An der Schillingbrücke, 10243... Facebook FB event

Magdelena closing Party!

In Berlin, 17.04.2014 23:001 - 21.04.2014 12:001

After 2 years Magdelena club are closing their doors, and you can be sure they'll go out with a BANG!! A four day non-stop party with Live music, DJ's and a whole lot of dancing. 


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Cross Club Plynarni 23, 170 00... Facebook FB event


In Prague, 14.03.2014 20:001 - 15.03.2014 7:001

....eleven hours on two stages!!!!.....the headliners are two Dutch DJs and producers: Ruffneck & DEAZEL, together with a  bevy of DJs from the label PRAGUE NIGHTMARE........


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Cross Club Plynarni 23, 170 00... Facebook FB event


In Prague, 15.03.2014 20:001 - 16.03.2014 7:001

...eleven hours on two marathon.... put a drink in your belly and put that smoke in the air and DANCE........

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Drugstore, Bulevar vojvode Boj... Facebook FB event

Shawn O'Sulivan/Schwabe/Thinker, dub techno DJs @ Drugstore

In Belgrade, 15.03.2014 23:001 - 16.03.2014 5:001

Electronic music from graveyards, empty fields, abandoned storages. On 15th of March, Drugstore will be epicenter of spooky and dark beats. 


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KC Grad, Brace Krsmanovic 4, B... Facebook FB event

ALL THAT BASS, Drum'n'Bass DJs @ KC Grad

In Belgrade, 15.03.2014 23:001 - 16.03.2014 5:001

Bass in your  face sucker! What else do u expect from All That Bass party? 


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20/44, Savski kej BB, Belgrade... Facebook FB event

33.10.3402 & Vi Tanov, DJs Electronic music @ 20/44

In Belgrade, 20.04.2014 23:001 - 20.04.2014 5:001

After 5 days of constant fun and parties, 20/44 is finishing their birthday celebration with big party on Sunday night. Two electronic DJs from Belgrade will be responsible for final hit. 

200 RSD 


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Vrch Svaty Kříže, 130 00, P... Facebook FB event

Million Marihuana March 2014

In Žižkov, 10.05.2014 12:301 - 10.05.2014 22:001


altought it might not seems so_it°s still illegal_could You believe that_so? lets have a party!

first things first_meeting after noon_march starts at one_around two entering good old Žižkov

and then_concerts_djs_hemp market_discussions_NGOs_kids area*

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Pub Drukarnia, Kazimierza Wiel... FB event

BresLoud @ Pub Drukarnia

In Wroclaw, 14.06.2014 12:001 - 15.06.2014 12:001

24 hours of RAVE in Wroclaw! Pub Drukarnia invites everybody for a HUGE party organised for 2-nd birthday of Breslau Techno Society. The main headliner - Kalden Bess from Montreal - will play during the main party (10pm - 8 am), however the whole 24 hours starting from Saturday noon will be filled by free of charge before- and afterparty!

Come and see for some extreme party experience!

Tickets for the main party: 15/20/25 PLN.

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WakePark Wrocław, 54-126 Wroc... FB event

Rap Szalet X WakePark: Family Gathering @ WakePark

In Wroclaw, 14.06.2014 14:001 - 15.06.2014 14:001

What is Rap Szalet? It's a... place. With music. From friends, for friends... That appears to be quite a big family now :-) Since it's started operating in 2011 next to a public toliet @ Academy of Fine Arts, noone ever thought it might evolve to SUCH A place. Even if sometimes it moves :-)

This time, Rap Szalet invites for a 24-hours long party (another one this day!) in a cooperation with our local WakePark. Beach, extreme sports, bbq, good drinks and a whole loads of music by local (and not only!) DJs will get you prepared for a summer :-)

Ticket: 5 PLN ONLY!

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Klub Pralnia, Krakowska 100, W... FB event

Tatarak Music Festival pres. Dachowka/ROBAG WHRUME @ Klub Pralnia

In Wroclaw, 18.06.2014 22:001 - 19.06.2014 8:001

"There’s no sense to write more about this party. Info below this text is essential. Please check line-up, location and ticket info. We love you and we hope you'll enjoy our event :)". That's how the event is promoted by Klub Pralnia. And what is in the text below? ONLY LINE-UP!

