Inex Film, Visnjicka 76, Belg... Facebook FB event

Balkan Riot Fest @ Inex Film

In Belgrade, 08.03.2014 14:001 - 10.03.2014 2:001

For 8th of March, Inex Film prepares its gift – whole day event! During the afternoon will be prepared food, exhibitions and discussions on subject of women right, and at evening there will concerts of punk/rock bands and DJs.


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Bezsenność, ul. Ruska 51, 50... FB event

Emergenza Fest - semi-finals @ Bezsennosc

In Wroclaw, 19.03.2014 19:301 - 17.03.2014 23:001

Emergenza is the biggest festival in the World for amateur rock and metal bands. Best bands advance to next phases, and the top will meet on Taubertal Open Air Festival. Who knows, maybe you will be able to see one of them @ Bezsennosc Insomnia Club this Wednesday?

Tickets: 20/25 PLN

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Dom Omladine, Makedonska 22, B... Facebook FB event

Guitar Art Festival

In Belgrade, 11.03.2014 20:001 - 16.03.2014 22:001

Guitar Art Festival is officially opened! During 6 days you will hear guitar in all combination – with classic music, ethno, jazz etc. 18 artists and bands, 3 concerts per day. Come and enjoy!



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Mariahilfer Straße 57... Facebook

Tricky Women International Animated FIlm Festival @ English Cinema Haydn

In Vienna, 13.03.2014 12:001 - 16.03.2014 23:001

Tricky Women is an international film festival focussing on animated movies which were produced with women in the major positions, laying focus on female empowerment in this branche. Besides the "doing good for the community" point, the movies are awesome, artsy, must-sees,... go there and have some really good contemporary art while supporting female empowerment in an all-too men-dominated branche.


price: 9,20€, 8,20€ for students

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1065 Budapest, Nagymező utca ... FB event

St Patrick Day PARADE @ Instant

In Budapest, 16.03.2014 14:001 - 17.03.2014 5:001

Join the crazy Irish, wear green & drink as the Irish... loads of bands, dance teaching, whiskey & beer in the many rooms and floors of Instant. 

Main show at 10pm FIRKIN... Irish&Punk 

Ticket for main show: 1500 HUF 

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1093 Budapest Fővám tér 11-... Facebook FB event

Hidden Roots - Vocal JAZZ @ Budapest Spring Festival

In Budapest, 26.03.2014 20:001 - 26.03.2014 22:001

Album debut concert of Julia Karosi up and coming jazz singer (velvet voice, really) ...
In The Whale - cultural centre 

Part of Budapest Spring Festival

Entry is Free but you need to book on this site

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ZIZKOV NIGHT 2014-live music@Multiple Venues around Zizkov

In Žižkov, 15.03.2014 17:001 - 16.03.2014 5:001

....a 150 kc bracelet gets you into more than 25 clubs,bars,& basements around zizkov for an evening packed with hundreds of bands, dj's,& workshops...Admission applies to Palace Akropolis, Storm ( formerly Matrix) , Cost station Zizkov, Fatal (formerly XT3 ) , Kain , BUNKR , Blue Vopice , Progress, Final, Wok U , U Habásko , Signal , Nad Viktorkou , Chicken in a watch baritone , Street Culture , Salé , Theatre studio Zizkov , Tunnel , Saturnin (formerly JET ) , Bajkazyl , U springs, Žižkovská Dance Hall, Rock'n'pizza , wild boar , Blaze , Malkovich sold the day of the event at any participating venue.....

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Sabanci Universitesi Orta Maha... FB event

Holi - The Festival of Colors 2014 @ Sabanci University

In Istanbul, 03.04.2014 15:001 - 03.04.2014 19:001

Happening on the grounds of Sabanci University find colours, DJs, food, bonfire and marshmallows, 

and dont forget to wear white T-shirt and be brepared to look like rainbow by the end :)

- Entrance,
- Colors (200g),
- Holi Istanbul White T-shirt.

Extra Colour packets: 5TL/100g 

Get Your ticket here

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Potsdamer Straße 5, 10785 Ber... Facebook

Fantasy Filmfest @ Cinemaxx

In Berlin, 29.03.2014 13:301 - 30.03.2014 23:001

A two day Film festivcal featuring ten fantasy/horror flicks from around the globe. Included movies - Wolf Creek 2, In Fear, Rigor Mortis, The Returned, Snowpiercer, The Sacrament, Witching and Bitching, Dead Snow 2, Enemy, The Green inferno.

Tix 9€ per film

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ISTANBUL. Turkey... FB event

Holi Photography Competition 2014 - Isanbul

In Istanbul, 21.03.2014 1:001 - 02.04.2014 12:001

Holi - The Festival of Colors 2014 Istanbul will take place on the 3rd of April 2014, but have you been to a Holi Festival in another city before?

The Competition Rules:

  1. post a photo of you or taken by ou at a Holi Festival in another city around the world. (photo must be yours, otherwise it will be discarded) 
  2.  Share it and get as much 'Likes' as you can ask friends to vote for it.

Votes count will stop at  12:00 02/04/2014 and two Winners of FREE Holi Festival Istanbul tickets will be annouced the same day at 16:00.

POST ON OUR FB PAGE City Spy Map Backpackers joint.... <<<<

Good Luck :) 

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... FB event

all-girl electronic music festival “Les Belles de Nuit” @ Mini Müzikhol

In Istanbul, 16.04.2014 22:001 - 20.04.2014 3:001

The all-girl electronic music festival “Les Belles de Nuit” is back again in Istanbul for the
second time, from 16th to 19th April. Conceived by female DJ’s and musicians from
Switzerland, Germany, Austria & Turkey and initiated in Istanbul’s Mini Müzikhol last year,
LBdN expands its scope this year and conquers new territories with innovative workshops
and artists.
This year, the festival takes place at Mini Müzikhol and Küçük. Once again it aims to motivate
the local network of female artists and bring female artists from different scenes together
to exchange know-how and ideas via shared time and experiences. This second edition will
contribute to nurture and build upon the existing connections between the four countries.
For “Les Belles de Nuit”, Mini Müzikhol will be transformed into a playground by the “Belles” for
a three night voyage with different styles, sounds and dresscodes. Starting with the Spaced Out
Thursday to Nuit Rouge Friday and ending with a Cross-dress Saturday party, the guests will be
taking part in a joyride of various experiences.
In order to place the club nights in a larger cultural context, a panel talk on “The position and
influence of female artists in electronic music” will offer an opportunity to reflect on the motivations
for creating an all-girl festival such as “Les Belles de Nuit” in Istanbul and exchange views
about the diverse experiences of artists from Western and Eastern Europe. The speakers invited
to the panel are the Viennese DJane and Producer and founder of female:pressure - one of the
largest international female networks in electronic music - Susanne Kirchmayr aka Electric Indigo;
the successful Turkish artist and club runner Evrim Tufekcioglu; the feminist activist, dancer and
choreographer Candas Bas from Istanbul; the Swiss festival organiser Nathalie Brunner aka DJ
Playlove and Baris Nikov, producer, DJ and club manager of Mini Müzikhol. With such influent
personalities, a lively and exciting debate can be expected. The discussion is open to the public
for questions.


Music (Zozo)

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Inex Film, Visnjicka 76, Belgr... Facebook FB event


In Belgrade, 26.03.2014 20:001 - 26.03.2014 23:301

Diverse Universe is a unique nomadic performance festival uniting Performance and Live artists from all-across World for 3 months. Festival sharing high quality Performance Art and Live Art with audiences across Europe in different cities and countries. 

As well as presenting their own high quality work, during the festival participating artists also take part together in workshops, collaborative performances, seminars, and discussions. All these activities promote cultural fluidity through exchange of ideas, concerns and cultural perspectives.

Free Entrance




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cibulka, 150 00, praha...

Cibulka Squat Anniversary Festival @ Cibulka

In Prague, 03.04.2014 12:001 - 05.04.2014 23:231

second anniversary of the Cibulka squat
theatre*movies*bands*DJs*performance*chill out zone

THURSDAY_theatre + poetry + bosnian folk + highly recommended performance of Yedhaki:Nautika

FRIDAY_concerts of punk and hardcore bands...

SATURDAY_rave party+performance shows+live sets+djs....simply techno_


CHILL OUT ZONE all the time...with music / performance / workshops and much more*

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Av. Cardenal Vidal i Barraquer... http://holifestivalbarcelona.b... FB event

Holi Festival of Colors @ escultura de "Las Cerillas" (Vall d'Hebron)

In Barcelona, 06.04.2014 11:001 - 06.04.2014 18:001

Free entrance for all!! We celebrate the arrival of Spring playing Holi. The Holi celebration will take place the next 6th April at "Els mistos" (Las cerillas / the Mach Cover) Vall d’Hebron! Come, dance, splash color and have fun with the coloured powder!

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Revaler Straße 99, 10245 Berl... Facebook FB event

A MAZE Festival

In Berlin, 09.04.2014 18:001 - 11.04.2014 23:001

A celebration of digital arts and gaming culture - this 3 day festival offeres exhibitions, of independant and experimantal games,  workshops and demonstrations + an awards ceremony and of course a Party!

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Karl-Marx-Allee 33, 10178 Ber... Facebook FB event

Achtung Berlin - New Berlin film Award.

In Berlin, 09.04.2014 12:001 - 16.04.2014 22:301

Yorck Kinogruppe celebrate 10 years of new film from Berlin-Brandenburg with a week long festival spread across three cinemas.   Documentaries, Short and medium length films will be on offer around the city. Tix start at €6.50

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UK Parobrod, Kapetan Mišina 6... Facebook

Resonate Festival, festival of New Medias @ UK Parobrod

In Belgrade, 03.04.2014 10:001 - 06.04.2014 2:001

Resonate festival is one of the biggest festival of new medias in the world. During the three days, festival gonna have 41 talks, 15 workshops, 4 screenings, 10 performances, 3 projects and 5 panels. Their whole program you can find on

149 euros for all three days 



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multiple venues... FB event

21. Titanic International Film Festival

In Budapest, 04.04.2014 6:001 - 12.04.2014 23:301

52 brand new films from 25 countries .... 
categories: Independent American Films, European Stories, Documentaries, Music for All & The Dark Side. 


Uránia Nemzeti Filmszínház
A38 hajó

(all films in original language with English & Hungarian subtitles) 

1100 HUF / film. 

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Dukelskych Hrdinu 530/47, 170 ... Facebook FB event

Lunchmeat Festival 2014 @ Veletrzni palac

In Prague, 24.04.2014 20:001 - 26.04.2014 6:001

Lunchmeat Festival is audiovisual electronic festival taking place at the national gallery ...thats all You need to know...visual art meets electronic music...what do You expect to happen...check out the webpage for more*and find out its actually more than You would expect)))


Aoki Takamasa (JP, Rastern-Noton)
Dopplereffekt (US, Leisure System)
Nonotak (FR)


Tim Exile (UK, Warp Records)
Evian Christ (UK, Tri Angle Records)
MssingNo (UK, Goon Club Allstars)
Rain Dog (UK, Project Mooncircle)
Throwing Snow (UK, Black Acre)
813 (RU, Activia Benz)

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Columbiadamm 9-11, 10965 Berli... FB event

Berlin Psych Fest @ C-Club

In Berlin, 18.04.2014 12:001 - 19.04.2014 23:591

Spanning 2 days and Featuring 20+ live acts, Berlin Phych Fest has been developed to combine experimantal art and music with a focus on acts stemming from the German Krautrock Movement. 

Tix - 40€ a day, or 60€ for the weekend. 

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Montalegre, 5, 08001 Barcelona... FB event

Brunch Electronik ; Matias Aguayo + Crazy P Soundsystem + Danton Eeprom + Morgan Hammer @ CCCB

In Barcelona, 20.04.2014 11:001 - 20.04.2014 20:001

Early morning DJ sets, market and food in CCCB's outdoor courtyard. This Sunday guests include;  Matias Aguayo + Crazy P Soundsystem + Danton Eeprom + Morgan Hammer. Bringing techno, house and electro to the early crowd.

Advanced tickets 12€ + gastos de distribución
Before 15h: 9€
after 15h: 12€ (9€ Amics del CCCB)
- Niños menores de 12 años: gratis

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Holi Festival @ Donauinsel

In Vienna, 17.05.2014 12:001 - 17.05.2014 22:001

what is there much to say? A hell lot of people, some DJs, loads of colour powder to be thrown at each other on a regular basis. Sounds like fun? tickets starting from 20€ can be bought here from 30.4.,

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Spittelberggasse 10, 1070 Wien... http://www.theateramspittelber... Facebook FB event

Unplugged music competition @ Theater am Spittelberg

In Vienna, 20.05.2014 19:301 - 22.05.2014 22:001

Every artist has 15 minutes to stroke your ears with their unplugged sounds, you have 3 evenings to hear every acoustic artist/band who takes part in the category Unplugged of the Podium.Wien band competition. The only imperative: the band members' average age can't be over 25. Every evening from 19.30-22.00, evening box office tickets 5€, pre-sale tickets at WienXtra 3€

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Guglgasse 8, 1110 Wien... Facebook FB event

Jazz competition @ Spielraum Gasometer

In Vienna, 19.05.2014 19:301 - 19.05.2014 22:001

It's time to be classy and all jazzy!  Every artist has 15 minutes,you have all night to judge them.  Fun fact about the Podium.Wien competition: The members of the band can't be older than 28 and their average age can't be higher than 25. evening box office tickets 5€, pre-sale tickets at WienXtra 3€


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Donaukanaltreiben @ Donaukanal

In Vienna, 23.05.2014 13:001 - 25.05.2014 22:001

about every awesome venue around the danube channel will go crazy for three days! be part of it - concerts, dj sets, after-show-parties, public viewing of the champions league finale - just prepare to make the danube channel your home for those three days. Chronic City ft. Florian Horwath, under many others, will be your soundtrack:

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Rossello, 515, Barcelona, 0802... FB event

Sant Jordi Musical @ Antigua Fábrica de Estrella Damm

In Barcelona, 23.04.2014 12:001 - 23.04.2014 21:001

Barcelona's "Saint Jordi" festival of books and roses gets musical at  antigua fábrica de Estrella Damm with a colorful roster of local Catalan bands to fight off the dragons kicking off at noon.



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Pannonia Fields, 2425 Nickelsd... Facebook

NOVA ROCK festival @Nickelsdorf

In Vienna, 13.06.2014 9:001 - 15.06.2014 0:001

10 year anniversary of the Nova Rock Festival @Pannonia Fields, Nickelsdorf

Must go for all metal fans, incredible line up, not even David Hasselhoff will miss it!

Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, The Prodigy, Volbeat, Avenged Sevenfold, Seeed, Soundgarden, Limp Bizkit, Rob Zombie, The Offspring, Slayer band, Mando Diao, Sunrise Avenue, Megadeth, Dropkick Murphys, CASPER (official), Fettes Brot, AWOLNATION, Steel Panther, Black Label Society, Anthrax, Bad Religion, SEPULTURA, BRING ME THE HORIZON, SEETHER, BLACK STONE CHERRY, ED KOWALCZYK, THE USED, MONO & NIKITAMAN, PHIL ANSELMO & THE ILLEGALS, TRIVIUM, ARCH ENEMY, CRAZY TOWN, SAMY DELUXE, IRIE RÉVOLTÉS, GHOST, KARNIVOOL, WALKING PAPERS, BUCKCHERRY, EMERGENCY GATE feat. HADDAWAY, PANTEÓN ROCOCÓ, K.I.Z., UNCLE ACID & THE DEADBEATS, EPICA, MISS MAY I, HUNTRESS, BATTLECROSS, WENDIS BÖHMISCHER BLASMUSIK... and many more to come!


regular 3 day ticket: 144,5 €

caravan ticket: 219,5  €

Vip ticket: 229 €

get them @,, or call 01/96096


Every hour from Vienna Westbahnhof to Nickelsdorf and return. Catch a direct train without interceptions.

 10 € to go there&back! - Make sure not to loose the ticket, you only get one for both ways!

- At the ticket machines
- At the counter at the station
- CallCenter 05-1717

When you get off the train there's a shuttle bus to the festival area for about 2-3 euros. Or you can walk for about 20 min, depends on how packed you are.

More info on how to get there:


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Atomkraftwerk Zwentendorf/Dona... http://www.tomorrow-festival.a... Facebook FB event


In Vienna, 29.05.2014 9:001 - 02.06.2014 23:001

GLOBAL 2000 is an environmental NGO and organizes the Tomorrow Festival - 3 days, 80 acts one goal: CHANGE for a better tomorrow

It is located by the nuclear power station which has never been in operation state due to activist's protests against it. Now the yearly festival sets the sign against nuclear power in Austria.

Line up:

Elektro, Psy and Mainstage:

CRO, DEICHKIND, Jennifer Rostock, Donots, KLINGANDE, Eskimo Callboy, ACE VENTURA, HEELIX, TIEFENRAUSCH.. and many more!


regular ticket for 89 €

2 day ticket: 74 €

one day tickets: 

thursday 19 €

Friday: 49 €

Saturday 55 €

Caravan Combi: 109 €

get them at


- Take a bike! There's a group starting from Vienna riding their way to the festival, about 50 km!

The bike group meets at 10 am on Thursday, 29th @Donauinsel, Schulschiff

There's a free organic food  picknick at around 1 pm and you'll arrive at 7 pm with the group!

Make sure to register:

- TRAIN? Take a train to TULLN and from there it's only a few km with a shuttle bus!

- Eventbus Registration:


If you need a break from 24/7 party, you can check out the workshops and side-events going on there:


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PARC DEL FORUM barcelona...

Primavera Sound Festival @ Parc del Forum

In Barcelona, 29.05.2014 19:001 - 31.05.2014 5:001

Primavera Sound is one of Barcelona's most popular music festivals with one of the most innovative and forward-thinking line-ups in Europe. This is a festival for true music aficionados. Check link for 2014 line up. MASSIVE!

presale and ticket booths 195 € (190 € at the Botiga del Primavera Sound - Ases, 1)


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Montalegre, 5, 08001 Barcelona... FB event

(Brunch Electronik) Tiger and Woods + COMA + Acid Arab + Baldo @ CCCB

In Barcelona, 18.05.2014 11:001 - 18.05.2014 20:001

Early morning DJ sets, market and food in CCCB's outdoor courtyard. This Sunday guests include;  Tiger and Woods + COMA + Acid Arab + Baldo . Bringing techno, house and electro to the early crowd.

Tickets at the door before 15pm 9 €

tickets after 15h: € 12 (9 € Friends of the CCCB)

Children under 12 years: free

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Clam Rock festival @ Clam Fortress

In Vienna, 11.07.2014 15:001 - 12.07.2014 4:001

It's a festival, it's legends like John Fogerty and Johnny Winter, it's on a fortress! Need any more reasons? (Well ok, it's outside of Vienna, but it's a fucking festival in a fortress!)

tickets at oeticket !


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... Facebook FB event

River Jump, intercultural festival @ Lanzhot

In Vienna, 03.07.2014 12:001 - 07.04.2014 0:001

the world is horrible, but we're young and we will bring change! If that's your motto, make yourself ready for River Jump, that's a festival about intercultural exchange, workshops on how to get active, excursions into the beautiful Morava-Diye-floodplains, DoItYourself-Skills, political theatre workshops, and, and, and..... Oh, special thing: it's located in the heart of the Morava-Diye-floodplains,at the border of Austria, Czech Republic & Slovakia. !!!!you need to REGISTER!!! here:

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Vrch Svaty Kříže, 130 00, P... Facebook FB event

Million Marihuana March 2014

In Žižkov, 10.05.2014 12:301 - 10.05.2014 22:001


altought it might not seems so_it°s still illegal_could You believe that_so? lets have a party!

first things first_meeting after noon_march starts at one_around two entering good old Žižkov

and then_concerts_djs_hemp market_discussions_NGOs_kids area*

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Albertov, 128 00, prague...

Albertov slackline festival 2014

In Prague, 14.05.2014 13:001 - 14.05.2014 22:001

...for those who don't know...slackline is kind of a sport, where all You need is a special rope and then You walk one way and back...that's it...oukej, some people can do more, so that's why they made this festival full of tricks, workshops, exhibitions and some contest aswell..nice movies to be seen aswell..check it out, if You have no idea, cause these guys can go crazy on those simply looking things...

13,00 festival opening

13,00 thirsty slackline contest

13,00-19,00 jugglers workshop

13,00-22,00 movies

15,00 “highline” exhibition

16,30-19,30 “Trickline” contest

18,30 “highline” exhibition

20,00 Fireshow

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V sareckem udoli 1a, 160 00, p... Facebook

underground party @ bila vrana

In Prague, 17.05.2014 18:001 - 17.05.2014 23:231

...well this crazy gig is quite tricky to the location of an old theatre, You can hear punk, disco, metal, drum'n'bass, jazz, big beat, chill out music and who knows what else...this moreorless DIY event can provide You more than You could imagine at one place, so if You don't have much time to spend, this is all in one for You*

entrance 50,- ... oh and whats more_bottle of Borovička in TOMBOLA!!!

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Schönhauser Allee 9, Berlin, ... Facebook FB event

Berlin Music Video Awards @ Platoon Kunsthalle

In Berlin, 28.05.2014 17:001 - 01.06.2014 6:001

The second ever BERLIN VIDEO MUSIC AWARDS, to be held inside that stack of shipping containers we know as the Platoon Kunsthalle.  The event will include musuc video marathons, comedians, DJ's, a VJ competition, workshops, exhibitions and live performances! For the full program head to the web. 

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Muzej Savremene Umetnosti, Usc... Facebook FB event

Mad in Belgrade +++ Electronic Music festival @ Museum of Contemporary Art

In Belgrade, 24.05.2014 12:001 - 25.05.2014 12:001

MAD in Belgrade arrives to Belgrade, bringing an explosion of sensations and experience! This new interactive festival will give the unforgettable and non-stoppable two-day fun to the capital city. On various locations more than 100 artists from the field of electronic and dance music will perform during 48 hours.

What MAD in Belgrade has to offer to its visitors is interactive fun and participation in the joint game to remember. Exciting animation of the visitors will be the part od MAD adventure, while gigantic sculptures and architectural interventions will become the scenery for a completely new experience, making MAD in Belgrade the craziest festival that Belgrade ever had!


One day ticket = 1200 RSD // Two days ticket = 2000 RSD



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Donauinsel 1220 Wien, many uba... FB event


In Vienna, 27.06.2014 11:001 - 29.06.2014 0:001

Viennas biggest free open air festival!

Music and drinks and just by the danube! Line up update beginning of june!

dog friendly, kids friendly, sports island for the overmotivated people!



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Chestnut Avenue 77, Berlin, Ge... Facebook

One day DAVID BOWIE Film Festival @ Lichtblick Kino

In Berlin, 01.06.2014 18:001 - 01.06.2014 0:001

Continuing the Bowie fever currently sweeping Berlin, Exberliner have teamed up with to put together a one day Bowie film fest! Including film screenings and video clips from the Berlin years. 

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ladronka, 169 00, prague... Facebook FB event

Respect Festival 2014

In Prague, 14.06.2014 14:001 - 15.06.2014 20:001

"Dogs are allowed to the festival only on a leash. Because we expect a large number of dog visitors, bring a muzzle in case needed." ...  thats the only rule of the festival...please RESPECT it...other then that, someone interested in the music, maybe? well...its a world music festival...that means, there is a music from around the world...what does that mean? well, in this case its France, Finland, Ethiopia, Thailand, Great Britain, Greece, India, Cape Verde, USA, Marocco and that enough world to You? btw does anybody actually knows, where all of these countries are, on our lovely globe?

...for those who actually do know where all these countries are, there is a very special present ready for You at the cityspy247headquarters (see the very fresh cityspy edition of Prague) ... and then we can guide You to the festivals's not that far actually...and don't worry_we know the way*


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Vrch Svaty Krize, 130 00, prag... Facebook

Zizkov sobe' festival 2014

In Žižkov, 11.06.2014 17:001 - 12.06.2014 23:591

...small local festival at very special much kůl Parukářka park! first day in ska/reggae/pop vibes and the other day all a long from the great islands_soul/funk/hip hop and who knows, what...just make a stop and enjoy Yourself...nobody cares about those celebrities on the stage anyway*




Ska´N´DaaL music ensemble



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Vystaviste Letnany, 199 00, pr...

Police for people 2014

In Prague, 08.06.2014 16:001 - 08.06.2014 23:001 shooting, this is a real deal my feezls...Police for people is an actual festival to promote police work...whats more, there is even a bands who agreed on playing at the festival...even kafka couldn't think out this gig, thats for sure...check it out, if You have courage to go there*

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bryksova 1002, 198 00, prague... Facebook FB event

Strawberry Fields 2014

In Prague, 12.06.2014 14:001 - 12.06.2014 21:001

...urban festival Strawberry Fields is presenting all the things You can do in the city and not get bored and use bad drugs for, workshops, theatre and kidshit aswell...


workshops_Juggling, screen prinitng, Origami, Stickers, Comics, Buttons, Art, Gardening...

whatelse_theatre, playground, Climbing Wall, trampoline, Foosball, Table tennis, Minigolf, foood!

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Carretera de Montju?c 08038 Ba... FB event

Piknic Electronik; Alan Braxe, Dj Falcon, The Jaydes (live) and Will Deluxe @ Jardins de Joan Brossa (Montjuïc)

In Barcelona, 08.06.2014 13:001 - 08.06.2014 22:001

Piknic Electronik Barcelona returns to Montjuic with top notch roster of DJs every Sunday. French artists; Alan Braxe, Dj Falcon, The Jaydes (live) and Will Deluxe


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Vrch Svaty Krize, 130 00, prag...

Zizkov Beer Festival @ Parukarka

In Žižkov, 06.06.2014 14:001 - 07.06.2014 22:001

...well, it's a beer festival, right, so You can expect about thirty small breweries and music at the evening aswell...and the Parukářka park is wicked even without any event, so just check it out for the view and lovely atmosphere of sooncoming summer heat*

music_friday >>> La descarga Salsa orchestra and Top Dream Company

music_saturday >>> Chocofly, Yellow Sisters and Schodiště 

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national theatre, 110 00, prag... Facebook FB event

Dyzajn Market 2014

In Prague, 21.06.2014 10:001 - 21.06.2014 20:001

...pimp out Your style at the first summer Dyzajn Market...clothes, accesories and much more...longasslist of exhibitors to be found at FB...check out the video from spring edition:

11:00 - 12:00 Buchty a Loutky theatre / Zlatá husa fairytale

12:30 - 13:30 fashion show / Lusinda a Magaela; Zlatá padesátá a Kertag

13:30 - 14:30 fashion show / Kuráž; Daya, Loram a Bodline, Dyzajn market Dyzajn

16:30 - 18:00 concert / M a y e n

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prague... http://www.prazskamuzejninoc.c... Facebook FB event

Prague Museum Night 2014

In Prague, 14.06.2014 19:001 - 15.06.2014 1:001

...You have an opportunity to check out pragues museums, galleries and other places for free, but just for six hours and there are about forty institutions joining the event, so You have to be really picky...and be aware, that You won't be there by Yourself, as it's quite popular thing to do...You know, it's free so everybody is suddenly interested in the knowledge and education))

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Jacob Bontiusplaats 1018 PL Am... Facebook FB event

Theatre festival at Roest - theatre, music, story telling, poetry and food

In Amsterdam, 06.06.2014 19:001 - 08.06.2014 22:001

In the East of Amsterdam you find this unique place called Roest, a funky bar with a manmade beach in the dock area. 
Here for three days you will be able to enjoy many perfomances, listen to live music and eat good food. Check out the program

Entrance: Free

Best way to reach Roest is by tram 26 or 10. Bus 43 or 22.

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Mikser House, Karadjordjeva 46... Facebook FB event

Mikser Festival /// Alternative music, Exhibitions, Performances, Fashion etc. @ Mikser House

In Belgrade, 05.06.2014 17:001 - 06.06.2014 5:001

           of the biggest festival in Belgrade, gathering crew from different areas of art...program is made of music part, live performances, street art, fashion markets and many more

       1000 RSD four days ticket for music program // free entrance for other events

Scedule for music program:

Mikser House: 

21.00h Vojni orkestar Stanislav Binički 
22.30h DJ Jazzmate 
00.30h Ike & Prema

Depo magacin:

17.30h Finalisti konkursa Double Dare
22.00h E-Play
23.15h Jarboli
00.30h Plejboj

                                                                                 E Play: 











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Spuistraat, Burgwallen Nieuwe ... FB event

Street festival with music, fashion, art, food and more on the Spuistraat

In Amsterdam, 08.06.2014 11:001 - 08.06.2014 23:001

The street festival with the motto NICE TO MEET YOU, involves the businesses and locals from the street. There will be music perfomrances, street art, food and drinks, fashion and for kids some entertainment and much more! Get to know the street and locals better.

No entrance fee

Walking distance from central station or the Dam, since it's right in the center.

This is how the street looks on a normal day, expect it to be much more colourful and loud on Sunady 8th June 

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Mikser House, Karadjordjeva 4... Facebook FB event

Mikser Festival /// Alternative music, Exhibitions, Performances, Fashion etc. @ Mikser House

In Belgrade, 07.06.2014 14:001 - 08.06.2014 3:301

           of the biggest festival in Belgrade, gathering crew from different areas of art...program is made of music part, live performances, street art, fashion markets and many more

     1000 RSD four days ticket for music program (300 RSD daily ticket) // free entrance for other events

Scedule for music program: 

Mikser house:

22.00h EastBeat feat. Vasil Hadžimanov 
23.30h DJ Željko Kerleta 
01.30h DJ Afrobot 

Depo magacin:

17:30h Finalisti konkursa Double Dare 
22.00h Zemlja Gruva
23.15h Dvadesetorica
00.35h Obojeni program
01.55h Kanda, Kodža i Nebojša


                 .....Obojeni program           


    ....Kanda, Kodza i Nebojsa


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Kino Nowe Horyzonty, Kazimierz... FB event

BIKE DAYS Festival @ Kino Nowe Horyzonty

In Wroclaw, 06.06.2014 18:001 - 08.06.2014 22:001

BIKE DAY Fest in Nowe Horyzonty is a cycle of movies for/from/about bikers and bikes. If you're a cyclist - or an alternative culture lover - pick some movies and enjoy during those three days! Oh, just don't focus ONLY on it, take a ride too ;-)

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rokycanova 33, 130 00, prague... http://www.zizkovske-mezidvork... Facebook FB event

design minimarket @ truhlarna

In Žižkov, 14.06.2014 14:001 - 14.06.2014 22:001

well, it's a design market, right? or a market design? well_You never know*

porcelain ARTISTKA 
jewelery KALINO
dress LUFT
concrete deco BETON GARDEN
matches JOHANESA
ceramic TARBIK
t-shirts CITY RECORD

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Mikser House, Karadjordjeva 4... Facebook FB event

Mikser Festival /// Alternative music, Exhibitions, Performances, Fashion etc. @ Mikser House

In Belgrade, 08.06.2014 14:001 - 09.06.2014 6:001 of the biggest festival in Belgrade, gathering crew from different areas of art...program is made of music part, live performances, street art, fashion markets and many more

     1000 RSD four days ticket for music program (300 RSD daily ticket) // free entrance for other events

Scedule for music program: 

Mikser house:
21.00h Pobednik sa konkursa “Double dare”
21.45h Fish in Oil 
23.30h Miško Plavi 

Depo magacin:

17.30h Finalisti konkursa Double Dare
22.00h Veliki prezir
23.15h Svi na pod
00.15h Central Dance Event
Mehanika Live
Mistic Stylez
DJ Flip
Marko Nastić
Boža Podunavac            

             ....Marko Nastic       


   ...Svi na pod

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Avda. Reina Maria Cristina, s/... FB event

SONAR International Festival of Advanced Music and New Media Art @ Fira Montjuic

In Barcelona, 12.06.2014 12:001 - 14.06.2014 7:001

3 days and 2 nights of the International Festival of Advanced Music and New Media Arts aka SONAR, a carefully balanced cultural offering, combining a playful nature, the avant-garde, and experimentation with electronic dance music's newest trends. 

Sónar by Day; Fira Montjuïc, with concerts and dj's, showcases and  Sónar by Night; in Fira Gran Via de L'Hospitalet, where the leading names in the current international music scene are staged.

