Tawerna Pod Kilem, Świętego ...

Celtic night @ Pod Kilem

In Wroclaw, 03.03.2014 18:301 - 03.03.2014 23:001

Celtic night - traditional and more modern Irish sounds are gonna keep the city moving tonight! Starts at 6:30 with a slow session - playing together around one table, picking up from the best and sharing your musical ideas. A regular concert starts at 8 pm. So grab your instruments and come to Tawerna Pod Kilem!

Entrance: free

Posted by: Wojtek

Budapest VIII. ker., Blaha Luj... http://corvinteto.hu/...

James Lavelle in Corvintető

In Budapest, 08.03.2014 21:001 - 09.02.2014 5:001

James Lavele from Unkle... in rooftop club Corvintető




gates open at 10 pm
ticket price info coming soon... check on venue link. 

Posted by: Nedda

Frilej, Grabiszyńska 56, Wroc... http://firlej.wroc.pl/program/... FB event

Panny z Dobrych Domow charity concert @ Firlej

In Wroclaw, 04.03.2014 19:001 - 04.03.2014 22:001

Panny z Dobrych Domów is a gathering of talented and well-known Polish singers, who come together to prepare a special concert for charity - they will play, sing and sell their art pieces to help shelterless animals from Wrocław.

Tickets: 25/35

Posted by: Wojtek

meet factory , Ke Sklarne 15 1... http://www.meetfactory.cz/cs/... Facebook FB event

Bohemian Like You: Black Lips+Johnny the Horse-live rock n roll@MEET FACTORY

In Prague, 21.05.2014 20:301 - 21.05.2014 23:591

.... atlanta georgia wildmen THE BLACK LIPStouring on new album Underneath The Rainbow,tear through prague with local openers JOHNNY THE HORSE......rough,rowdy rock and roll,these boys are the real thing .....


Posted by:

Pilot, Donská 168/19, 101 00 ... http://tribofuego.org/... Facebook FB event

Juggling and drumming session @ Pilot klub

In Prague, 05.03.2014 18:001 - 05.03.2014 23:001

winter training session of local juggling group called Tribo Fuego

come to practice Your skills (equipment to borrow) or just have look at some amazing performance*

drummers on stage till ten_later afterparty with dj°s

check it out_entrance is symbolic 20,- czk!

Posted by:

An der Schillingbrücke, 10243... http://www.magdalena-club.de/i... Facebook FB event

Magdelena closing Party!

In Berlin, 17.04.2014 23:001 - 21.04.2014 12:001

After 2 years Magdelena club are closing their doors, and you can be sure they'll go out with a BANG!! A four day non-stop party with Live music, DJ's and a whole lot of dancing. 


Posted by:

meet factory , Ke Sklarne 15 1... http://www.meetfactory.cz/cs/... Facebook FB event

Prefuse 73-live music@MEET FACTORY

In Prague, 19.03.2014 20:301 - 19.03.2014 23:001

....Guillermo Scott Herron , alias Prefuse73, is a contemporary of DJ Shadow&RJD2 and is playing prague for the 1st time...an audio/visual extravaganza.......

Posted by: chrissy

Lucerna, Vodičkova 36, 110 00... http://lucerna.musicbar.cz/en/... Facebook FB event

ZRNI /// ElectroFolk @ Lucerna !!!

In Prague, 04.03.2014 20:001 - 04.03.2014 23:001

Two rising stars of Czech and Slovak alternative music on one stage!


Posted by:

Meetfactory, Ke sklárně 3213... http://www.meetfactory.cz/en/p... Facebook FB event

Napszyklat (PL) + Kyklos Galaktikos (CZ) @ MeetFactory

In Prague, 06.03.2014 20:001 - 06.03.2014 23:001

The Polish sensation Napszyklat has hip hop roots, but constantly teeters between claustrophobic electronica, industrial and ambient, not unlike local heroes WWW. Their ever expanding fan-base abroad (UK, France, Germany, Slovakia) has its lively Czech branch, thanks to numerous unforgettable shows that manifests their outstanding experimental sound fusion. It’s quite obvious this will happen again on March 6 at MeetFactory, with the support of Prague rascals Kyklos Galaktikos.

190 Kč + fees in presale
290 Kč on door

Posted by:

Baryton, Husinecká 29, 130 00... http://www.baryton-cafe.cz/... Facebook FB event

Budulinek (ska-punk) @ Baryton

In Žižkov, 07.03.2014 20:001 - 07.03.2014 22:001

some call it alternative ska-punk, they call it violence folk!

one way or another, check it out on Your friday žižkov slalom and make Your own genre name for these guys, performing in the cellar of Baryton baaar! oh wait, they call it cafe...ha!


Posted by:

Peron Savamala, Brace Krsmanov... Facebook FB event

Putnik u tramvaju @ Peron Savamala

In Belgrade, 06.03.2014 21:001 - 07.03.2014 2:001

If you want to enjoy chilly jazz notes and relaxed atmosphere, or to play table football and drink good, but cheap drinks, than u must come here.

Peron Savamala is relatively new place, but very popular among the youngsters, so good fun is guaranteed!

Posted by: Beograd-Zeljko

Šárecké údolí, 160 00, Pr... FB event

Punk benefit @ Bila Vrana

In Prague, 08.03.2014 16:001 - 08.03.2014 22:001

local punks making money for diesel unit to be able to make some concerts anywhere outside...under bridges, empty houses or skateparks! real punks, old school style!



how to get there_take a bus 107 or 147 from Dejvická to "V Podbabě", where You go towards Šárecké údolí...there is gonna be signs to lead You...or simply follow other punks!!!

Posted by: Gordonsky

Chapeau Rouge, Jakubská 2, 1... http://www.chapeaurouge.cz/pro... Facebook FB event


In Prague, 08.03.2014 22:001 - 08.03.2014 23:591

Oppá Davaj Special Edition!

What it means for you? That one of the trendsetters of balkanbeat or balkan-electro style will be Davaj Sound's guest, for first time in Prague! And also means crazy balkan orchestral stuff put on heavy bass and gangster beats, crazy atmosphere. The guys don't come alone from Belgium: they bring also Dj Merijno, the dj mate of Danny Hell from Sopsky Sound! Ridicuolus!
But. Not only dj's will play around. Tomas El Checo Prusa and Ondra will not leave at home their instruments, saxophone and tapan drum, to complete a real Davaj night. All this on Club Stage.

And, this is not all! On Bar stage czech worldmusic rudeboy, Gadjo.cz will spin, and also he will have a guest, Agnes, from Bogota, Columbia.

...Well, it seems to be the wildest party around, doesn't it?


Starts at 22:00

Entry: 100 Kč

Posted by: Gordonsky

roxy , Dlouha 33 11000 Prague,... http://www.roxy.cz... Facebook FB event


In Prague, 31.03.2014 20:001 - 01.04.2014 5:001

,,,Tamar Aphek(her other bands include “Carusella”& “Shoshana”) is a singer/guitar player and pioneer in the Israeli music scene teaming with New Zealand expats/cz residents/hot rock and rollers---GERDA BLANK to bring you an evening of live rock and roll,followed by djs and vjs....roxy is always free on mondays kids, go shake your ass and have a drink and put that smoke in the air..........


Posted by: chrissy

roxy , Dlouha 33 11000 Prague,... http://www.roxy.cz... Facebook FB event


In Prague, 10.03.2014 22:001 - 11.03.2014 5:001

...Smoota is a funky,soulful,sexy,psychadelic multi-instrumentalist with a sense of humor, miami mall is an electro band from zurich.....every monday is free at roxy, free your mind,osvobodit svou duši.......


Posted by:

roxy , Dlouha 33 11000 Prague... http://www.roxy.cz... Facebook FB event


In Prague, 17.03.2014 22:001 - 18.03.2014 5:001

...chronic city is indie pop from Austria,fox tail rockets are cz pop/rock, and every monday is FREE at the ROXY....... come get yer rox off.........

Posted by:

BIGZ, Bulevar Vojvode Misica 1... Facebook FB event

Metak za zlikovca, live Rock'n'Jazz @ Chekaonica

In Belgrade, 06.03.2014 22:001 - 07.03.2014 1:301

BIGZ is precious jewel of Yugoslav architecture. Although today this building looks abandoned, deep inside it hidding a lot of secrets, and one of them is Cekaonica. Located on the the top of BIGZ, from this place and its balcony musicians are sending jazz notes into the night of Belgrade. And on Thursday, you can hear how they mix jazz, rock and funky.


Posted by:

Puzzle, Przejście Grancarskie... https://www.facebook.com/klubp... FB event

Joy Pop | Titanus & Lady Hri | Tom Tom @ Puzzle

In Wroclaw, 05.03.2014 21:001 - 06.03.2014 2:001

Our faithful readers already know that when we're talking about Puzzle, we're talking electro music. This time is no different. Joy Pop - electro-tandem specialized in joy music. They're involved in many other artistic projects (too many to name all of them) and that's way their music is so complex and unique. 

TAX: 15 pln


Posted by:

club 007 strahov, Chaloupeckeh... http://www.klub007strahov.cz... Facebook FB event


In Prague, 13.03.2014 19:001 - 13.03.2014 22:001

....Welsh psychobilly freaks are gonna tear the roof off the place.....czech band green monster gonna warm you up, demented are go are gonna get you HOT......