ROBAG WHRUME is said to be the best performer during last year's Tauron Nowa Muzyka Fest - and this DOES mean something! For an energetic mix of pop, disco, house and tech house - visit Klub Pralnia. During the party you can enjoy one of three stages, including a rooftop stage ran by Swayzak, Juniore and some other local party-makers!

Ticket: 45 PLN

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palac akropolis - Kubelikova 2... Facebook

Sunday Night Raggae@AKROPOLIS

In Žižkov, 06.07.2014 21:001 - 07.07.2014 4:301 sunday night for 18 years, the djs in both rooms spin raggae inspired dance mania to wipe your last week away & start the new one fresh- what better place to ring in your monday morning than on a dance floor, shakin it with beautiful zizkov freaks???.,...

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Pllek TT Neveritaweg 59 | 1033... ... Facebook FB event

Natural Yoga at Pllek, NDSM terrein

In Amsterdam, 16.08.2014 10:301 - 17.08.2014 12:001

Enjoy your weekend with a relaxing yoga session at Pllek. Half hour all to yourself with stunning views over the IJ and the skyline of the busy city in the background. Yoga restores the natural balance of your body, makes you flexible in body and mind and help you to find a balance between effort and relaxation the right balance. The lesson consists of dynamic exercises (yang), deep relaxation exercises (yin) and healing massage stretches. For men and women! 

In collaboration with NATURAL YOGA, registration via

Every Saturday and Sunday 1030-1200.

FEE | €12,- per class

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Pobednik, Kalemegdan, Beograd,... Facebook FB event

▸ CLIQUE ◂ DJs hip hop, dubstep and drum’n’bass ▸ BARUTANA ◂

In Belgrade, 09.08.2014 22:001 - 10.08.2014 5:001

6 DJs, 6 tons of pure dynamite

   …explosive mixture of underground hip hop, dubstep and drum’n’bass

                                                  300 RSD ticket for event


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Zorza Klemansoa 22, 11000 Belg... Facebook FB event

HUSTLE & FLOW /// Level // Papa Zho // Choda O // DJs Drum and Bass @ KPTM

In Belgrade, 09.08.2014 22:001 - 10.08.2014 5:301

Level is a junglist, computer programmer, producer, dj, label owner. It all started in 2003, beatmaker, producer and mc known as Price, nowadayz Level, with two other friends established Moonze Crew later known as D.irect F.rom M.oonze, in 2004 we had our first performance at the Home Of Youth in Belgrade, and after that group was active two more yearz on numerous projects. I have a break from that period until 2010, when I continued my sound journey in solo action. I work now on Jungle Breaks, Grimey Stuff, Drum'N'Bass, TripHop, Deep, Spiritual, Dub even Techno, basically, everything that I find interesting. Together with Level, two other DJs – Papa Zho and Choda O – will rock stage!

200 RSD ticket for event


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Zle Mieso, Ofiar Oswiecimskich... Facebook FB event

Vegan breakfast @ Zle mieso

In Wroclaw, 26.10.2014 11:001 - 26.10.2014 13:001

After loong nights on Friday and Saturday - all you can eat vegan breakfast in Zle Mieso /Bad Meat/ seems the only option. Trust us - we know that...

Entrance: 20 PLN

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Plac Solidarnosci 1/3/5, Wrocl... Facebook FB event

Easter Sunday @ Das Lokal

In Wroclaw, 05.04.2015 22:001 - 06.04.2015 5:001

Easter Sunday with family? That's it! Our local family of DJs and producers is gonna spend it together in DasLokal - guys from DasLo, Pralnia, Suck My Bass and will play till the morning comes (and than it's a wet Monday, so let's hope it won't be over!)

Entrance: 10 PLN

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eisenbahnstr 42, berlin... Facebook FB event

vinyl & breakfast market@markthalle neun

In Berlin, 17.05.2015 10:001 - 17.05.2015 17:001

Street food thursday's breakfast market joins forces with berlin record stores and labels for the first edition of vinyl & breakfast market.

Delicious foods & drinks plus limited & new editions, white labels, rarities and more!