Check link for full line up;

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CK Agora, Serbska 5a, 51-111 W... FB event

Art of Improvisation @ CK Agora

In Wroclaw, 20.06.2014 17:001 - 22.06.2014 21:301

Art Of Improvisation - a small, yet international festival commited to improvisation, mainly in music. CK Agora invites us for a variety of events - concerts, workshops, contests and casual (!?) jam sessions. Just to show how jazz and improvised music are open and willing to be changed, developed, re-Created.

Tickets: 40/50 PLN.

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strelecky ostrov, 110 00, prag... FB event

Thanks & Continue Festival

In Prague, 01.07.2014 15:001 - 01.07.2014 22:001

...the city of Prague camed with a conception to make all public transporation stations accessible for disabled people...this first step is already a reason to celebrate a say THANKS & at three and later on concerts...make a stop to show support for all those, who are braking the barriers*

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Herman Bonpad 1067 Amsterdam... http://www.mysticgardenfestiva... Facebook FB event

Mystic Garden Festival - dance music festival at Sloterpark

In Amsterdam, 21.06.2014 11:001 - 21.06.2014 23:001

Get whisked away to a land of dreams and enchantment! Loads of fun things to do; wander through the magical forest, Lose yourself in a game of Scavenger Hunt and dance to the music of 5 different dance areas. For line up check out here

There will be shuttle buses going to the festival from Sloterdijk station every 10 minutes, return ticket costs €5. You can buy online here

Tickets: Lazy Bird Ticket: € 33,50 ? (Last 300 tickets!!!) 
Group ticket 4: € 26,-
Group ticket 8: € 24,-
Get tickets here

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dlouha 33, 110 00, prague... Facebook FB event

apostrof theatre festival @ nod roxy

In Prague, 30.06.2014 17:301 - 02.07.2014 22:001

...apostrof theatre festival at nod prague is presenting three small independent theatres performing their own stories in their language_yet understandable to everyone...lets obey motto of the festival:

>>> The theatre as the international communication language <<<

Theatre Pearl in persian language

Compagnia Teatrale Costellazione in italian

Studio Kompánia in hungarian

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Sopron, Hungary... Facebook FB event

VOLT festival Sopron

In Budapest, 02.07.2014 8:001 - 07.07.2014 14:001

One of The festivals.... not so unbelivably massive and crowded as Sziget, but just simply BIG and FUN. (100 thousand people ) 

Foals, MGMT, Arctic Monkeys, Morcheeba, Thirty Seconds to Mars, Woodkid, Brains, Skillet, Hatebreed, Ed Rush, Birdy & Many more.... 

In Sopron - north of Hungary 

ticket for the full 5 days: 36 990 HUF  (120 euros ) 

all info here:

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Zamardi, Hungary... Facebook FB event

Blaton Sound Festival - Zamárdi

In Budapest, 09.07.2014 8:001 - 13.07.2014 14:001

electronic festival by/in lake Balaton. 



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samsina, czech republic... FB event


In Prague, 27.06.2014 20:001 - 29.06.2014 9:001

...well it's not in prague, but still worth of visiting if You wanna take a rest from the city buzz...

...friday inna di reggae/dancehall/dub/raggajungle style...

...saturday in dnb, techno, minimal, trance, techhouse style... festival for free parking for three camping for shared tents... to get there_take a bus from Praha - Černý most to city called Jičín and from there another one that goes to village called Samšina, wich is the location of the festival...

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TT Neveritaweg 59 | 1033 WB Am... Facebook FB event

Midzomernacht; a FREE mini festival at Pllek in NDSM

In Amsterdam, 21.06.2014 10:301 - 22.06.2014 3:001

In the honour of the sun there will be a mini festival at Pllek. You can join free workshops, listen to music, enjoy good food and drinks. There will be some stalls selling things. For children some workshops as well. There is a dinner to join and after a fire that is followed with music by Nusodia and Dj Socrates to dance to until late.

Free until 21.00 
after 21.00 €5
To join the dinner between 19.00 - 21.00 €21.50 pp

Take the ferry behind central station to NDSM. It goes every 30 minutes. Check timetable here

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Belgrade Fair, Belgrade, Serbi... Facebook FB event

::::: Serbia Wonderland Festival Open air 2014 ::::: Electronic Festival ::::: @ Belgrade Fair

In Belgrade, 20.06.2014 19:001 - 22.06.2014 7:001

The biggest spectacle of electronic music this summer in Belgrade- Serbia Wonderland Open Air Festival!

Be a part of the fairy tale from the very beginning! 

Imagine glowing galleries that hold hidden the secret of a festival, where wonderful joyful people dance until the morning to the sounds of hypnotizing electronic music. Imagine the feeling of infinite happiness, when lasers come bursting off the stage, and then an explosion which covers the starry sky with thousands of pieces of colorful confetti. Imagine complete ecstasy, which lasts all night long while beautiful bodies flow and sway to the rhythm of the music. And when the Sun decides to slowly appear, it will bring sweet scents of hookahs in the chill zone.

On Jun 20th and 21st, thousands of fairies, superheroes, wizards and elves will dance till the Sun comes up on the great SERBIA WONDERLAND OPEN AIR FESTIVAL, when an attractive Belgrade location will turn into a magical Land of Wonder, with its enormous stage from a far away land and crazy scenography.

“Wonderland Intro”, “Chapter I- Explosion of Ice” and “Chapter II- Fiery Sky” have brought together more than 16000 people who wrote this wonderful tale together. Now the time has come to make our dream a reality – OPEN AIR FESTIVAL on Jun 20th and 21st! Let’s make this a festival to remember! Join us and be a part of the fairy tale that is Serbia Wonderland from it’s very beginning!



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... FB event

SLOT Art Festival @ Lubiaz

In Wroclaw, 08.07.2014 10:001 - 12.07.2014 23:501

Only 60 km from Wrocław, probably one of the most amazing festivals in this part of Europe!


The Art of Life

The Slot Art Festival is one of the largest alternative culture festivals in Poland. It’s five days filled with dozens of workshops, concerts, parties, films, and seminars. It’s also something much more- five days away from the daily rat race, battles and rush.

This colorful festival village has blossomed for over 10 years in an exceptional location- within the walls of the Baroque, Cistercian monastery-palace complex in Lubiąż in Lower Silesia. Shady trees, cool, ivy covered walls, hidden corners and the arches of the cathedral give a timeless dimension to the modern art forms presented.

The Slot Art Festival is five days of high quality fun as well as a gateway to new possibilities, friendships and contacts. The festival will leave you with not only memories, but also with dreams and fresh energy for action.

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hoek Moermanskade, Amsterdam, ... Facebook FB event

Haus Am See Presents Liebestag - disco/deephouse/tech house festival at Dok 2013

In Amsterdam, 28.06.2014 13:001 - 28.06.2014 22:001

Enjoy a nice summer day at the House am See party, dance through the day into the night to some bouncy beats with your bare feet in the sand. A small intimite festival by the water.

Entrance: €17


? Beesmunt soundsystem (Trouw, Amsterdam)

? Maximiljan (DE, Mobilee)

? Vriendje van Ferry (Paardenkracht)

? Kevin Duane (Straf_werk, Nachtdivisie)

? Deepend (Solar festival, 2014)

? MUUR& (Chicago social club)

? J&D orchestra (Club AIR)

? Feverfew (Analog)

Meer info volgt..

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zizkov, 130 00, prague... Facebook FB event

Summer Zizkov Night Festival 2014

In Žižkov, 27.06.2014 15:001 - 28.06.2014 6:001

...zizkov night is here again and the summer aswell, so the summer edition comes along...

5 open air scenes /// 4 clubs /// more than 40 performers

entrance_minimum 60,- (!)_recommended 130,- (still more than cool) and then as You wish, but its more than worth to support these guys...detail info at facebook_

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Klub Eter, Kazimierza Wielkieg... FB event

NEXTPOP Festival @ Klub Eter

In Wroclaw, 26.06.2014 18:001 - 19.06.2014 23:301

NEXTPOP festival is a new event on a club map of the whole country. Every edition takes place in 3 different cities and it is a review of grand bands playing most of the time off the mainstream sounds.

In Wrocław you will meet Bokka, Fismoll, Kari, Oly and Low Roar (Iceland). Best place to be if you want to be up to date with fresh Polish pop :-)

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... FB event

ROCK FOR CANCER-live music@Slechtovka in Stromovka Park

In Prague, 28.06.2014 14:001 - 28.06.2014 22:001

,,,,The Sam Thomas Charitable Foundation presents ROCK AGAINST CANCER
Open Air Free Summer Concert at Slechtovka in Stromovka Park- near the ruin & old gazeebo garden, aka Slechtovka) FREE ENTRY! VSTUP ZDARMA!-
* children's area bouncy caste, face painting & balloons-* charcoal food grill & full bar
* cafe with coffee & cake-* charity raffle-* benefit for cancer research raised by donation
* proceeds to Cancer Research UK registered charity..........


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stvanice, 170 00, prague... Facebook FB event

Mystic sk8 cup 2014

In Prague, 04.07.2014 12:001 - 06.07.2014 23:591

...well, nobody can stop the time, so there is an annual 20th mystic sk8 cup...

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Makedonska 22/IV, Belgrade... Facebook FB event

7. JAPANIZAM FESTIVAL /// Dom Omladine Beograda

In Belgrade, 03.07.2014 13:301 - 06.07.2014 23:591

In cooperation with the Japanese Embassy, Sakurabana club and DOB organize the seventh "Japanizam", the largest regional convention dedicated to pop-culture of the country of the rising sun. Topic of "Japanizam" is the universe - everything related to research the unknown depths of the galaxy, ships, cruisers, robots..

Besides the rich film program, "Japanizam" includes fashion shows, lecture presentations, gaming, creative workshops about manga, aikido, body painting, modern Japanese music, lectures about Japanese culture, etc... And for the end DJ Haseo will play the selected J-pop (and J-rock and anime OST's and everything else).

Tickets are on sale from June 25 only at the box office of Dom Omladine Beograda, daily ticket price is 200 RSD.




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Brave Festival

In Wroclaw, 04.07.2014 12:001 - 17.07.2014 23:001

Brave festival - one of the most extraordinary events around! Let's just have a peek into it's general idea:

"Brave Festival – the festival of the brave, of the people who say where they are from, what their values are, traditions and spirituality. This is not a festival about works of art but about the art which can save and protect thousands of forgotten, abandoned, lonely cultures and people.

We had to create Brave Festival to fight against chasing people away form their own culture, from their own sensitivity; the festival about the world that is dying, which will pass away if we will not do anything to stop this process at least a little. The Festival of the people who do not agree to follow models promoted by mass culture, who seek for the deepest possible sources of inspiration – inner inspiration. Sensitive and tolerant people who are not afraid to deepen their sensitivity."

For the whole schedule - check the webpage!

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Kino Nowe Horyzonty, Kazimierz... FB event

14th T-Mobile New Horizons International Film Festival

In Wroclaw, 24.07.2014 19:001 - 03.08.2014 23:451

352 films from 50 countries

143 Polish premieres

2 world premieres

3 european premieres

500 industry guests

230 journalists

105 000 admissions

T-Mobile New Horizons is growing to be the most important International Film Festival in Poland. Run by it's Art Director Roman Gutek for the last 13 years has made a reputation of an extraordinary event for all movie-eaters around! Interesting formula, loads of movies and events in different venues in lovely Wrocław - perhaps one of the best reasons to visit the city :-)

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Instytut im. Jerzego Grotowski... http://www.grotowski-institute...

Odin Festival @ Jerzy Grotowski Institute

In Wroclaw, 02.09.2014 9:001 - 07.09.2014 22:001

To mark Odin Teatret’s 50th anniversary, the Grotowski Institute organizes Odin Festival, a six-day intensive introduction to Odin Teatret training and working methods as well as barter and performances.

Participation fee
The participation fee is 400 EUR (300 EUR for Central and Eastern European participants)
The fee includes:

  • Entrance to all shows and educational activities
  • All meals (breakfast, lunch and supper)
  • Accommodation in a hostel in rooms of 2–5 people.

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Wyspa Slodowa, Wroclaw...

Outdoor Cinema @ Slodowa Island

In Wroclaw, 04.07.2014 20:301 - 31.08.2014 23:001

Slodowa Island is a place to be on weekend afternoons - you can expect interesting movies being played for the whole Summer! Good idea before partying :-) Some of the movies already planned are Amelia, Parnassus, Sugar Man... But for an exact schedule check their webpage :-)

Ticket: free!

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Regalowisko - XV Bielawa Reggae Festival @ Bielawa

In Wroclaw, 22.08.2014 0:001 - 24.08.2014 23:301

Bielawa is a lovely town only 60 km from Wrocław, so if you're a reggae fan don't hesitate long to join this venue. Yet, it is one of 3 biggest and best reggae festivals in Poland, so you can be sure of lot of dreaddy, positive people around! And among the biggest stars there will be Anthony B, John Holt, The Gladiators, Chronixx, Junior Kelly and many more!

Tickets: 65/75/95 PLN

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boskovice, czech republic... http://www.boskovice-festival.... Facebook FB event

Boskovice 2014

In Prague, 10.07.2014 12:001 - 13.07.2014 23:591

...local festival with almost the best from the local alternative music scene...

...make a stop on Your way from Prague towards Krakow, Vienna or Slovakia...

...highly recommended, if You want to avoid the touristy festivals and see something authenthic...

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tabor, czech republic... Facebook FB event

Mighty Sounds 2014

In Prague, 11.07.2014 12:001 - 13.07.2014 23:331

...punk, punkrock, rock’n’roll, hardcore, reggae, ska, rockabilly, indie rock and similiar genres to be found on the 10th edition of the mighty Mighty Sounds festival...

...100km south from Prague_one hour ride_wicked area to visit...

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kutna hora, czech republic... Facebook FB event

Creepy Teepee 2k14

In Prague, 11.07.2014 12:001 - 13.07.2014 23:231

...this festival is alternative to all the alternatives you know...musicians from the worldwide coming to present their point of view on what is modern day music...

...located at kutna hora, city near prague, one of the favourite places for a trip outside of prague, but still be close to avoid wilderness...

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benesov, czech republic... Facebook FB event

Let It Roll 2014

In Prague, 01.08.2014 12:001 - 03.08.2014 12:001

...leave your plans behind ya and just let it roll...dnb forever_still hot in here...

...not far from Prague_so You can always run back to the civilization...

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rokycany, czech republic... Facebook FB event

Fluff Fest 2014

In Prague, 25.07.2014 12:001 - 27.07.2014 23:001

3 day HC/PUNK summer on! no room for machos!

situated at Rokycany_town 80km from Prague...

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vroutek, czech republic... Facebook FB event


In Prague, 29.08.2014 12:001 - 31.08.2014 12:001

...15th anniversary of Rock for Churchill festival...

...situated 90km from Prague...

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Valec (Karlovy Vary District),... Facebook FB event

Povalec 2014

In Prague, 01.08.2014 12:001 - 03.08.2014 23:001

...povaleč means homeboy or couch potatoe...voluntary fee for the festival...take it easy and become real povaleč!

100km from Prague towards Germany...

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hradec kralove, czech republic... Facebook FB event

Hip Hop Kemp 2014

In Prague, 21.08.2014 12:001 - 23.08.2014 23:001

...biggest czech hip hop festival...

100km from Prague_on the way towards Wroclaw*

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jaromer, czech republic... Facebook

Brutal Assault 2014

In Prague, 06.08.2014 20:001 - 09.08.2014 23:001

...four days of the most brutal music You can ever hear...anybody who survives the whole festival is a hero and can die happily...

120km from Prague towards Wroclaw*

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Parc del Forum 08019 Barcelona...

Cruilla music Festival @ Parc Del Forum

In Barcelona, 11.07.2014 18:001 - 13.07.2014 22:001

Three days of live music with an eclectic line up of Rockk, pop and hip hop. See site for full listing of line up.


Highlights Cruïlla Festival 2013 Barcelona. por cruillabarcelona

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Petrovaradin Fortress, 21000 N... Facebook


In Belgrade, 10.07.2014 19:001 - 10.07.2014 7:001

We're going a little forward and present you EXIT, officially proclaimed as the 'Best Major European festival' at the EU Festival Awards. Also known as State of Exit, it is an award-winning summer music festival which is held at the Petrovaradin fortress  in the city of Novi Sad, Vojvodina, Serbia.

This year EXIT lasts four days, 10.-13. 7. ,and it offers most diverse kinds of music, which includes world known music stars as well as Serbian popular bands and DJs and also from the region. You can easily find what you're interesed for, because there are a lots of stages, precisely eleven of them, and they are clearly sorted by the music way. So you can enjoy in reggae, house music, latino, trance...

State of Exit also includes EXIT Village, camp for tourists, where you can feel the spirit of EXIT Adventure 24h in a day.

Big opening is in Thursday and stars of the night are Pet Shop boys, Stromae, Dub FX.. at the Main Stage, and a lot of quality bands and DJs all over the State of Exit.

Program for Thursday, July 10


20:00 Hornsman Coyote

21:15 Energy Opening by Balkanopolis



02:15 Dub FX

03:15 Andy C

04:15 Jaguar Skills

05:15 Dimension


21:00 Damoon

22:15 Happy People (Lale vs Goran Zmix Kovačević vs

Marko Vuković vs Petar Cvetković vs Petko)





Huawei Fusion Stage:

19:00 Drop Diss

19:50 Oratnitza

20:45 Quimby (Sziget Recommended)

21:45 Kal


00:30 Killo Killo Banda


03:15 S.A.R.S.

04:30 Disciplin A Kitschme


19:30 Bao Vau

20:15 In The Crossfire

21:00 Tona

22:00 Planet Of Zeus

23:00 ROIR



02:50 Tibia

03:45 All Except One



20:00 Mak Floss

21:00 Herbal Queen

22:30 Martinees

00:00 Irie Revolution Sound



03:00 Suppa Natty

04:00 Management

05:00 Soul Vibes


21:00 Neomodern

21:50 Lost In The Sound

22:30 Caligari

23:30 WB41

00:40 YusYus (live)

01:20 Konvoj Bonton Bajkera (live)


03:00 Greg Beato

04:00 Ron Morelli

06:00 Iggy Dope


21:00 Pion Live

22:15 Vertex Live

23:30 Zyce Live

0:45 DJ Mozza & DJ DaPEACE

2:15 DJ Djantrix

3:45 Galactic Explorers Live

4:45 Sonic Man Live


20:00 DJ Ice

21:00 MC Choma

21:10 Emigrantes Dance Group

21:30 Zumba Chicks

23:00 La Familia (Flamenco)

23:30 Studio Oriental

01:00 DJ Frank

01:30 Grubb

01:50 Groove Dance

03:00 DJ Arceo


20:00 Ewox b2b Tamarinsky

21:00 Paperclip Project

22:20 Dfndr b2b Minimalistic

23:30 Antrax b2b Smt#ng

00:40 Lexlay b2b Albert Rodriguez

01:50 Dejan Milićević b2b Siniša Lukić

03:00 Lea Dobričić b2b Markyz

04:10 Marko Nastic b2b Aneuria

05:20 Goran Kan b2b Aleksandar Vidinovski

06:30 Noise Destruction


20:00 AS FM Intro mix

21:00 Remixuj i nastupi (Belly & Works Disco Vibe)

22:00 Remixuj i nastupi (DJ Semo)

23:30 DJ Morning Indian

01:00 DJ WD87

02:30 DJ Conte

04:00 DJ Groover & Boris Tajm


21:00 Fanatik

22:30 Ivan Majkić

00:00 Marina Perazić (DJ Set)

01:30 Shi Cu

03:00 Fakir

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Petrovaradin, Novi Sad, Srbija... Facebook

EXIT Festival - Main Stage @ Petrovaradin Fortress, Novi Sad

In Belgrade, 11.07.2014 20:001 - 12.07.2014 6:001

                                             +++   MAiN STaGe  ++++


Fred V & Grafix feat. Dynamite MC

Fledgling stars Fred Vahrman and Josh Jackson a.k.a Fred V & Grafix have been making waves ever since with regular appearances on BBC Radio 1Xtra and mini mixes on Annie Mac’s show. A pair of producers who have been working together for the past five years now and showing huge promise, the boys brought us an abundance of musical gems.

Initially into live music, the pair converted to D+B when they heard Pendulum’s controversial and genre-changing album “Hold Your Colour” and High Contrast’s sophomore “High Society”. Influenced by an eclectic range of sounds outside of D+B, from electro/French house, ambient and hip hop, Fred V & Grafix cite artists such as Flying Lotus, Bonobo, Dilla and Jimi Hendrix as key inspirations, alongside fellow Hospital artists High Contrast and Logistics.



Bursting out of London's underground music scene with its thrilling world of pirate radio, crude DJ set ups, improvised studios, and bleeding edge beats come Rudimental: A pioneering melting-pot collective who have taken the British music scene by storm, championed for their uncompromising approach to music-making whilst avoiding rigid classification.

Bursting out of London's underground music scene with its thrilling world of pirate radio, crude DJ set ups, improvised studios, and bleeding edge beats come Rudimental (Piers Aggett, Kesi Dryden, Amir Amor and Leon Rolle): A pioneering melting-pot collective who have taken the British music scene by storm, championed for their uncompromising approach to music-making whilst avoiding rigid classification.


Gloria Gaynor 

Perhaps second only to Donna Summer, Gloria Gaynor has become one of the best-known female disco artists from the '70s due to the ongoing success of her monster 1979 hit (and subsequent "woman's anthem"), "I Will Survive."



One of the most unique exciting bass music outfits to emerge in recent times, Koven is the production alias of producer Max Rowat and Katie Boyle.


My Nu Leng

The Bristol based duo have a hard-to-categorise sound, drawing on many varied influences without kowtowing to one in particular. Whilst traversing the whole spectrum between pitch shifted vocals and bass heavy rumbles, their sound is always deep and on point with the vibe.

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Petrovaradin, Novi Sad, Srbij... Facebook

EXIT Festival - Dance Arena @ Petrovaradin Fortress, Novi Sad

In Belgrade, 11.07.2014 21:001 - 12.07.2014 8:001

                                        ///////    Dance Arena   ////////


Eats Everything

Few producers in the history of dance music have made such a rapid and far-reaching impact on the electronic music scene as Eats Everything aka Bristolian Daniel Pearce. In a matter of months he has defined a whole new genre of forward-thinking underground house music that draws elements from classic house, UK bass music, Detroit techno, jungle and early rave, paying homage to everything from Randy Crawford to Ray Charles and Murk to MK.



Cassy Britton has meticulously fashioned her craft over the last decade, approaching her productions and DJ sets with an attention to detail and passion that is hard to surpass. Her dedication to music, twinned with her gift for reading the crowd has meant that her profile has grown to worldwide recognition amongst fans and within the industry.


Carl Cox

A professional DJ since his early teens. A musical ambassador and a veteran of acid house and a champion of techno – you name it, Carl's been there and done it, never losing sight of his passions – playing music, breaking tunes and celebrating life.  It was at the age of 15 that Carl was given a set of turntables and began working as a mobile DJ – rest is history


Danny Tenaglia

The tale of Danny Tenaglia's love affair with music, and the world's subsequent romance with him, is one of the critical veins in the body of dance music. He is every dancer's secret discovery; a random purchase at the record store, a reluctant night out that unexpectedly turned magic. Explosive success came not behind a major label release, or a world tour, or a radio hit remix: It happened when enough people had the private Tenaglia experience for themselves.


Planetary Assault Systems

Luke Slater is a rare phenomenon in electronic music: he is someone who has helped define and redefine the techno genre throughout a number of decades. Starting out in the ‘90s, twenty years later it is no exaggeration to say he is as relevant and exciting as ever before. His gig schedule and discography stand as proud testament to that. 


Ben Klock

Berlin born DJ, producer and label owner Ben Klock is without a doubt one of the most significant characters in techno’s recent history. Playing techno sets full of hypnotic, deep and heavy grooves, releasing records on Ostgut Ton and last but not least the aesthetics of his own label Klockworks (founded in 2006), have earned him an excellent international reputation over the last few years.


Marcel Dettmann

Ruff, rugged and raw. Mentioning Marcel Dettmann as well as his feeling for and vision of electronic music, his way of dealing with it, is impossible without these attributes.

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Petrovaradin Fortress, 21000 N... FB event

EXIT Festival- Main stage @ Petrovaradin fortress, Novi Sad

In Belgrade, 12.07.2014 19:001 - 13.07.2014 7:001


Young Croatian cellists Luka Sulic and Stjepan Hauser, together known as 2CELLOS, have achieved sensational success by taking the cello to a new level. Their playing style has broken down the boundaries between different genres of music, from classical and film music to pop and rock. 2CELLOS have no limits when it comes to performing live and are equally as impressive when playing Bach and Vivaldi as they are when rocking out AC/DC.

2CELLOS rose to fame in 2011 when their version of Michael Jackson’s “Smooth Criminal” took the world by storm. Elton John said for them: “…Go and see them live, because it really is astonishing! I can’t remember seeing anything as exciting as them since I saw Jimi Hendrix live back in the 60’s…”

Starting at 22:20


Damon Albarn is an English musician, singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and record producer. He is the frontman of the Britpop/alternative rock band Blur as well as co-founder, vocalist and principal songwriter of virtual band Gorillaz. And he's coming with his fresh music material.


Sonny John Moore, better known by his stage name Skrillex, is an American electronic musician and singer-songwriter. He was named MTV's Electronic Dance Music Artist of the Year 2011 and also won a total of six Grammy Awards.


20:00 Stray Dogg Feat. Tamara Milanović

21:00 Negative

22:20 2CELLOS



04:00 Gorgon City

05:00 Shadow Child

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Petrovaradin Fortress, 21000 N... Facebook

EXIT Festival /// Dance Arena /// Petrovaradin fortress /// Novi Sad

In Belgrade, 12.07.2014 19:001 - 13.07.2014 7:001




Tiga James Sontag is a Canadian musician, DJ and record producer of electronic dance music.

As a solo artist, Tiga released world popular "Sunglasses at Night". The single reached number 25 in the UK Dance Chart. Other successful chart singles include "Pleasure From the Bass", "You Gonna Want Me"  and his 2009 release “Shoes".

He performs with German House/ Techno DJ Helmut Josef Geier, professionally known as DJ Hell.





21:00 TDI competition winner

22:30 Noise Destruction (Fakir vs DJ Z)

00:00 Vladimir Aćić vs Lea Dobričić vs Dejan Milićević






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Petrovaradin Fortress, 21000 N... Facebook

EXIT Festival /// Huawei Fusion Stage /// Petrovaradin fortress /// Novi Sad

In Belgrade, 12.07.2014 19:001 - 13.07.2014 7:001


Darko Rundek is a singer-songwriter, composer and actor for theatre and film. His music career started in the early '80s, as the frontman of the world music influenced rock band Haustor. Living in France since 1991, he recorded five albums with various musicians from different parts of the world. He is currently touring with the Rundek Cargo Trio.



Shapeshifter (sometimes referred to as New Zealand Shapeshifter) are a live drum 'n' bass act from New Zealand. They have been heralded as a musical phenomenon for their ground breaking live shows and unique blend of heavy soul with drum and bass. Their reputation as pioneers of modern music was built by a unique approach to electronic music which had previously been restricted to computer-based studio musicians and has earned them widespread critical and commercial acclaim.


19:00 Groteska

19:45 Cotton Pickers

20:30 Bernays Propaganda

21:30 Love Hunters




3:10 Dvadesetorica

4:30 Atheist Rap


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Petrovaradin Fortress, 21000 N... Facebook

EXIT Festival /// Positive Vibration Reggae Stage /// Petrovaradin fortress /// Novi Sad

In Belgrade, 12.07.2014 19:001 - 13.07.2014 7:001

Besides to great music of foreign and domestic performers in the reggae stage, visitors will be also able to watch a football match played for third place in Brazil between Brazil and the Netherlands at 10pm.


19:00 Teddy T.

20:00 King Kalipso

21:00 Dada Selectah

22:00 Broadcast of the match for third place in the World Cup in Brazil

00:00 Jah Messenjah

00:45 Hot Vibes Session


Chay Nelle, Ana, Mira, Tommy T, Candy, Fyaman,

Kush Midnight, Mad Red, Fat Romeo, Pvm Dancers,

Wenti Wadada, Kantriman

02:20 Dance competition

03:50 Pure Soul- Soul Lion AV Set

04:20 Cool Vibes Session




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Petrovaradin Fortress, 21000 N... Facebook

EXIT Festival /// HAPPYNOVISAD /// Petrovaradin fortress /// Novi Sad

In Belgrade, 12.07.2014 19:001 - 13.07.2014 7:001








22:00 Pharmacist

23:00 Hetem (live)

00:00 Myler

01:00 Bleaching Agent

02:00 Truss


04:00 AnD

05:00 Fran Harnett (Live)

06:00 Lag

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Petrovaradin, Novi Sad, Srbij... Facebook

EXIT Festival - MaiN StaGe @ Petrovaradin Fortress, Novi Sad

In Belgrade, 13.07.2014 20:001 - 14.07.2014 6:001

                                     ::::::::::::::: MaiN StaGe :::::::::::::::::::::::::.


Hailing from Manchester, Hurts are a synthesizer-based duo featuring vocalist Theo Hutchcraft and keyboardist/guitarist Adam Anderson. Known for their arty and striking self-produced videos, Hurts make epic, dramatic pop music that takes inspiration from a finely curated mix of influences including '70s Krautrock, '80s new wave, and '90s R&B. 


Pretty Lights

Flitting between moody downtempo and upbeat, densely layered material geared for club play, Colorado's Pretty Lights was the project of Derek Vincent Smith. Instead of sampling existing recordings, Smith worked with longtime drummer Adam Deitch, Soulive's Eric Krasno, the Harlem Gospel Choir, and members of the Preservation Hall Jazz Band and the Treme Brass Band to create vintage-sounding original music that he then refashioned into the Pretty Lights sound. 



Suede kick started the Brit-pop revolution of the '90s, bringing English indie pop/rock music away from the swirling layers of shoegazing and dance-pop fusions of Madchester, and reinstating such conventions of British pop as mystique and the three-minute single. Before the band had even released a single, the U.K. weekly music press was proclaiming them as the "Best New Band in Britain," but Suede managed to survive their heavy hype due to the songwriting team of vocalist Brett Anderson and guitarist Bernard Butler. Equally inspired by the glam crunch of David Bowie and the romantic bed-sit pop of the Smiths, Anderson and Butler developed a sweeping, guitar-heavy sound that was darkly sensual, sexually ambiguous, melodic, and unabashedly ambitious


Sub Focus

Sub Focus is an alias of Nick Douwma, a fast-rising drum'n'bass producer/DJ affiliated with the Ram Records collective who became one of the style's leading practitioners within only two years of his recording debut. Originally from London, England.




Zemlja Gruva








Pretty Lights


Sub Focus (DJ set) & ID




Adventure Club

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Petrovaradin, Novi Sad, Srbij... Facebook

EXIT Festival - Dance Arena @ Petrovaradin Fortress, Novi Sad

In Belgrade, 13.07.2014 21:001 - 14.07.2014 8:001

                                    .-.-.-.-.-..-  Dance Arena  .-.-..-.-.-.-.-.-.


Deep Dish

Initially pigeon-holed as deep-house producers though their blueprint for house music sweeps across trance, techno, and sub-basement dub, the Iranian-American duo known as Deep Dish produced a multitude of club staples during the 1990s while harvesting a stellar series of productions for their labels (Deep Dish, Yoshitoshi, Fast Food, and Middle East) by members of the ever-growing Washington, D.C. dance community. While most of Dubfire and Sharam's productions have the epic, grandiose feeling that ties many a house track to its disco forebear, the duo's knack for tight programming and genre-blending have carried them above many of their dance-chart compatriots.


Jaymo & Andy George

Since meeting in 2008 Jaymo & Andy have established one of the UK's most dynamic music brands, set-up two successful record labels, performed two live Radio 1 Essential Mixes, produced a cover-mount CD for Mixmag and secured two of the most important residencies in the world; We Love… Space in Ibiza and Fabric London. Their obsessive approach to finding new music has lead to an ongoing relationship with Radio 1, covering for the likes of Pete Tong and Annie Mac, as well as their own weekly show on Evolution, broadcasting across America ever Friday night via iHeartRadio. 