Posted by: chrissy

KC Grad, Brace Krsmanovic 4, B... http://www.gradbeograd.eu/... Facebook FB event

Karmakoma & Kontradikshn, live Electro'n'Rock @ KC GRAD

In Belgrade, 06.03.2014 21:001 - 07.03.2014 0:001

Two underground bands at one night! Both of them with unique music expression, with their vision how fusion of guitar and electronic music should sound.



Posted by: Beograd-Zeljko

Husitská 43, 130 00, Praha... http://www.blaze-zizkov.cz/ind... Facebook

International folklore @ Blaze

In Žižkov, 28.03.2014 19:301 - 28.03.2014 22:001

Jull Dajen is czech band playing folkore music from all corners of europe*

singing in czech, french and english!

Posted by:

pilot klub , Donska 19 101 00 ... http://www.pilotklub.cz... Facebook FB event


In Prague, 07.03.2014 20:001 - 07.03.2014 23:591

...free show!!!... garage/blues/rock from switzerland, a czech band opening up, inject some raw rock and roll into your friday night........ 

Posted by: chrissy

pilot klub , Donska 19 101 00 ... http://www.pilotklub.cz... Facebook FB event

Argonaut&Nuly@Andrea Rottin& K.Oswaldova-live music@PILOT KLUB

In Prague, 29.03.2014 19:301 - 29.03.2014 23:591

...an evening of live music from Hradeb Kralovy, Budejovice, and a prague/italy combo.... 150 crowns to Pilot this plane......

Posted by: chrissy

Fatal music club, Rokycanova 2... http://fatalclub.cz/... Facebook FB event

Silvercup:battle of the bands-live music@FATALCLUB

In Žižkov, 12.03.2014 19:001 - 13.03.2014 2:001

...its fatal clubs wednesday night series of BATTLE OF THE BANDS-winners are audience voted, and the winner on the series takes 6000 crowns in the June final rock showdown.tonights bands are: rhododendron, labor offices and ROCK FOUR....FREE ENTRY........ fatal is the new place where XT3 used to be.........


Posted by: chrissy

Fatal music club, Rokycanova 2... http://fatalclub.cz/... Facebook FB event

Silvercup:battle of the bands-live music@FATALCLUB

In Žižkov, 19.03.2014 19:001 - 20.03.2014 2:001

The third round of the wednesday nights battle of the bands contest Silvercup---this weeks bands: STOCKHOLM SYNDROME, Douches, and more .. winner is by audience vote-Admission is free, 
competition finals in June, winner takes home 6000 kc, and you can find fatal where the old xt3 was......

Posted by: chrissy

Fatal music club, Rokycanova 2... http://fatalclub.cz/... Facebook FB event

Silvercup:battle of the bands-live music@FATALCLUB

In Žižkov, 26.03.2014 19:001 - 27.03.2014 2:001

...the fourth round of the battle of the bands contest Silvercup---tonights bands: 
TIGERS FACE ,neotype ,and more... the audience votes for the winner,admission is free... 
The competition finals in June.... fatal is the new place where XT3 used to be, fussball, pinball, and a basement designed to ROCK!!!!!!.....

Posted by: chrissy

pilot klub, Donska 19 101 00 P... http://www.pilotklub.cz... Facebook FB event

Silver Rocket presents:GRAILS & LILACS & CHAMPAGNE-live music@PILOT CLUB

In Prague, 06.03.2014 19:001 - 06.03.2014 23:591

..... portland oregon instrumental experimental duo GRAILS, and their side project, LILACS AND CHAMPAGNE bring sexy cinematic sounds to PILOT KLUB........cityspychrisy reccomends, the lilacs and champagne disc got heavy rotation in my life in 2012......


Posted by: chrissy

Inex Film, Visnjicka 76, Belg... Facebook FB event

Balkan Riot Fest @ Inex Film

In Belgrade, 08.03.2014 14:001 - 10.03.2014 2:001

For 8th of March, Inex Film prepares its gift – whole day event! During the afternoon will be prepared food, exhibitions and discussions on subject of women right, and at evening there will concerts of punk/rock bands and DJs.


Posted by: Beograd-Zeljko

Laika, Takovska 45, Belgrade, ... Facebook FB event

Stray Dogg @ Laika

In Belgrade, 08.03.2014 22:001 - 09.03.2014 4:001

Laika prepares thier americana, melanholoic gift for 8th of March. Through romantic atmoshere of this club you will enoy in echo of the singer’s angel voice and the music of his band.  


Posted by: Beograd-Zeljko

roxy club, dllouha 33, 110 00,... http://www.roxy.cz/jamajska-sk... Facebook FB event

The Skatalites @ Roxy

In Prague, 16.04.2014 19:001 - 16.04.2014 23:551

jamaican legend celebrates 50th anniversary!

in simmer down backing bob marley with his very first single*

Posted by:

lucerna, Vodickova 36, 110 00,... http://lucerna.musicbar.cz/en/... Facebook FB event

Morgan Heritage @ Lucerna

In Prague, 09.04.2014 20:001 - 09.04.2014 23:301

reggae legend performing in Lucerna Music Bar with special guests including Kabaka Pyramid*

Presale at Lucerna Music Bar cash desk: 500 Kč 

Price on the spot: 700 Kč

Posted by:

Stromovka, 170 00, Praha... http://www.fireshow.cz/letosni... Facebook FB event

Fullmoon fireshow @ Stromovka

In Prague, 16.03.2014 20:001 - 16.03.2014 23:001

this time_winter is quite friendly, so the fireshow season is starting bit earlier...this time, full moon is going to be on sunday, so what can be better celebration than fireshow and drummers gathering!

Posted by:

luftbad , Luftbadg. 17 1060 Vi... http://www.luftbad.at/... Facebook FB event

Vajt & Brajt präsentiert: Da Jo, Skorepa & Fuchs-live music@LUFTBAD

In Vienna, 09.03.2014 20:001 - 10.03.2014 1:001

... An evening of austrian singer- songwriters at Luftbad... this Vienna hot spot also has a unique recording opportunity for artists looking to make a cd of their music, check the luftbad venue link below for details....

Posted by: chrissy

luftbad , Luftbadg. 17 1060 Vi... http://www.luftbad.at/... Facebook FB event

Guitar Duo Alex Yoshii & Jannis Raptis-live music@LUFTBAD

In Vienna, 11.03.2014 20:001 - 11.02.2014 23:591

..... two truly impressive musicians, this eclectic guitar duo is here at Luftbad to serenade you on a tuesday night....

Posted by: chrissy

Nietota, ul. Kazimierza Wielki... https://www.facebook.com/KlubN... FB event

Milosz Rutkowski T-day Jazz Session @ Nietota

In Wroclaw, 11.03.2014 20:001 - 11.03.2014 23:001

Sublime sounds every second Thursday in Nietota. Everyone is invited to join the musicians!


Posted by:

Josefstädter Straße 84 1080... Facebook


In Vienna, 12.03.2014 21:001 - 13.03.2014 2:001

There's two bands for the night:

Royce Lovett - Lover of Hiphop, Jazz, Rock, and Soul
Running to stay on fire

Dreamsteps - Acoustic Pop by Adrian Lieb and Christian Kettner

Open from 6 pm and of course, AFTERSHOW PARTY

- free entry as always -

Posted by:

Budapest VI. ker., Hegedű u. ... http://iskola.org/... Facebook

Beatnuts (US) hiphop & rap @ iSKOLA KLUB

In Budapest, 13.03.2014 20:001 - 13.03.2014 4:001

Rap Duo of  JuJu  and Psycho Les from New York. ... party starts with 6 other bands: Mikee Mykanic, Jam Balaya, MC Ron, Speechless, Mc Goz, Bizar, Boxi, DJ Nadir, Gyoremix. 


entry: 2500 HUF

Posted by: Nedda

O2 ARENA, Ceskomoravska 2345/1... http://www.o2arena.cz/... Facebook

BOB DYLAN @ O2 Arena

In Prague, 02.07.2014 20:001 - 02.07.2014 23:591

.... come see one of the planets most prolific and beloved artists on a hot summer night in prague....  “A man is a success if he gets up in the morning and gets to bed at night, and in between he does what he wants to do.” ? Bob Dylan....



Posted by: chrissy

Get directions Kreutzigerstra... https://www.facebook.com/pkbar... Facebook FB event

Night Fleamarket @ PK Bar

In Berlin, 21.03.2014 19:001 - 21.03.2014 23:561

Flea market meets live electronic music meets DJs, all set in the convenient location of PK Bar. You'll find a combination of handmade and second-hand goods, with music and drinks to entertain you late into the night. 

Posted by:

Lerchenfelder Gürtel, U-Bahn ... Facebook FB event

Shake up Club @Chelsea with Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin

In Vienna, 14.03.2014 20:001 - 15.03.2014 4:001


Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin (USA) @Chelsea

Doors: 8 pm
Band On Stage: 9 pm
Tickets: 15 €


AFTER PARTY with DJ Rooney & DJane SimOne




Posted by:

Lucerna Music Bar, Vodičkova ... http://lucerna.musicbar.cz... Facebook


In Prague, 16.04.2014 20:001 - 16.04.2014 23:591

Notorious band from London, bringin' enourmous ammount of energy, breakin' the beat and dubbin' the bass!!