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Plac Solidarnosci 1/3/5, Wrocl... Facebook FB event

Technosoul .01.5 release party - techno @ DasLokal

In Wroclaw, 23.05.2015 22:001 - 24.05.2015 6:001

PozdroTechno! That roughly translates to "TechnoGreetings" and that sums up the party pretty well. Great lineup for a whole night long techno party connected to a new Technosoul album release.

Entrance: 15 PLN


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Carrer Lleida, 59. 08004 Barce... Facebook FB event

Morning Gloryville Barcelona ; Tropical Punk! / Morning rave. Electro tropical sessions @ Morning Gloryville

In Barcelona, 16.07.2015 6:301 - 16.07.2015 10:301

Morning Gloryville ~ Rave Your Way Into The Day with an immersive morning dance experience featuring free wake-up massage stations, free yoga sessions, coffee & breakfast, coffee & delicious breakfast + a Banging dance floor. This NOT an after party! It is a way to start your day dancing with great vibes.

5 euros


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14 C. F. Robescu... FB event

Jazzy breakfast @BEAT bar umanist

In Bucharest, 21.11.2015 10:001 - 01.01.1970 1:001

SLOW MOOD... slow food & slow music, Saturday from 1o.oo AM. All night birds are invited to a new experience! They say that you can tell a good day from the morning... how's about slow, silky n' sweet? With a dash of good old fashioned jazz to add some flavour.

Cook & DJ: (Jazzy) George  downtempo, trip-hop & jazz  breakfast: vegan omlette & buttery apple desert <3

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14 Blanari... FB event

Le Petit Prince // theatre & puppet performance @Godot Theatre & Café

In Bucharest, 06.12.2015 10:301 - 01.01.1970 1:001

A theatre play & puppet performance remaking Antoine de Saint-Exupery's very own Petit Prince... one of the more meaningfull & romantic peaces of literature & art that the world had to offer so far, embracing & teaching audiences of all ages <3 So what do you see with your heart, the hat or the boa?

Duration: 55 minutes. Tickets: 20 lei.


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14 Blanari... FB event

Le Petit Prince // theatre & puppet performance @Godot Theatre & Café

In Bucharest, 29.11.2015 11:001 - 01.01.1970 1:001

A theatre play & puppet performance remaking Antoine de Saint-Exupery's very own Petit Prince... one of the more meaningfull & romantic peaces of literature & art that the world had to offer so far, embracing & teaching audiences of all ages <3 So what do you see with your heart, the hat or the boa?

Duration: 55 minutes. Tickets: 20 lei.


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21 Doamnei... FB event

tech house AFTERPARTY @Blackjack 21

In Bucharest, 30.11.2015 4:001 - 01.01.1970 1:001

Not sure which is the official party but if you find yourself partyless at 4AM, this one goes out to you!! Entrance is free.

Line up:
♦ Mahony
♦ Diego
♦ Double Deez

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12 Sfintilor... FB event

Marathon New Year's Eve party // house @For Friends

In Bucharest, 31.12.2015 21:001 - 01.01.1970 1:001

House & Deep house tunes to celebrate the beginning of 2016 <3
- no time limit - 2 music stages - 2 bars -

STAGE 1 ♦ Mara, Silvia, simPo [], Altruist [], Hozoc, Puscular, Libe
STAGE 2 ♦ Piftek, Becks, Kosta, Chemars

Entry: 30 lei or 50 lei (drinks included)
Reservations: +40728 521 145

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61 Iancu de Hunedoara Boulevar... FB event

Official After-Hour // tech house NYE afterparty @Studio Martin

In Bucharest, 01.01.2016 6:001 - 01.01.1970 1:001

Soooo it's early in the morning in the first day of the year aaaaaand your party just shut down. Looking for a place to keep going? That's what these things are for :) Check out this tech house NYE afterparty!

Line up
+ 2 special guests

Entrance: 30 lei
Reservations: +40 733 627 846

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12 Sfintilor... Facebook FB event

E k l i p s e pres. Behind The Masq // deep, minimal @For Friends

In Bucharest, 08.01.2016 22:001 - 01.01.1970 1:001

Behind the Masq is a deep and minimal sound experience guided & provided by Romanian artists. Drop your purse and grab your hips!