Better Lost Than Stupid

You don’t always need to get lost first to try out a different path. Sometimes you wander off the beaten track out of curiosity, just to see where you end up. Your new environment pushes you to adapt, try out new ideas and roll with your instinct. It often ends up being so much fun that you want to carry on and explore the new horizons that a new path offers. Well, that’s what happened when Davide Squillace, Martin Buttrich and Matthias Tanzmann began to work together at least. Now journeying down the same path together, the three of them are Better Lost Than Stupid.


Steve Rachmad

After more than a quarter of a century involved in electronic music, it’s not an exaggeration to say that Steve Rachmad has been integral to the development of the scene in his native Netherlands. Most often associated with Detroit techno, its warm pads, rousing strings and powerful grooves, Steve is the producer, remixer and DJ who among first championed such sounds in his home country.


Marko Nastic

Welcome to the world of Marko Nastic, the leading South Eastern European DJ. In a troubled Serbia of the 90’s, Marko and his buddies built one of the most vibrant club scenes in Eastern Europe, the one that inspired writers of Mixmag, The Face, DJ and NME to write accolades many moons ago. They resisted dark forces of political madness with electronic music and a celebration of life. 




Battric vs MIVU




















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Petrovaradin, Novi Sad, Srbij... Facebook

EXIT Festival - Fusion Stage @ Petrovaradin Fortress, Novi Sad

In Belgrade, 13.07.2014 19:001 - 14.07.2014 4:001

                                 *-*-*-*-*-*-*-*  Fusion Stage  *-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-* 


Vlada Divljan

Vladimir Divljan is a Serbian singer and songwriter. He is known as the frontman for the Serbian and former Yugoslav rock band Idoli, one of the bands which initiated the Yugoslav new wave on the music and cultural scene of the former Yugoslavia in the 1980s, as well as for his solo works.



After 92 shows in 2013 all over Europe and USA, Dutch psychedelic rockers BIRTH OF JOY have already proven to be a true live rock sensation! The band is Master in invoking a primal emotion that lays hidden in many of us. The kind of emotion that craves to burst out when you experience something pure, something real, something authentic. Well, these guys are exactly that, they ARE the real deal!.

Influenced by psychedelica, blues and steaming rock&roll this trio takes you back to the good old times of MC5, The Doors and even Pink Floyd. At the same time they introduce a modern twist influenced by stoner, grunge and punk and hence create their own sound! 


Mighty Oaks 

Based out of Berlin, Germany, multinational indie folk trio Mighty Oaks formed in 2010. The group's tight, three-part harmonies and effusive, largely acoustic-driven folk anthems have drawn comparisons to bands like the Lumineers, Fleet Foxes, and American Authors.




Vila Filozofina


Between Sky and Earth


Pips, Chips & Videoclips


Vlada Divljan i Ljetni Kino Bend






Dejan Petrović Big Band






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Roztoky u Jilemnice, Czech Rep... FB event


In Prague, 25.07.2014 12:001 - 27.07.2014 12:001

...small local reggae festival with few soundsystems...

125km from Prague on the way towards Wroclaw!

entrance 50 for Friday / 100 for both or just Saturday

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Brandys nad labem, czech repub... Facebook

Bunch Fest 2014

In Prague, 09.08.2014 15:001 - 10.08.2014 6:001 day skareggaepunkhiphop festival really really near Prague...

entrance 150 till five and later still just 200...

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Vrch Svaty Krize, 130 00, prag...

Out of Bunkr open air @ Parukarka

In Žižkov, 19.07.2014 12:001 - 20.07.2014 22:001

...small indipendent electronic music festival at the lovely Parukářka entrance or voluntary fee welcome...


LUIGI ROSSI (DE, Creepy Finger Records)
dj ARK

COME IN presents ARt
Adam Sodomka
Anastasia Taskina

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Republic Square, Belgrade... Facebook FB event

BELEF- Opening ceremony /// Republic Square /// Belgrade

In Belgrade, 15.07.2014 20:001 - 15.07.2014 22:001

One of the major Belgrade summer cultural festivals is BELEF, this year under the name "Sentimental journey". BELEF combines music, theatre, visual art and lasts whole month, 15.7.-15.8. and during that time you will be able to see best of Belgrade cultural scene.

The program includes jazz concert, stand up comedies, outdoor theatre, music competitions... in four locations in the city at evening hours every night.

Big opening is in Republic Square, downtown, at 20h, with Tino Favaca, tenor (Italia), Snežana Savičić-Sekulić, soprano and  „Stanislav Binički“, Art ensemble Ministry of Defence. They will perform Italian canzone and the entrance is free.




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Republic Square, Belgrade... Facebook FB event

BELEF-Opening ceremony /// Republic Square /// Belgrade

In Belgrade, 15.07.2014 20:001 - 15.07.2014 22:001

BELEF is one of the major summer cultural festival in Belgrade and this year it lasts whole month, 15.7.-15.8. under the name "Sentimental journey". The program includes jazz concerts, outdoor theatre, stand up comedy...BELEF will be held every night at evening hours at four locations in the city.

Big opening is on July 15, at 8pm, Republic Square, downtown, with Tino Favazza, tenor (Italia), Snežana Savičić-Sekulić, soprano and „Stanislav Binički“, Art ensemble Ministry of Defence. They will performe Italian canzone.

Free entry


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UK Parobrod Kapetan Mišina 6a... Facebook FB event

Improve 2.19 /// UK Parobrod /// Belgrade

In Belgrade, 15.07.2014 20:001 - 15.07.2014 22:001

Festival "Zajedno Zusammen" after four weeks ending on July 15 at the UK Parobrod, together with Belgrade ImprovE collective. Evening will be opened by the hosts, Luka Toyboy, solo performances, guitarist WoO. Guest is trumpeter Nenad Markovic. Austrian part of the evening belongs to a duo consisting of Isabelle Duthoit, voice and clarinet and Franz Hautzinger, trumpet.

Musical evening starts at  8pm and tickets cost 200 RSD. Concert duo was made with the support of the Austrian Cultural Forum in Belgrade.


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Avinguda Coll del Portell, 74 ... Facebook

Together for Life Festival @ La Miranda

In Barcelona, 02.08.2014 14:001 - 02.07.2014 23:591

Together For Life Festival Barcelona 2014 is a cultural festival charity to support DINSART, project management and creative art therapies based in Barcelona. Food, music and activities for all ages.

Free (All proceeds made with the stands will be donated)



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Cvetni trg, Njegoševa, Beogra... FB event

Jazz saxophonist Jovan Maljoković @ Cvetni trg

In Belgrade, 01.08.2014 21:001 - 02.08.2014 0:001

Tonight, at 9 pm, within Belgrade BELEF Festival, in Cvetni trg (Floral Square) performes one of the most respectable musicians, saxophonist Jovan Maljoković.

Jovan Maljoković is famous Belgrade jazz saxophonist, composer and arranger. With his Balkan Salsa Band he performed on all domestic and many festivals in Europe, as well as in Cuba.

As one of jazz's most prolific authors in Serbia, he has published ten albums author albums. The music thet he plays is very recognizable. It is a fine blend of jazz and traditional music. He also compose music for theatre and television.

Entrance during the whole festival is free.



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Av. Diagonal 661-671, Barcelon...

Borders Control Barcelona festival @ Hotel Rey Juan Carlos

In Barcelona, 08.08.2014 12:001 - 11.08.2014 20:001

Four days of non stop music by some of the best international house DJs in the world at Hotel Rey Juan Carlos. Line up includes; Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Nicolaz, House Keeping, William Belart, Jetfire, Roy, Jessy and Naday Shpilman. Pool side fun round the clock.

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Undercurrent, Papaverweg t/o 5... FB event

After the Wave - late night festival

In Amsterdam, 16.08.2014 23:001 - 17.08.2014 7:001

After the Wave is the after party festival of the Wave festival (held the same day)

The line-up is something really special. With a 3h b2b performance by I-F and Morphosis we can say we got a world first! Besides these two legends we have New York City's finest DJ, Fred P, bringing a house set. To top it off we have a very special surprise guest from Chicago. More info follows.. 

This event takes place at Undercurrent which is right on the way back to Amsterdam CS. A combined visit to Wave Festival and After the Wave will provide you with 30 hours of left field electronic music, in the company of like-minded lovers and revellers.

Tickets: €15 (ex fee) /

Line Up:

Mystery guest (Chicago, USA)
Fred P
Morphosis b2b I-F
Jean Pierre Enfant
Jaime Frias
Viktor Palmer

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Het Stenen Hoofd Westerdoksdij... Facebook FB event

Pluk de Nacht - a free outdoor film festival at Stenen Hoofd

In Amsterdam, 06.08.2014 16:001 - 16.08.2014 23:591

Pluk de Nacht is Holland’s biggest Open Air Film Festival and offers a quality selection of unreleased independent cinema, art and mixed media. Run by volunteers it’s held annually during the summer in Amsterdam.

Hosting a unique selection of unreleased independent arthouse cinema, documentary, animation and shorts, attracting both film enthousiasts and professionals. Films are projected in the open air on a beautiful old harbour location in the centre of Amsterdam.

Admission to all festival activities and screenings is free.

Short films start around 21.00 every night. The main feature is shown once the sun has gone down. You can be at the Stenen Hoofd from 16.00 onwards to get your spot and enjoy the atmosphere.


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... http://www.festamajordegracia.... Facebook

Festamajor De Gracia @ Gracia (open air)

In Barcelona, 15.08.2014 12:001 - 21.08.2014 23:591

The neighborhood of Gracia celebrates its yearly "Festa Major" with a week long marathon of live music, fireworks, DJ sets, traditional cultural events and street food. The colorful decorated streets (Competing against each other) is worth the visit. Check their festival link for daily events, concerts and times.


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Ušće, Beograd... FB event

BELGRADE BEER FEST 2014 /// Grand Opening @ Ušće

In Belgrade, 13.08.2014 16:001 - 14.08.2014 2:001

XII Belgrade Beer Fest will be held from 13th to 17th August 2014, at Belgrade’s Ušće. As in previous years, the main advantages of the most visited event in the Southeast Europe will be a great atmosphere, the music program that represents the best performers from the country, the region and the world, as well as a wide selection of beer brands.

Two major innovations at this year's Beer Fest, are the grand opening scheduled for August 13th, where the visitors will be able to enjoy the performances of worlds and regional stars who will perform for the first time at the Beer Fest:  CeeLo Green, Felix Da Housecat and Parni Valjak with symbolic ticket price of 300 dinars, as well as the Revolutionary Payment System (RPS) used for the payment of drinks and souvenirs with festival card!

Tickets for this year's Beer Fest will be paid only for the grand opening, and for the next four days, August 14th – August 17th the entrance is free!


BlekBox (SRB)  18:15 - 19:00

Love Hunters (SRB) 19:15 - 20:15

Parni Valjak (HRV) 20:30 - 22:00

CeeLo Green (USA) 22:30 - 23:45

Felix Da Housecat (USA) 23:50 - 02:00









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Ušće, Belgrade... Facebook


In Belgrade, 14.08.2014 18:001 - 15.08.2014 2:001

Second day of Belgrade Beer Fest is reserved for Serbian bands- ethno, pop, hip-hop, and also for tributes which will warm up atmosphere with disco and popular pop sounds.

Strah od Dzeki Čena is new rock 'n' roll band which became popular as best demo band this year. Their music is manfully and they define it as "kung fu rock and roll".


Garavi Sokak is acustic pop group with ethno motives. They are very recognizable by their costumes from Vojvodina, regia in Serbia where they come from, such as authentic melody from Northern Serbia.


 Bajaga & Instruktori is famouse pop Serbian band, formed in ex-Yugoslavia and equally popular then and these days. The group possesses a rich discography and a plethora of hit songs that placed them at the top of the former Yugoslav rock scene.


Sharks, Snakes & Planes is Belgrade neo grunge band with great energy and excellent playing. Their music is blend of aggressive riffs, accompanied by simple guitar theme, tribal drums, and different styles of singing.


Bad Copy are popular hip-hop trio, known for their humorous lyrics and slang. They helped popularisation of hip-hop music in Serbia and ex-Yugoslavia.



Strah od Dzeki Čena  18:00- 18:30

ABBA Real Tribute Band  18:30- 19:45

Garavi Sokak  20:00- 20:45

Bajaga & Instruktori  21:00- 22:30

Sharks, Snakes & Planes 22:45- 23:15

Bad Copy  23:30- 00:45

BEYONCE tribute band 01:00 02:00


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Ušće, Belgrade... FB event


In Belgrade, 16.08.2014 18:001 - 17.08.2014 4:001

Saturday night fever at Beer Fest starts with Faith No More tribute band at 7 pm!

Kanda, Kodza & Nebojša is Serbian alternative rock band. During the
twenty years of existence, KKN have left an indelible mark in the Serbian
rock culture, unmistakeably marking innumerable changes in a society. Songs from
previous six studio albums are the proof of the value of these musicians.


 Hladno Pivo is a Croatian punk rock band. The band started playing under the influence of bands like: Ramones, Sex Pistols, AC/DC, Judas Priest... They are very popular for years ago in ex-Yugoslavia equally as in Croatia.


Prljavi inspektor Blaža i Kljunovi is rock band from Belgrade. In the beginning, the band performed mostly at the Belgrade student club KST. Most of the songs they performed were hits by former Yugoslav rock bands. Blaža often performed striptease on stage and communicated with the members of the audience, and the band soon became one of Belgrade's most popular club bands.

Edin Osmić, better known by his stage name Edo Maajka, is a Bosnian rapper, record producer and songwriter. His stage name literally means "Edo the Mother". He is currently the most sought hip hop star in Bosnia and the surrounding countries and the biggest hip hop star in the former Yugoslavia.


Orthodox Celts is a Serbian band which plays Irish folk music combined with rock elements. Despite their uncharacteristic genre in country, the band is one of the top acts of the Serbian rock scene and has influenced several younger Serbian bands.

The band traditionally celebrates St. Patrick Day with a large concert in Belgrade. The band also traditionally performs on the Belgrade Beer Fest.


Dejan Petrović Big Band is young Serbian trumpeter. Days of childhood he spent with his father and his orchestra, the most popular Serbian trumpeter Mića Petrović. He came in history with his performance in Guča, the trumpeter convocation, like the youngest master of the trumpet.



GodDamn  18:15- 18:45

Faith No More tribute band  19:00- 19:45

Kanda, Kodza i Nebojsa  20:00- 20:45

Hladno Pivo  21:00- 22:30

Prljavi Inspektor Blaza i kljunovi  22:45- 23:45

Edo Maajka  00:00- 01:15

Ortodox Celts  01:30- 02:45

Dejan Petrovic Big Band  03:00- 04:00




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Zorza Klemensoa 22, Belgrade... Facebook FB event

CODEX, NECONE, RAHMANEE @ WOB Music Festival /// KPTM :: Friday, 22.08.

In Belgrade, 22.08.2014 22:001 - 23.08.2014 4:001

Second night of WOB Music Festival through drum & bass will ride you Codex, Necone and Rahmanee.

Reputation of Codex is widely known in the domestic and global dnb scene and means only one thing - unrealistically good bits in each set that you can hardly stand.

Necone (part of duo Braca Burazeri) is DJing since 2003, spinning dubstep, hip-hop and funk.

Rahmanee is most popular Serbian drum n bass DJ and he was for years the legend of jungle and dnb sound. His party time is guaranteed.


Price: 200 RSD

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Zorza Klemensoa 22, Belgrade... Facebook FB event

MKDSL[live], DJ FLIP, REBEL B @ WOB Music Festival /// KPTM:: Saturday, 23.08.

In Belgrade, 23.08.2014 22:001 - 24.08.2014 4:001

After Street Battle on Republic Square- street ride at 5 pm, follows great after party at KPTM since 10 pm.

Third day of fesstival is reserved for elektro and dub step music and performers are MKDSL, DJ FILIP and Rebel B.

MKDSL has been in the DJ world for 15 years. Now, his focus is performing live. „Being a DJ has become too easy task, I go to explore new chalenges.“ In his live performances, he uses a combination of skills in DJing and music production that he assembled during his long eclectic musical journey. He often performs with DJ FILIP and they are known as DJ duo.


Rebel B, otherwise the founder of the Balkan Dubstep Unit, is well known to the visitors of KPTM as the one for whose sets can not restrain the dancefloor.


Entrance: 200 RSD

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Zorza Klemensoa 22, Belgrade... Facebook FB event

BLANKFILE, END OF THE HUNT, EVERYTHING'S RIGHT @ WOB Music Festival /// KPTM :: Sunday, 24.08.

In Belgrade, 24.08.2014 21:001 - 25.08.2014 2:001

Last night of WOB Music Festival is reserved for the guitar sound. Blankfile, Everything's Right and End Of The Hunt will shake with guitar riffs.

Blankfile we had the opportunity to listen to the Winner of Belgrade in 2011, his energy and melodic hardcore sounds will not leave you indifferent.

End Of The Hunt is one of the most promising dathcore bands on the local and regional scene and is ready to bestow you a hard sound and growlovima. Hardcore!

Everything's Right is a collection of experienced individuals from the local hardcore / metal scene. They will make a great combination between EOTH and BF, because they have the melody, but also good punch.

Entrance: 200 RSD


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TT Neveritaweg 59, 1033 WB Ams... Facebook FB event

Summer of Love - a charity festival for War Child Holland at Pllek in NDSM

In Amsterdam, 23.08.2014 12:001 - 24.08.2014 2:301

A festival about Love and being One, dedicated to people in war. All profit will be donated to War Child Holland. There will be music, Dj's, yoga, health bar, healing corner, lunge area, food, massage.... and much more.

ENTRY for CHARITY | € 5,00
5 Element Buffet | € 22,50
Pre-Sale (online tickets | € 26,00 incl. servicekosten (entry + buffet) BUY YOUR PRE-SALE TICKETS HERE

Dress Code: Gods & Goddesses, Priestesses, Fairytale, Elements, Nature, Fantasy, Colorful, Hippy Chiq, Fresh Flowers


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Location IJdijk 10, 1095 KM A... Facebook FB event

Magnet festival creative festival at Oostpunt

In Amsterdam, 29.08.2014 15:001 - 01.09.2014 1:001

For two weekends, Magneet Festival is the place for creative free spirits in Amsterdam. Everybody with a creative initiative is welcome to pitch their idea to the internet platform. If this idea is popular and possible, Magneet Festival co-creates and facilitates. This makes Magneet Festival the first crowdsourced festival of its kind in Europe.

Check out the program here

Days and times:
29th August Friday from 15:00 to 01:00
30th August Saturday and 31st August Sunday from 13:00 to 01:00

Entrance: €15 Friday, €22.50 Satuday, €15 Sunday 
Get tickets here

How to get there:
Amsterdam Central Station: Tram 26 (direction IJburg), stop: Zuiderzeeweg (near Piet Heintunnel).
aThere are signs showing the way to Magneet Festival from the bus and tram stop.

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Contactweg 60, Amsterdam, Neth... http://www.thuishavenamsterdam... Facebook FB event

Thuishaven - techno day festival at Thuishaven

In Amsterdam, 24.08.2014 13:001 - 23.08.2014 23:001

A day fetsival with one main stage and a small one. Techno music to dance away to and enjoy your Sunday!

Line up main stage:

Entrance: €7,50 presale  
Get ticket here 

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plzenska 130/221, 150 00, prag... Facebook FB event

PravekFest @ Dr. Vojak

In Prague, 10.10.2014 17:001 - 11.10.2014 22:001

...for all the hardcore music lovers, there is this two day benefit festival for underground book publisher...


FRIDAY 10.10. / starting at 17:00


Victims of Classwar (black-crust/punk)

Choked by own Vomits (fekal gore grind)

Močoví Khameni (crust/grind)

Napalmex (noise)

Spreading Dread (thrash metal)

Menstrual Soup (hc/grind)


SATURDAY 11. 10. / starting at 17:00


TASS (punk-rock)

Spots (anarcho-punk)

Gun Joking (alternative-post hardcore)

 Kopec Šišek (death-folk)

 S.N.B. (violence-punk)

 Galanti (brutal big-beat)

 ~ˇ^ˇ~ (noise-experimental)

 Uncle Grasha’s Flying Circus (nun-core)


entrance 80 per day or 150 for both_

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ustavní 91/7, 181 00, Prague... Facebook FB event

Babi Leto @ Bohnice

In Prague, 13.09.2014 12:001 - 13.09.2014 22:001

...25th edition of a multicultural festival taking place at lovely outskirts of the local madhouse*

_music, theatre, workshops, exhibition, NGOs market_

>>> three music stages >>> live music >>> electro stage >>> acoustic stage <<<

suggested entrance 50czk

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... http://www.dimensionsfestival.... FB event

PULA: Dimensions Festival

In Croatia, 27.08.2014 0:001 - 31.08.2014 0:001

Dimensions Festival returns for the third time to a magical location, Fort Punta Christo in Štinjan near Pula from 27 to 31 August 2014 with a spectacular program and the opening concert in the Amphitheater Pula played by Darkside (Nicolas Jaar) and Caribou.

You can hear everything, from house, techno, jazz, funk, drum'n'bass etc.

It's a special place for special people!

Check out the whole lineup on the website here


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Dworzec Swiebodzki, Plac Orlat... FB event

Festival of Colours @ Dworzec Swiebodzki

In Wroclaw, 30.08.2014 16:001 - 30.08.2014 21:001

Have you ever wondered how it is to cheer up with tons of colourful people around you? Famous Hindi activity - festival of colours - is coming to Wroclaw now! Join the party and cheer up with all people around :-) Colourful powder is available on the spot, so don't bother with bringing your own ;-)

PLUS: multiple bands and Zumba workshops!

Ticket: FREE

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U Výstaviště 21, Praha ...

Festival of contemporary Slovakian dance@ALTA

In Prague, 29.09.2014 19:001 - 06.10.2014 23:001

Festival of contemporary Slovakian dance called "Hybaj ho"

- seven days of contemporaty Slovakian dance. see the program there:

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Fort Punta Christo, Štinjan, ... Facebook FB event

PULA: Outlook Festival

In Croatia, 04.09.2014 12:001 - 07.09.2014 6:001

This year Europe's largest bass music and sound system culture festival is hosting biggest names of world's music scene. Everything is happening in sored fort on a little hill, surrounded with crystal blue Croatian sea, in mystic woods of Štinjan near Pula. 

There are over 400 acts playing in and around the 150 year old Fort Punta Christo.

This is the seventh year of the festival, and till now was awarded for "Best European Festival" in the UK Festival Awards and "Best Mid Size Festival" in the European Festival Awards, because every year this festival is getting stronger and bigger in both quality and quantity. 

The festival officially starts on Thursday the 4th of September, running through to the small hours of Monday the 8th.

Tickets are priced from £115 for four days and nights of music, plus pre-parties on the beach.

Loads of vigorously performers guarantee you hours of dancing, smiling and enjoying yourself in amazing surroundings of yet not spoilt nature.

There is organized camp site for visitors. More info on line up, accomodation, travel and costs see on official web page. 

Sun is shining, the weather is sweet- make you want to move your dancing feet.. :))

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La Merce/BAM festival @Multiple spaces and venues in Barcelona

In Barcelona, 19.09.2014 0:001 - 24.09.2014 0:001

Barcelona's largest street party; "La Mercè" and it's musical counterpart BAM will be taking part from Friday 19 September until Wednesday 24th  coinciding with the day of the Mercè (Barcelona's patron saint). There are stages with live music, multi media visual art, dance performances, human castles, parades with giants, The Correfoc (fire run) and many other free cultural activies through out the city and in open plazas. Check the web site for schedule and times.


Mercè 2013 from Barcelona Cultura on Vimeo.

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MeetFactory, Ke Sklárně 3213... Facebook FB event


In Prague, 21.09.2014 14:001 - 21.09.2014 18:001

With the quickly changing chilly weather we're bringing you some good news - MeetFactory huge FLEA MARKET is back! We're inviting you to the best way to spend your Sunday afternoon - treasure hunting!

With over 50 stalls, this market is all about secondhand, thrift shop, vintage and unique items.

And if you want to SELL your things, register to have a stall in the WAREHOUSE FLEA MARKET by filling out this short form and we'll get back to you asap:

Expect some good food and music too, see you soon!


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Jabuka, Srbija... Facebook FB event

Wicked Forest Psychedelic Festival @ Jabuka

In Belgrade, 04.09.2014 18:001 - 08.09.2014 8:001

Forest is a place of magic and peril. In fairy tales, forest is a place where people may experience many peculiar things during their journey, where they can find dwellings of monsters, meet witches, evil spirits, even fairies. In fairy tales, villagers didn't often venture into the heart of the forest and therefore didn't know what scary things, of which they were afraid their whole life, lie there. Even those who did venture, and managed to return, were not themselves anymore. In the wicked forest, something transformed them into different persons. But common people never realised what it was...

At the very end of the summer, after you return from other festivals, a forest one will be waiting for you. Located in the green surroundings at the riverbank of the Tamiš river, it is an ideal spot to end this summer's festival fever.

International and domestic artists (about 30 live acts and 50 DJ sets), main and chill stage, fluo decorations, fire dancers, shops, powerful NEXO sound systems, beautiful riverbank, friendly locals, and many more! 



Alienapia / Ukraine
Behind Blue Eyes / Denmark
E-Clip / Serbia
Excizen / Serbia
Flegma / Serbia
Goasia / Serbia
Hardy.Veles / Serbia
Imba / Serbia
Koxbox / Denmark
ManMachine / Serbia
Middle Mode / Serbia
Molok / Serbia
Nerso / Serbia
Opsy / Serbia
Relativ / Serbia
Rezolut / Serbia
Sideform / Serbia
Sonic Entity / Serbia
Spirit Architect / Macedonia
Subliminal Codes / Serbia
Suduaya / France
Vertex / Serbia
Zyce / Serbia

Banel / Denmark
Boom Shankar / Germany
Damzah / Bosnia and Herzegovina
DaPEACE / Serbia
Djantrix / Macedonia
Dinke / Serbia
Filip / Serbia
Iooi / Russia
MarkPanic / Serbia
Miloš / Serbia
Mića / Serbia
Mozza / Serbia
Nesbo / Serbia
Oleg / Hungary
Pura / Serbia
Quendy / Russia
Rio / Croatia
Rix / Austria
Sale / Serbia
Sima / Serbia
Special D Fact / Serbia
Stole / Serbia
Tom S. / Brasil
Tzobree / Serbia
Val Vashar / Croatia
Vlada / Serbia

Atlantida Project / Russia
Float / Serbia
Glupiy Beliy / Russia
Kanc Cover / Serbia
KarenKa / Russia
Magnetik / Serbia
Mars Flowers / Serbia
Mushroomsband / Russia
numbers don't lie / Russia
Ra Djan / Israel
Three Pandas and The Moon / Belarus
Sinestesia / Russia
Solar Kid / Serbia
Suduaya / France
Sufi's life & Merlin / Serbia
Ticu / Serbia
Translippers / Russia
Zymosis / Ukraine

Anicha / Russia
AnnesZia / Russia
Damzah / Bosnia and Herzegovina
DaPeace / Serbia
Dowla & MarkPanic / Serbia
Dunya / Serbia
Forest Creature / Serbia
Marko Ilic / Serbia
Kristijan / Serbia
Klinotaxis / Russia
Kanc Cover / Serbia
mali buda / Serbia
Manda / Serbia 
Max Worm / Latvia
Meho / Croatia
Merlin / Serbia 
Milan Stošić / Serbia
Mića / Serbia
Shoshana / Slovenia
Talisman Poke / Serbia
Toxeen / Serbia
Tzobree / Serbia
x3no / Latvia
Zarko / Serbia

- camp is open on 4th September
- distance from parking to camp area is ~1km
- bring some shade for camp
- bring some mosquito repellent
- Serbian, Russian and Vegan food, cooked, bbq, fruits, fish...
- drinking water provided
- showers and toilets
- some areas will be covered in case of rain

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Av. De La Reina Maria Cristina... FB event

HOLI FESTIVAL OF COLORS @ Fira de Barcelona Montjuic.

In Barcelona, 13.09.2014 12:001 - 13.09.2014 23:001

Festival of Colors with DJS, live dance performances and of course LOTS of colors.

LINE-UP 2014:
CATZ N DOGZ , JAVI BORA , Pig&Dan ,Funk D'Void, Silicone Soul , Javier Orduña

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Placa dels Angels, 1 Barcelona... FB event

Asia Festival Barcelona @ several spaces in town.

In Barcelona, 19.09.2014 10:001 - 24.09.2014 22:001

13th Edition of the Asia Festival , will take place from the 18th to the 24th of September coinciding with Mercè Celebrations in Barcelona.  11 international performances in 6 days and at 8 different stages in Barcelona that will be free, excepte for a performance of Beijing Opera. With the participation of more than 150 artists, 13 different Asian countries will be represented. 

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Hypnotic festival @ CCCB

In Barcelona, 13.09.2014 15:001 - 14.09.2014 1:001

Hipnotik Festival returns to the Center of Contemporary Culture of Barcelona (CCCB) with over 10 hours of HIP HOP music and urban culture; Rap competitions/ battles, graffiti, breakdance and conferences. 

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Fresh Film Fest - Kubelíkova ... Facebook FB event

Fresh Film Fest@AKROPOLIS

In Prague, 17.09.2014 21:001 - 21.09.2014 9:001

...this 11th edition of the international festival features young directors’ debuts and students work, which compete for jury recognition- from 17 to 21 September in Prague at Kubelíkova 27, zizkov... The main topic is inspired by Aldous Huxley's book Brave New World... international competion of first and second feature, concerts, workshops, discussions, exhibitions and Party Party Party......

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Fresh Film Fest - Kubelíkova ... Facebook FB event

Fresh Film Fest@AKROPOLIS

In Žižkov, 17.09.2014 21:001 - 21.09.2014 9:001

......this 11th edition of the international festival features young directors’ debuts and students work, which compete for jury recognition- from 17 to 21 September in Prague at Palac Akropolis... The main topic is inspired by Aldous Huxley's book Brave New World... international competion of first and second feature, concerts, workshops, discussions, exhibitions and Party Party Party......

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Olawa, Polska... FB event

DUBIVAL 2014 Antybabilon Fest @ Olawa, secret location

In Wroclaw, 12.09.2014 12:001 - 14.09.2014 23:501

Open air, secret location, loads of love, drealock people around... Yup, sounds like Dubival.

3 days of fat bass - dub, dnb, dubstep. All prepared by a group of friends and (Jah)mainiacs, a few days for the end of Summer to explode your headz into the air!

Location - somewhere in Oława, only 20 minutes from Wrocław! Exact location with a map will be handed to all interested - see fb page and contact organizators!

Entrance: as much as you are willing to pay for the fest costs!

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KC Grad, Braće Krsmanović 4,... Facebook FB event

VREVA - Festival opening @ KC Grad

In Belgrade, 10.09.2014 18:001 - 13.09.2014 18:001

Second Street festival of activism – Vreva, will be held from 10th till 13th September, in Belgrade, organized by magazine Liceulice and it’s partners. Through all its programs, Vreva wants to affirm, protect and enhance activism, engaged creativity, care for community and environment, multiculturality and tolerance, inclusion, humanity, solidarity and philantropy.

For these few days, streets, parks, halls, sidewalks and other public spaces will become stages, galleries, concert halls without walls, open for everyone.

Vreva 2014 starts on 10th September in KC Grad, with sounds of urban gospel music and show of Merry Gospel Choir. Misko, associate of magazine Liceulice, who lives in streets for more than 15 years, will cook special beens with his friend, proffessional cook, for guests of the festival. SENS network will present products of several social entreprizes in its corner shop. Guests of the festival will have oppurtunity to buy and support this new economy model and pioneers of social entrepreneurship in Serbia.

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Dom Sindikata Hall, Nikola Pas... Facebook FB event

StandUpFest 2014 - #StandUpiranje

In Belgrade, 03.10.2014 20:001 - 05.10.2014 22:001

The Fourth International Festival of Stand Up Comedy - StandUpFest will be held from October 3 to 5 at Dom sindikata and Ben Akiba Comedy Club & Bar (Braće Krsmanovića 6, Savamala).