Posted by:

Dom Omladine, Makedonska 22, B... http://www.domomladine.org/... Facebook FB event

Guitar Art Festival

In Belgrade, 11.03.2014 20:001 - 16.03.2014 22:001

Guitar Art Festival is officially opened! During 6 days you will hear guitar in all combination – with classic music, ethno, jazz etc. 18 artists and bands, 3 concerts per day. Come and enjoy!



Posted by: Beograd-Zeljko

Theobaldgasse 9/1a 1060 Wien... http://www.monami.at/events/li... Facebook FB event

Ag.ness in concert, singer/songwriter @ Monami

In Vienna, 13.03.2014 20:001 - 12.03.2014 23:001

Ag.ness, young Singer/Songwriter is appearing more and more all over Vienna, so head over to the Monami Bar, have a drink and enjoy fresh, originally Vienna-made Indie music! doors open: 6 pm, early start: 8 pm


Posted by:

Hernalser Gürtelbogen 72-73, ... http://www.b72.at/... Facebook FB event

The Smith Street Band & Restorations & Astpai in concert @ B72

In Vienna, 12.05.2014 20:001 - 13.05.2014 1:001

3  promising bands on one evening: The Smith Street Band (Indie Rock with Punk Attitude from Melbourne), Restorations from Philadelphia, my personal Bruce Springsteens of today & Astpai, young punk band from Wiener Neustadt ( some small town by Vienna), ready to take over the big city!

Entry: 10€
tickets pre-sale @ Jugendinfo Wien, http://www.jugendinfowien.at/



Posted by:

Národní 20, 110 00 Praha... http://www.rockcafe.cz/... Facebook FB event

Student Fest, gigs over 3 clubs @ Rock cafe-Vagon-Chapeau

In Prague, 16.04.2014 16:301 - 17.04.2014 5:001

Music fest loads of groups. known & yet to be... Followed by DJ, VJ many styles in 3 venues.. more info to follow ŠVIHADLO, WILD TIDES, REST&FATTE, CURLIES či CHAOTIC. & from Dj's  RUDEBOY, FREEZER, TUCO, BLOFELD 

tickets till 26 years are 100Kč over that & you pay 200 Kč.

Posted by:

Peron Savamala, Brace Krsmano... Facebook FB event

HOT CLUB OF BELGRADE, Live Gipsy Jazz @ Peron

In Belgrade, 13.03.2014 21:001 - 14.03.2014 2:001

Following the heritage of Django Reinhardt, these guys will play for some good old gipsy jazz. 



Posted by: Beograd-Zeljko

baryton , Husinecka 29, 130 00... http://www.baryton-cafe.cz... Facebook FB event

Thoola-folk-rock-live music@BARYTON

In Žižkov, 28.03.2014 20:001 - 28.03.2014 23:591

... this folk rock 5 peice is getting ready to release their new album, let them try their new songs out on YOU........

Posted by: chrissy

KC Grad, Brace Krsmanovic 4, B... http://www.gradbeograd.eu/... Facebook FB event

Barka Dilo, live Gipsy Punk @ KC Grad

In Belgrade, 14.03.2014 22:001 - 15.03.2014 2:001

Through sound of French cabaret and chanson, gipsy and punk music, Barka Dilo telling stories from margin, tales about wanderers, loners, travelers. 


Posted by: Beograd-Zeljko

Gun Club, Miloša Pocerca 10, ... Facebook FB event

Bolesna Štenad + gosti bend Organizam, Live Punk Rock @ Gun Club

In Belgrade, 14.03.2014 23:001 - 15.03.2014 4:001

Try if you dare taste of Belgrade punk rock. Ruff riffs, sarcastic texts and wild crowd in Gun Club!


Posted by: Beograd-Zeljko

luftbad , Luftbadg. 17 1060 Vi... http://www.luftbad.at/... Facebook

Culture Monday-live music@LUFTBAD

In Vienna, 31.03.2014 20:001 - 01.04.2014 4:001

......LUFTBAD & dj Taff take you on a trip to africa - old & new music from Senegal, Burkina Faso, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and more .... explore their fine selection and knowledge of Absinthe and end your monday day by dancing all monday night......

Posted by: chrissy

luftbad , Luftbadg. 17 1060 Vi... http://www.luftbad.at/... Facebook

Kultur Montag- culture monday-live african music.@LUFTBAD

In Vienna, 24.03.2014 20:001 - 25.03.2014 4:001

.... LUFTBAD is here to help you LOVE your mondays- every monday is RAGGAE NIGHT with dj Taff ......try a  bio organic beer or taste their fine selection of Absinthe and DANCE 2 JAH MUSIC...........

Posted by: chrissy

luftbad , Luftbadg. 17 1060 Vi... http://www.luftbad.at/... Facebook

SUBCOOLTOURS & Rare Friends-live music@LUFTBAD

In Vienna, 18.03.2014 20:001 - 19.03.2014 4:001

...SUBCOOLTOURS - rock music in German or Austrian language,original songs,& covers..... put some rock & roll in your soul in front of one of the busiest stages in vienna.....

Posted by: chrissy

luftbad , Luftbadg. 17 1060 Vi... http://www.luftbad.at/... Facebook

musiCat & Band Bunki & die Tornados-live bands@LUFTBAD

In Vienna, 25.03.2014 20:001 - 26.03.2014 4:001

.... . the luftbad stage is buzzzzzzing !!!.... tonight a couple bands, musiCat & Band and Bunki & die Tornados bring the rock and roll love........


Posted by: chrissy

club cafe variete , Franzensb... http://www.club-cafe-variete.a... Facebook FB event

music for separees-live music@ Club Cafe Variete

In Vienna, 22.03.2014 20:001 - 23.03.2014 5:001

... Music For Separees plays songs from  bygone eras- the 20s, 30s, 40s, with a healthy obsession with songs that deal with what singer Barbara Bandi described to me as : ""songs about the love that is fast, that doesnt last forever, that often lasts only one night".... so spend this night in one of the oldest nightclubs in Vienna (1969) with some love that is both temporary and timeless......

Posted by: chrissy

forum karlin, Pernerova 53, Pr... http://www.forumkarlin.cz/... Facebook FB event

Queens Of The Stone Age-LIVE@Forum Karlin

In Prague, 11.08.2014 20:001 - 11.08.2014 23:591

.... 850 crowns gets your sweet ass in to see one of todays best HEAVY & Zepically beautiful  bands.....globetrottin' in support of album # 6 LIKE CLOCKWORK-which has guests Trent Reznor, Arctic Monkeys' Alex Turner,Nick Oliveri, Scissor Sisters' Jake Shears, and ELTON FUCKING JOHN......


Posted by:

1065 Budapest, Nagymező utca ... http://instant.co.hu/... FB event

St Patrick Day PARADE @ Instant

In Budapest, 16.03.2014 14:001 - 17.03.2014 5:001

Join the crazy Irish, wear green & drink as the Irish... loads of bands, dance teaching, whiskey & beer in the many rooms and floors of Instant. 

Main show at 10pm FIRKIN... Irish&Punk 

Ticket for main show: 1500 HUF 

Posted by: Nedda

1093 Budapest Fővám tér 11-... http://www.balnabudapest.hu/... Facebook FB event

Hidden Roots - Vocal JAZZ @ Budapest Spring Festival

In Budapest, 26.03.2014 20:001 - 26.03.2014 22:001

Album debut concert of Julia Karosi up and coming jazz singer (velvet voice, really) ...
In The Whale - cultural centre 

Part of Budapest Spring Festival

Entry is Free but you need to book on this site

Posted by: Nedda

1077 Budapest, Kis Diófa u. 2... https://www.facebook.com/Kisuz... Facebook

SilentFilm Music in Kisuzem

In Budapest, 16.02.2014 20:011 - 23.02.2014 23:001

Silent Films or regular ones with no sound BUT live music. an experience. 
Musician: Daniel Vaczi. 

In Kisuzem. 

Free entry. 

Posted by: Nedda

Budapest 14 Ajtósi Dürer sor... http://www.durerkert.com/14-03... Facebook

Code Orange (US) sludge metal & HC punk @ DURER Kert

In Budapest, 18.03.2014 20:001 - 19.03.2014 2:001

CODE ORANGE KIDS American hardcore punk/sludge metal band on their European tour. + 

WASTED STRUGGLE.... along the same line..

In Durer Kert... gates open at 7.30 pm...


Entry: 3500 HUF

Posted by: Nedda

1074 Budapest Dob u. 15... http://www.alampas.hu/... Facebook FB event

Boris Gammer & David Lamm- JAZZ @ Lampas

In Budapest, 17.03.2014 20:001 - 17.03.2014 23:001

This guy Boris Gammer played the sax with people like Duke Ellington Orchestra , the Thad Jones/Mel Lewis big band, Chick Corea, Dizzy Gillespie... and more... tonight with David Lamm & hist quartet. 

FOR FREE in Lampas Klub !!