♦ Emi //
♦ Mantalex //
♦ Mark //
♦ Sick //
♦ visuals by

Entry: 25 lei

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48 Coltei... FB event

Rock'n'Roll New Year Party! @Underworld

In Bucharest, 31.12.2015 22:001 - 01.01.1970 1:001

These guys really know how to party like it's the end, this time celebrating the end of 2015, or the beginning of 2016, or whatever you care to celebrate, just come on down and join the party!!

Dancing to rock'n'roll, punk rock, post punk, new wave, party music & more, in a legendary place for the punkrock scene of Bucharest.
FREE ENTRY & Champagne at midnight!!

Join the party!!

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34 Bulevardul Regina Elisabeta... Facebook FB event

NYE Party w/ Karmon [NL], Nusha, Dutu // techno @Kristal Glam Club

In Bucharest, 31.12.2015 22:001 - 01.01.1970 1:001

A real Glam place... chandelier n' all... the best setting to transition to the new year if you intend to fancy it up! & if you enjoy a little rave :) KARMON is the headliner for tonight, a well known Dutch DJ... check him out in the link below

 DUTU //

50 lei in advance @
♦ 100 lei @ the door

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10 Montreal Square... Facebook FB event

The Mission NYE // electronic, techno @World Trade Plaza

In Bucharest, 31.12.2015 22:001 - 01.01.1970 1:001

An electronic music party to transition to the new year!! Mostly techno artists & blazing sound :)

♦ MAGDA [USA] //
♦ KOSME [FR] //

Tickets: 80 lei @ (don't forget to PRINT IT) / 100 lei @ the door

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38 Lipscani... FB event

Cycloculture NYE Party @Bicicleta

In Bucharest, 31.12.2015 21:301 - 01.01.1970 1:001

Transition to the new number on the calendar in a cozy bicycle-inspired place with a cute view over the old center :)

Tech house, party tunes & more...
Entry: 190 lei, open bar included


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4 Dianei Street... FB event

NYE Party // electronic, funky @Dianei 4

In Bucharest, 31.12.2015 21:001 - 01.01.1970 1:001

No story, just party! NYE à la Dianei 4 with a funky beats, visuals, food, drinks, dancing & the fine company of...

♦ Simon Iddol [DE] //
♦ John Riley [UK] //
 Abasc Music [RO] //

Entry: 180 lei (including food, dance, champagne, coffee)

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... FB event

Free Alternative Tour: Filaret - Uranus - Cotroceni

In Bucharest, 16.01.2016 10:451 - 16.01.2016 17:001

free guided tour in an alternative style - it won't show you the major landmarks in town, but it will take you a step further into understanding local culture, history & what Bucharest's all about. This edition zooms in on abandoned places, mausoleums, fountains, churches, old factories, gypsy markets and all the many corky things along the way!

Meeting point: at the end station of 783 bus, at Unirii Square
Time: gathering at 1o.45 AM untill about 17.oo PM (11 km tour)

*IMPORTANT: for explanations in English, request it on the FB event page listed here*

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255 Mihai Bravu... Facebook FB event

Local Gathering #15 // tech house party @Inspire Lounge

In Bucharest, 02.01.2016 22:001 - 03.01.2016 13:001

A fine sound gathering of local artists and dancing all the way into the next day... :) tech house minimal deep tunes <3


Piticu ♦
Stefan Sublee ♦
Chiran ♦
Hozoc ♦
Lisière Collectif ♦
Alsi ♦

Sound by ♦
Artwork by  ♦
Video Mapping by ♦

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1 Piata Presei Libere... Facebook FB event

WE WANT TECHNO @Casa Presei Libere

In Bucharest, 29.01.2016 22:001 - 01.01.1970 1:001

“Techno is everything you haven’t imagined yet.” - Jeff Mills... well let's see, shall we? An epic celebration in one of the old communist buildings of Bucharest, close to Herastrau park, easy to get there & get down :)

♦ Sam Paganini [IT] //
♦ Bart Skils [NL] //
♦ Mirror States [RO] //
♦ Mircea Ivan [RO] //
♦ Cosmin Horatiu [RO] //

Tickets: TBA

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4 Constantin Mille... FB event