The first two days will be held at Dom sindikata and the program is designed with an idea to present to the audience the regional stand up stars led by the stand-up comedians from the organization and accompanied by the comedian from Slovenia Martina Ipša, Macedonian actor and stand up comedian Sasko Kocev and Goran Furjan from Croatia.

On the second festival day the audience will have and opportunity to see Reginald Hunter, one of the most famous stand-up comedians in the world.

The third festival day is being held in a more intimate environment, at the Ben Akiba Comedy Club & Bar and it presents some of the most popular regional stand-up comedians Marina Orsag and Tihomir Paravina from Croatia and Ivan Nikolić and Srdjan Dinčić from



October 3 - 500, 600 and 800 dinars
October 4 - 800 and 1000 dinars
On sale at the box office of Dom Sindikata

October 5 - 500 dinars
BenAkiba Comedy Club & Bar, Braće Krsmanovića 6, Savamala
Email for reservations:
Phone for reservations: 060 30 60 122



Friday, October 3 @ Dom Sindikata
Host of the show: Srdjan Dincic (
Opening act: Radomir Nestorovic and Igor Krisan (
Jelena Radanovic (
Goran Furjan (CRO)
Aleksandar Perisic (
Nesha Bridges (
Martina Ipsa (SLO)
Sasko Kocev (MK)


Saturday, October 4 @ Dom Sindikata
Nikola Silic (
Reginald D Hunter


Sunday, October 5 @ Ben Akiba comedy club & bar
#StandUpiranje in the first comedy club & stand up after party

Performances by comedians from Serbia and the region
Marina Orsag (CRO)
Tihomir Paravina (CRO)
Ivan Nikolic (
Srdjan Dincic (

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Kino Nowe Horyzonty, Kazimierz... http://www.americanfilmfestiva... Facebook

American Film Festival @ Kino Nowe Horyzonty

In Wroclaw, 21.10.2014 12:001 - 26.10.2014 22:001

Between Octoberber 21 and 26, 2014 the newest film trends will be presented, new talents and indie filmmakers discovered, and US film classics remembered. The AMERICAN FILM FESTIVAL (AFF) will allow Polish audiences to become acquainted with the contemporary American cinema, as well as the culture and reality of the United States. The festival will present the latest films by both internationally established  directors  and unknown filmmakers.

For full programme, check here:

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In Belgrade, 26.09.2014 10:001 - 28.09.2014 22:001

B_Tour, an international art festival of guided tours from Berlin will be held for the first time in Belgrade, as part of the Bitef Festival from September 26 to 28. Official opening is at the Pop-up space of Cultural Center of Belgrade on September 26 at 19:00.


B_Tour festival brings audio journey through the streets of Belgrade. Follow the map to find each B-Spot and the real-life story that connects to it. Discover the stories, experiences and dreams of people who have experienced the city and see Belgrade through their eyes. B-Mapping presents an experience of Belgrade that is detailed, unique and profoundly human.


Belgrade is well known as a city of culture and history but what can we discover through everyday lives and experiences of people who love this city and have spent time here? Inspired by verbatim theater practice, by the journalistic and sound innovation of podcasts such as 99% invisible, and by ideas of psycho-geography and urban walking, B_Tour has created this audio tour through the stories, experiences, ideas and dreams of anyone who has a connection to this city. They are fascinated with details, everyday workings of a place, weird and wonderful stories that happen to people, and the banalities that lie under layers of tourism and history. Through B-mapping will be presented a breadth of stories from a diverse group of people reflecting the population of Belgrade. We hope that through hearing other people’s stories that the participant is able to connect with elements of the landscape that they would not usually notice, or look at the surroundings through different eyes.


Information for participants:

To experience B-Mapping you need to listen to the mp3 player provided, follow the map and walk to each B-Spot. When you get to a B-Spot play the corresponding audio file on your mp3 player. Each audio file features information, a story, or memory of something that has happened in that same place. When you have completed B-Mapping tell others your own story of Belgrade. Something that you have always wanted to share- a moment you feel you need express- a memory that has been sparked about your time in this city. Please send any information to

The tour can last between 1hr 30min to 2hrs (dependent on walking speed). You can apply for the desired tour at

Ticket costs 300 dinars.

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Usce 10, Belgrade... FB event

CIRKOBALKANA @ Museum of Contemporary Art

In Belgrade, 12.09.2014 20:001 - 27.09.2014 22:001

Cirkobalkana is an international cooperation between circus organizations Cirkusfera from Serbia, Cirkorama from Croatia and Cirk’Oblique from France. This year Čarobnjakov šešir from Pula will join as a new partner.

Aside from setting up the circus tent as an independent educational, creative and performance venue, the main goal is also to teach local circus groups and their artists everything related to creating and operating a "travelling" performance as well as setting up circus tents.

Theater programs such as "Open Stage" and various workshops can go a long way towards opening communication between the local audience and circus performers within the region. 2014 is the second year for the Cirkobalkana project and it will be primarily taking place in the cities of Belgrade and Pula. During the first year, the programs were seen and participated by 4000 visitors, 350 workshop participants and around 40 artists originating from France, Serbia, Croatia, Germany, USA, Italy, Greece and many more.

This year Cirkobalkana's program in Belgrade will take place in front of the Museum of the Contemporary Art from September 12 to 27. At the tent and its surrounding area visitors will be greeted by the artistic expressions from the local circus artists as well as visiting artists coming from Spain and France. Also the circus scene Croatia and Serbia will be presented and education coursed in the circus arts will be available for all ages and those interested in the circus arts.

This year, the last week of Cirkobalkana's program is part of the Bitef Theater supporting program - BITEF Polyphony. On this occasion, thanks to combined efforts, a premiere performance by the modern French, Serbian and Croatian circus “Oldness” will take place on Friday, September 25.


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Skver Mire Trailovic 1, Belgra... Facebook FB event

48th Bitef - Past is Present

In Belgrade, 20.09.2014 20:001 - 30.09.2014 22:001

The 48th edition of one of the most important theatre festivals in the South-East Europe, Belgrade International Theater Festival - BITEF will be held at several city locations from September 20 to 30. The festival, which is held under the motto "Past is Present" will feature 13 theater troupes from all over Europe.

Unlike previous years, this year's selection was thematically oriented and inspired by the Great War which is the subject of several plays. However, Bitef does not treat this event in a commemorative way, but more as a source of information and numerous questions and thru plays it draws the line with presence and current events.

Bitef will be opened by the play "And where is the revolution?" by Croatian author Borut Šeparević, whose last year's Bitef performance draw huge public attention and was awarded with the Special Jury Prize. This year's play is inspired by the cult album "Paket aranžman" created by the group of musicians and it explores the contemporary commodification of social rebellion.

Festival visitors will have a special opportunity to watch plays by two distinguished authors, "(A)pollonia" by Polish director Krzysztof Warlikowski and "Front" by German director Luk Perceval. Besides them, festival program also features several local productions, such as "Zmajeubice" by Yugoslav Drama Theater, "Mali mi je ovaj grob" by Bitef Theater and written by Biljana Srbljanović and "Grobnica za Borisa Davidoviča" based on the novel by great Serbian writer Danilo Kiš, as well as several highly quality plays from Lithuania, Switzerland, Germany, Slovenia and Croatia.

Tickets for the forthcoming Bitef cost between 1000 and 2000 dinars and can be reserved from August 18 by sending email at Tickets can be purchased at the Terazije Theater box office from September 1.



Wednesday, September 20, 20:00
Location: Dom omladine, great hall

Montažstroj, Zagreb, Croatia
A gde je revolucija, stoko?
Author: Borut Šeparović


Thursday, September 21, 19:00
Location: Belgrade Fair, Hall 3

Novi teatar, Varšava, Poljska
Director: Krzysztof Warlikowski


Saturday, September 23, 20:00
Location: National Theater Belgrade, great stage

Corinne Maier and Kaserne Basel, Switzerland
Past is Present
Director: Corinne Maier


Sunday and Monday, September 24 and 25, 20:00
Location: TBA

Hebbel am Ufer, Berlin, Nemačka
Schlachtfeld Erinnerung 1914/2014
Director: Hans-Werner Kroesinger


Monday, September 25, 20:00
Location: National theater Belgrade, great stage

Per. Art, Novi Sad and TkH, Belgrade, Serbia
Communitas na ispitu (epizoda Beograd)

Authors: Ana Vujanović i Saša Asentić


Tuesday, September 26, 18:00 and 21:00
Location: Bitef Theater

Hartefakt fond, Bitef Theater, Beograd, Srbija
Danilo Kiš
Grobnica za Borisa Davidoviča
Director: Ivica Buljan


Tuesday, September 26, 20:00
Location: Yugoslav Drama Theater, Ljuba Tadić stage

Yugoslav Drama Theater, Belgrade
Milena Marković
Director: Iva Milošević


Wednesday, September 27, 20:00
Location: Bitef Theater

Hartefakt fond, Bitef Theater, Belgrade
Biljana Srbljanović
Mali mi je ovaj grob
Director: Dino Mustafić


Wednesday, September 27, 18:00
Location: TBA

Novi Sad Theater, Novi Sad, Serbia
Director: Andraš Urban

Thursday, September 28, 18:00 and 21:00
Location: National theater Belgrade, great stage

HKD teatar International Small Scene Theater, Rijeka, Croatia
Aleksandra Zec
Author and director: Oliver Frljić


Friday, September 29, 20:00
Location: Bitef Theater

Slovenian National Theater, Ljubljana, Slovenia
Stanisław Ignacy Witkiewicz
Ponorelo lokomotivo
Director: Jernej Lorenci


Saturday, September 30, 20:00
Location: Yugoslav Drama Theater, Ljuba Tadić stage

Thalia Theater, Hamburg
Director: Luk Perceval


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Makedonska 22, Belgrade... Facebook FB event

9th Festival of Serbian Fantastic Film

In Belgrade, 15.10.2014 19:001 - 19.10.2014 4:001

9th Festival of Serbian Fantastic Film (FSFF) will be held at Dom omladine and Yugoslav Film Archive from October 15 to 18.

Festival visitors will be able to see around 40 local and international films that will compete for two official awards - Oscull and Pyramid. Oscull is awarded to one local, one regional and one international film, while the Pyramid is given to the winner of a film created based on the requested theme - Slavic mythology.

Zombie Walk is an inseparable part of the Festival of Serbian Fantastic Film and it will be held on October 18. Participants dressed up as the living dead will walk along the Terazije Square and Bezistan to Dom omladine to attend the festival awards ceremony. Prior to the walk, they will be transformed into zombies by a special effects master Miroslav Lakobrija and a sculptor Nina Vujasin. Zombi Walk isn't just a fun, but also a charity event. If you want to participate, apply at and send in email basic info (first and last name, date of birth and phone) until October 11.

The Festival distinguishes itself from other Serbian festivals as the oldest film genre review of its kind. In between the regular annual editions held in Belgrade, it is on a non-stop tour around Serbia and ex-Yugoslav countries, attracting fans of the strange and the scary. Its aim is to familiarize the wider audience with a significant Serbian fantasy scene, along with supporting its participants and contributing to the bonding of cinematography and filmmakers from the countries of former Yugoslavia.

To read more about the festival, visit


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Wroclaw, Poland... Facebook FB event

7th Avant Art Festival/ISCM World Music Days

In Wroclaw, 07.10.2014 17:001 - 18.10.2014 19:001

Avant Art is what every festival should look up to when it comes to number of quality art brought up in one place. Movies, Drama, Performance, MUSIC (!!), Polish-Turkish projects... An effect of a long preparations in order to amuse the public by showing them some of the best upcoming trends in art and culture.

Hop on board of the festival, especially for some outstanding music shows and performances, as this year Avant Art is prepared in a cooperation with International Contemporary Music Society for World Music Days. Artist you can expect are among others: Ryoji Ikeda, Zeitkratzer, Keiji Haino, Haxan Cloak, Peaches, Forest Swords and many others! 

For more specific timeline w/location - visit their webpage or follow our cs247 feed, as we will be glad to pick up some of the top venues to recommend.

Tickets: 125 for a hole festival (without movies!)// Avant Art Film - 60 PLN.

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Browar Mieszczanski, Hubska 44... FB event

Wroclaw StreetEaters @ Browar Mieszczanski

In Wroclaw, 11.10.2014 11:001 - 11.10.2014 19:001

No worries, noone will force you to eat the street (though we do not want to forbid you anything as well, that's frankly just your choice!). But coming to Browar Mieszczanski on Saturday is a great opportunity to taste some specials from top local food trucks. Now there's no need to scatter around the town to find them this day! PLUS - lots of craft breweries will bring what they have the best :-)

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Novo Doba Festival 2014 / the Madness Dimension /// Theatres, Music, Comics, Exhibitions

In Belgrade, 29.09.2014 18:001 - 06.10.2014 23:001

The fifth festival of non-aligned comics Novo Doba will take place at different venues in Belgrade and Pančevo from 29th September to 5th October 2014. The seven-day hectic festival programme includes workshop-oriented activities during the day and a rich night programme of exhibitions, video projections and music events. 
Novo Doba gives a selected overview of a highly active and productive independent scene in Serbia and the EX-YU region, as well as in a wider international context, thus presenting a spectrum of non-aligned authors, media, styles, techniques, subgenres, skills, fine arts, countercultures, cultures and a lack of culture. What’s more, the festival offers a direct insight in the Madness Dimension, being the subject of this year’s festival.
This year, all the festival guests, authors, and interested attenders, as well as young developmentally disabled persons from Naša Kuća, the association supporting persons with developmental disabilities, will take part in open workshops. The workshops will present a range of activities and skills having to do with working on comic books and comic book publishing: drawing and creating comic books and illustrations, silk-screen printing and similar procedures that enable authors to print their own comic books, fanzines and graphics using DIY method.
The exhibition of group ZZOT from Zagreb, that marked the alternative and avant-garde comic book in the 1980s, calls attention to the existence of a certain continuity of trends and sensibilities in the field of independent comic book, presenting a rather vivacious, witty, and multidisciplinary work of now recognised and successful members of the said group ZZOT.
Numerous participants of the festival from the country and from abroad, among others, include – Marko Turunen from Finland, Dunja Janković, Igor Hofbauer ,and Miron Milić from Croatia, Goran Dačev from Macedonia, Mathieu Desjardins and Renard IV from France, Anna Ehrlemark, Mattias Elftrop, and Heidi Somero from Sweden, Grejpfrut group, Ekološko društvo Porevit ,and Menza pri Koritu club from Slovenia, groups Studiostrip and Mubareć from Belgrade, Miroslav Lazendić from Subotica, Aleksandar Zograf and others.
Generated for years, regionally and internationally networked, the genuine Madness Dimension will openly knock about selected venues in Belgrade and Pančevo, presenting trends in the international scene of independent, alternative and avant-garde comic book, as well as in related and similar fields of art. 


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Centar za kulturnu dekontamina... Facebook FB event

Novo Doba Festival, Day One @ Center for Cultural Decontamination

In Belgrade, 29.09.2014 18:001 - 30.09.2014 2:001


The Media Archaeology – Kugla glumište

Host Jovan Bačkulja, in cooperation with Javni servis



Družba SITO(S)TISAK (Zagreb)

Live silk-screen printing




ZZOT (Zagreb 1983-1994)

In cooperation with Metaklinika (Belgrade)

With Helene KlakočarMiljenka Sekulića & Ane Janjatović-Zorica




DJ Zdena




Video projections

Drek (Ljubljana)


Slonići (Ljubljana)

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Tolhuis Pavilion (IJ-entrance)... FB event


In Amsterdam, 11.10.2014 14:001 - 12.10.2014 23:001

Join us on 11 and 12 October 2014 at the Strawberry Earth Fair! For two days we're transforming the Tolhuistuin in Amsterdam into a forest paradise packed with the latest in sustainable fashion, design, film and food. Get your hands on products from our favourite brands. Explore our 'Design of the Future' expo. Get your hands dirty during our adventurous workshops. And prepare for some serious hipshaking at our afterparty.     



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Primavera club @ various clubs in town

In Barcelona, 31.10.2014 19:001 - 02.11.2014 3:001

Primavera Sound brings back PRIMAVERA CLUB festival with a roster of alternative, indie and leftfield electronica to various clubs in town. Check link for listings and line up. 


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... Facebook FB event

Ryoji Ikeda - datamatics [2.0] at AAF @ Impart

In Wroclaw, 07.10.2014 20:301 - 07.10.2014 22:001

Ryoji Ikeda is one of the most important contemporary electronic music composer. His precise, mathematician-like music is accompanied by visuals. For Avant Art Festival opening he will use pure data to create music - must see if you're looking for something new in music!

Tickets: 20/30 PLN

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Tosin bunar 143, Belgrade... Facebook FB event

11th European Animated Film Festival "Balkanima" @ DKSG

In Belgrade, 07.10.2014 20:001 - 11.10.2014 22:001

The 11th European Animated Film Festival "Balkanima" will take place in Cultural center Studentski Grad from October 7 to 11.

The main goal of the festival is to promote the art of animation of South-Eastern European countries and to enable today's younger generations to create conditions that will enable them to fit into the world trends of animated films by using new technologies.

The main festival program brings 119 animated films from 25 European countries. Balkanima will also feature two competitive programs (author and student films), two panoramas - European and Balkan and five animated films awarded by the most prestigious award Cartoon d'Or.

Špela Čadež, last year's winner of Balkanima trophy for the film "Boles", will present her films including "Making of film Boles". Milen Alempijević, the art director of International Festival of Animation "Animanima" from Čačak, will present his book, while during supporting program Croatian animator Marko Meštrović, Balkanima's multi-award winner will present his animated films.

Program of contemporary animation will be presented by Andrea Martignoni, Paola Bristot and Roberto Paganelli; workshop of music and animation "Rhythm and Frames" will be held by Riobo Cortes and Andrea Martignoni will also held a master class.

During festival will be presented the latest non-commercial short animated films for preschool and school children created in the techniques of clay, collage, 2D drawings and 3D. Children will have the opportunity to enjoy the fairy tales, magic, knights and dragons, unusual beings.

Admission to all events is free.

For more information about Balkanima, visit


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Baszta, Krainskiego, Wroclaw... Facebook FB event

Cam Deas - Avant Art Festival @ Baszta

In Wroclaw, 08.10.2014 20:301 - 08.10.2014 22:001

Cameron Deas is a young British guitarist, who likes to add up a bit (or sometimes a bit more) of electronic to his acoustic 12-strings. He's coming to Wrocław for the second day of Avant Art Festival and this itself should be enough of a recommendation!

Tickets: 15 PLN

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Teatr Piosenki, Mazowiecka 17,... Facebook

Zeitkratzer feat. Keiji Haino "Tribute to Lou Reed" - AAF @ Impart

In Wroclaw, 09.10.2014 21:001 - 08.10.2014 23:001

Zeitrkratzer - an independen collective of brilliant soloists, amazing performances with numerous artists. Their album with Lou Reed is considered a milestone in contemporary music, now - 1 year after the legendary guitarist passed away - they invited Keiji Haino (noise star from JP) to play a tribute to Lou.

Tickets: 20/25 PLN

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Studentski trg 5, Belgrade... Facebook

46th BEMUS- Belgrade Music Festivity

In Belgrade, 20.10.2014 20:001 - 01.11.2014 22:001

Belgrade Music Festival - BEMUS, our oldest and the most distinguished festival of art music will be held for the 46th time from October 20 to November 1.

During 10 festival days, audience will have a special opportunity to attend six music events and although program is a bit shorter than previous years, it is very energetic, intense and high quality. Program consists of works dating from the 17th century until today and it is separated in several thematic segments - the first one is dedicated to the 100 years since the beginning of the Great War, the second is dedicated to 100 years since the death of one of the most important Serbian composer Stevan Stojanović Mokranjac and the third segments marks 30 years since the death of two distinguished Serbian composers, Vasilije Mokranjac and Marko Tajčević.

Festival will be opened at Sava Center on October 20 by a concert of one of the most famous choirs, Glinca from St. Petersburg. In the next nine days, visitors will enjoy in various performances of choirs of Serbian National Television and Music Academy, Moscow camera ensemble Musica Viva and several renowned local and international soloists including Alexander Sinchuk, one of the most perspective pianists of today. They will perform works by Mokranjac, Bach, Stravinsky, Tchaikovsky, Rachmaninov.

Tickets are on sale at the box offices of Sava Center and Kolarac Hall and cost from 200 to 1200 dinars.

Read more about Bemus at


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Teatr Piosenki, Mazowiecka 17,... Facebook

Supersilent feat. John Paul Jones - AAF @ Impart

In Wroclaw, 11.10.2014 21:001 - 11.10.2014 23:001

John Paul Jones, ex-Led Zeppelin founder and bass player, free form group Supersilent to take improvisation art to higher level. Another big night for Avant Art Festival!

Tickets: 30/40 PLN

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Dworzec Swiebodzki, Wroclaw... Facebook FB event

Avant Art Festival - Grand Finale @ Dworzec Swiebodzki

In Wroclaw, 17.10.2014 20:001 - 19.10.2014 4:001

The Grand Finale of Avant Art Festival! Two nights of most amazing, yet carefully selected music from the soon-to-come-future! Electro, ambient, noise, drone - all experiments blended on one stage. Artists such as AVE EVA, Syndrome WPW, Dimlite, DJ Salaud, Forest Sword, Haxan Cloak and Dean Blunt are a must see for the weekend!

Friday: 8pm, tickets: 10/15

Saturday: 9:30, tickets 25/30

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Prague Exhibition Ground... Facebook FB event

cannafest 2014 @ vystaviste

In Prague, 07.11.2014 11:001 - 09.11.2014 18:001

...fifth annual hemp fair including some concerts, movies, workshops and chill out zone of course...aswell...

one day ticket for 200czk

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Teatr Piosenki, Mazowiecka 17,... Facebook FB event

WRO-SOUND festival @ Impart

In Wroclaw, 24.10.2014 19:001 - 26.10.2014 2:001

6th edition of Wro Sound festival seems to be a very interesting event. Two days of New Sounds (not only) from Wrocław in Impart is a perfect opportunity to get acknowledged to new music. Not so much of an insane party, rather a delicate music tasting (ok, ok, with some groove as well :-)

Tickets: 10/20 (single concert) 25/35 (one day) 40/50 (two days)


Friday 24.10.2014
19.00 – 19.50 NOTOPOP
20.00 – 21.10 BABU KRÓL
21.20 – 22.35 POPRZYTULA
22.50 – 23.50 WE DRAW A
00.00 – 01.00 NERVY

Saturday 25.10.2014
19.00 – 19.50 KRISTEN
22.15 – 22.35 BRESLAUX
22.40 – 23.40 PURE CITYZEN

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CRK, Kazimierza Jagiellonczyka... FB event

Fixed Festung Breslau @ CRK and Baszta

In Wroclaw, 07.11.2014 15:001 - 09.11.2014 12:001

Some peep say that the season for bikers is never over, but if you want to end it, do it in Wroclaw. For all fixed gear freaks and bikers - alleycats, races, shows! Shit loads of fun during the day and still leaves you plenty of time in the night to party :-)

Tax: 25 PLN (for all!)

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Baruna Filipovica 23a, LAUBA... Facebook

ZAGREB: Electronic Beats Festival Zagreb @ LAUBA

In Croatia, 08.11.2014 20:001 - 09.11.2014 3:001

I will tell you just this: Erlend Øye, Patrick Wolf, Eyedress, Den Sorte Skole feat. Dark Matters, PARTY OF THE MONTH. I ll be there :)

entrance: 100kn


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Vršavska ulica 3, KINO EUROPA... Facebook FB event


In Croatia, 10.11.2014 12:001 - 14.11.2014 18:001

The eighth edition of Vox Feminae Festival with a mission to promote creative gender practices and strong women, from 10 to 14 November at Kino Europa, KIC and Trešnjevačkoj kući at Kostelska 4.

The festival will open on Monday, 10 November at 12 am in Cinema Europa, where will be discussion how to improve the working conditions of civil society organizations in Croatia.

The next three days will be international film program, which deals with teen, queer, trans topics, and involvement of women in contemporary society.

Do not miss Zagreb premiere of the documentary film music Björk: Biophilia Live at 21 pm in the Europa cinema, and film projection Queer and Pleasant Danger which will be preceded by a live Skype Q & A with one of the most famous theorists of gender Kate Bornstein on Wednesday at 19 pm.

The festival closes on Friday, November 14 with a big concert in Pogon jedinstvo British musician Planningtorock his last album 'All Love's Legal' presents a unique combination of dance music and explicit political messages that constitute a sort of manifesto of transnational gender equality.


Cinema Europa 20kn

Concert pogon jedinstvo 90 kn


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Savska cesta 25, TEATAR & TD... FB event

ZAGREB: Improspekcije, International festival of improvisation @ TEATAR & TD

In Croatia, 27.11.2014 20:001 - 29.11.2014 1:001

This year, eighth edition Improspections, we continue to engage in improvisation and its reception, this time not only within the context of the performance, but in the wider territory of artistic practice. We are interested in the improvisation integral and perhaps elemental part of the creative act. We invited artists of different media - dance, theater, music, film, installation, 'graphic recording'- that through their practices reflect improvisation, and that through improvisation reflect on their own practice. The artists will show their works, but also to share his experience 'improvise' within their own artistic process are July Hamilton, Johanna Benz, Paul Heidler and Ilse GHEKIERE, associations Tras, Roko Crnic, Marina Petkovic, Silvia Marchig and Sabina Mikelić Marjan Krajač and others. This sounds very cool with ineresting people and it is for free!

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Bijenička 46... FB event

ZAGREB: Touch Me Festival: Vrijeme je @ Institut za fiziku

In Croatia, 10.11.2014 11:001 - 06.12.2014 14:001

Touch Me Festival is an international triennial transdisciplinary project dedicated to the progressive integration of art, science and technology, and has existed since 2003. In 2014, in its fourth edition, Touch Me Festival: It's about time! deals with the theme of time through innovative concepts of contemporary scientific and artistic research.
Fascination with time is common to the artistic and to the science-and-technology community and is one of the places of their most thorough permeation, while the dynamics of scientific advances combined with the power of the artistic vision deconstructs social and cultural paradigms and generates new, unconventional, hybrid perspectives that look at time critically, innovatively and provocatively.

entrance: 15 kn

Check the program to know exactly when and where something happens!!

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http://www.onetakefilmfestival... Facebook

ZAGREB: One Take Film Festival @

In Croatia, 16.11.2014 17:001 - 18.11.2014 22:001

The One Take Film Festival is an international festival of films shot in one take, that is films shot without interruption, from the moment of turning the camera on to the moment of turning the camera off. The one take film festival includes films of almost every genre in it's programme (documentary, fiction, experimental, music video and commercial).
The running time of the films is not limited. The One Take Film Festival primarily emphasises the aesthetic act of film-making, and the one take is considered only a framework for ideas, emotions, stories…
The One Take Film Festival, along with the official competition, offers numerous other events - interesting additional film programme, premieres, lectures, panel discussions, film workshops, exhibitions and of course, good time for everyone. The One Take Film Festival is the only one of its kind in the world, and it takes place in Zagreb. This year the festival celebrates it's seventh edition. The One Take Film Festival will, in it's three-day programme, convince you in the possibility of excluding the classic concept of film editing in favour of capturing a part of reality in its continuity, where the diversity of cinematic ludism is neverending, and the restriction incredibly enticing.

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jeseniova 60, 130 00, prague... Facebook FB event

squat prague @ klinika

In Prague, 24.01.2015 14:001 - 25.01.2015 7:001 the local rising squatting for the CLINIC...

14:00 demo @ the evicted KLINIKA house (see map)

evening >>> soli party at these clubs:

Vlatavská + Podnik + Neone + Dejvická klubovna + Potrvá + Prostor Husitská 23 + Café na půl cesty + Kavárna Liberál + Dead Jack + Indigo Bar + Napa Underground + Klub Buben + Fatal music club + Kavárna Čekárna + Dejvická nádražka +Standart Café + Belzepub

more info at the facebook event page_

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Llum BCN (Festival of Lights) @ Various locations.

In Barcelona, 06.02.2015 17:001 - 08.02.2015 23:591

In honour of Saint Eulàlia, one of Barcelona’s two patron saints, the streets of Ciutat Vella fill with giants and giantesses, devils, dragons, eagles, lions, castle-makers, folk dancers and many other well-known characters and popular culture figures that are part of a festive tradition that has been documented since the 14th century. This year’s winter festivities will welcome the parade from Manresa, the 2015 guest city.

The festival LLUM BCN, which in 2015 coincides with the International Year of Light, is made up of a series of illuminated installations that combine art, tradition and technology. The installations have been created by students and teachers from graphic design, interior design, lighting and architecture schools in Barcelona. The festival also benefits from the participation of the Institute of Photonic Sciences (ICFO) and the Professional Association of Lighting Designers (APDI), as well as other groups and celebrated artists.


Llum BCN 2013 from Barcelona Cultura on Vimeo.



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Flic Festival of Children’s and Young People’s Literatures and Arts @ CCCB

In Barcelona, 01.02.2015 11:001 - 03.02.2015 14:001

Flic Barcelona invites you to spend a February morning having fun with literature. Year three offers a programme devoted to the Brothers Grimm. We’ll be joined by SARA, the festival’s French guest illustrator, and there’ll be illustration and animation workshops as well as the “Flic Creation” exhibition.



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Carrer Nou de la Rambla, 113, ...

Ornitofest 2015: Mazoni + Sanjays, Refree + Rosalia, Za! + Esperit! y Reactable + The Freak Fandango Orchestra, Tokyo Sex Destruction + It’s Not Not @ Apolo2

In Barcelona, 13.02.2015 20:301 - 14.02.2015 23:001

Moviestar music festival with local bands from the fringe side of Catalan culture. DJs and alternative bands galore!

Day ticket:

Advance: € 14 + service fees

Box office: 16 €

Feed two days

Early 20 € + service fees

Box office: 30 €


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Overtoom 301, 1054 HW Amsterda... Facebook FB event

Dub Champions festival at OT301

In Amsterdam, 13.02.2015 21:001 - 15.02.2015 3:001

FridaDub from the reggae roots to the future of electronic bass music. Live dub performances, educational workshops, and more. Founded in New York City in 2011 this is the 3rd annual European festival and 2nd year in Amsterdam. 
Festival is for three days 12-14, but to go on the 12th you need to buy tickets for the other days. Friday and Staurdya you can buy single tickets.

Line Up Friday:
Lee Scratch Perry (official) *both nights, different sets*
Subatomic Sound System 
Process Rebel
The Illuminated
Zen Rockers
Pozyton Sound
+ special guests and MCs TBA

Line Up Saturday:
Lee Scratch Perry (official) *both nights, different sets*
Twilight Circus
7ft Soundsystem w/ Mentor Irie
Hornsman Coyote
Zen Rockers
Cut It Dub
Pozyton Sound
Crossroad25 feat. Jahykah
+ special guests and MCs TBA

Entrance: 3 days €46
Friday Only €24,50
Saturday only €22,50
Buy tickets here


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Av. de les Drassanes 08001 Bar... http://www.barcelonabeerfestiv... Facebook

Barcelona Beer festival @ Museu Marítim de Barcelona

In Barcelona, 13.03.2015 11:001 - 15.03.2015 23:001

Get your brew on with Barcelona's largest selection of regional and imported craft beers inside the The Maritime Museum.

 € 7 (glass guide and 2 sheets/ each extra token 1 Euro)


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Melkweg Lijnbaansgracht 234a 1... Facebook

5 DAYS OFF - electronic music festival - @ Melkweg & Paradiso

In Amsterdam, 04.03.2015 20:001 - 08.03.2015 16:001

5 Days Off is the electronic music festival of Paradiso and Melkweg. This year the program focuses on techno, house, electronica and beats music. Discover new acts and sounds you'll meet again at your summer festivals. A photo exibition and a film are part of the program, too. 