Boris Gammer
David Lamm

Posted by: Nedda

1082 Budapest, Kőfaragó u. 8... Facebook

Bartok Jam Session - Latin Beats @ SUPER8

In Budapest, 15.03.2014 20:001 - 16.03.2014 3:001

Latin and Funky songs..presented by a small orchestra...performs: No More Blues. 

Free entry

Youtube video here has little to do with the event. Except that it s filmed with Super* camera, and is about Budapest. And that it s cool. :))

Posted by: Nedda

1110 Budapest, Petőfi híd, b... http://www.a38.hu/en/program/b...

Boogie & Rozina Patkai Quintet - Latin JAZZ @ A38

In Budapest, 19.03.2014 20:001 - 19.03.2014 23:001

2 jazz divas...

Rozia Patkai is won international jazz awards in the US !! a truly magical singer of sweet bossa novas... tonight on A38 (ex Ukranian war ship )


Pátkai Rozina Quintet

Ticket 2000 HUF. (1500 HUF in advance)

Posted by: Nedda

Baumgasse 80, 1030 Wien... http://arenavie.com/web/... Facebook FB event

Kreisky & Fijuka, concert @ Arena

In Vienna, 24.04.2014 19:001 - 24.04.2014 23:301

hard facts: doors open: 19:00 - evening box office price: 21 € - pre-sale price: 19€
(pre-sale online: http://arenavie.com/web/events-2/?ee=347)
brash, poetic, very austrian and somewhere between alternative, experimental and rock, witty and grotesque lyrics: that's Kreisky, presenting their fourth album "Blick auf die Alpen" (view of the alps)
supported by Fijuka, who worked over two years on their debut album -  Their music is poppy, sexy &  dance-able, but oh, their texts, so twisted & gloomy...



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baryton , Husinecka 29, 130 00... http://www.baryton-cafe.cz... Facebook FB event

Adelia & Blues Trio-live music@BARYTON

In Žižkov, 27.03.2014 20:001 - 27.03.2014 20:591

.... An evening of blues and soul, and its the singers 25th birthday party, so its bound to be a special night..........happy birthday to ADELIA!!!!......

Posted by: chrissy

baryton , Husinecka 29, 130 0... http://www.baryton-cafe.cz... Facebook FB event

Dora Bondy- live music@BARYTON

In Žižkov, 01.04.2014 20:001 - 01.04.2014 23:001

..... prague singer songwriter DORA BONDY brings her lovely self and songs to one of pragues most active stages, down in the BARYTON basement........

Posted by: chrissy

Asmal? Mescit Mh., Şehbender ... http://www.babylon.com.tr/en/e... FB event


In Istanbul, 15.03.2014 22:001 - 16.03.2014 2:001

Orgnized By Tektosag, a line up of 8 DJs playing simultaniously in 2 venus: Babylon and Babylon Lounge. 



  • 11:00 PMDalt Wisney
  • 12:00 AMDa Poet
  • 1:00 AMLapalux
  • 2:30 AMGantz

@Babylon Lounge:

  • 10:00 PMNodul
  • 11:00 PMSavai and Gokalp K.
  • 12:00 AMTufan Demir
  • 1:00 AMKlaustro

 Tickets cost 25TL for student and 35TL normal. 

You can check out the music on SoundCloud.

Posted by:

Facebook FB event

ZIZKOV NIGHT 2014-live music@Multiple Venues around Zizkov

In Žižkov, 15.03.2014 17:001 - 16.03.2014 5:001

....a 150 kc bracelet gets you into more than 25 clubs,bars,& basements around zizkov for an evening packed with hundreds of bands, dj's,& workshops...Admission applies to Palace Akropolis, Storm ( formerly Matrix) , Cost station Zizkov, Fatal (formerly XT3 ) , Kain , BUNKR , Blue Vopice , Progress, Final, Wok U , U Habásko , Signal , Nad Viktorkou , Chicken in a watch baritone , Street Culture , Salé , Theatre studio Zizkov , Tunnel , Saturnin (formerly JET ) , Bajkazyl , U springs, Žižkovská Dance Hall, Rock'n'pizza , wild boar , Blaze , Malkovich .....tickets sold the day of the event at any participating venue.....

Posted by: chrissy

husitska 23, 130 00, prague... http://www.hus23.org/... Facebook FB event

Qaraba_world music @ HUS23

In Žižkov, 17.03.2014 21:001 - 17.03.2014 23:551

Qaraba Ensemble with special guests from Greece

live music from greece underground is gonna take You far away in time and space*

for the entrance, just ring the bell and try to not look suspicous*

Posted by:

Asmal? Mescit Mh., Şehbender ... http://www.babylon.com.tr/en/e... FB event

Joe McPhee & KonstruKt @ Babylon

In Istanbul, 16.03.2014 20:301 - 16.03.2014 23:001

75 years old Joe McPhee (carrier of 50 years and over 100 albums) named the best wind sound in our period by many critics will be sharing the stage with "Turkish Free Music” icon Konstrukt

  • 8:30 PMDoors Open
  • 9:30 PMJoe McPhee and konstruKt

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Krymska 12, 110 00, prague... http://cafevlese.cz/... Facebook

punk benefit @ cafe v lese

In Prague, 21.03.2014 19:301 - 21.03.2014 22:001

local punks making soli concert for friends in the north of CZ, who are running an indipendent cafe

three bands_bit of punk, bit of hardcore and maybe even some emo for the loners*

Posted by:

Bernauer Straße 63-64, 13355 ... http://www.mauerparkmarkt.de/?... Facebook FB event

FLEAMARKET @ Mauerpark

In Berlin, 23.03.2014 10:001 - 23.03.2014 18:001

Berlin's biggest Fleamarket! You can find everything you've ever wanted here, so long as you're prepared to rummage.  Handmade item's and work by local artists, delicious food, hot wine, cold beer, and plenty of 2nd hand treasure!
Don't miss out on the bearpit karaoke In the adjacent park from 3pm. 

Posted by:

Baumgasse 80, 1030 Wien... http://arenavie.com/web/... Facebook FB event


In Vienna, 18.05.2014 19:001 - 18.05.2014 22:301

Firstly, yes this is Bela, Secondly, Oh yeah he's in Vienna, Third of All, he's gonna play at the Arena... So hop over there, have a ravishing night with the infamous drummer of "Die Ärzte", and his friends, Smokestack Lightnin’, Peta Devlin, Seatsniffer Walter Broes and Lynda Kay ...

hard facts: doors open: 19:00 - start 20:00 - pre-sale ticket: 28€, evening box office: 35€
pre-sale for instance

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General Yazgan Sok. No: 6 Asma... FB event

SPOKEN WORD Istanbul - OPEN MIC @ Karakedi.

In Istanbul, 17.03.2014 20:001 - 17.03.2014 23:001

Various local young performers will take the stage and think out loud... maybe something that will triger some thoughts while you enjoy your beer.

Posted by:

Asmal? Mescit Mh., Şehbender... http://www.babylon.com.tr/en/e... FB event

Queen Tribute Night by Cingi @ Babylon

In Istanbul, 19.03.2014 21:301 - 17.03.2014 23:301

Perfect selection from Queen's and Freddie Mercury's solo albums performed by Cingi, who is known for its successful covers of Queen's classics.


Posted by:

Turbulencja, Plac Teatralny 1,... Facebook FB event

Aldaron @ Turbulencja

In Wroclaw, 20.03.2014 19:001 - 20.03.2014 22:001

Aldaron is a street bard and poet who turned his talents towards singing a few years ago. And he did well! Not only a good musician, but interesting person, who does not only praise alternative and fair life-style in his songs, but also follows this hard, though admirable life path.

Tickets: 10 PLN 

Posted by: Wojtek

Firlej, Grabiszyńska 56, Wroc... http://www.firlej.wroc.pl/... FB event

Distorted Club: KROL @ Firlej

In Wroclaw, 20.03.2014 20:001 - 20.03.2014 23:301

Blazej Krol is a leader of UL/KR, a duet that made its blietzkrieg debut in 2012, became most popular alternative project in 2013 and... Took a brake. Now Blazej makes his solo debut in Firlej - what is he gonna present? Knowing his talents I can promise we won't regret. Support by Peve Lety.

Tickets: 20/25 PLN

Posted by: Wojtek

palac akropolis , Kubelíkova ... http://www.palacakropolis.cz... Facebook FB event

Patricie + Eliska Walsh (Ptackova)-live music@AKROPOLIS

In Žižkov, 25.03.2014 19:301 - 25.03.2014 22:001

... two female singer songwriters light up the stage at akropolis, which has been bringing to love to this zizkov corner since 1927.......

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palac akropolis , Kubelíkova ... http://www.palacakropolis.cz... Facebook FB event

Kocky neberem + Farside + The Colorblinds,live music@AKROPOLIS

In Žižkov, 01.04.2014 19:301 - 01.04.2014 22:001

...kocky neberem are a hard rock band from mlada boleslav, Farside is a hard rock band from usti nad labem, and Colorblinds, blend soul, rock n roll and metal......


