.2015 18:001 - 25.11.2015 21:001

Paul, a totally epic Belgian dude <3 who's been living in Bucharest for almost one year has a lot of stories to share with you about his country: traditional customs, jokes, things you might not know about food and drinks and he will also cook for you traditional FRITES - the Belgian fries (aka French fries). Afterparty: we will all go to Pura Vida Sky Bar for some Belgian beer and a...high...view.

Free entry

Meanwhile, check out these fine Belgian specimens:

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15 Smardan... FB event

British Night @Pura Vida Hub & Tea House

In Bucharest, 09.12.2015 18:001 - 01.01.1970 1:001

The 3rd in a series of travel themed evenings, this time get ready for a British themed gathering, with lots of stories, drinks & travel tips from Pura Vida's very own John, a Brit from Manchester, part of the staff & been living in Romania for quite some time. 

Free entry! Long live the kween

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45 Calea Victoriei... Facebook FB event

8 Years of Anthony Frost English Bookshop @Anthony Frost

In Bucharest, 05.12.2015 18:001 - 01.01.1970 1:001

... and here's to 8 more!! Anthony Frost is a kick-ass, cozy bookshop in the <3 of the city, that has been cultivating the English speaking population of Bucharest & its pilgrims from far and wide for the past 8 years... and you know that's a reason to celebrate! :) Free entry, books on sale, cookies & wine...

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11 Ion Ghica... Facebook FB event

Czechs Against Czechs // movie screening @Czech Centre

In Bucharest, 07.12.2015 20:001 - 01.01.1970 1:001

The Czech Centre in Bucharest is an alternative learning environment, mostly through art & discussions.They screen weird [<3] movies every Monday so here comes one more: Czechs Against Czechs, 2015, 90', Czech. Republic: focusing on gypsy minorities in Prague & the perception upon them.

Bonus: before the movie, the Romanian short film Paradaiz Beatbox Masina will be screened as well, a sort of documentation of a beatbox school created for teaching a community of gypsies in a town in Romania.

= always free entry = 

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9 Aviatorilor... Facebook FB event

Artful Contemporary #1 // exhibition @Aviatorilor 9

In Bucharest, 10.12.2015 18:001 - 01.01.1970 1:001

An event about people & art. A painting vernissage with sale by artist Botond Gagyi, depicting big city chaos combined with nature's purity and harmony.
Vinyl music, rum, tapas & eye candy.

Free entry.
*P.S.: you won't find any links to the venue, so just aim for the address.


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11 Ion Ghica... Facebook FB event

Quiet ODD #7: Green Hell | Creeping Garden // movie screening @Czech Center

In Bucharest, 13.12.2015 16:301 - 01.01.1970 1:001

"a QUIET ODD session in which we reveal our love for the future now"...

Program as follows:
16.3o Doors open
17.oo Premiere of The Green Hell is the New Heaven, 28', 2012, a film by ?tefan Tiron and Mihai Sălăjan
17.3o Discussion with ?tefan Tiron, Mihai Sălăjan, Claudiu Cobilanschi & Alexandru Petre
18.3o Screening of The Creeping Garden, 1h 21', 2014, a film by Tim Graham and Jasper Sharp

Free entry!

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8 Olari... FB event

LGBT Short Film Screening @Hecate

In Bucharest, 11.12.2015 18:001 - 11.12.2015 20:001

An evening dedicated to art & sexual identity awareness in a LGBT short film screning night. After that, you are welcome to stick around for some tea & discussions :)

Free entry.

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Braće Krsmanović 4, 11000 Be... Facebook FB event


In Belgrade, 09.01.2016 22:001 - 10.01.2016 4:001

It’s enough with the taking a rest from the New Year’s, reprisal, Christmas and other adventures. It’s time to have real fun. It’s time for Discograd!
Phillie P
As Smooth As

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107 Traian... Facebook FB event

Nomad Gathering w/ Ollie Trew @Incubator 107

In Bucharest, 17.01.2016 16:001 - 01.01.1970 1:001

Ollie Trew - professional beatboxer & epic dude - will be teaching us how to "Connect with people everywhere" in a cozy workshop, held in the non-conventional learning space of Incubator 107. A good opportunity to discover things about yourself and human interaction in a fun & friendly way. Plus all the epic folks that are just as excited as you are!