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Cultuurpark Westergasfabriek P... Facebook

Roze filmdagen - the Amsterdam LGBTQ Film Festival at Ketelhuis

In Amsterdam, 12.03.2015 12:001 - 22.03.2015 22:001

The Roze Filmdagen (meaning "Pink Film Days") is the largest film festival for LGBTQ films in the Netherlands. This year we'll be celebrating our 18th edition, from March 12-22 2015.
The selection of films includes romantic comedies, provoking documentaries and everything in between.
Check out the list of films here
All screenings are at Cinema Het Ketelhuis. It's about 25 minutes walk from Central Station, or reachable by bus 21 (stop Van Hallstraat) or Tram 10 (stop Van Limburg Stirumplein).
Regular ticket: €9.5 get here

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Plaza dels Angels Barcelona... FB event

Movistar SURFCITY Festival @ MACBA

In Barcelona, 14.03.2015 11:001 - 15.03.2015 2:001

This new festival aims to be a platform for all artistic disciplines in the world of surf, from music, design, photography, sculpture and illustration to artesanal-board making and film.

Tickets at box office the day of the festival.
ENTRY DAY: € 5. Limited seating.
ENTRY DAY + NIGHT: 12 €. Limited seating.


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Mikser Beograd, Karadjordjeva ... Facebook FB event


In Belgrade, 14.03.2015 11:001 - 15.03.2015 19:001

Fresh, inovative & tasty, Savamala Coffee Festival  is perfect destination for those who considere coffee is more than beverage. 

Saturday-Sunday from 11am up to 7pm...250 RSD tickets per day 

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Krakowska 100, Wroclaw... Facebook FB event

Beer Geek Madness 2 @ Zaklete Rewiry

In Wroclaw, 11.04.2015 17:001 - 11.04.2015 23:591

All beer lovers special day in Wrocław! 12 Polish breweries, 12 (or more!?) AMERICAN guests, including The Alchemist from Waterbury, Vermont. Many promos, some of the TOP RATED beers in the world, meetings, workshops, live shows, tattoo artists and some hard style concerts for the whole evening! If you love beer, how can you not be there?

Entrance: buy a glass!

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Budapest... Facebook FB event

Budapest Essentials, Urban Festival @ Multiple Locations

In Budapest, 25.06.2015 0:001 - 29.06.2015 4:001

3 day urban festival in Budapest. The cities best venues all join together for a festival of music, art and film.


La Roux, Solumun, Carl Craig, Sub Focus

Early bird tickets: 15000

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Sziget Festival, Május 9. par... FB event

Sziget Festival @ Óbuda Island

In Budapest, 10.08.2015 10:001 - 17.08.2015 0:001

One of the biggest music festivals in the world, Sziget takes place in the second week of August. Headliners include:

Robbie Williams, Florence and the Machine, alt-J, Gogol Bordello.

Ticket prices vary, day tickets are available.

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In Belgrade, 22.03.2015 12:001 - 28.03.2015 22:001

During 7 days, you will have opportunity to get familiar with culture of reading & books on new and fresh way, be in touch with some unusual writers and see rich accompanying program. 

100 RSD ticket per day // opened from noon up to 10 pm

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cibulka, 150 00, prague...

festival of private property @ cibulka squat

In Prague, 26.03.2015 16:001 - 28.03.2015 23:591

...three day festival in the local squat is also celebration of the three years after resquating this beautiful and forgotten all afternoon long_chill out zone, tearoom, circus (the friendly one), theatre, poetry, concerts and party after dark guaranteed...

Thursday: chilledout - poetry, theatre, hip hop and takeiteasy party

Friday: culture - concerts (hip hop + punk), performance and techno forever

Saturday: stillparty - kids all over the place, theatre, electronoise concert, even more techno...

so don't hesitate and make a stop some evening and check out something else (!)

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Avda. Francesc Ferrer i Guardi...

Brunch Electronik 4 : Mano Le Tough, Pional, Sau Poler @ Plaza Mayor de El Poble Espanyol

In Barcelona, 26.04.2015 12:001 - 26.04.2015 21:001

Music, food and markets in the open air of Poble Espanyol with a rotating roster of top notch DJs from around the world. Because Sundays are are Brunch Electronik dayz :)

Advance from €10 to €13. At the door from €13 to €15. Kids under 12 get in for free

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Krymská ulice, Praha... FB event

Korso Krymská/street fest@Krymská street

In Prague, 16.05.2015 11:001 - 16.05.2015 21:001

The neighbourhood  "Vršovice" expecialy street Krymská is a hippster and art centre of Prague.

U can come this Saturday and all the bars, art galleries and worshop places will be open. Music, performaces, theatre, children, food, drinks in the street...

some names of bars/galleries:

DRUŽINA gallery


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Av. Cardenal Vidal i Barraquer... FB event

HOLI BARCELONA Festival of colors /Bollywood, world music, bass @ Av. Cardenal Vidal i Barraquer

In Barcelona, 12.04.2015 11:001 - 12.04.2015 17:001

HOLI BARCELONA Festival comes back to Barcelona! The next 12th April 2015 you will have one of the most colorful and funny experiences of the year. Come! Dress in white and ready to enjoy this colorful festival. Free entrance and on open air. We wait you in Cardenal Vidal i Barraquer Avenue from 11 a.m to 5:30 p.m!!! 


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51. Jazz nad Odrą / Jazz Festival @ Impart

In Wroclaw, 14.04.2015 19:001 - 20.04.2015 22:301

51 years of tradition in a single but very jazzy week. Considered as a top jazz festival in Poland, always attracts melomans, as well as highly rated artists, such as Leszek Możdżer, Dave Douglas, David Sanborn, The Dave Liebman Group and many, many others!

Full schedule:



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Dom Omladine, Makedonska 22, B... Facebook

RESONATE Festival 2015 // Conferences, Workshops, Parties @ Dom Omladine

In Belgrade, 13.04.2015 17:001 - 19.04.2015 4:001

Held each year in Belgrade, Serbia, the festival lasts for six days and provides an overview of current situation in the fields of music, visual arts and digital culture. Guest artists, lecturers and other participants are chosen to represent the cutting edge of the contemporary creative industry in the world.

Resonate brings together distinguished, world class artists, with an opportunity of participating in a forward-looking debate on the position of technology in art and culture.

16-18 April 2015

8 x 1-Day Workshops
20+ Lectures
10+ Project Talks (Q&A)
Panel Discussions
Closing party


13-18 April 2015

15+ Music Performances
10+ Lectures
5+ Workshops
Panel Discussions
Closing party


13-15 April 2015

The aim of these workshops is to provide participants with deep understanding of the subject which could be transferred directly to applicable skill in both professional practice and personal artistic endeavour.



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Plac Grunwaldzki 24a, Wroclaw... Facebook FB event

StrEAT / truck foods festival @ Uniwersytet Przyrodniczy

In Wroclaw, 17.04.2015 10:001 - 19.04.2015 17:001

Spring season is a food trucks season! For this weekend, 40 best trucks from Poland will be serving their delicious dishes in Wroclaw city center. (And a little zest to wake your apettite for food trucks - short youtube clip attached to this event!)

Tickets: free

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... Facebook FB event

MIASTOmovie WRO #3 // City film festival @ Nowe Horyzonty, Szklarnia

In Wroclaw, 16.04.2015 19:001 - 19.04.2015 23:001

MIASTOmovie - this can also mean "CITYsays". 4 days full of movies around the main theme: Re-Cycling cities. Stories and discussions about reclaiming commons followed by concerts and meetings. Check their website for full schedule!

Tickets: (for movies) 16/13 or 66 for a full ticket.

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Makedonska 22, 11000 Belgrade,... Facebook FB event


In Belgrade, 21.04.2015 21:001 - 26.04.2015 23:001

Five day festival of music from all parts of world


21th April, 21h 
Orchestrina Adriatica (Italy)

24th April, 20h 
Belo platno (Serbia)

Hanggai (China)

25th April, 20h 
Tutti World Music Orchestra (Serbia, Norway, Palestine, Turkey, Montenegro, Croatia, Macedonia)

26th April, 20h 
Arhai (Serbia / Great Britain)

Muzsikas (Hungary)

400/500 RSD daily tickets

1000 RSD tickets for whole festival

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Oranienstrasse 3, Berlin... Facebook FB event

MYFEST 2015 // CORE TEX STAGE-live PUNK music@Core Tex

In Berlin, 01.05.2015 12:001 - 01.05.2015 23:591

Legendary Kreuzberg record store, mail order and music label CORE TEX's outdoor stage for the annual myfest in Kreuzberg 36 presents Punk Rock and Hardcore against racism, sexism and homophobia! Stupidity and intolerance suck!


No Turning Back
Jaya The Cat
Kein Hass da
Bad Brians
Justin Keenan ( The Go Set )
Norbert Buchmacher & das Ensemble non grata
Tausend Löwen unter Feinden
Bei Bedarf


entrance free

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Aleja Slaska 1, Wroclaw... http://www.festiwaldobregopiwa... Facebook FB event

6th Good Beer Festival @ Stadion Miejski

In Wroclaw, 01.05.2015 10:001 - 03.05.2015 23:001

6th Good Beer Festival is again going to be much bigger event than the others! 60 stands with over 300 draft beers crafted in small, yet excellent breweries in Poland. And apart from that constant workshop, 15 concerts and DJ sets. And of course - grand beer everywhere :-)

Entrance: free

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Kreuzberg, Berlin... Facebook FB event

MYFEST - live music street festival@Kreuzberg

In Berlin, 01.05.2015 12:001 - 01.05.2015 23:591

Residents, local initiatives, bars & businesses work together to organize the annual Berlin Kreuzberg free street festival on May 1st!

All sorts of live music - punk rock, metal & hard core, electro, hip hop, south american beats, turkish funk and more... DJs, performance & arts all around the neighborhood, lots of international food & drink to have and much more... a fun day in the sun!

Check out World Stage Bullenwinkel, ImPort & ExPort Stage, Trinkteufel Punk/Metal/Hardcore Stage




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Kottbusser Damm 22, berlin... Facebook FB event

TOO DRUNK TO WATCH - punk film festival@Moviemento

In Berlin, 06.05.2015 20:001 - 10.05.2015 22:001

4th Berlin punkfilmfest at Germany's oldest independent movie theatre Moviemento - more than 20 short films, documentaries, musical films and movies in 5 days. Three european premieres (O-Star, Bogota Punk + Sacrifical Youth), live music, food & drink.

Mi 06.05./wednesday 6th May
11.00h Quatsch und die Nasenbär-Bande
19.30h Akustikpunk "YOK" + movie: Let them know
22.15h Chao Leh – Die Punknomaden (mit Q+A)

Do 07.05./ thursday 7th May
10.00h Quatsch und die Nasenbärenbande
18.15h O-star + Kumbia Queers: More Louder Bitte!
20.00h We Are The Best (Deutschlandpremiere)
22.15h Bogotá Punk "The rotten eighties" (Europapremiere)

Fr 08.05. / friday 8th May
12.30h Quatsch und die Nasenbär-Bande
14.30h Zivan Makes a Punk Festival + Kurzfilm
16.15h East Punk Memories + Kurzfilm
18.15h MIETREBELLEN - Widerstand gegen den Ausverkauf der Stadt (mit Q+A)
20.15h Akustikpunk "WUNDABUNTA STRASZENPUNK" + movie: Records Collecting Dust (Europapremiere)
22.15h Revolte Springen – Freiheit Satt

Sa 09.05./ saturday 9th May
11.15h Quatsch und die Nasenbär-Bande
13.15h Ska Delight + Kurzfilm
15.30h SAD BUT TRUE + Kumbia Queers: More Louder Bitte! (mit Q+A)
17.45h Sacrificial Youth (Europapremiere) + Congratulations, Josh!
19.45h Skinhead Attitude + Kurzfilm
22.00h All Ages-Boston Hardcore The Film

So 10.05. / sunday 10th may
11.00h Quatsch und die Nasenbär-Bande
--11.00h Solibrunch für Antirassitisches Projekt--
13.00h Mutti - punk rock was my first love + OH87 + O-Star
15.00h We Are The Best
17.15h Herzlutschen (mit Q+A)
19.45h Akustikpunk "GUTTER ROMANCE" + movie: A Band Called Death
22.15h Salad Days: A Decade of Punk in Washington, DC

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... http://rollendekeukens.amsterd... FB event

Weekend Of The Rolling Kitchens-food truck festival@AMSTERDAM

In Amsterdam, 13.05.2015 18:001 - 17.05.2015 23:001

..... food truck mania, with deliciousness from all directions, all cultures, all for the love of our taste buds and hard workin, hard drivin trucker chefs!!!!!.... music and FREE ENTRY.....



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Tolhuistuin - IJpromenade 2 A... Facebook FB event

London Calling loves Concerto-music&more Festival@Tolhuistuin

In Amsterdam, 16.05.2015 13:001 - 17.05.2015 11:001

..... to celebrate the legendary record store Concerto, the London Calling music festival brings both new and high profile acts, food, drinking & dancing, both indoors and out..normally this is held twice a year at Paradiso......the undertones are headlining- come get your teenage kicks!!!!!!!.........

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Makiš, Belgrade, Serbia... Facebook FB event

ILLUSION QUEST / Open Air Psychedelic Festival 2015 @ Makish

In Belgrade, 30.04.2015 20:001 - 04.05.2015 12:001

Join us on this wonderful journey !!! 3 days and 4 nights of Psychedelic trance!!!!

Outdoor open 24/7 / pre and after party / Free camping / Beach / Art gallery / Workshops / Ambient forest / International line-up / Laser shows / 3D Projections / Fire performances / Dancers 


MAIN STAGE: (Psytrance, full-on, progressive and dark):

MICKY NOISE ( WIZZY NOISE ) GR / LIVE, ULTRAVOICE // Boa Group / Israel // LIVE, RHINO // Sting Rec./ Ovnimoon Rec./Greece, HIPPIETECH// Magma Rec.// Live, RISING DAWN // Spun Rec.// Live set, NEBUCHADNEZZAR // Live, POINTFIELD / Live / Solid Rec., ZETNO PROJECT // Live, CARNAGE // Biomechanix Rec // Live, ANTA // Save The Rave, CUNE // U.Lj.E.Z., ALEK // ZenIT.Galaxy // U.Lj.E.Z., STEFAN // ZenIT. // Trance Community, KUZMA // Trance Community and many, many more 

+ Chill-out and Dub Stage

2000 RSD tickets for whole festival // 500/800 RSD daily tickets

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7, Strada Tabacarilor, Buchare... Facebook FB event

Airfield Festival Promo Party: Dope D.O.D - Hip-Hop @Colectiv Club

In Bucharest, 07.05.2015 22:001 - 08.04.2015 5:001

One of the most interesting festivals in Romania, located entirely on an active aerodrome, Airfield Festival will bring its vibe to Bucharest, alongside the famous funky hip-hoppers from Dope D.O.D and the local artists K-LU & Vlad Dobrescu.

Tickets: 40 lei at the entrance

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Küçükçiftlik Park, Istanbu... Facebook FB event

Alt-J & Mew, open-air Live indie rock @ 1’st harvest Fest

In Istanbul, 31.05.2015 12:001 - 31.05.2015 23:001

If you have always dreamt of seeing some live music in the middle of hayflots and strawmans but never had the chance, this is the perfect time for you to realise this nightmarish fancy.


During the event, which is described as "a destructive alternative against the conventional understanding of festivals", you will have the chance to see one of the most rip-roaring bands of the last couple of years, Alt-J, along with the Danish indie band Mew.

The other Turkish bands you are gonna be enjoying during the day are:

Sattas (dub)

Flört (alternative)

KöK (psychedelic progressive anatolian rock??)

Eskiz (psychedelic rock n roll)


Do not forget to take some cash with you as you may want to gift yourself with some vinyls from Analog Kültür stall.

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7, Strada Tabacarilor, Buchare... Facebook FB event

Telepopmusik - Electronic Live Act @Colectiv Club

In Bucharest, 22.05.2015 22:001 - 23.05.2015 4:001

A promo party for the now worldwide famous Electric Castle Festival (near Cluj, Transylvania), the famous Telepopmusik band will perform a live act at Colectiv Club in Bucharest.

Tickets can be bought only online, here, in a very limited amount. You really need to hurry up, as this is one of the most desired concerts of May in the city.

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Revaler Straße 99, Berlin, Ge... Facebook FB event

Beer & Beef Genussfestival @ Urban Spree

In Berlin, 30.05.2014 15:001 - 01.06.2014 23:001

Organised by Berlinpieces, The festival allows you to sample from local and ecological growers. You will find a market for take home goods, street food, slow-cooked products, craft beers, local berverages, and of course, live music. 

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1B, Bulevardul Expozitiei, Buc... Facebook FB event

Otaku Festival - Cosplay, Manga & co @Romanian-American University

In Bucharest, 08.05.2015 10:001 - 10.05.2015 20:001

This year's Otaku Festival focuses on Old vs. New, giving and oldies twist to the nowaday trends in Otaku subculture & gathering artists dedicated to cosplay, manga, illustration, music, photography, games & fashion.

Tickets: 30 RON / day at the entrance

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Primavera sound festival @ Forum

In Barcelona, 25.05.2015 21:001 - 01.06.2015 7:001

Spain's largest alternative and eclectic music festival is back for a 15 year celebration. One entire week of live music in various venues and the mega official festival in the awesome Forum by the sea.

Check link for line up and times


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Hanul Gabroveni, 86-88, Strada... http://www.romaniandesignweek.... Facebook FB event

Romanian Design Week @Hanul Gabroveni & all over Bucharest

In Bucharest, 15.05.2015 10:001 - 24.05.2015 22:001

Architecture, graphics, fashion, object design or other types of designs - Romanian Design Week has it all! An entire week to admire Romania's designers, their work and the trends, and also some other designers from abroad. 

The main exhibition will be hosted by the hystorical Gabroveni Inn (Hanul Gabroveni), while 60 other related events will take place in differents spots of Bucharest. For the entire program you can download Romanian Design Week App or go to their website.

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Piata Charles de Gaulle, Bucha... Facebook FB event

NGOFest @Parcul Herastrau

In Bucharest, 09.05.2015 10:001 - 10.05.2015 20:001

Cyclist, entrepreneur, volunteer or retired? You want to change things around you but don't know where to start? NGOFest will help you!

160 NGOs, 2 days of exhibitions, seminars, debates, games, contests, dances and live music, all in open air @Herastrau Park (Charles de Gaulle entrance).

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Casa Universitarilor, Dionisie... Facebook FB event

City Forest - Urban Fest @Casa Universitarilor

In Bucharest, 09.05.2015 10:001 - 10.05.2015 21:001

A green weekend in the heart of Bucharest: City Forest promotes urban nature, decorating the space as a forest and offering hand-made products, workshops for children, photo exhibitions, a terrace with fresh lemonade and foods, recreational areas, contests. In the evening you can enjoy the live alternative concerts (byron, Jazu) & the visual mapping on the building.

PS: bring your own blanket for the full forest experience!

Entrance: 5 RON for general, 20 RON for the concerts

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Sala Dalles, Nicolae Balcescu ... Facebook FB event

AUTOR 13 - International Contemporary Jewelry Fair @Sala Dalles

In Bucharest, 09.05.2015 11:001 - 10.05.2015 20:001

Contemporary jewelry has found its path in Romania, and the event dedicated to it, AUTOR, the most important in South-Eastern Europe, has reached its 13th edition. 

At AUTOR you are going to meet designers from five continents, from countries such as Israel, Italy, Russia, Austria, Hong Kong, Honduras, Canada and, of course, Romania. And many others.

Ticket: 10 RON at the entrance

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Nušićeva 6, 11000 Belgrade, ... Facebook FB event

International Documentary Film Festival @ Dom Omladine, DKC & Sava Centar

In Belgrade, 07.05.2015 19:001 - 13.05.2015 22:001

The BELDOCS is presenting 80 new films, each of which will either delight or intrigue you. In order to support domestic documentary production, we are introducing a Serbian competitive program, and preparing an all-out policy for the development of creative documentaries in the country. Through numerous discussions and debates, we are also promoting a discourse of compassion and understanding, all the while actively distributing selected documentaries. We are preaching to the converted, to non-believers, to the young, to television networks. We are seeking truth, humanity and inspiration, together, between reality and film.


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manteuffelstr 42, berlin... http://www.berlinconmuchoarte.... Facebook FB event


In Berlin, 08.05.2015 18:001 - 22.05.2015 23:591


A feminist queer art festival  that will present the work of artists of various disciplines with a common focus on feminism and technology.

Screenings, workshops, performances & talks.

I.K.U. by Shu Lea Cheang + Q&A with the director
REVOLUTION, RIOT GRRRL STYLE by Sonia Gonzalez + Q&A with the director
DESTRUCTION OF DUDE - Premiere by Lo-Fi Cherry + Q&A
NEUROSEX PORNOIA Eps. 1 + 2 by Eric Pussyboy and Abigail Gnash + Q&A

Shu Lea Cheang on feminism, cyber/cypherpunk and her current project FLUIDø

ABLETON LIVE music production workshop (for beginners) by Madeleine Bloom

ALT-LIT-NIGHT with Shabby Doll House

UAV SOP BTW DTF by Louise Trueheart
ANDROIDIA by Ze Royale
S – E’XPRIME by Anarel·la Martínez-Madrid
SPINNING AROUND by Adi Liraz & Nofar Sela

Louise Trueheart
Kiona N. Niehaus
Frances Breden & In The Bush
Goodyn Green
Kytten Janae
GeoVanna Gonzalez
Fionna Valentine Thomann

FINAL PARTY @ Loophole
with DJ sets by
Ya Tosiba
Utopyk Jones

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blücherplatz, berlin... Facebook FB event

carnival of cultures - street festival@Kreuzberg

In Berlin, 22.05.2015 11:001 - 25.05.2015 22:001

Karneval der Kulturen - Carnival of Cultures

Street festival - performance, theatre, live music & DJs, food & drink

opening hours friday 4-12pm, saturday/sunday 11am - 12pm, monday 11am - 7pm


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Hermannplatz, berlin... Facebook FB event

carnival of cultures - parade@Kreuzberg

In Berlin, 24.05.2015 12:301 - 24.05.2015 21:001

Karneval der Kulturen - Carnival of Cultures

Street parade - loud, colorful & multicultural!

Starts @Hermannplatz
Ends @Mehringdamm


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... http://www.festivalulfilmuluie... Facebook

European Film Festival 2015 in Bucharest

In Bucharest, 07.05.2015 20:001 - 14.05.2015 23:001

The European Film Festival is an homage brought on Europe's Day for the wide variety of cinematography across the continent. No special effects, just pure cinema from 25 European countries. 

Besides movies, the festival hosts live music, exhibitions, debates and workshops.

Click here for the full schedule.

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Dianei 4, Strada Dianei, 4, Bu... http://www.dianei4.translucid.... Facebook FB event

beCYCLE Bazar - Bicycle Fair @Dianei 4

In Bucharest, 09.05.2015 11:301 - 10.05.2015 18:001

For all the bicycle lovers out there, on Saturday & Sunday at Dianei 4, one of the most bike friendly places in the city, you can check out new and old bicycles, accessories, a brunch & a friendly vibe.

Free entrance!

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Muzeul National al Satului, 28... Facebook FB event

Thai Festival - Cultural Fest @National Village Museum

In Bucharest, 16.05.2015 16:001 - 17.05.2015 19:001

Get the Thai vibe in the heart of Bucharest: a Cultural Show, Foods & Products and a Tourism Photo Exhibition will Thai-up your weekend, for sure.

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Brasov, Transylvania, Romania... Facebook FB event

SATORI psychedelic fest 2015 @ Transylvania

In Bucharest, 17.07.2015 17:001 - 19.07.2015 17:001

The 2nd edition of this intimate psychedelic gathering tucked away in Romania's breathtaking wild nature. Discover, share and dance - all to the beating drums of high power trance.

The stage will play 48 hours straight of dark psychedelic, forest and hitech vibes. Of course, all gushing from a crystal clear "blood red" sound system... 

Meeting points/carpooling/travel info:

130 RON (30 eur) - until 15 JUNE
180RON (40 eur) - gate 

Contact: for tickets. 

If you're traveling and have no place to go in the meantime, you're more than welcome to come to the location earlier, meet the crew, hang out, maybe lend a helping hand. Just be sure to announce them through Facebook in advance.



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revaler str 99, berlin... Facebook FB event

Braufest 2015 - craft beer festival @Braufest Berlin

In Berlin, 14.05.2015 23:591 - 17.05.2015 23:001

>>>>>> Braufest Berlin 2015 >>>>>>

May 14-17 @Braufest Berlin - RAW-Gelände/Friedrichshain

*Bigger & more international!
*Berlins finest Craft Beer
& exquisite international Craft Beer!
*4 days of finest Beer & finest Streetfood!


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Oosterdokskade 151, 1011 DL Am... http://www.conservatoriumvanam... Facebook FB event

Composers festival - music festival @ The Conservatorium Amsterdam

In Amsterdam, 21.05.2015 15:001 - 24.05.2015 20:001

The festival is a platform for the graduating composition students of the CvA to present their best works, in various genres: vocal, instrumental, organ, electronic and music-theater.This year over 150 musicians, dancers and makers are taking part in the festival's concerts. See you there! 

Concert Time table:
21 May 2015 - 15:00, 20:15
22 May 2015 - 15:00, 20:15
23 May 2015 - 15:00, 15:45, 20:15
24 May 2015 - 15:00

For more details about the program check out:

Het Veem Theater:
Werkgebouw Het Veem:

Entrance prices you find by each concert, some are free some have a small entrance fee.



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Landschapspark de Oeverlanden... Facebook FB event

Park am See - minimal/ techno day festival @ Oeverlanden

In Amsterdam, 23.05.2015 12:001 - 23.05.2015 0:001

our collected wave of melodies, art and highly anticipated musical hosts will flush the shores of Park am See. After a magnificent kick-off in 2014 we welcome all of our beloved friends, old and new, to join us on this new adventure...

Line Up:

? Kompakt Records and friends
♦ Michael Mayer
♦ Marcus Worgull
♦ Prins Thomas
♦ Terranova
♦ Patrice Baumel
♦ Tsepo

? Watergate Records
♦ Tiefschwarz (Official)
♦ Matthias Meyer
♦ Marco Resmann
♦ Marcel Freigeist 

? Chasing the Hihat Records
♦ San Soda 
♦ Optimo (Espacio)
♦ steffen bennemann
♦ David Cornelissen
♦ Charlie Stripe

Entrance: €34.50 get your ticket here


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Overhoeksplein, Amsterdam... Facebook FB event

Fiber festival - audio visual art, digital culture music festival @ Radion & A Lab

In Amsterdam, 15.05.2015 10:001 - 18.05.2015 18:001

FIBER festival returns with a packed programme of emerging audiovisual art, immersive performances, electronic music within an clubnight, workshops and a symposium. This edition is focused on the theme The Subterranean: Exploring Networked Tools and Matter and questions the often invisible influence of digital technology on our daily lives.

It takes place at three cultural hotspots 
- A Lab; Overhoeksplein, Amsterdam
- the industrial club venue RADION; Louwesweg 1, Amsterdam
- Volkshotel; Wibautstraat 150, Amsterdam

For program check out the event

Entrance: Different prices, check program get ticket here

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Parcul Herastrau, Bucharest... Facebook FB event

Etnorama - Ethnic Festival @Herastrau Park

In Bucharest, 15.05.2015 11:001 - 17.05.2015 18:001

Let's get together, no matter the race, the age or the social status. The Ethnic Festival "Etnorama" will bring together live music, traditional workshops, theatre & exhibitions for all culture lovers.

Free entry & the best outdoor vibe in the park - Herastrau Park, Charles de Gaulle entrance

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T.T. Neveritaweg 15 k8, 1033 ... http://www.hemeltjelieffestiva... Facebook FB event

Heletjelief festival - music, food, fun festival for kids and adults

In Amsterdam, 14.05.2015 11:001 - 15.05.2015 23:001

The 7th edition of this spring fetsival. This year in collaboration with Monkey business, a NGO working to save orangutangs and the jungle. NDSM area will be made into a jungle where youg and old can enjoy music, food and other activities for the whole day.

For more details, check the program here

Entrance: €13 + €1 (for Monkey buiness) buy tickets here

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Parcarea Ciclop, 6-8, Bulevard... Facebook

Art Safari - Bucharest Art Fair @Ciclop

In Bucharest, 13.05.2015 12:001 - 17.05.2015 21:001

Art Safari is the only Art Fair in Bucharest, aiming to create dynamic connections between art galleries, art lovers & collectors, as well as public institutions. So 50 galleries around the world will present more than 300 artists in the unconventional Ciclop Parking, including special events, performances and anything art related.

Entrance: 15 RON

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Sariyer, Istanbul... Facebook FB event

James Blake, Tom Odell (and many more) Live Concert @ LifePark

In Istanbul, 13.06.2015 14:001 - 14.06.2015 23:001

One of the biggest festivals of Turkey, One Love, is again taking place in the largest forest area of Istanbul, LifePark!

For two days, you are gonna be listening to some Turkish bands playing Nordic jazz (such dichotomy, yes) or other nice Turkish indie bands, such as The Away Days, before finally getting to see names as James Blake, Tom Odell, Metronomy, Hot Chip, Fink, Julian Casablancas + Voidz or Jose Gonzalez (with his lovely smooth voice, my dear). 

The tickets are 110 TL. For those who are not stand-alone, the "Buddy Pack" is 190 TL. 

Unfortunately, there is no camping. So go there only if you don't mind sleeping on the beach or waiting an endless taxi queue.



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Ludos, Sibiu, Romania... Facebook FB event

Transylvaliens Psy Fest 2015 @ Ludos (Sibiu)

In Bucharest, 09.07.2015 0:001 - 12.07.2015 0:001

Transylvaliens Festival 2015 continues the series of yearly events which aim to bring together participants from all over the world in order to meet together and spend four days surrounded by a variety of modern and futuristic art forms (psychedelic trance music, visual art, paintings, theater shows and many more). 

Travelling info:

Presale: 40 EUR               
Regular: 55 EUR
Buy at


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Parcul Carol I, Bucuresti... Facebook FB event

The Light Festival @Park Carol I

In Bucharest, 16.05.2015 19:001 - 16.05.2015 22:001

May is the month of Light, so once again Bucharest will light itself up with a Light Festival, in one of the beautiful parks the city offers. For a couple of hours you will be embraced by all sorts of lights, true works of art.

Free entry!


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Flevopark, Amsterdam, Netherla... Facebook FB event

Cannabis liberation day - free festival @ Flevopark

In Amsterdam, 14.06.2015 14:001 - 14.06.2015 22:001

Hollands biggest cannabis and hemp event. Music, market, film, medical cannabis bike tour, speakers and more.

Entrance: Free

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Park Frankendael, Amsterdam, N... Facebook FB event

Amsterdam Roots - open air festival @ Park Frankendael

In Amsterdam, 05.07.2015 13:001 - 05.07.2015 22:001

A festival full of music, kids activities, workshops, food, market and a good vibe. It's one of the only free big fetsivals in Amsterdam. Don't miss it!

Entrance: Free

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Sala Palatului, 28 Ion Campine... Facebook FB event

V for Vintage: Fiesta - Fashion Fair @Sala Palatului

In Bucharest, 16.05.2015 11:001 - 17.05.2015 20:001

Check out Romanian design & vintage culture at one of biggest fashion fairs, under the umbrella of "Rio Carnival meets The Devil Wears Prada", aka FIESTA! Hosted by the famous Sala Palatului concert hall, the fair will be open on Saturday until midnight, organizing also art exhibitions as part of the Night of the Museum movement.

Entrance: 10 RON

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eichenstr 4, berlin... Facebook FB event

Berlin Festival - music festival @Arena Park

In Berlin, 29.05.2015 18:001 - 01.06.2015 3:001

Mainstream meets subculture, tomorrow’s ultimate ‘hotshit’ goes to bed with retro chic, techno meets indie folk, elecro and hip hop, Neukölln’s counterculture flirts with Mitte’s fashion scene, urban art & high culture -------- WELCOME TO BERLIN FESTIVAL!