Posted by: chrissy

luftbad, Luftbadg. 17 1060 Vie... http://www.luftbad.at... Facebook

Wednesday Night Raggae@LUFTBAD

In Vienna, 19.03.2014 23:001 - 20.03.2014 4:001

.... the luftbad stage is hopping most nights, and tonight is no exception...every wednesday night is Raggae Night... the cover is 5 euro & all that money goes to the djs, who are often migrants who arent allowed to work and make some cash---- and luftbad offers a SPECIAL COVER CHARGE OF 3 EUROES FOR CITYSPY MAPPERS!!!!.... bring your cityspy map or say you learned about this gig through CITYSPY 24/7 for the discount raggae love....same offer applies every Kultur Montag", or culture monday........

Posted by: chrissy

Schody Donikad, pl. Solny 13, ... https://www.facebook.com/pub.s...

Soulution feat. Three Acoustic Band @ Schody Donikad

In Wroclaw, 19.03.2014 21:001 - 19.03.2014 23:591

Three Acoustic Band was formed by a group of friends that loved playing together so much that they decided to go professional. You'll sens it immediately, because their music - covers of Adele, Amy Winehaouse, Sting, Pear Jam songs - is easy going, joyful and very positive. 


Posted by:

BIGZ, Bulevar Vojvode Misica 1... Facebook FB event

Nenad Zlatanovic Band, live Blues @ Cekaonica

In Belgrade, 19.03.2014 22:001 - 20.03.2014 2:001

Unfortunately blues isn't so visible in Belgrade nightlife. This is a good chance to hear authentic representative of Serbian blues scene.


Posted by: Beograd-Zeljko

KC Grad, Brace Krsmanovic 4, B... http://www.gradbeograd.eu/... Facebook FB event

Belgrade Noise mit Heavy Brothers, live Free Jazz @ KC Grad

In Belgrade, 20.03.2014 22:001 - 21.03.2014 2:001

Doesn't matter with who they cooperate, whether with rock fanatics or electronic freaks, sound of free jazz band Belgrade Noise will characterize bunch of improvisations and unusual turnovers.


Posted by: Beograd-Zeljko

Budapest, XIV. Ajtósi Dürer ... http://www.durerkert.com/14-03... Facebook FB event

TOY (UK) @ Durer Kert

In Budapest, 21.03.2014 19:001 - 21.03.2014 23:591

TOY, the post-punk psychedelic- kraut-rock band originating from Brighton and previously supporting The Vaccines and The Horrors, is on tour with their 2nd album Join The Dots.

After the gig: British Mood DJs

(Entry: 3500 HUF)

Posted by: Gordonsky

Asmal? Mescit Mh., Şehbender... http://www.babylon.com.tr/en/e... FB event

77 Bombay Street @ Babylon

In Istanbul, 20.03.2014 21:301 - 20.03.2014 23:001

77 Bombay Street, a family band formed by 4 brothers winners of the Little Prix Walo and the MyCokemusic Contest. With the songs '47 Millionaires' and 'Long Way' will be performing live at Babylon. 

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?stiklal Caddesi Şehit Muhtar... http://www.eskicambaz.com/... FB event

Solidarity-Party Vol 1 @Eski Cambaz

In Istanbul, 19.03.2014 20:001 - 20.03.2014 1:001

Freedom is sometimes bounded with the colour of your passport.
Freedom of movement is a privilege instead of a right.
Two migrant friends of us got stuck in the wheels of bureaucracy. They got stopped in Greece while they were trying to reach Fortress Europe. To reclaim their rights, they need our solidarity - and we need yours ! No one is illegal !
Friendship without Borders
Friendship doesn't need money. But lawyers do!

DJ: Peter Huflattich
balkan/latin influenced tech-house | gebrüder dargus | germany

check out the music on SoundCloud

Posted by:

Sabanci Universitesi Orta Maha... FB event

Holi - The Festival of Colors 2014 @ Sabanci University

In Istanbul, 03.04.2014 15:001 - 03.04.2014 19:001

Happening on the grounds of Sabanci University find colours, DJs, food, bonfire and marshmallows, 

and dont forget to wear white T-shirt and be brepared to look like rainbow by the end :)

- Entrance,
- Colors (200g),
- Holi Istanbul White T-shirt.

Extra Colour packets: 5TL/100g 

Get Your ticket here

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Torstraße 60, 10119 Berlin, ... http://www.kaffeeburger.de/?pa... Facebook FB event

Popmonitor presents Parlez-vous anglais? EP Release Party

In Berlin, 28.03.2014 22:001 - 28.03.2014 23:591

Indie/disco/pop group Parlez-vous anglais? Are kicking off their brand new EP Dancing on the otherside.  The trio,  based in Berlin and Paris, will be launchg in Kaffee Burger, supported by  Leon Francis Farrow, and a DJ set courtesy of A Design for Life. 

Posted by:

Falckensteinstraße 48, 10997 ... http://www.magnet-club.de/... Facebook FB event

Indie Kollektiv presents Losers live @ Magnet

In Berlin, 04.04.2014 23:001 - 04.04.2014 23:591

British Indie-rock trio Losers are touring in promotion of their highly anticipated second album, And so we shall never part.  Supported by DJ's Eddie temple morris,  XFM + Karrera Klub DJ's 

Posted by:

Bernauer Straße 63-64, 13355 ... http://www.mauerparkmarkt.de/?... FB event

FLEAMARKET @ Mauerpark

In Berlin, 30.03.2014 8:001 - 30.03.2014 18:001

Berlin's biggest Fleamarket! You can find everything you've ever wanted here, so long as you're prepared to rummage.  Handmade item's and work by local artists, delicious food, hot wine, cold beer, and plenty of 2nd hand treasure!

Don’t forget to check out the Bearpit Karaoke in the adjacent park from 3pm!

Posted by:

Bernauer Straße 63-64, 13355 ... http://www.mauerparkmarkt.de/?... FB event

FLEAMARKET @ Mauerpark

In Berlin, 06.04.2014 8:001 - 06.04.2014 18:001

Berlin's biggest Fleamarket! You can find everything you've ever wanted here, so long as you're prepared to rummage.  Handmade item's and work by local artists, delicious food, hot wine, cold beer, and plenty of 2nd hand treasure!

Don’t forget to check out the Bearpit Karaoke in the adjacent park from 3pm!

Posted by:

Brunnenstraße 197-198, 10119 ... http://mein-haus-am-see.blogsp... Facebook FB event

CFerreri; My Universe @ Mein Haus am See

In Berlin, 26.03.2014 19:001 - 26.03.2014 23:591

New work by Sardinian born painter, Clara Ferreri. Brought together in an evening of performance,  live jazz, and DJ sets to get your feet moving!

Posted by:

Theobaldgasse 9, 1060 Wien... http://www.monami.at/home/... Facebook FB event

Relups&theUFORIKS, concert @ monami

In Vienna, 20.03.2014 19:001 - 20.03.2014 21:001

They say they make Electro-Acoustic-music, that's so vague you have to check it out yourselves! Critical-melancholic Singer-Songwriting, with lewd electro-beats  -get ready for an otherworldly evening at good ol' Monami!


Posted by:

Wyspa Slowdowa, Wroclaw... FB event

Spring is Coming @ Slodowa Island

In Wroclaw, 21.03.2014 11:001 - 22.03.2014 22:001

Workshops, live music, turnaments - all to celebrate the first day of spring. You'll also get a chance to prepare traditional muppet (called marzanna) and then burn it in order to finally say bye to winter.



Posted by:

Kredance, ul. Szajnochy 11, 50... https://www.facebook.com/kreda... FB event

NOTOPOP concert @ Kredance

In Wroclaw, 20.03.2014 20:001 - 20.03.2014 23:001

Not so many groups are able to create exciting electropop music. Fortunately NOTOPOP is one of them with the main singer that resembles Roisin Murphy. Maybe we're exaggerating, but there's no other way to verify this opinion than simply going to the concert.


Posted by:

1061 Budapest Király St 46... Facebook FB event

Fran Palermo @ Kuplung

In Budapest, 05.04.2014 21:001 - 05.04.2014 23:591

Two drummers, trumpets, flute and guitars take you on an adventure through stormy seas, windy hills, and the unbearable lightness of being. The 9 musicians of the band from Budapest are now separated by the La Manche channel, but they get together for one last show...

21:00: Rustic Shades
22:00: Fran Palermo

(Entry: 1000HUF)


Posted by: Nedda

Nejat Eczac?baş? Binas? Sadi ... http://www.saloniksv.com/en/ev... FB event

Rebel Moves 'SessionFriends' @ Salon İKSV

In Istanbul, 26.03.2014 20:301 - 26.03.2014 23:001

Rebel Moves will take over the stage of Salon ?KSV and for sure deliver a unique performance as they always do, Rebel Moves gained much love and apreciation wolrd wide specially after they relesed  "Who A Next" album, but let me point out that these guys are oldschool, they've been around for more than 14years. 

Tickets :  30 TL Normal and  20 TL for Students. 

Posted by:

Radoslava Grujića 3, Belgrade... Facebook FB event

Deca Losih Muzicara, live Rock'n'Roll @ Vracar Rocks

In Belgrade, 21.03.2014 20:001 - 22.03.2014 1:001

Vracar rocks again! This time Vracar Rock festival presents to you Children of Bad Musicians (Deca Losih Muzicara), bend which will signalize beginning of spring. 



