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The Suicide Of Western Culture vs MondoSonoro. (artista contra critic) @ sidecar

In Barcelona, 17.10.2014 22:001 - 18.10.2014 2:001

Post rock noise electronic local duo THE SUICIDE OF WETSERN CULTURE will perform at Sidecar. A discussion regarding their music by MondoSonoro's Joan S. Luna follows. If only Lester bangs were still alive he'd love this set up.

10€ (7€ en


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Blister 13.0; Molecule + LCD Bonzai @ Macarena

In Barcelona, 28.10.2014 23:591 - 29.10.2014 5:001

Blister 13.0 is producer and DJ Julio Tomé Garfield's latest techno project which includes local Barcelona techno and IDM artists; Molecule and LCD Bonzai. Macarena will be thumping with their beats during this session till dawn.

5/10 Euros

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