Friday 29th May
Ades Zabel | Aufgang 4 | BANFI | Beatrice Eli | Bluestaeb | BRNS | Çetin Şahin | DARA DOLUNAY | Demir & Seymen | The Garden | Gloria Viagra | GusGus | The Griswold’s | Hal Hal | Hardy Hard | Iamnobodi | DJ Ipek | Mauro Feola | Marek Hemmann (live) | Ratking | Seth Troxler | Ten Walls (live) | Terranova | Tiga | Tourist | Youssef Iskandar | Westbam | Zebra Katz

Saturday 30th May
Âme (live) | Avi Avital | Camelia Light | Chet Faker | Chopstick & JohnJon | Clé (DJ-Set) | Dixon | Ellen Allien | Eva Be | Fritz Kalkbrenner | Howling | James Blake | Janina | Jurassica Parka | La Fleur | LCavaliero & Viola | Marc Houle | Marco Resmann | Meggy | Pan-Pot | Panama | Razz | Richie Hawtin | Roi Perez | Romano | Samuel | Simon Dömer | Sylvan Esso | Tender Games | Tiefschwarz (DJ-Set) | Valentina Lisitsa

Sunday 31st May
Atari Teenage Riot | Carl Craig | Children | Debbie Upper | Derek Plaslaiko | DJ Tennis | Kelela | Mind Against | Money for Rope | Purple | Recondite (live) | Robert Hood | Róisín Murphy | Roosevelt | Rudimental | Shlohmo | Suns of Thyme | Tale Of Us | Tei Shi | Twin Shadow | Underworld

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Fete de la Musique - free music festival @all over town

In Berlin, 21.06.2015 12:001 - 21.06.2015 23:001

Fete de la Musique - celebrating summer - free live music all over town!


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Wystawowa 1, Wroclaw... Facebook FB event

Mood4Food - Food Truck Festival @ Hala Stulecia

In Wroclaw, 30.05.2015 10:001 - 31.05.2015 18:001

Yet another food truck festival! If you're in WRO for the weekend, you should see The Centennial Hall anyway - why not enjoy it while grabbing a burger (or 7!) from fabulous food trucks from Wrocław and other Polish cities?

Posted by: Wojtek

Kazimierza Jagiellończyka 19a... Facebook FB event

New French Movies - Film Festival @ Kino Nowe Horyzonty

In Wroclaw, 22.05.2015 20:001 - 28.05.2015 23:001

It's already the 6th time when local movie-eaters have a special opportunity to get to know what's up in France. Main theme - books adaptations, screened and animated, with a special show by Francois Ozon "Une nouvelle amie". For a full programme check the attached link!

Entrance: normal ticket price

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Reguliersbreestraat 26, 1017 ... Facebook FB event

Amsterdam Spanish film festival @ Pathé Tuschinski

In Amsterdam, 27.05.2015 18:001 - 31.05.2015 0:001

Sin Fin Cinema is very excited to announce the first edition of Amsterdam Spanish Film Festival (ASFF) with a carefully-honed selection of cinema from Spain and Spanish-speaking Latin America.

Festival will take place in two places in Amsterdam:
Pathé Tuschinski
Film Museum Eye

Entrance: get here

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Amsterdamse Bos Bosbaanweg 5, ... Facebook FB event

A day at the park - music/ dance festival @ Amsterdamse Bos

In Amsterdam, 11.07.2015 12:001 - 11.07.2015 0:001

Your favourite day in Amsterdamse Bos!! for 12 hours enjoy an aamzing line up of bumping music. Dj's from  Erick Morillo, Mr. Polska (live), Umek, Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano, Oliver $, Technasia, Black Coffee, Housequake en Franky Rizardo and many many more. Check out the wbesite for full program. 

Entrance: €52.50 get here


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Bulevar Vojvode Mišića 24 Be... FB event

2nd International Tattoo Convention Belgrade @ Bask Restaurant

In Belgrade, 22.05.2015 9:001 - 24.05.2015 20:001

In beautiful venue oh Hotel "Prestige" hear BGD Horse track we have prepare 51 booths with best of Tattoo offers in Europe. 

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Strada Arthur Verona, Bucurest... Facebook FB event

Street Delivery X - Street & Eco Festival @Arthur Verona Street

In Bucharest, 12.06.2015 10:001 - 14.06.2015 23:001

The most important street fest has reached its 10th anniversary & this year it will focus more on its environmental friendly origins. Arthur Verona Street closes for cars and opens itself for people, in a collective effort to protect the surrounding environment: art exhibitons, performances, architecture projects, street art, sports, theatre, alternative transport, music and, of course, homemade foods & drinks.

Free entry!

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... Facebook FB event

Summer Well: Kasabian, Foals, La Roux - Music Festival @Stirbey Domain

In Bucharest, 08.08.2015 15:001 - 09.08.2015 23:001

5 bands / day, lots of games & fun in the middle of the nature and the most oxygenated festival near Bucharest: Summer Well returns in 2015 with alternative music names such as Kasabian, Foals, La Roux, The Maccabees, The Wombats, Jungle, Kwabs, Foxes, Circa Waves, Dan Croll (Music).

Tickets here.

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Romexpo, 65-67, Blv. Marasti, ... Facebook FB event

Bookfest - International Book Salon @Romexpo

In Bucharest, 20.05.2015 10:001 - 24.05.2015 20:001

The 10th edition of Bookfest comes with a wide variety of books, from the latest releases to the most popular. Also, you can find rare editions, old books and interesting deals.

Czech Republic is this year's guest of honour.

Free entry!

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... http://noapteastudiourilorfoto... Facebook FB event

The Night of the Poho Studios in Bucharest

In Bucharest, 20.06.2015 10:001 - 21.06.2015 0:001

Do you want to learn more about studio photography? Here is your chance: The Night of the Photo Studios offers a sneak peak into the life of a photographer, the methods, the photo shoot and also what it means to be a model. 

Free entry!

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Kucukciftlik Park, Istanbul... Facebook FB event

"A Beautiful Day" @ Kucukciftlik Park

In Istanbul, 30.05.2015 12:001 - 30.05.2015 23:001

Organized for everyone to enjoy the sun, green grass and picnics, this "beautiful day" will begin with a yoga session around mid-day and continue with various workshops, including raw food, bowtie, paper brooch, vinyl digging and many more..

You will equally enjoy the music of:

Kalabrese & Rumpelorchester

Guillaume & the Coutu Dumonts

Feathered Sun, Chris Schwarzwalder, Raz Ohara, Jo.Ke & NU

Ilhan Ershahin's Istanbul Sessions Live

...and many more.

In between two concerts, two workshops, or two idleness, you can dive into the delicious food stalls which are formed with hand picked tastes.

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Arenele Romane, Parcul Carol, ... Facebook FB event

Soundcheck Fest: Subcarpati, Argatu - HipHop @Arenele Romane

In Bucharest, 30.05.2015 19:001 - 30.05.2015 23:001

The first festival that lets you be part of the sound check will gather, in open air, Romania's most acclamed underground hip-hop singers: the folclor insipired Subcarpati & Argatu, AFO, Fantome, Zekarjah & ZO. 

Tickets: 55 RON

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... Facebook FB event

Green Hours Jazz Fest @Green Hours, Jazz Pong & Clubul Taranului

In Bucharest, 04.06.2015 20:001 - 07.06.2015 23:001

With a very eclectic and daring program, the 7th edition of Green Hours Jazz Fest gathers together international artists and a breeder audience, from June 4th-7th.


Tickets: 30 - 80 RON

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zizkov, 130 00, prague... Facebook FB event

zizkov courtyards // street festival

In Prague, 20.06.2015 14:001 - 20.06.2015 23:331

local street fest.more nfo in progress*

...Žižkov is the capitol of Bohemia..the place, where you can find all the strangers, unbelievable stories, some urban legends, relatively alot of bars and few hospoda too...

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Cennet Bahcesi, Burgazada, Ist... Facebook FB event

Byzantion Festival @ Burgazada

In Istanbul, 20.06.2015 10:001 - 21.06.2015 2:001

This is the subculture gathering of those who are out of the mainstream and who produce their own goods, following the D.I.Y ethics. 

The event is free. And at the end of the day, festival soul is complete only with music. Here are some bands who are gonna play:

Kim ki O



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revaler str 99, berlin... Facebook FB event

Berlin Midsommar Festival - scandinavian music festival @urban spree

In Berlin, 19.06.2015 16:001 - 20.06.2015 6:001

Grab your brightest shirt and the smelliest herring, and mark June 19th with a big X. It's time for Scandinavia's longest day, MIDSOMMAR! Berlin Midsommar will be celebrated with the newest up and coming Scandinavian bands and DJs:

Beatrice Eli
Hanna Järver
Svenska Musikklubben

Plus, you will be welcome to try the best traditional and postmodern food, play some typical Swedish games, make marvelous headbands out of our #midsommarflowers for you and your beloved, and eat as much ice cream as you can.


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torstr, berlin... http://www.torstrassenfestival... Facebook FB event

Torstraßen Festival - music festival @Torstrasse

In Berlin, 13.06.2015 14:001 - 14.06.2015 23:591

Venues, cafés, shops & bars of the neighborhood present a musical matinee showcase with a current and cross-genre soundtrack. Explore berlin based music!

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karl-marx-allee... Facebook FB event

Zug der Liebe - techno parade @Karl-Marx-Allee

In Berlin, 25.07.2015 14:001 - 25.07.2015 22:001

Into the streets for love…techno for compassion & social commitment!

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oranienstr 190, berlin... Facebook FB event

Deathwish Fest - live punk/hard core @SO36

In Berlin, 04.06.2015 19:301 - 01.01.1970 1:001

Punk/Hard Core label deathwish presents:


Harm’s Way

Trap Them

Young and in the way

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Brace Krsmanovic 2 ... Facebook FB event

Mikser Cinema + PaFF @ SAVAMALA (Spanish House)

In Belgrade, 03.06.2015 20:001 - 06.06.2015 23:001

Mikser Cinema is a project of Mikser Festival 2015 that was created with the aim of promoting and supporting a new generation of filmmakers through the presence of young and talented artists. This year's film program was defined in cooperation between Mikser and the Pančevo International Film Festival (PaFF). Mikser Cinema will offer visitors more than 20 international titles, starting from documentary and feature films and ranging through everything to experimental forms. The films will be screened in the unique ambience of the Spanish House.

The first evening of the program will be marked by the feature film, "The Tourist", by Swedish director Ruben Östlund.

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Karadjordjeva 46, 11000 Belgra... Facebook FB event

ANA POPOVIC // Cotton Pickers // Mikser Festival Opening @ MIKSER

In Belgrade, 03.06.2015 21:001 - 04.06.2015 1:001

Ana Popovic is one of the most appreciated blues musicians of the world. Her career has led her from Belgrade to Netherlands, and even to Memphis, the worlds' blues capital. She is the only European woman ever to be nominated for the Newcomer of the year, in the framework of WC Handy Awards, the blues version of the Oscars.

As a supportive band you will see Cotton Pickers, also a blues band. Some of the influantial bands for this band are Pink Floyd,  Eric Clapton, B.B. King, Tommy Castro, Muddy Waters and ofcourse Ana Popovic.


Tickets in presale 1000 RSD // 1200 RSD on the day of the concert


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stresemannstr 29, berlin... Facebook FB event

The Power of Powerlessness - theatre festival @HAU

In Berlin, 04.06.2015 14:001 - 25.06.2015 20:001

The series “The Power of Powerlessness" focuses on the widely-sensed phenomenon of powerlessness. Using the means of theatre, the festival will open new perspectives which do not view powerlessness solely as weakness but also use it as the starting point for strategies of empowerment.

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Karadjordjeva 46, 11000 Belgra... Facebook FB event

PARTIBREJKERS // Straight Mickey and the boyz @ MIKSER FESTIVAL

In Belgrade, 04.06.2015 21:001 - 05.06.2015 1:001

Partibrejkers is a garage punk band from Belgrade, Serbia. Sometimes cited as the founders of YU garage rock. It is difficult to categorize them as their influences are diverse, such as the The Stooges, MC5, early Rolling Stones or New York Dolls - all spiced up with a healthy dose of blues, rhythm and blues and rock and roll.

Straight Mickey and the boyz are a dinamic, furious trio from Belgrade whic combined various rock styles into one recognizable statement. In a short time, they accomplished to become one of the most perspective bands in Serbia, and it it is worth to listen to their music live.

Tickets in presale 1000 RSD // 1200 RSD on the day of the concert

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Karadjordjeva 46, 11000 Belgra... Facebook FB event

EYOT @ Mikser Festival

In Belgrade, 04.06.2015 22:001 - 05.06.2015 1:001

Eyot is a quartet from Nis, formed in 2008. with a desire to create a high quality sound. Eyot is described as a unique mixture of jazz, art rock and classical folk melodies of Serbia.

 *** Admission is free ***

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Karadjordjeva 46, 11000 Belgra... Facebook FB event

GOBLINI // EYESBURN // E- PLAY @ Mikser Festival

In Belgrade, 05.06.2015 21:001 - 05.06.2015 2:001

"Goblini" is one of the most important rock bands in Serbia. The band was formed by guitarist Alen Jovanovic, base guitarist Vladislav Kokotovic, and singer Branko Golubovic. They have published 5 albums and had over 350 live gigs troughtout their carrier.

"Eyesburn" is a reggae - hard core band, formed in 1994. They recorded a soundtrack for the movie "Munje" so they are very well known to the audience. They are considered to be one of the most active bands in Serbia.



"E- play" the darlings of the Belgradian audience, is an alternative rock band formed in 1998. Their music has a unique sound of the distorted bass, drum & bass sounds and the gentle guitar. 

*** Admission 1200 RSD ***

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Karadjordjeva 46, 11000 Belgra... Facebook FB event


In Belgrade, 06.06.2015 21:001 - 07.06.2015 1:001

The Beet Fleet is a band formed in 199o in Split. They started their musical carrier with basically no expirence by placing their "home-made" songs on some radio stations. Now they are considerd as one of the most successful bands in Croatia that combines rap and hip hop with rock, funk, soul and reggae music.

Darkwood Dub is a famous and wll known Serbian band that is constantly breaking the stereotips about reggae, dub, electronic and rock music from our area.

Artan Lili, the band that brought some freshness in our musical scene, will bring you some original rock and pop noise sounds.

*** Ticket cost is 1200 RSD *** 

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Karadjordjeva 46, 11000 Belgra... Facebook FB event


In Belgrade, 06.06.2015 21:001 - 07.06.2015 1:001

Katarina Pejak is a singer, songwriter and a pianist. This year, on Mixer Festival,she will present her new songs, and also the ones that dazzled the audience last year in Belgrade.

Soul print recordings is a group of DJs and producers from Belgrade - Akioki, DJP i Petkovski. They tend to explore all the varietys of deep house genre.


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Karadjordjeva 46, 11000 Belgra... Facebook FB event


In Belgrade, 07.06.2015 21:001 - 08.06.2015 1:001

Choir Viva Vox, leaded by the conductor Jasmina Lorin,  introduces the support of rhythmic beatbox in their performances,a vocal technique that imitates the sounds of drums and percussion , and turns performance of popular music exclusively with voices, without instrumental accompaniment (a cappella).

Dejan Petrović Big Band is young Serbian trumpeter. Days of childhood he spent with his father and his orchestra, the most popular Serbian trumpeter Mića Petrović. He came in history with his performance in Guča, the trumpeter convocation, like the youngest master of the trumpet.

*** Entrance 1200 RSD *** 



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berlin... Facebook FB event

Berlin Beer Week - craft beer festival @bars around town

In Berlin, 13.06.2015 16:001 - 21.06.2015 2:001

Berlin Beer Week is a week-long celebration of craft beer culture and community, with daily events happening at numerous locations throughout the city.

Locations: John Muir - Berlin Bier Shop - Monterey Bar - Bierlieb - Getränkefeinkost Berlin - Kaschk - Herman - Salt n Bone - Twinpigs - Das Gift - Black Lodge - Hopfenreich - Foersters Feine Biere - Tu Salud - Mezcal & Craft Beer Pop-Up Bar -The Castle Pub - IPA Bar - Szimpla Kaffeehaus Budapest - FRENC Heartcrafted Goods - Das Meisterstück - Bar Le Labo - Die BierRebellen - The PIER "Badeanzüge und Bier” - Biererei - Agora Collective - Bierlinie - HOME

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AFI Palace Cotroceni, Vasile M... Facebook FB event

Metalhead Meeting - Open Air Rock Festival @Cotroceni Open Air

In Bucharest, 11.06.2015 15:001 - 14.06.2015 23:301

22000 sqm full of rock energy! Metalhead Meeting will gather more than 50 bands in 4 days of hard rocking: Satiricon, Amorphis, Dark Funeral, Bloodbath, Turisas, The Sirens and the list goes on and on. Also, there's a big shopping center next to the festival, so you can also do some shopping in the meantime.

Tickets: 119 - 140 RON

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Institutul Francez, Bd. Dacia ... Facebook FB event

Tres Courts International Film Festival - The Very Short Movies @Chez Elvire

In Bucharest, 12.06.2015 21:001 - 14.06.2015 23:301

100 movies of max. 3 minutes each in 3 days of festival, inside Cinema Elvire Popesco and outside on the terrace Chez Elvire, both in the yard of The French Institute. And, of course, you can vote for your favourite.

The festival takes place all over the world in about 100 locations.

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Studentski trg, 11000 Belgrade... Facebook FB event

FILMSTREET 2015 @ Studentski trg

In Belgrade, 12.06.2015 20:301 - 12.06.2015 23:501

The idea of this festival is that you will be able to enjoy in lots of movies, outdoors, in many different locations in Belgrade. There will be 38 movie projections and 3 plays. In the opening of the festival, you can watch "Star Wars: Episode IV - New Hope" from the director George Lucas. Come and enjoy the experience.


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senefelderstr 29, berlin... http://www.entretempo-kitchen-... Facebook FB event

Berlin Food Art Week - food and art exhibition/festival @various locations

In Berlin, 19.06.2015 10:001 - 26.06.2015 22:001


BFAW  focuses on discovering the different connections art can make with food and presents a wide panorama of modern and contemporary art. Galleries, art spaces, restaurants & cafes show design, photography, collages, performances, food experiences and books related to the topic.

Powered by Entretempo Kitchen Gallery

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tempelhofer feld, berlin... http://www.48-stunden-neukoell... Facebook FB event

Kunstfestival 48 Stunden Neukölln: Liveboat - arts festival @Tempelhofer Feld

In Berlin, 26.06.2015 19:001 - 28.06.2015 19:001

LIVEBOAT ­ Chapter 5 addresses the ongoing refugee tragedy in front of national borders and offers space for communication and discourses. After a long odyssey, an oversized refugee boat with translucent membrane runs ashore on Tempelhofer Feld. Inside the boat, multilingual extracts from Homer's Odyssey as well as fragments of refugee experiences are intertwined to a sound carpet. By this artistic impulse, LIVEBOAT wishes to connect with the visitors. A speaker's corner, set up in front of the boat, offers a chance for interested people, those affected as well as visionaries to venture their opinions.


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treskowallee 129, berlin... Facebook FB event

TECHNO SOMMERCAMP 2015 - festival @Trabrennbahn Karlshorst

In Berlin, 03.07.2015 22:001 - 05.07.2015 23:551

# Match Hoffman
# Tragik
# Andree Wischnewski
# Jordan
# Kofferboys
# Glabmas & Glabsem
# Stempelmann
# Hennig & Scholz
# Marcel db
# Dilone
# Miss Roxy
# N+N Connection
# Kevin MaaN
# Jason Lemm
# Mayze
# Nico Brix
# TT Kensen
# Corsican Brothers
# Embee & Nicosh


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ackerstr 169, berlin... http://www.schokoladen-mitte.d... Facebook FB event

25 Jahre Schokoladen - anniversary party/festival @Schokoladen

In Berlin, 17.07.2015 18:001 - 19.07.2015 23:551

25 years of Schokoladen - 25 years of Alternative Culture & Cheap Beer!

Sheef (Punk)
Auge Blau (Seemansgarn)
La Tourette (Tonia Reeh & Rudi Fischerlehner)
Abeueda Band (Desert Punk)
Buman (Post-Wave Punk)
Los Leopardos Del Silenciador (IndiRock)
Reject The Limit (HC)
Shakedown (Party w/ DJ Elmo)
Milemarker (Post-Electronic HC)
Hans Am Felsen - HAF (Punk)
Kitty Solaris (Indie Rock)
Big Eater (Freak Funk Gospel)
+ Two Headed Boy DJ Team
Prinzessin Hans & Pablo Venuti
Welsch (SingerPostwriter)
Vorwärts Alright! (Amok Rock/Indy Pop bis in die Fresse!)
3nt3n m3n DJ Set
Jam Connection (Funk)
Adriano Celentano Gebäckorchester (Dada Italo-Schlager)
Wood In Di Fire (official) (GroovyJazzyReggae)
Karaoke mit KJ der Käpt'n
Sonja Heller & Testcard (Performance)

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Camí de la Masia D'en Cabanye... Facebook FB event

VIDA Festival; Andrew Bird, The War on Drugs, Mourn, Nacho Vegas , Primal Scream, woods and more /Indie rock outdoor festival @ Masia d’En Cabanyes

In Barcelona, 02.07.2015 12:001 - 05.07.2015 23:591

Outdoor indie and rock festival by the sea side in a beautiful green natural setting with a mix of local and international talent. See link for full roster.

55€ (con camping: 65€



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Plaza Leonardi da Vinci, s/n, ... Facebook

Festival Cruïlla; Franz Ferdinand, Of Monsters And Men, Toundra, Seward and more/ indie rock outdoor festival @ Parc del Fórum

In Barcelona, 10.07.2015 18:001 - 12.06.2015 23:591

Three days of local and international indie, alternative and hip hop music in Barcelona's awesome outdoor concrete Forum. Music with a sea side view. Perfect summer fun. See link for complete line up.

77 € 3 day pass.

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Santa Coloma de Gramanet, Barc... Facebook

Rock Fest BCN; Judas Priest, Saxon, Halloween, Europe, Twisted Sister ,W.A.S.P., Dream Theater, Scorpions and more /Metal and Prog Rock festival @ Parc de Can Zam

In Barcelona, 23.07.2015 16:001 - 25.06.2015 23:591

Festival of heavy metal and all things metal (with a few prog rock acts thrown in for good measure) Get ready to bang your head with Judas Priest, Saxon, Halloween, Europe, Twisted Sister ,W.A.S.P., Dream Theater, Scorpions and more... \m/

115 Euros



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Facebook FB event

Transylvania Calling - Psychedelic Fest @Transylvania

In Bucharest, 24.08.2015 11:001 - 31.08.2015 23:591

The 11th anniversary of this gathering of love, rhythm & open hearts.

Transylvania Calling has become a platform for individuals to express themselves freely and peacefully, learning by playing and working with each other to achieve one goal: creating a wonderland far away from concrete jungle, jobs, daily routine & issues of the daily life. leaving behind the comfort of home to be far away for a week's timeframe in truly beautiful landscapes of the mighty Transilvanian Carpathian Mountains.

Living, creating, learning and dancing as one family.

Tickets: 70eur @
The exact location is SECRET and will only be disclosed to the participants by email.


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Facebook FB event

WAHA psy fest @Transylvania (TBA)

In Bucharest, 23.07.2015 11:001 - 26.06.2015 23:591

Music sounds free in nature! The 4th edition of this psychedelic manifestation will be held in nature, under the moonlight, in the fresh summer air.

There will be 4 stages, all under the clear sky: Deep, Psy, Live & Chill, all blazing sound from morning till morning. The festival highly supports free expression & performances in any form: costumes, body painting, juggling, workshops, you can do anything you feel to contribute to a more colorful festival for everyone. Even more, there is Luminish, a gathering place for exchanging ideas and practices including artistic workshops and craftsmanship, barter market, cinema, Visionary Art Gallery, a space dedicated to kids and the Healing Zone.

The location will be announced one week before the event.

Tickets: 55eur @

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markgrafendamm 24, berlin... Facebook FB event

Down By The River Festival - music festival @about party

In Berlin, 04.07.2015 13:001 - 01.01.1970 1:001

Down by the River - Berlin's alternative music festival that is a little bit different...

B.B. Sea (Berlin)
Canyon Spree (Berlin)
Doctorella (Berlin/Leipzig)
Erfolg (Berlin)
Farfara (Berlin/Istanbul)
Featherweights (Malmö/Berlin)
Frank Fairfield (US)
Helmut Erler (Berlin)
Julie Doiron (Kanada)
Lach (NY/Edinburgh)
Orchestre Tout Puissant Marcel Duchamp (CH)
Razor Kunts (Berlin)
Viktor's Joy (Berlin/Estland)

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Gradina Uranus, Bucharest... Facebook FB event

Balkanic! Festival - 5 years @The Ark & Grădina Uranus

In Bucharest, 11.09.2015 12:001 - 13.09.2015 0:001

Bucharest's one and only Balkanic music&culture festival! Happening for the past 5 years, it brings together artists from all around Europe & all around Romania: from big bands in the West to small ensembles from Eastern European villages, turning into an explosive, colourful gypsypunk balkan-ska folkloric & cultural gathering, celebrating the joy of living and dancing, especially in the beautiful month of September when the wine is right&ready for tasting!

Festival Pass / 3 days / 19 euro
Tickets available at:

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am krögel 2, berlin... Facebook FB event

Foodart - Streetfood & Art Festival @Prägewerk

In Berlin, 18.07.2015 10:001 - 19.07.2015 22:001

Art, music, theatre & food , exhibitions, short theatre performances & food from all over the world

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fürstenwalder damm 838, berli... http://www.jugenddorf-berlin.d... Facebook FB event

MIT DIR am Müggelsee - electronic music festival @Jugenddorf am Müggelsee

In Berlin, 10.07.2015 16:001 - 13.07.2015 2:001

Live DJ sets on various outdoor and indoor floors, live bands, workshops & performances - just outside the city between the forest and the lake

@Jugenddorf am Müggelsee

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plynarni 23, 170 00, Prague... Facebook FB event

Cross Street Open Air 2015

In Prague, 18.07.2015 14:001 - 19.06.2015 7:001

Cross Street Open Air 2015 is festival right infront of the Cross Club, where You can see different tribes of the urban life_join, look or just let go and enjoy Your beer at the garden...program for the festival includes:

SK8 & BMX contest
Graffneck Graffiti wall
Fashion Street Market
Screenprint Workshop by XYZ project
Cross Village

later on dnb party at the cross club main stage and bass stage at the basement_

entrance for the festival is free_afterparty TBA, so check out the links*

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Ke Sklarne 3213/15, 150 00, Pr... Facebook FB event

City Surfer 8th Anniversary // electro @ MeetFactory

In Prague, 07.08.2015 22:001 - 08.08.2015 6:001

A massive celebration of City Surfer collective's anniversary, in a hyper-family setting. The premiere of four new projects with four half-bizarre guests. Pure magic at this hoods' best backyard.

presale 150 CZK /  at the door 190 CZK

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Nabrezi Ludvika Svobody, 110 0... Facebook

Matrix // movie @ U bukanyra

In Prague, 15.07.2015 21:301 - 15.07.2015 23:301

Must see movie, wich might change Your life...depends on wich pill are You willing to screening at the houseboat club U bukanyra with good beer - smaller brewery and foosball aswell...good start of the night runaround the city...


GPS 50°5′36.69″N, 14°25′39.787″E

free entrance

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Braće Krsmanović 6-8, 11000 ... Facebook FB event

BEER STREET // mini festival of crafted beer and jazz music @ Savamala

In Belgrade, 03.07.2015 17:001 - 05.07.2015 23:551

A day spent within the stands of beer, enjoying the beer promotions, Berliner susages, wings, fish&chips, famous pretzels, and with all that - jazz music, on the street!

The performers will be some famous Serbian jazz musicians, every day from 17h to 1 o;clock after midnight.

You will b e able to enjoy different tastes of beer: Kabinet, Hoegaarden, Leffe, Blue Moon, Doom Bar, Worthington’s, Franciscan Well, La Choufe, Schneider, WeiheStephaner, Brew Dog, Worthington's White Shield...

Posted by: Beograd-Zeljko

sonnenallee 221, berlin... Facebook FB event

Magic Waves - electronic music festival @Griessmuehle

In Berlin, 10.07.2015 20:001 - 13.07.2015 6:001

A spectacular line-up of genre-defying proportions that is sure to kick your summer off in a whirlwind 3-day non-stop musical adventure of the highest order! Some of the freshest synth and disco innovators of today brought together with some of electronic music's finest veteran pioneers.

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Kazimierza Wielkiego 19a, Wroc... Facebook FB event

15. International Film Festival Nowe Horyzonty @ Kino Nowe Horyzonty

In Wroclaw, 23.07.2015 18:001 - 02.08.2015 22:001

Our favourite Film Fest is on! There will be shown films straightway from Rotterdam, Cannes, Venice, Berlin or Locarno. There will be held international contests, contemporary art house films masters presented and discoveries: Latvia, Sarunas Bartas, Philippe Garrel, Tadeusz Konwicki, The Third Eye #selfie, Midnight Madness, Screenings at the Market Square, Yasmine Hadman's concert and many other attractions.

Best option to visit WRO in summer.

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Wyspa Slodowa, Wroclaw... Facebook FB event

Board games island @ Slodowa Island

In Wroclaw, 09.08.2015 13:001 - 09.08.2015 19:001

Every summer Sunday will be devoted to board games on Słodowa Island - one of Wroclawian's favourite outdoor area. Come by, see what's here and play! Over 60 board games as a "standard set" and different themes on different weeks: party, quiz, outdoor, card, logic, family, adventure and many many more, changing every week!

free entry

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Wyspa Slodowa, Wroclaw... Facebook FB event

Board games island @ Slodowa Island

In Wroclaw, 05.07.2015 13:001 - 05.07.2015 19:001

Every summer Sunday will be devoted to board games on Słodowa Island - one of Wroclawian's favourite outdoor area. Come by, see what's here and play! Over 60 board games as a "standard set" and different themes on different weeks: party, quiz, outdoor, card, logic, family, adventure and many many more, changing every week!

free entry

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Wyspa Slodowa, Wroclaw... Facebook FB event

Board games island @ Slodowa Island

In Wroclaw, 12.07.2015 13:001 - 12.07.2015 19:001

Every summer Sunday will be devoted to board games on Słodowa Island - one of Wroclawian's favourite outdoor area. Come by, see what's here and play! Over 60 board games as a "standard set" and different themes on different weeks: party, quiz, outdoor, card, logic, family, adventure and many many more, changing every week!

free entry

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Wyspa Slodowa, Wroclaw... Facebook FB event

Board games island @ Slodowa Island

In Wroclaw, 19.07.2015 13:001 - 19.07.2015 19:001

Every summer Sunday will be devoted to board games on Słodowa Island - one of Wroclawian's favourite outdoor area. Come by, see what's here and play! Over 60 board games as a "standard set" and different themes on different weeks: party, quiz, outdoor, card, logic, family, adventure and many many more, changing every week!

free entry

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an der schillingbrücke 3, ber... Facebook FB event Festival @YAAM

In Berlin, 17.07.2015 21:001 - 19.07.2015 6:301

Line Up:
Inner Circle
Raggabund aka Caramelo Criminal - Jahcoustix
Exco Levi "Official Page" - Tydal Music - Mellow Mark
Longfingah - Tóke (Acoustic Set) - sattatree - CheRas (HdK) - Chris Toppa + Special Guest

DJs / Sounds:
Ashne - Bandulero - Barney Millah - CityLock - Count Shortleg - Don Vido - Hardy Digital - Highscore - Joscha (Silly Walks Disco) – Leo - Lou Large - RAW D - Richie Ranks - RootsRocket - Sammy Dread - Selecta Fob - Sensi Movement – Selekta Mik - Soca Twins - Solid Ground - Soundfigta - SmallmanReggaetainment Reggaetainment – Threeks - Triple D – Up2Yuh

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Savski Kej BB, 11000 Belgrade,... Facebook FB event

FESRAM - International festival of crappy music @ 20/44

In Belgrade, 07.07.2015 22:001 - 08.07.2015 4:001

FESRAM is the international festival of crappy music, that took place in Belgrade for several years. This yeras' line up is: 

22:00 DJ SEX
01:00 MR. ADNAN
02:30 COA SMOR

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Tor motocrossowy Wschowa, wsch... Facebook FB event

Burning Sun || Reggae Festival @ Kacze Doly, Wschowa

In Wroclaw, 16.07.2015 17:001 - 19.07.2015 8:001

Not exactly in Wrocław, but if you're around and you like rasta-rhythms it's definitely not too far to visit! 3 days of peace, love and good vibes in a cool area only 100 kms from WRO, together with loads of positive freaks! 3 stages, all-round dancing and some of hottest (burning!) Polish bands on stage!