Posted by: Beograd-Zeljko

Asmal? Mescit Mh., Şehbender ... http://babylon.com.tr/en/event... FB event

FOURinthePOCKET @ Babylon

In Istanbul, 21.03.2014 23:301 - 22.03.2014 1:001

With their improvisitions and unique transitions FOURinthePOCKET band covers the songs of Erykah Badu, Jill Scott and Me'Shell Ndegéocello on their own way. 


Posted by:

Carrer dels Escudellers, 49 08... http://www.marulacafe.com/...

Latin Jam + Dj Timber @ Marula

In Barcelona, 23.03.2014 23:001 - 24.03.2014 1:001

Sundays are jam time with Latin live music and DJ Timber's blend of Soul, Funk and Salsa.




Posted by:

UK Parobrod, Kapetan Mišina 6... http://www.ukparobrod.rs/... Facebook FB event

Veliki Prezir, live Indie, Rock'n'Roll @ UK Parobrod

In Belgrade, 22.03.2014 20:301 - 22.03.2014 23:551

Veliki Prezir is one of the legends of Serbian underground rock scene. On Saturday 22th, they will bring to you essential electro-acoustic experience.




Posted by: Beograd-Zeljko

Dom Omladine, Makedonska 22, B... http://www.domomladine.org/... Facebook FB event


In Belgrade, 22.03.2014 20:001 - 23.03.2014 2:001

Serbian punk rock bands meet their Croatian colleagues. Spring and nice weather already started, but on this concert you can expect tropical temperatures!


Posted by: Beograd-Zeljko

Passeig Olímpic 08038 Barcelo... http://www.ticketmaster.es/nav...

Beyoncé @ Palau Sant Jordi

In Barcelona, 24.03.2014 21:001 - 25.03.2014 23:591

Hold on to your panties Pop lovers the queen of R&B. soul and pop is back to blow away the crowds with her full new dazzling live performance show at Palau Sant Jordi. Performing her self titled 2013 album Beyoncé as well as many older classics.

Posted by:

Avinguda Paral.lel 62, 08001 B... http://www.barts.cat/ca/barts-... FB event

Saffran (Gypsy Swing) + Dj Grouncho @ Barts

In Barcelona, 26.03.2014 22:301 - 27.03.2014 2:001

SAffrAn( Gypsy Swing) + Dj Grounchoo * Balkan party !*

4 Euros - a partir de 22H00

Posted by:

CarrerPamplona 88, 08018, Barc... http://www.salarazzmatazz.com/... FB event

Serial Killers Tour: B-Real, Xzibit y Demrick + Son Doobie + Dope D.O.D. @ Razzmatazz

In Barcelona, 30.03.2014 19:001 - 30.03.2014 22:001

SERIAL KILLERS ; B-Real (Cypress Hill) will be bustin out all the hits of his career, togetherwith  Xzibitand Demrick (aka Young Dee), promising young West Coast rapper. Legendary Julio G, Tupac precursor with the Gangsta Rap.will be on the decks while Netherland's DOPE D.O.D and L.A's Funkdoobiest duo will be Mcyin throughout the night. A MUST for all Hip Hop fans.



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storm club , Tachovske namest... http://www.stormclub.cz... Facebook FB event

REZNIK new CD-live music@STORM CLUB

In Žižkov, 12.04.2014 20:001 - 12.04.2014 23:591

... prague artist reznick is celebrating the release of his new cd at Storm Club.... 199 crowns entrance, with djs following his performance.....

Posted by: chrissy

Gun Club, Miloša Pocerca 10,... Facebook FB event

Mike Watt & The Missingmen, live Rock'n'Roll @ Gun Club

In Belgrade, 23.03.2014 20:001 - 24.03.2014 1:001

For more than a quarter of century, Mike Watt is considered among the best bass musicians in r’n’r. During the last 20 years, he was actively collaborating with Iggy Pop, Dinosaur Jr, Cibo Matto etc. Those who find Mike as idol are numerous – from Kurt Cobain, Beastie Boys, Sonic Youth, up to Black Flag, R.E.M. and Red Hot Chili Pappers.


Posted by: Beograd-Zeljko

Pribenicka, 130 00, prague... http://www.finalclub.cz/... FB event


In Žižkov, 25.03.2014 19:001 - 25.03.2014 22:001

three bands to please Your metal ears to the fullest...experience žižkov's underground at Final!!!

PROFESSOR http://pressor.bandcamp.com/music
JUICE OH YEAH http://juiceohyeah.bandcamp.com/
THE TOWER http://bandzone.cz/thetower

Posted by:

fatal , Rokycanova 29 130 00 P... http://fatalclub.cz/... Facebook FB event


In Žižkov, 23.04.2014 19:001 - 23.04.2014 22:201

...HERBST IN BEIJING is a legendary underground band from berlin, Phil Shonenfelt is a legendary british songwriter who lives in prague, and Sweet Positive is a new band of freaks based here in prague.... real rock and roll to free your soul at FATAL, which used to be XT3 .......


Posted by: chrissy

baryton , Husinecka 29 130 00 ... http://www.baryton-cafe.cz... Facebook FB event


In Žižkov, 29.03.2014 19:001 - 29.03.2014 0:591

.... hardcore crust, grind - violence, grind crust, metal crust punk - - - its baryton-core!!!... an evening of METAL to clear out the cobwebs in your head.....fussbal, home made hermalin, and rock n roll on one of zizkovs most active stages.....


Posted by: chrissy

baryton , Husinecka 29 130 00 ... http://www.baryton-cafe.cz... Facebook FB event

Bad Ass Honkies-live music @BARYTON

In Žižkov, 02.04.2014 20:001 - 02.04.2014 23:591

... A combo of funk, hip hop and soul comes to the baryton basement... dance the night away in the republic of ZIZKOV........

Posted by: chrissy

baryton , Husinecka 29 130 00 ... http://www.baryton-cafe.cz... Facebook FB event

MARiAN Band-5th birthday-live music@BARYTON

In Prague, 08.04.2014 20:001 - 08.04.2014 23:591

.... acoustic folk & country from Prague , Marian band invite you to celebrate their fifth birthday....Guitar, banjo, mandolin, bass... fussball and homemade hermalin upstairs, a night to remember downstairs..........


Posted by: chrissy

baryton , Husinecka 29, 130 00... http://www.baryton-cafe.cz... Facebook FB event

palindromes + kohi noir-live music @ baryton music cafe

In Žižkov, 16.04.2014 19:301 - 16.04.2014 22:001

.. czech indie bands palindromes &  kohi noir are here on a wednesday night to help get you one step closer to the weekend.....


Posted by: chrissy

1114 Budapest Petőfi híd, bu... http://www.a38.hu/hu/program/r... Facebook FB event

Random Trip @ A38

In Budapest, 25.03.2014 20:001 - 25.03.2014 23:001

Don't miss Random Trip, the improvisative concert series where various artists from the coolest Hungarian bands are invited every Tuesday to create some crazy vibes ranging from hip-hop to jazz, from rock to electro.
This time singers Vula Malinga & Brendan Reilly of the well-known Basement Jaxx (UK) will complete the show.

(Entry for the gig on A38, the party boat:2500 HUF)


Posted by:

Siebensterngasse 5, 1070 Vienn... Facebook FB event

Tuesday's Free session @Café Kreisky

In Vienna, 25.03.2014 20:001 - 26.03.2014 2:001

Every Tuesday there's special guests in Café Kreisky a very, very nice and friendly location.


Free entry, volontarly donation

So, Kreisky was Austrian's Foreign Minister in the 60s. He was Vienna's last socialist of the old school, reformed Austria's family law and its prisons, and he decriminalised abortion and homos.

Cool guy, cool bar!

Posted by:

Petőfi híd, budai hídfő 11... http://www.a38.hu/hu/program/i... Facebook FB event

Ivan & The Parazol @ A38

In Budapest, 27.03.2014 20:001 - 27.03.2014 23:001

Ivan & The Parazol knows what is classic rock, beat and blues, and will tell you too, in their catchy and totally up-to-date style. They're probably one of the most dinamically developing band in the current Hungarian scene.
Warm-up: Blahalousiana.

(Entry: 1800 HUF)


Posted by:

41.028893, 28.974301... https://www.facebook.com/Karak... FB event

Briken Aliou & FRIENDS @ Karakedi

In Istanbul, 27.03.2014 22:301 - 28.03.2014 1:301

Berkin first just enjoyed doing Jam sessions with his friends then thought ''well, let takem them on stage with me'' , very talented young group of friends that will play some great Improvised Blues&Funk. 

Posted by:

Schönbrunner Schloßstraße 4... Facebook FB event

Earth Hour drumming circle @ Schloss Schönbrunn

In Vienna, 29.03.2014 20:301 - 29.03.2014 21:301

It's Earth Hour again - worldwide, people will turn off all their available lights as a symbol and for thinking about our energy consumption for 60 minutes or longer - if you want to participate but not alone, join some nice folks at a nice location, bring something warm to sit on and something to drum on (or just sit there and listen) and participate in symboling consciousness.

wanna know more about the earth hour? https://www.earthhour.at/

Posted by:

Währinger Gürtel, Gürtelbog... http://1bm.at/... Facebook FB event

Feast of the Rhymes @ Einbaumöbel

In Vienna, 29.03.2014 20:001 - 30.03.2014 3:001

prepare for a nice night out with a lot of good local & underground music - have an album pre-release, an ep release  and... a really good time.