Support: 3o lei (2o for students)

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31 Vasile Lascar... FB event

Waste Land // movie screening [BR/UK 2010] @Spațiul Public European

In Bucharest, 28.01.2016 19:001 - 01.01.1970 1:001

The documentary follows Vik Muniz, a well-appreciated Brazilian artist, and his photographic project revolving around the world's biggest garbage dump in the world, the people working it & all its implications. Unconfortable but eye-opening, this project was awarded many distinctions. See what it's about:

Free entry

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127 Mihai Eminescu... FB event

Yogilates with Carlos L'Abbate @Hermitage. urban spiritual hub

In Bucharest, 01.02.2016 19:301 - 01.02.2016 21:001

It can be a difficult journey when you're trying to find ballance between mind, body & essence. But it's totally worth it :) This is a Yogilates class [I think the term comes from Yoga + Pilates] and it totally isn't all work and tight abbs and all that, it's... it's kind of like running your fingers through the knots of your soul :) if you happen to be in Bucharest and in need of a ballancing fix... first class is free and Carols is patient, nice & helpful

If you wanna join, first have a look here for a little introduction

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1-3 Piata Garii de Nord... Facebook FB event

Brasov's Old Time Railways // free guided tour @Brasov City

In Bucharest, 13.02.2016 6:001 - 13.02.2016 22:001

This is the first walking tour in a series of free guided walks&talks dedicated to exploring yesteryear's train stations & railways in Romania. In this edition, you'll be guided through Brasov and aspects of its history as well as present, and [apart from train stuff] you'll also see lots of the lovely Transylvanian city and its charm.

Meeting point: inside of Gara de Nord [Bucharest North Train Station], in front of the KFC fast food restaurant.
Time: you gotta be there at 6 AM sharp with your ticket already purchased; you'll be arriving back in Bucharest around 22 PM after a 10 km leisure walk through Brasov
Train ticket: it costs 25 lei for  one way; the train is Regio 3001 and it leaves at o6:23 AM
Free guided tour :) however, if you will want to show appreciation to your guide, he sells souvenire magnets with pictures of Romanian train stations for 2 EUR each

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8 Olari... Facebook FB event

Boardgames with Rainbow Families @CARE cafe

In Bucharest, 06.02.2016 16:001 - 06.02.2016 22:001

Rainbow Families Romania is a local ONG & support group for parents, families and friends of LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) people :) today, we will be playing boardgames with them @ CARE, a social cooperative & super cozy cafe which also serves delicious local food for really low prices !!

Games in stock: Rummy, Scrabble, Monopoly, Carcasonne, Catan (cu extensii !!), Fluxx, Jenga, Sky Bridge & Quixo. Or bring your own if you'd like :)

Free entry. 


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6 Covaci... FB event

Leftovers Party // homebrewed beer tasting @Absintherie Sixtina

In Bucharest, 05.02.2016 19:001 - 01.01.1970 1:001

Last night, Absintherie Sixtina hosted a homebrewing competition and they've got 90 delicious leftover bottles, locally brewed with love & devotion, cause Romanians looooove beer... and I bet you do too. 

Free entry

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11 Ion Ghica... Facebook FB event

QUIET ODD#8 // 80's underground Soviet exhibition @Czech Centre

In Bucharest, 21.02.2016 17:001 - 01.01.1970 1:001

ODD [an alternative style gallery] invites cultural critic Vasile Ernu to a screening that reveals aspects of the Soviet underground in the 80's and 90's.

The 80's were home to the last generation of young communists, who no longer wish to build the “bright future”, and instead break it apart through various means. The underground is a central element of this generation boycotting the regime through insubordination and constructing various survival techniques: from work to music, from visual arts and literature to sports and black economy. Ernu will paint the picture of this generation, telling its stories and playing films, videos and music.

Free entry 

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42 Coltei... FB event

Free Comic Book Day @Red Goblin

In Bucharest, 07.05.2016 12:001 - 01.01.1970 1:001

Free Comic Book Day started 15 years ago in Northe America and has set a date [1st Saturday of May] for an International comic book giveaway :) well ain't that cute? It's the 4th year that Red Goblin takes part in this act of love & sharing, so whoever you might be, if you are in need, come & you shall receive!

+++ free discussion with the local Comic Book Club
Free entry

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4 Constantin Mille... Facebook FB event

HAPPY // documentary screening @Control Club

In Bucharest, 07.03.2016 19:301 - 01.01.1970 1:001

~ HAPPY: the most downloaded documentary on iTunes ~
A film whose director [Eiji Han Shimizu] dedicated his life to this very important human emotion.
It combines relevant pozitive psychology content with impressive life stories from all over the world... from the swamps of Louisiana to the villages of Okinawa

Recommended donation: 15 lei

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13 Stelea Spataru... Facebook FB event

Romanian Trains: screening, Q&A, afterparty @Manasia Hub

In Bucharest, 10.03.2016 20:001 - 01.01.1970 1:001

Local legend, train hopper & theatre photographer ~Adi Bulboacă~ will show us what it means to journey with our motherland's trains & the Romanian railway company. If you come from the wild West, it might be hard to understand why things [especially public transport] function so weird around here, but here is the perfect opportunity to see it explained in an artistic way :) Q&A as much as you wish after the screening and theeeeeeeen PARTY AFTERPARTY

Free entry !!
Yummy stuff provided by

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