Ticket: FREE

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Ada Ciganlija lake, 11000 Belg... Facebook FB event

BEER GARDEN / ORTHODOX CELTS // live celtic music @ Ada Ciganlija

In Belgrade, 10.07.2015 21:001 - 10.07.2015 0:001

Orthodox Celts is a Serbian band which plays Irish folk music combined with rock elements. Despite their uncharacteristic genre in country, the band is one of the top acts of the Serbian rock scene and has influenced several younger Serbian bands. The band is opening the Beer Garden festival, festival with over 150 different beers and live music every night. The festival lasts from 10th July till 11th of August.

The support group will be the Belgradian group Cassidy's Brewery which finds the inspiration also in Celtic music.

Free admission

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Ada Ciganlija lake, 11000 Belg... Facebook FB event

BEER GARDEN // Sirova koza ( Raw Hide) @ Ada Ciganlija

In Belgrade, 14.07.2015 21:001 - 14.07.2015 0:001

Raw Hide ( Sirova koza) is one of the most popular rhytm and blues bands in Serbia. The leader of the band Jovan Ilic, has performed with many bands before, so he started exploring traditional and temporary aspects of the blues music. The band has a well - coordinated live performance, because of the many live gigs they had. In the many years of their existance, they have formed an image of a club band, but they also participate at many festivals. 


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rummelsburger landstr 2, berli... http://www.rummelsburg-berlin.... Facebook FB event

Watergate Open Air - electronic music festival @Rummelsburg

In Berlin, 26.07.2015 12:001 - 26.07.2015 22:001

LINE-UP Pan-Pot - Crew Love presents Soul Clap | Wolf + Lamb | PillowTalk Live - Sebo K - Marco Resmann - La Fleur - Matthias Meyer - Ruede Hagelstein Live - Abby System Live

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cuvrystr 7, berlin... Facebook FB event

Stateless Society Fest 3 - Hardcore Day @Lido Berlin

In Berlin, 31.07.2015 18:001 - 01.01.1970 1:001

BIOHAZARD (Brooklyn, NY / Nuclear Blast)

BY THE GRACE OF GOD (US / past Victory Records band)

TRIAL (Seattle, WA / Panic Records)

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cuvrystr 7, berlin... Facebook FB event

Stateless Society Fest 3 - Metal Day @Lido Berlin

In Berlin, 01.08.2015 16:301 - 01.01.1970 1:001

TOXIC HOLOCAUST (Portland, Oregon / Relapse Records)

RAMMING SPEED (Boston / Richmond / NYC / Prosthetic Records)

DOWNFALL OF GAIA (Hamburg / Berlin / New York / Metal Blade Records)

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revaler str 99, berlin... http://www.cassiopeia-berlin.d... Facebook FB event


In Berlin, 30.07.2015 19:001 - 01.01.1970 1:001

Dirty Six Records proudly presents:

& Siberian Meat Grinder LP RELEASE PARTY

line up:
Death By Stereo (us) - GET DEAD (us) - Siberian Meat Grinder (ru) - Elvis Jackson (slo)

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Dworcowa 73, Pobiedna, Polska... FB event

Festival of Water @ Stacja Wolimierz

In Wroclaw, 24.07.2015 10:001 - 26.07.2015 23:351

If you're willing to do a little excursion from Wrocław, just a few kilometers away in an amazing STACJA WOLIMIERZ there's a 3-days long, amazing grasroot festival with amazing number of workshops, events, flea-market happenings, food, and--of course--music!

A short message from the organisers: Guests from all over the world ! Let's meet, hug, get to know each other, share experiences and HAVE FUN together!

For more details check their fb profile with a programme!

- 1 day of Festiwal - 5 Euro
- sleeping in tent on Station - 2,5 Euro
- visiting Festiwal - 2 Euro
- all 3 days with sleeping - 25 Euro
- free for workcamp people and for children

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Wyspa Slodowa, Wroclaw... Facebook FB event

Board games island @ Slodowa Island

In Wroclaw, 26.07.2015 13:001 - 26.07.2015 19:001

Every summer Sunday will be devoted to board games on Słodowa Island - one of Wroclawian's favourite outdoor area. Come by, see what's here and play! Over 60 board games as a "standard set" and different themes on different weeks: party, quiz, outdoor, card, logic, family, adventure and many many more, changing every week!

free entry

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Facebook FB event


In Berlin, 11.08.2015 21:001 - 15.08.2015 23:301


TUESDAY, 11. August
Location: été clothing, Bergmannstraße 18
9pm: International Shortfilm Awards & Concert
Famous surf film directors as well as local heros battle for the audiences shortfilm award. Join us for beer, barbecue and live music to kick off the NNO festival 2015.

WEDNESDAY 12. August
Location: Langbrett Shop, Kastanienallee 44
9pm: Uncharted Waters (AUS, 2013. R: Craig Griffin. 90 min.)
The life story of legendary australian surfer Wayne Lynch and his fight against the system.

THURSDAY, 13. August
Location: Freiluftkino-Mitte, Rosenthalerstraße 39
9pm: Bjørnøya (NOR, 2014. R: Inge Wegge. 90 min.)
Three brothers explore an isolated island north of the arctic circle in search for empty waves and amazing nature - from the director of the groundbreaking film "North of the Sun".

10.30pm: Cluster (AUS, 2015. R: Kai Neville. 60 min.)
Surfings state of the art! The hottest surfers shred fest, masterfully edited by Mr. Kai Neville ("Lost Atlas") to an eclectic soundtrack.

FRIDAY, 14. August
Location: Freiluftkino-Mitte

9pm: Peninsula (IT, 2014. R: Luca Merli. 70 min.)
The real documentary about surfing in Italy, its history and its present state. Entirely shot in 35mm, 16mm and super-8 film, contains exclusive archival footage and the best mediterranean waves you've ever seen!

10.30pm: Headache (D, 2015. R: Felix Gänsicke. 50 min.)
Headache is the first German surf film that was exclusively filmed in the wintery northern European hemisphere. Amazing surfing in Iceland, Scotland, Denmark and Germany by our local crew.
Baltic Battle Shortfilm Awards
The best surf shortfilms from scandinavia, germany and poland battle for the audience award.

SATURDAY, 15. August
Location: Strænd Festival, Arena Berlin.

8.15 pm: El Mar Mi Alma (AUS, 2012. Stephen Jones. 60 min.)
Shot entirely on 16mm, 'El Mar, Mi Alma' is a visual love song to the wave blessed land of Chile.

9.45pm: Spirit of Akasha (AUS, 2014. R: Andrew Kidman. 120 min.)
'Spirit of Akasha' celebrates the 40 year legacy of 'Morning of the Earth', the most influential surf film ever made.

*The screenings on tuesday and wednesday are free of charge.

été clothing
Bergmannstraße 18

Kastanienallee 44

Freiluftkino-Mitte (Kino-Central)
Rosenthalerstraße 39

Straend Festival (Arena Berlin/ Badeschiff)
Eichenstraße 4

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köpenicker str 70, mitte, ber... Facebook FB event

Berlin Atonal - experimental music festival @Berlin Atonal

In Berlin, 19.08.2015 20:001 - 23.08.2015 23:551

Outside The Dream Syndicate [Live]
SUMS: Kangding Ray + Barry Burns (Mogwai) [Live] - World Premiere
Alessandro Cortini + Lawrence English [Live] - World Premiere
Shackleton presents Powerplant [Live] - World Premiere
Alessandro Cortini presents Sonno [Live A/V]
Ugandan Methods (Regis + Ancient Methods) [Live]
Clock DVA [Live A/V]
Max Loderbauer + Jacek Sienkiewicz [Live] - World Premiere
Varg present Ivory Towers [Live A/V] - World Premiere
David Borden + The Mother Mallard Ensemble [Live]
Paul Jebanasan + Tarik Barri present Continuum [Live A/V] - World Premiere
Shed [Live A/V] - World Premiere
Lustmord [Live A/V]
Mike Parker [Live A/V]
Powell [Live A/V]
Samuel Kerridge presents Fatal Light Attraction [Live A/V] - World Premiere
Peder Mannerfelt [Live A/V]
Abdulla Rashim presents Lundin Oil [Live A/V]
Varg [Live A/V]
Bitstream [Live]
Acronym [Live A/V]
Puce Mary [Live A/V]
Vit Fana [Live A/V]
Roly Porter [Live A/V]
Ellen Arkbro [Live A/V]
Yair Elazar Glotman [Live A/V]
John Bence [Live]
Russell Haswell [HDJ]
Moritz Von Oswald
Not Waving [Live]
Blood Music [Live]
Fis [Live A/V]
Mannerfelt + Grindvik
Head High
DeepChord [Live]
Mark Verbos [Live]
Goth Trad
Skarn [Live]
Greener [Live]
Talker [Live]
Tarcar [Live]
Bryan Kasenic
Willie Burns
Anton Zap
Ena [Live A/V]
Chra [Live]
Ryo Murakami [Live]
WSR [Live]
Skee Mask

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am wriezener bahnhof, berlin... Facebook FB event

POP-KULTUR - music/arts festival @Berghain

In Berlin, 26.08.2015 17:001 - 28.08.2015 23:551

With its program comprising live concerts, performances, talks, and readings by more than 60 acts ‚Pop-Kultur‘ shines a light on Berlin’s busy scene while meeting standards of internationality and diversity one can expect to experience in 2k15. And everything will take place within the impressive atmosphere of Berghain. All of the six venues are located on the grounds of the former GDR power station: Berghain itself, Panorama Bar, the cathedral-like Halle am Berghain, Kantine am Berghain, Schlackehalle and the Berghain coat check.

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Eichenstr 4, berlin... Facebook FB event

Decadence - electronic music festival @Arena

In Berlin, 29.08.2015 21:001 - 01.01.1970 1:001

"An extreme expression of elegance and diversity"



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strasse der pariser kommune 8,... Facebook FB event

Pure&Crafted - punk/rock music festival @Postbahnhof

In Berlin, 28.08.2015 16:001 - 30.08.2015 4:001

Friska Viljor | Mighty Oaks | Blood Red Shoes | Allah-Las

The Hives | Refused | Kitty Daisy & Lewis (official) | Talisco | ABAY | BRNS | Birth of Joy | Syd Arthur | Suns of Thyme

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Donji Grad, Kalemegdan, 11000 ... Facebook FB event


In Belgrade, 25.07.2015 18:001 - 26.07.2015 6:001

Stage One:

Kristijan Molnar is Dj, but also he have his own, very popular radio show. During the course of four diligent years, Kristijan has succeeded in bringing to light the latest and upcoming trends in electronic music, as well as promoting acclaimed international and domestic artists through numerous guest mixes and interviews. Whether its disco, Chicago house, deep techno, new wave, funk or soul, Christallization Radio Show broadcasts the music of the future through a fusion of dance music rhythms coming straight from worn out dance floors all around the world.

The Drifter


Stage Two:
Inn Espace by MKDSL



Water Cinema
Water Art
Water Exibitions


Ulaz: 400 RSD

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Festa Major de Gracia/ Music and food street festival @ Gracia

In Barcelona, 15.08.2015 14:001 - 21.08.2015 2:001

Yearly street festival in the GRACIA neighborhood with decorated streets, live music and street food. Six days of traditional cultural activities, concerts, DJs and fire runs with fireworks. A city summer highlite. 


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revaler str 99, berlin... Facebook FB event

KRAKE Festival - electronic music festival @Urban Spree

In Berlin, 03.08.2015 18:001 - 10.08.2015 21:001

Berlin based fes­ti­val for chal­leng­ing elec­tronic music with artists who dare to step off the beaten track and kick your ass. A fes­ti­val for music lovers.
A week of adventurous live sets, banging dj sets, thrilling body performances, sound, video and laser installations, a record label market, music production workshops & much, much more.

Line up:


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eichenstr 4, berlin... Facebook

25th Tattoo Convention Berlin @Arena

In Berlin, 07.08.2015 15:001 - 09.08.2015 20:001

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Wyspa Slodowa, Wroclaw... Facebook FB event

Board games island @ Slodowa Island

In Wroclaw, 02.08.2015 13:001 - 02.08.2015 19:001

Every summer Sunday will be devoted to board games on Słodowa Island - one of Wroclawian's favourite outdoor area. Come by, see what's here and play! Over 60 board games as a "standard set" and different themes on different weeks: party, quiz, outdoor, card, logic, family, adventure and many many more, changing every week!

free entry

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Klandorfer Straße 28, Marienw... Facebook FB event

SECRETS FESTIVAL - Food/Art/Music @Marienwerder

In Berlin, 14.08.2015 10:001 - 16.08.2015 23:001



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eichenstr 4, berlin... Facebook FB event

STRAEND FESTIVAL - music/art/food @Arena

In Berlin, 15.08.2015 14:001 - 16.08.2015 5:001

A summer day by the water. Concerts. Surf Culture. Art Exhibitions. Open Air Cinema. Workshops. Market Place. Food Court.

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Kampa, 110 00, Prague... FB event

KampART // urban.festival @ Kampa

In Prague, 05.09.2015 12:001 - 05.09.2015 22:001


Jay Haze // Cocoon, Contexterrior, Desolat Music Group, USA)

Support DJs: Dj SCHWA, DJ Lumiere, Roman Rai, Total Woods, Honza Hutz


prague grafitti scene 1998:

prague grafitti scene 2014:


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Prague... Facebook FB event

Fetish Weekend // alternative @ Prague

In Prague, 15.10.2015 18:001 - 18.10.2015 23:451

Fetish Weekend Prague is a collection of events for people who don’t like to be restricted by conventions and are looking for new initiatives in dressing and intimate life.

whole festival ticket for 600czk

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letna, 170 00, prague... Facebook
Usce, Bulevar Mihajla Pupina 4... Facebook FB event

Belgrade Beer Fest / Day Two @ Usce

In Belgrade, 20.08.2015 19:001 - 21.08.2015 3:001

Belgrade Beer Fest™ is on average, the biggest beer festival in Southeastern Europe. Within 5 days, over 500.000 people visit the festival. The large number of visitors is mostly due to basic festival principles: free entrance, an exceptional music program, and a wide range of foreign and domestic beer brands.

Schedule for Thursday  

1. Bolesna Štenad SRB 19:00 - 19:45
2. Who See MNE 20:00 - 20:40
3. Rundek Cargo Trio HRV 21:00 - 22:15
4. Bad Copy SRB 22:25 - 23:10
5. Babe SRB 23:20 - 24:00
6. Chill Out   00:15 - 02:00


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Usce, Bulevar Mihajla Pupina 4... Facebook FB event

Belgrade Beer Fest / Day Three @ Usce

In Belgrade, 21.08.2015 19:001 - 22.08.2015 3:001

Belgrade Beer Fest™ is on average, the biggest beer festival in Southeastern Europe. Within 5 days, over 500.000 people visit the festival. The large number of visitors is mostly due to basic festival principles: free entrance, an exceptional music program, and a wide range of foreign and domestic beer brands.

Schedule for Friday:

1. Ničim Izazvan SRB 19:00 - 19:30
2. Legende SRB 19:45 - 20:30
3. Kristali SRB 20:45 - 21:30
4. Kerber SRB 21:45 - 22:45
5. Samostalni Referenti SRB 22:55 - 23:25
6. Brkovi HRV 23:35 - 00:30
7. DJ Sandy Rivera USA 00:30 - 02:00
8. Chill Out   02:15 - 03:30



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Usce, Bulevar Mihajla Pupina 4... Facebook FB event

Belgrade Beer Fest / Day Four @ Usce

In Belgrade, 22.08.2015 19:001 - 23.08.2015 3:001

Belgrade Beer Fest™ is on average, the biggest beer festival in Southeastern Europe. Within 5 days, over 500.000 people visit the festival. The large number of visitors is mostly due to basic festival principles: free entrance, an exceptional music program, and a wide range of foreign and domestic beer brands.

Schedule for Saturday:

1. Artan Lili SRB 19:00 - 19:45
2. Vampiri SRB 20:00 - 20:50
3. Galija SRB 21:00 - 22:15
4. Kraak & Smaak LIVE NED 22:15 - 23:15
5. Orthodox Celts SRB 23:15 - 00:15
6. Davorin Bogović HRV 00:20 - 01:00
7. Dejan Petrović Big Band SRB 01:10 - 02:00
8. Chill Out   02:15 - 03:30


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Usce, Bulevar Mihajla Pupina 4... Facebook FB event

Belgrade Beer Fest / Day Five @ Usce

In Belgrade, 23.08.2015 19:001 - 24.08.2015 3:001

Belgrade Beer Fest™ is on average, the biggest beer festival in Southeastern Europe. Within 5 days, over 500.000 people visit the festival. The large number of visitors is mostly due to basic festival principles: free entrance, an exceptional music program, and a wide range of foreign and domestic beer brands.

Schedule for Sunday:

1. Dingospo Dali - Winner of BRM Festival SRB 18:00 - 18:40
2. Zemlja Gruva SRB 19:00 - 19:45
3. Neverne bebe SRB 20:00 - 21:00
4. Kiki Lesendrić i Piloti & Luminize SRB, HRV 21:15 - 23:00
5. Pips, Chips & Videoclips HRV 23:15 - 24:00
6. Awarding Ceremony   00:15 - 00:45
7. Chill Out   00:50 - 02:00

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oberbaumbrücke, berlin... Facebook FB event

Berlin Street Music Stage - live music @Oberbaumbrücke

In Berlin, 28.08.2015 14:001 - 29.08.2015 23:001

We want to invite all of you to share two amazing days with us and enjoy performances by real Berlin Street Musicians!

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mühlenstr, berlin friedrichsh... Facebook FB event

East Side Music Days - street music festival @East Side Gallery

In Berlin, 28.08.2015 15:001 - 29.08.2015 22:001

The East Side Music Days are Berlin’s new and free-of-charge streetmusic festival. On 28 and 29 August, the festival brings together some of the best, most bizarre, most entertaining and most surprising performances and artists on various spots at East Side Park and Oberbaumbrücke. Discover new, hand-made and extraordinary music beyond big festival stages and massive shows while enjoying tasty food and refreshing drinks. Some of Berlin’s best food trucks will treat you with a fine selection of exotic, fresh and local snacks on our Street Food Market.

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laskerstr 5, berlin... Facebook FB event

Morbid Catacombs Fest - live metal @Tiefgrund

In Berlin, 04.09.2015 18:001 - 06.09.2015 2:001


18:30 - 19:00 SEPULCHRAL VOICES (bel)
19:25 - 19:55 GRAVEYARD GHOUL (ger)
20:20 - 20:50 BONES (bel)
21:15 - 22:00 SCHAFOTT (ger)
22:25 - 23:10 NOCTURNAL WITCH (ger)
23:35 - 00:20 NECROCURSE (swe)
00:45 - ??? EVIL INVADERS (bel)


18:30 - 19:00 TRACER (ger)
19:25 - 19:55 TORTURERAMA (bel)
20:20 - 20:50 WITCH TRAIL (bel)
21:15 - 22:00 BUNKER 66 (ita)
22:25 - 23:10 DEATHRONATION (ger)
23:35 - 00:20 VAMPIRE (swe)
00:45 - ??? HEAVYDEATH (swe)

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vor dem schlesischen tor 2, be... Facebook FB event

Dazed - The Big Sunday! - techno party @IPSE

In Berlin, 06.09.2015 16:001 - 07.09.2015 6:001

Magic Sunday!

Special Guest [Code Is Law]
Tender Games (live) [SUOL]
Special Guest(live) [mobilee records / Einmusika Recordings]
Janzon. [Code Is Law]
Momo Léon [Dazed & Confused Records]
Jan Häusler [Praegewerk | Im Rausch mit Freunden]

+ Friend


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eisenbahnstr 42, berlin... Facebook FB event

Berlin Coffee Festival @Markthalle Neun

In Berlin, 04.09.2015 9:001 - 06.09.2015 18:001

Roasters, brewers and the standard-bearers for a new coffee culture. Coffee for everybody!

Sausage & Beer, Cheese, the Sweets Market -- Markthalle Neun hosts a number of specialty markets that combine exactly that: excellent products and their hand-crafters. Small-scale structures that make the highest quality possible. A product culture full of knowledge and deep enjoyment in creation. It's not just about selling something. It's about sharing passion and knowledge for a product with others. And that's what the Berlin Coffee Festival is about. For three days. The best roasters in Europe are coming to Berlin, and the many great, committed coffee houses of this city are part of our festival family.

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platz der luftbrücke, berlin... Facebook FB event

LOLLAPALOOZA BERLIN 2015 - music festival @Flughafen Tempelhof

In Berlin, 12.09.2015 12:001 - 13.09.2015 23:001

SATURDAY, 12th September 2015

Main Stage 1
Macklemore & Ryan Lewis • Bastille • Parov Stelar Band
James Bay • San Cisco

Main Stage 2
Deichkind • FFS (Franz Ferdinand & Sparks) • Mighty Oaks
Everything Everything • RAZZ

Alternative Stage
The Libertines • Chvrches • Hot Chip • MS MR • Glass Animals
Parquet Courts • Joywave

Perry’s Stage
Fatboy Slim • Dog Blood (Skrillex & Boys Noize) • Digitalism
Perry Farrell • The 2 Bears • Hayden James • David K.

SUNDAY, 13th September 2015

Main Stage 1
Muse • Sam Smith • Belle & Sebastian
Stereophonics • Dawes

Main Stage 2
Seeed • Beatsteaks • My Morning Jacket
Brand New • Coasts

Alternative Stage
Tame Impala • Little Dragon • Run The Jewels
Crystal Fighters • Clean Bandit • Wolf Alice • Pond

Perry’s Stage
Martin Garrix • Dada Life • Robin Schulz • Kygo
Klangkarussell (DJ-Set) • Felix Jaehn

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lehrter str 35, berlin... http://www.kulturfabrik-moabit... Facebook FB event

Schall & Rauch Festival 2015 - street festival @Kulturfabrik Moabit

In Berlin, 12.09.2015 14:001 - 13.09.2015 22:001


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... FB event

SOUND & VISION | alternative music fest @Băneasa train station

In Bucharest, 18.09.2015 17:001 - 20.09.2015 23:591

3 days of alternative culture & music, 100% Romanian! While you're in town, check out the most beloved indie/alternative/underground local bands, both instrumental & electronic, along with hip visual artists - all in the loving embrace of the Băneasa train station :)

Friday the 18th | ALTERNATIVE HIP HOP
Saturday the 19th | ALTERNATIVE ROCK

Check out the full line-up on the listed event page on Facebook.
Entrance is free, dancing is mandatory!

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... Facebook FB event

Balkanic ETNO film fest @Cinema Muzeul Țăranului

In Bucharest, 18.09.2015 19:301 - 20.09.2015 22:001

Hosted by the Museum of the Romanian Peasant, the 1st edition of this lovely balkan ethnology fest will have you entertained for 3 evenings with 12 short films, 2 premieres, 6 ethno-anthropology specialist & lots of film directorss to discuss and express your ideas on balkan culture today. 

... not to mention plenty of "voie bună" & "mare drag", whose meanings you can discover by joining in the gathering :)

~Entry is free, and so are you ~



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friedrichshain-kreuzberg, berl... Facebook FB event

Berlin Independent Night - live music @Various Locations

In Berlin, 26.09.2015 19:001 - 01.01.1970 1:001



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köpenicker str 70, berlin kre... Facebook FB event

Berlin Food Week - food festival @Kraftwerk

In Berlin, 28.09.2015 10:001 - 04.10.2015 20:001

From September 28th until October 4th, 2015, the city of Berlin transforms into a scrumptious paradise for foodies, professionals, gourmets and recreational chefs alike.

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revaler str 99, berlin... http://www.cassiopeia-berlin.d... Facebook FB event

AGGROPUNK FEST - live punk @Cassiopeia

In Berlin, 01.10.2015 19:001 - 01.01.1970 1:001

Präsentiert von Aggressive Punk Produktionen, OxFanzine, livegigs, Plastic Bomb Fanzine, Punkrock! Fanzine und Ugly Punk

Bei Bedarf

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kottbusser damm 22, berlin... Facebook FB event

Spanisches Filmfest - spanish film festival @Moviemento

In Berlin, 06.10.2015 19:001 - 11.10.2015 23:591

4th spanish film festival - movies, short films, documentaries

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rosa-luxemburg-str 30, berlin... Facebook FB event

Lakino - latin film festival @Babylon Mitte

In Berlin, 13.10.2015 20:001 - 18.10.2015 22:001

Latin American Film Festival Berlin - Once you go LAKINO you never go back

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Trg Nikole Pašića, Beograd, ... Facebook FB event

BeGeVege Festival @ Trg Nikole Pašića

In Belgrade, 04.10.2015 10:001 - 04.10.2015 22:001

Sunday festival of vegeterian food include: bunch of organic things for eating, special make ups (not tested on animals), animal-friendly clothes, workshops for kids, dance workshops, lectures etc etc. 

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Bulevar Zorana Đinđića 169,... Facebook FB event

12th European animated film festival BALKANIMA @ Studentski grad

In Belgrade, 06.10.2015 17:001 - 10.10.2015 22:001

12th European animated film festival BALKANIMA will be held from 6th till 10th of October 2015 at Culture centre “Studentski grad”. The biggest festival of animation in Belgrade will show more then 100 newest animated films and will host more then 30 guests from abroad. Audience will have a chance to see the best European short animated movies made in the last 2 years, but also a rich side program that will include 2 author exhibitions of comic and illustration, a retrospective of Slovenian and Greek animation, as well as a workshop on the topic of “stop trick” animation led by Milos Tomic. 

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cuvrystr 7, berlin... Facebook FB event

Sick & Tired fest @punk festival @Lido

In Berlin, 23.10.2015 19:001 - 24.10.2015 6:001

HAMMERHEAD - thee german hc/punk legends!!!
SVFFER - ultraviolent hc/grind from münster/berlin
SNIFFING GLUE - 80s westcoast-hc-punk style feat. abfukk members
KÜKEN - snotty garagepunk feat. kidnappers members
DER FEIND - inyourface marinecore vom kreuzberg

&afterparty with DJs Victoria van Violence, Daniel Descendent (Sonic Ballroom Cologne), Alvar Raw Beat (Sick Horse / Needle Exchange), Gin Sonic (Nervous Breakout) & Mr.Popp.

plenty of stalls with merch, records, vegan food, etc.

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nansenstr 22, berlin... Facebook FB event

CHERRY PICKS: A monthly showcase of new international short films @Il Kino

In Berlin, 21.10.2015 19:001 - 01.01.1970 1:001


A new monthly film night dedicated to the art of the short film

19:00 Drinks Reception
20:00 Introduction & Screening

Advanced Tickets:
€8 / €7 students

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Dom omladine, Beograd, Srbija... FB event

Belgrade Jazz Festival - Day One @ Dom Omladine

In Belgrade, 28.10.2015 19:001 - 29.10.2015 1:001

Line Up: 



Vladimir Kostadinović “Mindedness”

Tickets: 500/700 RSD

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Dom omladine, Beograd, Srbija... FB event

Belgrade Jazz Festival - Day Two @ Dom Omladine

In Belgrade, 29.10.2015 19:001 - 30.10.2015 1:001

Line Up: 

Jelena Jovović Jazz Junction (Serbia)

James Brandon Lewis (USA)

Tony Malaby’s TubaCello (USA)

Susana Santos Silva Quintet (Sweden)

Tickets: 1000/1500 RSD

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Dom omladine, Beograd, Srbija... FB event

Belgrade Jazz Festival - Day Three @ Dom Omladine

In Belgrade, 30.10.2015 19:001 - 31.10.2015 1:001

Line Up: 

Dorantes “Interaccion” (Spain)

Miguel Zenon Quartet (USA)

Tickets: 1.000 /1.200 din./1.500 RSD

Lia Pale: „My Poet’s Love“ (Austria)

Francesco Cafiso Sextet: La banda (Italia)

Tickets: 800 /1000 RSD

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revaler str 99, berlin... http://www.cassiopeia-berlin.d... Facebook FB event


In Berlin, 01.11.2015 15:001 - 01.01.1970 1:001



Special Guests from Brazil: PAURA (Hardcore / São Paulo)

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schaperstr 24, berlin... http://www.berlinerfestspiele.... Facebook FB event

Jazzfest Berlin @Berliner Festspiele

In Berlin, 05.11.2015 19:301 - 08.11.2015 22:301

Jazzfest Berlin begins its second half-century by taking a step into the future and asking the question: what is jazz today, and what will it become? This year’s programme is intended to reflect the continued development of a music whose influence is increasingly felt far beyond its own borders, presenting performers united by a single characteristic: the desire to move forward.

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Dom omladine, Beograd, Srbija... FB event

Belgrade Jazz Festival - Day Four @ Dom Omladine

In Belgrade, 31.10.2015 19:001 - 01.11.2015 1:001

Line Up: 

Christof Lauer & Big Band RTS - Petite Fleur - Tribute to Sidney Bechet (Germany/Serbia)
Tickets: 800 RSD

Hiromi Trio (Japan/USA)
Tickets: 1.500 // 1.200 // 800 RSD

Rudresh Mahanthappa “Bird Calls” (USA)

The Firebirds (Denmark)

Tickets: 800 // 1000 RSD

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Revaler str 99, berlin... http://www.cassiopeia-berlin.d... Facebook FB event

POOR & WEIRD - punk rock festival @ Cassiopeia

In Berlin, 06.11.2015 20:001 - 01.01.1970 1:001

cassiopeia, Incognito Records, Wanda Records, Muttis Booking, Bazooka Booking, Ox Fanzine & present...


GIN-SONIC (Nervous Breakout)

spinning 70sPunk // Powerpop // HighEnergy R´n´R

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60-64 General Henri M. Berthel... FB event

Old Music Festival // Bach By Night @Sala Radio

In Bucharest, 28.11.2015 19:001 - 01.01.1970 1:001

The Bucharest Festival of Old Music will come to an end with this last classical music concert. Tonight, it's all about J.S. Bach - performed by the baroque ensemble "Il Gardellino” founded in '88.

Tickets cost 120 / 80 / 60 / 20 lei, depending on the category and can be acquired here:

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3 Monetariei... FB event

TribalFestBucharest #3 // dance shows & workshops @Clubul Taranului Roman

In Bucharest, 07.11.2015 18:301 - 06.11.2015 21:301

Live dance performances from all over the world ♦ live music by Django Sound Trio.
♦ Guest dancers Haza Nadyka (FR) and Natalie N. Hagge (DE)
♦ If you wish to participate in dance workshops, visit

♦ Tickets: 35 lei | can be purchased at the gate ♦

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... Facebook FB event

Hospitality Romania 2015 // d'n'b fest @Arenele Romane

In Bucharest, 21.11.2015 22:001 - 01.01.1970 1:001

A serious Drum'n'Bass event... party all night long with:

♦ LineUP: MADUK | nu:tone | Krakota ♦ hosted by Mc RUTHLESS

Tickets: TBA

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... FB event

Metropolis Contemporary Art Festival @Herăstrău Park

In Bucharest, 03.11.2015 14:001 - 08.11.2015 23:001

A pretty serious culture fest, ranging from visual arts exhibitions by various artists, to alternative music performed live, local DJs too, independent theatre groups, all building together this lovely outdoor festival in Herastrau Park, Bucharest's largest green space...

♦ location: Herastrau Park, from Charles de Gaulle entrance (can be reached by metro - Aviatorilor station) all through to Expo Flora
♦ you can check out more info on their event page, listed below
♦ free happening :) come & enjoy

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28 Calea Grivitei... Facebook FB event

ArtFactory // alternative city tour & culture fest @Make A Point

In Bucharest, 06.11.2015 16:001 - 08.11.2015 18:301

ArtFactory Festival aims to raise awareness over a few old abandoned - once glorious & productive - buildings in the Pantelimon area (a zone with not such a shiny reputation, but that holds hidden gems). This part of the festival is a guided tour through the neighbourhood, exploring some not so obvious treasures, old industrial buildings and churches. 