FREE ENTRY & doors open at 20:00


Posted by:

Kredance. Klub, Karola Szajnoc... FB event

Kredance Low Budget Orchestra @ Kredance

In Wroclaw, 25.03.2014 21:001 - 25.03.2014 23:451

Low Budget Orchestra is a group of musicians who had to follow different paths in their careers, yet still want to do some decent playing together. Since it's their first concert together, be prepared for a new, interesting quality (but sorry for no youtube preview ;-)

Tickets: free

Posted by: Wojtek

Collosseum Jazz Caffe, Księdz... http://www.jazzcaffe.com.pl/in... FB event

Pola Royd @ Collosseum Jazz Cafe

In Wroclaw, 01.04.2014 20:001 - 01.04.2014 22:001

Pola Royd is a band of fantastic, young musicians led by charming and amazing voice of Paulina Chobot. They play, they rock, they move our souls!

Ticket: 5 PLN

Posted by: Wojtek

... http://www.babylon.com.tr/en/e... FB event

Iyeoka @ Babylon

In Istanbul, 09.04.2014 21:301 - 09.04.2014 23:301

The Nigerian-American angelic voice maybe known for her angelic voice but Iyeoka is also a poet, songwriter, pharmacist, healing meditation drummer, and TED Global Fellow. 

Iyoka will be on Babylon stage to perform some tracks from her latest album Say Yes (2010) and some other hits from previous albums.

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Falckensteinstraße 48, 10997 ... http://www.magnet-club.de/... Facebook FB event

Rock Bar live @ Magnet Club

In Berlin, 15.04.2014 22:001 - 15.04.2014 23:591

Magnet Club presents ROCK BAR featuring live sets by Live; As it is (pop punk. UK) The Lost Boys Club (pop punk. NL) and Second Hand Hero (pop punk, Berlin) Followed by DJ Vossi  to keep the party going all night!

Free Entry before Midnight!


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Prinzenstraße 85f, 10969 Berl... http://princecharlesberlin.com... Facebook FB event

Burgers and Hip-Hop #4!

In Berlin, 03.05.2014 15:001 - 03.05.2014 23:591

Burgers and Hip-Hop is back for round #4. Prince Charles will open their doors to some of Berlin's best burger vendors and local  DJ's for a Jam packed evening of delicous food and a non-stop Hip-hop beat.



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Bernauer Straße 63-64, 13355 ... http://www.mauerparkmarkt.de/?... Facebook FB event

FLEAMARKET @ Mauerpark

In Berlin, 13.04.2014 8:001 - 13.04.2014 18:001

Grab some friends and head to Mauerpark for berlin's biggest fleamarket! You'll find hand-made, second-hand, brand new, artist produced treasure of every kind. As well as local food, hot coffee and cold beers. The adjacent park is packed with street performers and picnic goers. 
Don't miss out on the Bearpit karaoke, from 3pm.
Here's a little taste of what you might find there; 

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Puzzle, Przejście Garncarskie... https://www.facebook.com/klubp... FB event

Instytut Filmow Dzwiekoszczelnych @ Puzzle

In Wroclaw, 26.03.2014 20:001 - 26.03.2014 23:301

Wild performance. Extraordinary feast for your your eyes and ears. Also for your brain and heart (if you happen to have them). On the screen - best moments of silent cinema history. On the scene - instrumental trio that will try to fill the space with melodies. The choice of the movie will be a suprise for both musicians and audience. 

TAX: 10 pln (presale) / 15 pln

Posted by:

Puzzle, Przejście Garncarskie... https://www.facebook.com/klubp... FB event

Yarah Bravo & Te-Tris @ Puzzle

In Wroclaw, 28.03.2014 23:001 - 29.03.2014 3:001

Two extraordinary artist will perform on Puzzle scene this Friday. What they have in common is this fascinating energy and positive attitude. Anf of course music - a mix of classic rap and funky.

TAX: 25 pln (presale) / 30 pln

Posted by:

Schody Donikad, pl. Solny 13, ... https://www.facebook.com/pub.s...

DeGENTELMEN @ Schody Donikad

In Wroclaw, 26.03.2014 21:001 - 26.03.2014 23:301

A classic Schody Donikad formula - local jazz band invites a beautifull singer with a great voice to play some covers of famouse artist. Jamiroquai, Beyonce, Justin Timberlake, Prince, Earth Wind & Fire and Kool & The Gang - to name a few of them. What distinguis them from other bands it's the extraordinary attention to details. Enjoy!


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... https://www.facebook.com/roxyc... FB event

Balthazar @ Roxy

In Istanbul, 29.03.2014 23:001 - 30.03.2014 3:001

Started in 2004 as talented 18 year olds and have since released two albums, Balthazar will be performing live at Roxy. 

Posted by:

... http://en.peramuzesi.org.tr/Ac... FB event

Special Performance: Marcin Masecki @ Pera Museum

In Istanbul, 26.03.2014 19:301 - 01.01.1970 1:001

on the occasion of the 600th anniversary of Poland-Turkey diplomatic relations Pera Museum in collaboration with culture.pl. is presenting a special solo-piano performance by Polish musician artist, Marcin Masecki. Masecki’s performance entitledDeconstructing Domenico Scarlatti’s sonatas will illustrate the artists’s versatile talent.

Admissions with museum ticlet (10 TL) and admission is free for students

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Cross Club, Plynarni 23, 170 0... http://www.crossclub.cz/cs/pro... Facebook FB event

european reggae contest @ cross

In Prague, 03.04.2014 20:001 - 03.04.2014 23:591

east european final of the reggae contest is presenting three bands representing east side massive*

Sattas from Turkey

Rebelites from Bulgaria 

Mašta Bašta from Serbia


come to see them inna di cross club, show some love and feel irie all night


entrance free till nine and then 100czk

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KC Grad, Brace Krsmanovic 4, B... http://www.gradbeograd.eu/... Facebook FB event

HALFTONES IS MY BAND, live New Wave, Indie @ KC Grad

In Belgrade, 27.03.2014 21:001 - 28.03.2014 2:001

Electronic and gitar injection + Tiny girl voice = Halftones. On Thursday the 27th, they’ll have promotion of their debut album.

250 RSD (around 2,5 euros)


Posted by: Beograd-Zeljko

Kuglas, Đušina 5, Belgrade, ... Facebook FB event

Horror Hooligans Show vol.1, live Psychobilly @ Kuglas

In Belgrade, 28.03.2014 22:001 - 28.03.2014 4:001

Horror-psychobilly-rocabilly-streetpunk-and-who-know–what-else night in club Kuglas.

200 RSD (around 1,7 euros)


Posted by: Beograd-Zeljko

Drugstore, Bulevar vojvode Boj... Facebook FB event

LIRA VEGA & XANAX, live Electronic, Indie @ Drugstore

In Belgrade, 28.03.2014 23:001 - 29.03.2014 5:001

Lira Vega is among the pioneers of Serbian electronic indie music. Beside presentation of their new alum, audience will hear rising star on alternative music sky – band Xanax.

250 RSD (before midnight) / 350 RSD (after midnight)



Posted by: Beograd-Zeljko

Fehérvári út 202, Budapest... http://goa.hu/electric-univers... Facebook FB event

Electric Universe - Album Launch @ 202 Club

In Budapest, 29.03.2014 21:001 - 30.03.2014 6:001

space trance &  psychedellic tribal.. full on show

Legendary ELECTRONIC UNIVERSE project from Germany... first new album since 2008.& Also legendary Hungarian band Korai Öröm Trancemission 


? Electric Universe Live (lemezbemutató) (DE)

? Korai Trancemission 

? Hadron Orchestra Live

? Gorgo (BMSS Records, Avatar Events) – (HUN)

? Oleg (S.U.N.Festival/HumanTouch) – (HUN)

? Wegha (Starsheep system/Ozora festival) – (HUN)

? Snag vs Sasa (Y-Production) – (HUN)

Deco – Psyalasca Decoration & Psyplanet Team

in 202Club

to get there: tram 18 from Szell Kalman ter
tram 47 from Deak square. 

Posted by: Nedda

Mikser, Karadjordjeva 46, Belg... Facebook FB event

Skroz, live R'n'R @ Mikser House

In Belgrade, 28.03.2014 21:001 - 28.03.2014 2:001

They maybe don’t look like a beauty queens, but their music is more than a good reason to come and see them. Sarajevo band Skroz is unique r'n'r group which exists more than a 18 years. During that time they continue to excite audience with their ironic, provocative and social engaged lyrics.

Free entrance


Posted by: Beograd-Zeljko

KC Grad, Brace Krsmanovic 4, B... http://www.gradbeograd.eu/... Facebook FB event

Lana Popsimonova, live ADM @ KC Grad

In Belgrade, 29.03.2014 23:001 - 30.03.2014 4:001

Electronic Ice Queen Lana Popsimonova is responsible for decadent parties usually visited by midgets, dandies, beardy prostitutes, crazy scientists. One of the best represent of ADM beats from Croatia, song writer and producer Popsimonova had numerous performances around Europe and region.