Ground Control // HAPPY B-DAY MR. BOWIE! // indie electro party @Control

In Bucharest, 08.01.2016 21:001 - 01.01.1970 1:001

”Let's dance,
Put on your red shoes and dance the blues”


Warm-up from 9 o'clock: David Bowie's new album Blackstar in full streaming
& then ... ♦ alternative rock. grunge. britpop. indie pop. indie rock. indie electro. new wave. post-punk revival party till dawn! ♦

Entry: 10 lei

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... Facebook FB event

AIRFIELD FESTIVAL @Măgura Airdome, Sibiu

In Bucharest, 30.06.2016 10:001 - 03.07.2016 23:591

This epic festival takes place on an actual airfield in the Sibiu-Cisnadie region, in the heart of Transylvania. Alternative, electro, indietronica, hip hop, funky, BMX, skydiving & MORE, you'll find your thing for sure !! Check it out

Early bird tickets (limited): 100 lei @
Regular tickets: 289 lei


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4 Dianei Street... Facebook FB event

Ada Kaleh // avantgarde organic minimal @Dianei 4

In Bucharest, 09.01.2016 21:001 - 01.01.1970 1:001

"Discrete grammar of western harmonics and undisciplined paganism of repetition" ... in the beautiful old house of Dianei 4 <3 Ada Kaleh is a local fine electronic music artist. What he aims for is hypnosys and synaesthesia in a dance trance... aren't we all??

Check him out @
Free entry !!

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34 Regina Elisabeta... Facebook FB event

[I S O L A T I O N] #1 // tech house @Kristal Glam Club

In Bucharest, 15.01.2016 23:001 - 01.01.1970 1:001

Put some good shoes on and get ready to RAVE! with local & international techno, house, deep & experimental artists :) party on 'till the late hours of the afternoon!!

♦ Martin Buttrich [DE] [live] //
♦ Kozo [RO] //
 Herodot [RO] //

Tickets: 3o lei in advance @ (you can get in with these at any time) OR at the entrance: 3o lei < oo:oo < 4o lei < o6:oo < 2o lei

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100 Calea Mosilor... FB event

KARAOKE Night @Șurubelnița

In Bucharest, 13.01.2016 21:001 - 01.01.1970 1:001

Wednesday is KARAOKE night in Club Surubelnita! that actually means 'screwdriver' so prepare to get screwed!! WHAT? it's a seaside vibe kinda place with the cheapest prices in town: Jagermeister & Tequila shots for 5 lei, Cuba Libre & Screwdriver for 7 lei, beers from 3 lei... and if you sing, you've got one shot on the house :) that's just how nice these guys are. 

Free entry

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1-3 Piata Garii de Nord... Facebook FB event

Brasov's Old Time Railways // free guided tour @Brasov City

In Bucharest, 13.02.2016 6:001 - 13.02.2016 22:001

This is the first walking tour in a series of free guided walks&talks dedicated to exploring yesteryear's train stations & railways in Romania. In this edition, you'll be guided through Brasov and aspects of its history as well as present, and [apart from train stuff] you'll also see lots of the lovely Transylvanian city and its charm.

Meeting point: inside of Gara de Nord [Bucharest North Train Station], in front of the KFC fast food restaurant.
Time: you gotta be there at 6 AM sharp with your ticket already purchased; you'll be arriving back in Bucharest around 22 PM after a 10 km leisure walk through Brasov
Train ticket: it costs 25 lei for  one way; the train is Regio 3001 and it leaves at o6:23 AM
Free guided tour :) however, if you will want to show appreciation to your guide, he sells souvenire magnets with pictures of Romanian train stations for 2 EUR each

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12 Sfintilor... Facebook FB event

We are Creation! // tech house party @For Friends

In Bucharest, 05.02.2016 22:001 - 01.01.1970 1:001

A nice selection of local deep & tech DJs from the underground scene. They know what they're doing, so join the ride... they'll have you spacing around untill the early hours

Kosta ♦
Alexandru Aprodu B2B Cezar Stan ♦ ♦

Artist support: 15 lei

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12 Sfintilor... FB event

Romanian Techno Rhythms @For Friends

In Bucharest, 10.02.2016 22:001 - 01.01.1970 1:001

Romanian techno rhythms ^_^ 
Come shake a leg with three local underground DJs Cerven, Di Stinct & EmilAndrei !! ...frequencies coming right out of vinyl discs and into your bloodsteam...