♦ free tour ♦

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77 Dacia Boulevard... FB event

UrbanEye Film Festival #2 @Elvira Popescu Cinema

In Bucharest, 11.11.2015 19:301 - 15.11.2015 22:001

An alternative film festival that brings a fresh perspective on architecture & the places we live in, both in Romania & around the world.

More information & program:

Tickets: 75 lei full festival pass / 15 lei singular event
→ to be bought at Elvira Popescu Cinema & online @

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55 Calea Grivitei... FB event

Love Is In The Art // projection movies about love @J'ai Bistrot

In Bucharest, 13.11.2015 19:001 - 15.11.2015 22:001

"Love is in the Art", a celebration of the way love is depicted in different art forms <3

♦ On screen:
Happy Happy. 2010 Norway. 88'

Io sono l'amore. 2009 Italy. 120'
Hasta la Vista. 2011 Belgium. 112'

Free entry.

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3-5 Soseaua Grozavesti... FB event

November To Dismember 2015 // metal fest @Quantic Pub 2

In Bucharest, 27.11.2015 17:001 - 01.01.1970 1:001

3rd edition of November to Dismember metal fest in Bucharest!! lots of names, legends as well as newcomers from all over the world. Check out the epic line up on the Facebook event page listed below.

♦ TICKETS: 50 lei (available at the door only)

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invalidenstr 117, berlin... http://www.kunstfabrik-schlot.... Facebook FB event

Italian Jazz Festival @Kunstfabrik Schlot

In Berlin, 26.11.2015 21:301 - 28.11.2015 23:591

Th. Nov. 26th - Daniele Gorgone Quartet (21.30 Uhr) €12/10
Mainstream Jazz

Daniele Gorgone - piano
Walter Gauchel - saxophones
Carmelo Leotta - bass
Andrea Marcelli - drums


Fr. Nov. 27th - Homage to Ennio Morricone (21.30 Uhr) €12/10
Film Music meets Jazz

Walter Gauchel - saxophones
Ludovico Fulci - piano
Alessandro Fedrigo - bass
Andrea Marcelli - drums


Sa. Nov. 28th Frank Pilato Sextet "Stories" - Album Release
Contemporary Jazz (21.30 Uhr) €12/10

Frank Pilato - electric guitar
Tobias Relenberg - tenor sax
Ludovico Fulci - piano and Fender Rhodes piano
Carmelo Leotta - bass
Andrea Marcelli - drums
Philippe Ciminato - congas and percussion

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Makedonska 22, 11000 Belgrade,... Facebook FB event

REZ | Film Festival | REZ ON BERLIN - Day One @ Dom Omladine

In Belgrade, 13.11.2015 20:001 - 14.11.2015 0:001

TkH is an independent (institutionally non-aligned, extra-academic) platform for performing theoretical-artistic activism. It is initiated and run by the editorial collective TkH whose members are theorists and artists coming from performance theory and practice, theater, cinema, and visual arts. They organize annual experimental film festival. 


LIOR SHAMRIZ, Before the Flowers of Friendship Faded Friendship Faded, 2007, 7'

CINÉMA COPAINS, Fictions and Futures #1, 2015, 30'

GUILLAUME CAILLEAU, Laborat, 2014, 21'

RENÉ FRÖLKE, Führung, 2011, 37'

LIOR SHAMRIZ, L’Amour Sauvage, 2014, 25min

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Makedonska 22, 11000 Belgrade,... Facebook FB event

REZ | Film Festival | REZ ON BERLIN - Day Two @ Dom Omladine

In Belgrade, 14.11.2015 12:001 - 14.11.2015 22:001

TkH is an independent (institutionally non-aligned, extra-academic) platform for performing theoretical-artistic activism. It is initiated and run by the editorial collective TkH whose members are theorists and artists coming from performance theory and practice, theater, cinema, and visual arts. They organize annual experimental film festival.


12.00 RENÉ FRÖLKE:Jeremy Y. call Bobby O. oder Morgenthau Without Tears, 2012, 83'

14.00 _ LABOR BERLIN, discusion

15.00 _ CINÉMA COPAINS, In Arbeit / In the works, 2012, 96'

18.00 _ GUILLAUME CAILLEAU: performance + short films + discusion

20:00 __ LIOR SHAMRIZ, Cancelled Faces, 2015, 80'

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Makedonska 22, 11000 Belgrade,... Facebook FB event

REZ | Film Festival | REZ ON BERLIN - Day Three @ Dom Omladine

In Belgrade, 15.11.2015 15:001 - 15.11.2015 22:001

TkH is an independent (institutionally non-aligned, extra-academic) platform for performing theoretical-artistic activism. It is initiated and run by the editorial collective TkH whose members are theorists and artists coming from performance theory and practice, theater, cinema, and visual arts. They organize annual experimental film festival.


15.00 __ CINÉMA COPAINS, Jarmark Europa, 2004, 115' + discusion

18.00 __ LIOR SHAMRIZ, Japan Japan, 2006, 65' + The Night, 2015, 7' + discusion

20.00 _ RENÉ FRÖLKE, Le beau danger, 2014, 100' + discusion

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... Facebook FB event

Metalhead Meeting 2016 // metal fest @Arenele Romane

In Bucharest, 03.06.2016 17:001 - 05.06.2016 23:591

Hardcore fest, featuring local artists as well as international groups, both acknowledged & up coming. More info about the line up & program @

Location: at the Roman Arenas, inside Carol Park (see map linked here)

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Dom Omladine, Beograd, Srbija... Facebook

GREEN FEST @ Dom Omladine

In Belgrade, 18.11.2015 12:001 - 21.11.2015 0:001


The 6th GREEN FEST to be held from 18th to 20th November 2015 in the Dom Omladine Belgrade. In the revue film program seven films will be screened – the multiple award-winners at international festivals worldwide: Just Eat It, Virunga, Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret, BIKES vs CARS, Planetary, Revolution and The Age of Stupid.

Admission is free, but due to limited capacity of the halls it is necessary to book a ticket on the following link

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1 Piata Unirii... Facebook FB event

URBAN SOUNDS pres. Butch x Phil Weeks & more // electronic fest @TY Event Hall

In Bucharest, 04.12.2015 20:001 - 07.12.2015 23:591

Electronic music fest in the heart of the city!! Local artists as well as international names to boogie to for 4 days 'n' nights... check out the full line up on the event page listed here. 

Festival pass: 90 lei @ | One day pass: 40 lei @ the door

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... Facebook FB event

UNDERCOLOR // dance fest & techno party @Arenele Romane

In Bucharest, 05.12.2015 22:001 - 01.01.1970 1:001

UNDERCOLOR is a concept event for the underground clubbing scene in Europe, bringing forth epic dance performances & a UV powered rave and mapping show!! feat. both international as well as some local artists. It was supposed to happen in Brussels, but moved to Bucharest due to the current situation there... but don't worry, we'll take good care of you!!

Line up:

Tickets (will be on sale ASAP):
45 Lei / 10 Euro, Regular pre-sale
60 Lei / 13 Euro, Regular at the door
80 Lei / 17,50 Euro, VIP pre-sale
100 Lei / 22 Euro, VIP at the door

* ID might be required! *
* As the whole venue will be UV decorated, reacting very strong under black light, we advice to wear sunglasses in case the eye comfort is affected! *

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gustav-adolf-str 2, berlin... http://www.ehemaliges-stummfil... Facebook FB event

Re:Fugee:ca x (ILL)LEGAL - migrant and refugee culture festival @ Ehemaliges Stummfilmkino Delphi Berlin

In Berlin, 29.11.2015 10:001 - 29.11.2015 22:001

RE:FUGEE:CA BAZAAR (Flea Market) 10:00 - 18:00
(ILL)LEGAL CABARET (Stage Show) 19:00 - 22:00
Entry on donation

Re:fugee:ca x (ILL)LEGAL is a migrant and refugee culture festival. Its main goal is to support our refugee and migrant neighbours and the organisations which help them (such as Refugees Work and Refugee Radio Network and more) through an event in which we can experience the unique and worthwhile talents and abilities these new Berliners bring with them to our city, at the same time giving them a platform to express themselves in their own voice with their own artistic output. Thought of as a fundraiser and solidarity event, profits will be donated to refugee organisations and directly to refugee participants themselves.

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revaler str 99, berlin... Facebook FB event

Pop Up Xmas Art Market! @ Urban Spree

In Berlin, 05.12.2015 12:001 - 06.12.2015 19:001

We invite you to a special weekend of Xmas festivities on December 5th & 6th!
Xmas pop up art store - A unique art market with activites where you can shop for Christmas in ultimate Urban Spree style!

Spice up your Winter! We launch a limited edition hot winter drink that we have been secretly elaborating in the past months with our partner OSTMOST and our artist friends!
Winterspree is certified 100% BIO, 100% vegan, and 100% Urban Spree! Drink it hot!

Last but not the least, Nico and his team are revving up the sound system and will bring you the best of the sound we've been working on with our Urban Spree DJs and friends all day, with live acts and DJs all night. Good vibrations, we want to see smiles all over the place!


Saturday 5.12 + Sunday 6.12

Saturday 5.12

Saturday 5.12

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kastanienallee 79, berlin... Facebook FB event

II. Hungarian Contemporary Dance Festival @ Dock 11

In Berlin, 07.12.2015 19:001 - 12.12.2015 22:001

7.12.2015, 19 Uhr
Hodworks: Conditions of being a mortal

8.12.2015, 19 Uhr
bodylotion co-dance: S t e p i n T i m e
Vadas-Vass: Eins für dich, eins für mich

9.12.2015, 19 Uhr
MU Terminal: Terra Toma

10.12.2015, 19 Uhr
Forte Társulat: Das große Heft

11.12.2015, 19 Uhr
Ferenc Fehér: Tao Te
Krisztián Gergye Társulat: Kokoschkas Puppe

12.12.2015, 10-22 Uhr
Urban Dance Day

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126 Calea Victoriei... Facebook FB event

Jazz Season @ACT Theatre

In Bucharest, 09.12.2015 19:001 - 01.01.1970 1:001

Musical ensembles Leru-i Ler & Florile Dalbe will be enchanting us in the unconventional setting of ACT Theatre, presenting a new concept called "jazz-act", that will totally take you off the rail road tracks. Presenting George Natsis – piano, Adrian Mircea Flautistu – contrabass, Vlad Popescu – drums & Robert Patai – vocals.

Tickets can be bought at the theatre and cost 35 lei.

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77 Bulevardul Dacia... Facebook FB event

International Festival of Psychoanalysis & Film IV

In Bucharest, 10.12.2015 18:001 - 13.12.2015 23:591

A film festival that urges us to go to the bottom of things in a psychoanalitic way. It will be screening movies & short films both Romanian & international. All screened films shall be followed by discussions with movie critics, actors, producers and psychoanalysts.

Check out the festival programme @

Tickets @

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veteranenstr 21, berlin... Facebook FB event


In Berlin, 13.12.2015 20:001 - 01.01.1970 1:001


Cherilyn Macneil (of DEAR READER)

City Slang celebrates its annual Christmas ball - mulled wine, cookies, raffle and as always, special guests: Cherilyn MacNeil of Dear Reader and Jimmy Trash (DJ)

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wilhelmstr 9, berlin... Facebook FB event

MORGENSTERN FEST - metal festival @ Tommyhaus

In Berlin, 18.12.2015 21:001 - 19.12.2015 23:001


Black Metal // Doom Fest
18 - 19.12.15












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danziger str 61, berlin... Facebook FB event

Battle Of Britain Brews - craft beer special @ Monterey Bar

In Berlin, 19.12.2015 18:001 - 23.12.2015 2:001

An all star line up of amazing UK beers. Starting this Saturday you can count down to Christmas with beers from all over the British Isles. These breweries have helped shape the UK craft beer scene, and we are excited to share brews with you from Brit heavyweights;

Siren Craft Brew Dippy & The Equinox / Ryesing Tides / Caribbean Chocolate Cake
Beavertown Brewery Yuzilla phantom / Black Betty
The Kernel Brewery India Pale Ale Centennial Simcoe / Citra Equinox
BrewDog Libertine
Summer Wine Brewery (SWB) Sucker Punch / Diablo
The Redchurch Brewery Old Ford

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... Facebook FB event

AIRFIELD FESTIVAL @Măgura Airdome, Sibiu

In Bucharest, 30.06.2016 10:001 - 03.07.2016 23:591

This epic festival takes place on an actual airfield in the Sibiu-Cisnadie region, in the heart of Transylvania. Alternative, electro, indietronica, hip hop, funky, BMX, skydiving & MORE, you'll find your thing for sure !! Check it out

Early bird tickets (limited): 100 lei @
Regular tickets: 289 lei


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65-67 Bulevardul Marasti... Facebook FB event


In Bucharest, 27.05.2016 16:001 - 29.05.2016 22:001

East European Comic Con is here!!! It's all about fantasy <3 comics, big scary warriors and super expanded eyes everywhere. You're favorite animés, mangas & some star appearances too! Not to mention the COSPLAY contest... ;) More info @

Tickets from 40 lei @



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revaler str 99, berlin... Facebook FB event


In Berlin, 23.01.2016 16:001 - 01.01.1970 1:001


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revaler str 99, berlin... Facebook FB event

Berlin X Reykjavik Festival 2016 - music festival @ Badehaus Szimpla Musiksalon

In Berlin, 21.01.2016 23:001 - 24.01.2016 2:001

Extreme Chill & XJAZZ presents:

Berlin X Reykjavik Festival 2016
Berlin 21-23 January

Berlin Program.

21.01 - Extreme Cill at Warschauer Str. 39-40.

18.00 - 21.00 - Beatmakin Troopa
21.00 - 00.00 - Arni Vector
Special guests. Jafet Melge & Ambátt
Free entrance.

22.01 - Badehaus Szimpla Musiksalon.

23.00 - 23.40 - Stereo Hypnosis
23.50 - 00.30 - Epic Rain
00.40 - 01.20 - Steve Sampling
01.30 - 02.10 - Mike Hunt Is Your Uncle

Eintritt: 10€ at the door.

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hasenheide 54, berlin... Facebook FB event

British Shorts – Film Festival @ Sputnik & other locations

In Berlin, 21.01.2016 19:001 - 25.01.2016 22:001

British Shorts is once more back in 2016 to present the most exciting, funniest, strangest and most thrilling short films from the home of dirty weather – Drama, comedy, thriller, animation, experimentals, docs, horror, science fiction and music videos straight from Great Britain and Ireland. Short film screenings, film workshop, concerts & parties (feat. BLACK CRACKER, JUSTINE ELECTRA, MISSES NEXT MATCH, PANIK & ENTSETZEN and MARTHA ROSE), talks, exhibition, open screening and a retrospective with the NFTS Animation (where Wallace & Gromit creator Nick Park studied) at Sputnik Kino, Acudkino, Badehaus Szimpla and City Kino Wedding in Berlin.


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an der urania 17, berlin... Facebook FB event

Japan Festival Berlin 2016 @ Urania

In Berlin, 23.01.2016 10:001 - 24.01.2016 18:001

Japan Festival Berlin: Art * Culture * * Lifestyle Tourism
Special Guest: Tokyo
@ Urania Berlin from 23 to 24 January 2016
80 exhibitors offer a unique variety of Japan
Opening times
Saturday, 01/23/2016: 10:00 - 20:00
Sunday, 01/24/2016: 10:00 - 18:00

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28 Ion Campineanu... Facebook FB event

Body Mind Spirit Expo XIX @Sala Palatului

In Bucharest, 19.02.2016 12:001 - 21.02.2016 18:001

It's the 19th edition of this free spirited festival :) Lots of stuff to try out, workshops to join & performances to enjoy... street dance, therapeutic music, self deffence demos, origami workshops & much more :) Check them out @

Free entry

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42 Coltei... FB event

Free Comic Book Day @Red Goblin

In Bucharest, 07.05.2016 12:001 - 01.01.1970 1:001

Free Comic Book Day started 15 years ago in Northe America and has set a date [1st Saturday of May] for an International comic book giveaway :) well ain't that cute? It's the 4th year that Red Goblin takes part in this act of love & sharing, so whoever you might be, if you are in need, come & you shall receive!

+++ free discussion with the local Comic Book Club
Free entry

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... Facebook FB event

ShortsUP Musicology // short film fest + live orchestra @Sala Radio

In Bucharest, 27.02.2016 20:001 - 27.02.2016 22:301

The National Symphonic Orchestra will be bringing to life a selection of some of the very first Romanian short films, in this lovely 2-day short film fest :) +musical shorts from Canada, USA & Australia to be screened. Check out the full program here:

Tickets: single evening 3o lei or 45 lei / 2 day pass 55 lei / 6o lei; online @

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11 Dianei Street... FB event

Mărțișor Fair // traditional Spring bazaar @Have a Cigar

In Bucharest, 27.02.2016 10:001 - 01.01.1970 1:001

The Martisor is celebrated on the 1st day of March as a symbol of rebirth, letting go of the cold season & coming into the light :) traditionally, people wear this little martisor [a small broche figurine] untill they see the first swallow fly by. You are welcome to check out this beautiful & colourful tradition, join in the love! Handcrafted martisor's, so nice you'll probably adopt the tradition :D

Free entry

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... Facebook FB event

Gărâna Jazz Festival #20 @Poiana Lupului

In Bucharest, 07.07.2016 8:001 - 11.07.2016 23:001

• 20 years of Gărâna Jazz Festival • dedicated to the magical world of jazz music & to a growing community raised in the spirit of wilderness & freedom of Garana’s picturesque setting <3 The musical events will be accompanied by film projections, photo exhibitions and other connected experiments [soon TBA]

Location: Poiana Lupului, Hanul La Răscruce and Catholic Church in Valiug Village

Line-up preview:
♦ FOOD, experimental jazz duo including British musician Iain Bellamy and Norwegian partner Thomas Strønen
♦ Nils Petter Molvær, pioneer of nu jazz.
♦ Louis Sclavis Trio, led by French musician Louis Sclavis
♦ Yuri Honing Acoustic Quartet (Holland)
♦ Enrico Rava (Italy)
♦ Kari Ikonen Trio Kari Ikonen Trio (Finland/ Armenia)
♦ Magnus Öström Band (Sweden)

Tickets: online starting April & on the spot

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Petrovaradinska tvrdava, Novi ... Facebook FB event

Exit Festival @ Petrovaradinska tvrdzava

In Belgrade, 07.07.2016 17:001 - 11.07.2016 7:001

More than 40 000 people from over 60 countries all over the world will pass through the gates of Exit festival! The craze for the festival reached an all-time high, and single-day tickets are threatened to be sold out soon. So, all those Exit fans who haven’t bought their tickets yet, better hurry!

The first campers are already trickling into EXIT Village; Novi Sad is packed with tourists; the stages are having their finishing touches put on… even the air is positively charged! It teemed with the pre-festival excitement that’s so unique - it was almost palpable in the streets of Novi Sad, noticed best in the evening hours. Youth Fair began on 5th July, while on Thursday 7th July, at 19h, the festival gates open welcoming over 1000 performers on almost 20 festival stages!

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Palić, Subotica, Serbia... Facebook FB event

Summer3p Festival 2016 @ Palic

In Belgrade, 21.07.2016 15:001 - 24.07.2016 2:001

The Summer3p Festival was initiated in 2003 with its primary goal to stir up the youth of Subotica and to offer them different and higher standard entertainment. S3P is located at the thermal pools near Lake Palic, which is a famous touristic destination in northern Serbia. In the first two years our festival was a single-day event, but the feedback of the audience was extremely positive (people wanted more), so we extended the festival period to 8 days in 2005. That move proved to be very successful and what started as a one-night party began to transform into a mini - festival. People were entertained by various DJs while having fun in the pool. They were also very active in various art workshops and sport competitions. The campaigns "STOP THE VIOLENCE!" and "PROTECT THE NATURE" were conducted during the festival. This summer the organizers have made efforts to provide even more interesting and more various types of programme for the visitors. There is around 30 foreign and domestic performers, djs, live acts. There is also a greater number of creative workshops and exciting side events.

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Braće Krsmanović 4, 11000 Be... Facebook FB event

Grad matinee special - Šušur Festival @ Kc Grad

In Belgrade, 24.07.2016 20:001 - 25.07.2016 0:001

On Sunday 24th July the Grad Matine represents you Šušur! Festival of riči from Korcula! As an overture to the festival, visitors will be able to enjoy Šušur music tbackground from the lab of already standard Šušur DJs!

Šušur!, festival on this fifth consecutive year brings literary treats for Korčula and regional audiences in the month of August. See you at the Grad garden on Sunday, and then we 're waiting for you on Korcula on August 7th !


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Braće Krsmanović 4, 11000 Be... Facebook FB event

Deli Monday - Pancevo Film Festival @ Kc Grad

In Belgrade, 29.08.2016 19:001 - 29.08.2016 23:001

Pančevo Film Festival is happening for the third time this September - from 7th to 11th. Films, divided in five selections, will be screened in different town locations. This year again, many guests, both participants and audience, will enjoy the film delicacies that PAFF has to offer.

This Delicates Monday, as the announcement of the festival, PAFF organizational team is preparing dishes from Tarantino movies. Movie gourmands will try white rice from 'Kill Bill'', ''Jackie Brown'''s Teriyaki chicken, as well as traditional Banat sweet, apple strudel, featured in ''Inglourious Basterds''.



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Deli Monday - Mad Head Games @ Kc Grad

In Belgrade, 05.09.2016 19:001 - 05.09.2016 23:001

We are about to embark upon the thrilling adventure of self-publishing, which inspired us to conquer a new field - cooking! On Deli Monday, we will share our favorite recipes, which are just as good as our new upcoming detective series “Adam Wolfe”.

Music will be played by KUD Sestre. All money goes to ones in need. Our guests will be granted with gifts which surpass any expectation!



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Deli Monday - Pride Week with Bagel @ Kc Grad

In Belgrade, 12.09.2016 19:001 - 12.09.2016 23:001

Dear friends, we invite you to join us, on Monday, September 12th at 19h on Pride week, to discover your favorite bagel - KC Grad (Brace Krsmanovic 4)

Come for a great time and try our bagels which will be made for this occasion.



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Deli Monday - GIZ and Center for Youth Integration @ Kc Grad

In Belgrade, 10.10.2016 19:001 - 10.10.2016 23:001

GIZ and Center for Youth Integration invite you to join us in tasting nice food and presentation of photo exhibition that have been created by Drop in shelter beneficiaries, but also to learn more about everyday life of street involved children.

In the month when we celebrate International Children's Week, International Children's Day, International Day against Poverty and the European day against trafficking in human beings, we want to draw attention to discrimination, poverty and social exclusion of street involved children, as one of the most vulnerable groups in society.



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Deli Monday - Royal Norwegian Embassy @ Kc Grad

In Belgrade, 17.10.2016 19:001 - 17.10.2016 23:001

Who says that Norwegians eat only salmon? October is the month of farikal (lamb with cabbage) when people in Norway have the same dishes as their poor farmer ancestors used to eat.

Since this year October is NOktobar - a month of Norwegian culture in Serbia, farikal is coming to Deli Monday. Along with different other activities and events within NOktobar, the Norwegian embassy staff will be making this traditional dish for you.




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Rahmanee & DJ Flip // Drum n Bass Dj Set @ Kc Grad

In Belgrade, 22.10.2016 22:001 - 23.10.2016 4:001

Rahmanee is among the most popular Serbian drum n bass DJs and he was for years the legend of jungle and dnb sound. Party time w/ him is guaranteed.

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Deli Monday - Babylon @ Kc Grad

In Belgrade, 24.10.2016 19:001 - 24.10.2016 23:001

Babylon is one year old !! Therefore we are pleased to invite you to our anniversary Deli Monday and to join us for a nice intercultural food tasting accentuated by tunes from As smooth As. In addition we'll present to you our new upcoming program of Intercultural courses for different languages and language events with conversation workshops and cultural happenings.

We're looking forward to share and enjoy a nice evening with you, surrounded by serbian, french, german, italian, portuguese, swedish and many more languages !



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Deli Monday - Catena Media @ Kc Grad

In Belgrade, 31.10.2016 19:001 - 31.10.2016 23:001

You’re invited you to join us on the 31st of October at KC Grad at 19:00, where we will hang out and enjoy delicious food.

While we cook for you, you’ll be able to get to know the work of our young company, which is always in search of talented, ambitious and curious people who want to build their careers in Belgrade. Developers, UI/UX Designers, Account Managers, SEO Specialists, Content Writers, are you listening?



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Deli Monday - FAF @ Kc Grad

In Belgrade, 14.11.2016 19:001 - 14.11.2016 23:001

Auteur Film Festival (FAF) is a traditional city event for film lovers and audience who wants to broaden their horizons. The Festival is being held for the 22nd time at more than ten cinema locations in Belgrade, from 25th November to 4th December 2016.

In addition to its general cooking skills, the Festival's team will present the program to the audience, which is made up of the winners of international film festivals, films of famous directors the audience is already very well familiar with, as well as interesting films that show new trends in the auteur film.



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Petar Delijevic - Beyond // Exhibition @ Kc Grad

In Belgrade, 14.11.2016 19:001 - 27.11.2016 20:001

Petar Delijevic starts with small format drawings, which can occur in two ways, either as an unconscious flashes happening in arbitrary moments under closed eyelids, or they develop gradually, but again without conscious planning of the composition without any precise idea. These drawings then go through computer processing and become large-format digital prints, which captivate by complexity and monumental appearance even when magnified.  Pronounced geometry and modularity are the base of all the drawings.

The author himself is emphasizing the importance of music in the creative process. He was working overnight while loudly playing electronic music in the studio using it as a catalyst for successful recording of subconscious motifs, resulting in abstract or abstracted modular scenes. It can be said that Delijević relies on the process of psychic automatism, while using geometry and modularity trying to decipher and analyze that automatism.


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Take Over Festival @ Kolarac

In Belgrade, 17.11.2016 19:001 - 20.11.2016 12:001

Main aim is the creation of new audience of Kolarac through development of the new programme contents and creation of new programmes. The artistic music is the central topic of the Take over project at Kolarac Endowment.
We support willingness to change ourselves and our surrounding, responsibility, willingness for the knowledge, the new experiences, team spirit and work, solidarity, the courage and the respect for the values of the institution.

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Deli Monday - Miamiam @ Kc Grad

In Belgrade, 21.11.2016 19:001 - 21.11.2016 23:001

From Miamiam's kitchen right to KC Grad! One classic dish from the restaurant' menu, our staff's favorite dish and a small bite from our catering menu 



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Deli Monday - Seura, srpsko - finsko društvo @ Kc Grad

In Belgrade, 28.11.2016 19:001 - 28.11.2016 23:001

Are you hungry? Finnish proverb says: “Nälkä on paras kokki”. ”The Hunger is the best cook”

For the third time, friends of Finland, “Seura” Serbian – Finnish Association, will cook for you warm colorful Finnish food. This year menu will offer you pea soup, cabbage with meat and “pulla” – discover what it is on Monday 28. November :)



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Deli Monday - IMAGETeam @ Kc Grad

In Belgrade, 05.12.2016 19:001 - 05.12.2016 23:001

IMAGETeam invite you to be their guests and celebrate the launch of their new website at Kc GRAD on Monday December 5. With the help of a culinary team behind Salaš 137, IMAGEteam is preparing pork stew, kotekino and various appetizers for this occasion.
 DJ set by Bagheera.
Coupon price is 150 rsd and all revenue goes to charity.



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22 Slike Alternativne Stvarnosti - Nenad Milovanović // Exhibition @ Kc Grad

In Belgrade, 12.12.2016 20:001 - 15.12.2016 23:001

Nenad is searching for inspiration in human faces, imaginary cities, real events, and the events behind the "doors of perception". Besides the elements that we are used to perceive as reality, his paintings also offer an insight in a different reality, a metareality, a reality beyond experience: a connection between the possible and the less possible.



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20th International Underwater Film Festival @ Muzej Jugoslovenske kinoteke

In Belgrade, 16.12.2016 20:001 - 19.12.2016 0:001

Every year the number of films, participants and spectators is getting bigger and bigger and Belgrade Festival has become a significant cultural and educational event, with many added programs, such as underwater photography, exhibition of student posters, and so on .

International Underwater Film Festival in Belgrade is a unique opportunity to peek into the underwater world to learn more about it through films, photographs, meetings with authors and other underwater adventurers and enthusiasts .
As usually, the festival program includes short films in competition, underwater photographs, the exhibition of children's drawings, lectures, presentations and many other events .

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Deli Monday - Bite Club @ Kc Grad

In Belgrade, 26.12.2016 19:001 - 26.12.2016 23:001

We try to buy all the ingredients from small, local, family owned farms, because, why help some CEO buy a new yacht, when we can support parents pay the piano lessons for their kid. This also brings a reduction of CO2 emission, since our broccoli is not shipped from Mexico.



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Deli Monday - VRC @ Kc Grad

In Belgrade, 06.02.2017 19:001 - 06.02.2017 23:001

Vrc is getting ready to pull up their sleeves and make delicious burritos for all! Don't worry, you'll quickly burn those calories while dancing to our funky playlist.

VRC is a DJ/VJ crew that organizes parties (and prepares food) for all
Vibrant Rare Cats
Vast Rhapsodic Crowd
Vivid Retro Cheekbones



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Deli Monday - @ Kc Grad

In Belgrade, 13.02.2017 19:001 - 13.02.2017 23:001 is celebrating its second birthday. Nobody believed that we would last for so long, and since we have not been able to fill our stomachs, we decided to feed all of you who come to the party. We will not allow you to freeze to death, so we decided to warm you up with a warm and home-cooked meal. Warm as a friendly look, warm as a parent's hug, warm like when a puppy is sitting in your lap. Basically heartwarming, but will not be served in a jar. Authors from our website will roll up their sleeves and serve you something nice, something funny and distinguished. Bring your buck because we will make sure that all the money collected will go to the a nice charity cause.



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Deli Monday - Iva Farm i Trinity @ KC Grad

In Belgrade, 20.02.2017 19:001 - 20.02.2017 23:001

This unforgettable taste of Vegan and Vegeterian food you can experience at the delikatesni ponedeljak on the 20th of february where we will give you the opportunity to support our volunteers house and stable constructions for future Serbian familiy settlements on the farm as well as our home delivery business, in order to spread a healthy living and lifestyle in Serbia.
Please contact us for orders or more info on the donations



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Deli Monday - FIST @ KC Grad

In Belgrade, 27.02.2017 19:001 - 27.02.2017 23:001

Using CIRCUS as our means of expression, with this year’s concept we want to  unravel the circus we’re living in. Through our festival we want to point out the problems of our society.
That’s why we’re inviting you to join us on Monday 27th of February in KC Grad for Deli Monday where our whole team will cook for you!
Welcome to CIRCUS!



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Deli Monday - Belgrade Irish Festival @ KC Grad

In Belgrade, 13.03.2017 19:001 - 13.03.2017 23:001

Beef and Dillisk Stew with green dumplings 
A Belgrade butcher's bull and West of Ireland sea vegetable hop into a pot for a party. Dulse, or Dillisk as we call it in Ireland, is a red sea vegetable that is harvested in the Spring and Summer months and left to cure by the wind and sun - ready to eat when covered in salt! 
Brotchan Roy (A broth fit for a king) 
Leek and Oat soup with nettle vinaigrette ?Brotchan Roy, despite the title, was originally a broth made by Irish peasants using oats instead of potatoes and with no meat. We are going old school and serving one of the most basic but delicious Irish soups around. 
?Also on the menu: an Irish picnic featuring some of the finest Irish cheeses, charcuterie, fish, bread and crackers. Courtesy of Sheridans Cheesemongers and Bord Bia. 



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Deli Monday - Belgrade Irish Festival @ KC Grad

In Belgrade, 20.03.2017 19:001 - 20.03.2017 23:001

The story is very simple. We write about things we think about, we find people with whom we enjoy conversing, we photograph faces we wish to photograph, we choose clothes we feel good in, we watch and listen to art that inspires us, we decorate our space so we can enjoy it, we travel to places where our friends are at, and we eat with passion. Everything about us is in pictures and words in



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