Cerven ♦
Di stinct ♦
EmilAndrei ♦
isuals by ♦ Seqteur

Free party !!

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82 Popa Nan... Facebook FB event

MadPiano anniversary: CMYK [ES] & more // electronica, techno @Club Guesthouse

In Bucharest, 06.02.2016 23:001 - 01.01.1970 1:001

MadPiano is a local electronic music hub & vinyl disc shop [12 Luigi Cazzavillan Street] and tonight they celebrate 2 years of epic activity <3 Check out the sound masters of their anniversary:

??? CMYK & Rubi (CMYKollektiv, Barcelona, Spain)

CMYK’s YouTube and SoundCloud channels are already famous among the electronic music lovers in search for the freshest productions world-wide. It’s time to present to you CMYK the man behind the screen, an extremly talented DJ which, along his protégé RUBI, will warm us with fresh energy from Barcelona.

Piticu ♦
Vlad Dinu ♦
Chameleon ♦

Visuals: VLOOP

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4 Constantin Mille... Facebook FB event

Mango Bango // tropical disco party @Control

In Bucharest, 13.02.2016 23:001 - 01.01.1970 1:001

Brazilian electronics, afrofuturism, island funk, digital cumbia, salsa sicodelica, arabian disco, soca the soul of calypso or funk carioca are a few of the genres you might hear at a Mango Bango party iin Control. Shake a tail feather & be mesmerized by the wonders of exotic electro delight <3

Mango Bango //
Tzuk //
Lolo // live djembe

Free party !! Expect to be home way after Cinderella hours...


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... Facebook FB event

Lujerului Railway Tunnel // free walking tour @Politehnica metro station

In Bucharest, 27.02.2016 9:451 - 01.01.1970 1:001

Alternative walking tour done by a history&geography enthusiast :) he's very passionate about local culture and eager to teach you about it. Friendly, helpful & interesting. This time, you'll be exploring the old & abandoned rail tunnel at Lujerului, in a peripheric area of Bucharest, now graffiti & underground arts manifestation place.

Time: 9:45 AM, on both 27th & 28th of February. Each day has the same program.
Meeting point: Politehnica Metro Station.
No reservations needed.

The tour is free & part of the guide's campaign to raise funds for publishing his 2 geographic novels, so any donations are welcome :) [35 lei gets you the pdf versions + dvd]

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8 Covaci Street... Facebook FB event

Nights on Wax #3 w. Nipple's Delight & Just Bald // nu-disco party @C8

In Bucharest, 05.03.2016 22:001 - 01.01.1970 1:001

A party dedicated to all those subtle transformations brought along with the coming of Spring <3
Get your spirits blooming to some smooth electronic disco & silk-funk tunes brough to you by We Play Wax... a trance-inducing party concept...

Nipple's Delight ♦
Just Bald ♦

See you all on the dance floor !!
<3 Free party <3

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Donji Grad, Kalemegdan, 11000 ... Facebook FB event

Yousef presents Circus // Techno Dj Set @ Barutana

In Belgrade, 23.07.2016 23:001 - 24.07.2016 6:001

The new decade sees Yousef consolidating his status as an international DJ, Producer, Club Promoter and Music aficionado with ever greater impact. Running one of Europe’s premier clubnights co-exists alongside manning a record label of the same name, whilst his reputation as a DJ grows with increasing stature and a constantly escalating global calendar.

Kydus has positioned himself at the cutting edge of today’s rapidly evolving House and Techno scene. A forward thinking dancefloor sound, tracks with an unstoppable groove element, sometimes raw, always with an unquenchable energy.

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Donji Grad, Kalemegdan, 11000 ... Facebook FB event

Talamasca // Psychedelic Dj Set @ Barutana

In Belgrade, 30.07.2016 23:001 - 31.07.2016 6:001

Cedric Dassulle is playing all over the world since 1992...under the name of Dj Lestat first, then, under the name of Talamasca...for dancefloors !

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