300 RSD (around 2,5 euros)


Posted by: Beograd-Zeljko

Supermarket concept store, Vis... http://www.supermarket.rs/?lan... Facebook

American style brunch + Jazz matinee @ Supermarket

In Belgrade, 30.03.2014 10:001 - 30.03.2014 19:001

Whole day event in Supermarket – from 10 up to 14 o’clock you can taste American style brunch. After that, when your sense of taste get satisfied, you can fulfill your ears with finest jazz.



Posted by: Beograd-Zeljko

carrer Nou de la Rambla 113 08... https://www.sala-apolo.com/ca/...


In Barcelona, 31.03.2014 23:591 - 01.03.2014 4:001

Trashy Rock, Pop, indie, Garage, 80’s and Electrowith surprise guests. One of Barcelona's  best parties to start the week right. Mondays are the new Fundays. \m/

Anticipada: 14€ | Taquilla: 15€

Posted by:

cibulka, 150 00, praha... http://cibulka.squat.net/...

Cibulka Squat Anniversary Festival @ Cibulka

In Prague, 03.04.2014 12:001 - 05.04.2014 23:231

second anniversary of the Cibulka squat
theatre*movies*bands*DJs*performance*chill out zone

THURSDAY_theatre + poetry + bosnian folk + highly recommended performance of Yedhaki:Nautika

FRIDAY_concerts of punk and hardcore bands...

SATURDAY_rave party+performance shows+live sets+djs....simply techno_


CHILL OUT ZONE all the time...with music / performance / workshops and much more*

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parukarka, 130 00, praha... http://tribofuego.org/meetings... Facebook FB event

Drummers & Jugglers meeting @ Parukarka park

In Žižkov, 02.04.2014 20:001 - 02.04.2014 23:591

For the first time this year_You already might say classic gathering of jugglers + drummers + fireshow at Parukářka park...something You don't wanna miss...take it easy and enjoy Yourself*

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holesovicka trznice, 170 00, p... http://www.klublink.cz/... Facebook FB event

Pop Up club BLINK @ Prague Market

In Prague, 08.04.2014 20:001 - 13.04.2014 4:001

pop up club in one of the halls in Prague's market @ holešovice district

differents styles, different people, different experience...check out the webpage for more info!

8.4. BRUTÁLNA ZOSTAVA: Moja Reč & PARA & Sendreiovci

9.4. DOPE D.O.D. (NL) & DJ SMACK (CZ) + Dj S-Bish (FR)


11.4. SOUNDFEER spring edition: MEAT KATIE (UK) + Tchendos

12.4. EXCELENT BEATS: Vložte Kočku (CZ), Floex (CZ), Echo & Tito (IL), Caterva (FR), Prince of Persia (IL)

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husitska 23, 130 00, praha... www.hus23.org/?... Facebook

Qaraba.greek music @ hus23

In Žižkov, 14.04.2014 21:001 - 14.04.2014 23:591

Songs of the Greek underground from 1880 to 1940...greek old school underground meets todays žižkovs underground at HUS23...ring the bell, make a good impression and enjoy Yourself*

check out their YT  >>> youtube.com/QarabaEns

Posted by:

Carrer de Pierre de Coubertin ... http://www.livenation.es/event...

Franz Ferdinand @ Sant Jordi Club

In Barcelona, 05.04.2014 20:001 - 02.04.2014 23:591

British indie rock gods are back to perform music from their newest album as well as drop classics at Sant Jordi Club.

Posted by:

... http://www.garajistanbul.org/i... FB event

Peter Doherty @garajistanbul

In Istanbul, 03.04.2014 22:001 - 04.04.2014 1:001

He is best known musically for being co-frontman of The Libertines, which he formed with Carl Barât in 1997. His other musical project is indie band Babyshambles, Peter "Pete" Doherty is an English musician, writer, actor, poet and artist. 

Posted by:

... http://www.saloniksv.com/en/ev... FB event

Juliana Barwick @Salon

In Istanbul, 03.04.2014 21:301 - 03.04.2014 23:001

 An American ambient musician, composer bio Before debut album, released two improvisationally recorded EP’s. Debut album ‘The Magic Place’ (2011) was highly acclaimed by critics. Latest album ‘Nepenthe’ was released last year. Pitchfork gave this album 8,5 out of 10. Her approach to music was compared to musicians like Steve Reich and Brian Eno’s. sound plain ambient-folk melodies, an angelic vocal:

tickets Seated 35 TL, Standing 30 TL, Student 25 TL

Posted by:

... http://peyote.com.tr/guncel-et...

Tim Hecker @Peyote

In Istanbul, 11.04.2014 23:001 - 12.04.2014 3:001

 Canadian-based musician and sound artist, His works have been described as “structured ambient”, “tectonic color plates” and “cathedral electronic music”. 

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BIGZ, Bulevar Vojvode Misica 1... Facebook FB event

Jazz Classics Concert @ Cekaonica

In Belgrade, 01.04.2014 22:301 - 02.04.2014 2:001

BIGZ is precious jewel of Yugoslav architecture. Although today this building looks abandoned, deep inside it hiding a lot of secrets, and one of them is Cekaonica. Located on the top of BIGZ, from this place and its balcony musicians are sending jazz notes into the night of Belgrade. On the Thursday evening, you can hear how they are doing that with some jazz classics.




Posted by: Beograd-Zeljko

... http://www.saloniksv.com/en/ev... FB event

Hidden Orchestra @ Salon İKSV

In Istanbul, 08.04.2014 21:301 - 01.04.2014 23:301

Scottish electronic-jazz collective band Hidden Orchestra will be at Salon ?KSV on April 8, 2014.

Posted by:

... http://www.saloniksv.com/en/ev... FB event

The Souljazz Orchestra@ Salon İKSV

In Istanbul, 09.04.2014 21:301 - 01.04.2014 23:301

Canadian jazz, funk, soul and afrobet band The Souljazz Orchestra will be at Salon ?KSV on April 9, 2014

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Westbahnstraße 60, 1070 Wien... http://www.schnellundsauber.at... Facebook FB event

MARY BROADCAST BAND & CHRISTÓH, concert @ Waschsalon

In Vienna, 07.04.2014 19:001 - 07.04.2014 22:001

As every first monday of the month, the fabulous laundromat Högn is hosting two singin', and hopefully also tumblin' artists: MARY BROADCAST BAND & CHRISTÓH - price: as always - pay as much as you want! Have fun at that hot but very clean (and nice-smelling!) venue!


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KC Grad, Brace Krsmanovic 4, B... http://www.gradbeograd.eu/... Facebook FB event

Rita Braga, live World Music @ KC Grad

In Belgrade, 02.04.2014 21:001 - 03.04.2014 0:001

All way from Lisbon, Portugal comes Rita Braga. This charming and beautiful Ukulele queen with a voice of velvet plays a brilliant mishmash of sound. Combining Julee Cruise esque Lounge with a strange mix of folk ranging from Serbian, Hawaiian, and Appalachian Mountain music, Rita Braga’s sound is truly unique and refreshing. 

200 RSD


Posted by: Beograd-Zeljko

Nou de la Rambla 113 08004 Bar... FB event

EXCEPTER + VIDA @ La [2] de Apolo

In Barcelona, 06.04.2014 20:301 - 06.04.2014 23:591

Brooklyn's Exzcepter's music ranges from psychedelic, dub, electronica and pop, with long jams that might sound like CAN or Throbbing Gristle. They will be prsenting their new album " "Familiar" . Opening band local BCN's garage rock "VIDA "

8€ anticipada (Dead Moon Records y Codetickes) y 7€ con tarjeta Apolo 113
10€ taquilla


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Bernauer Straße 63-64, 13355 ... http://www.mauerparkmarkt.de/?... Facebook

FLEAMARKET @ Mauerpark

In Berlin, 27.04.2014 8:001 - 27.04.2014 18:001

Grab some friends and head to Mauerpark for berlin's biggest fleamarket! You'll find hand-made, second-hand, brind new, artist produced treasure of every kind. As well as local food, hot coffee and cold beers. The adjacent park is packed with street performers and picnicers. 

Don't miss out on the Bearpit karaoke, from 3pm.

Here's a little taste of what you might find there; 

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Bernauer Straße 63-64, 13355 ... http://www.mauerparkmarkt.de/?... Facebook

FLEAMARKET @ Mauerpark

In Berlin, 20.04.2014 8:001 - 20.04.2014 18:001

Berlin's biggest Fleamarket! You can find everything you've ever wanted here, so long as you're prepared to rummage.  Handmade item's and work by local artists, delicious food, hot wine, cold beer, and plenty of 2nd hand treasure!

Don’t forget to check out the Bearpit Karaoke in the adjacent park from 3pm!

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... https://www.facebook.com/Arsen... FB event

Noosphere Project Jam Session @ Arsen Lupen

In Istanbul, 03.04.2014 23:001 - 04.04.2014 4:001

In the first slot the main group “noosphere project” will do the warm up for about an hour and later onwards open stage will be expecting you all. The only thing you need is your instrument. You do not need your own effect pedals for the guitar. The two very effective and nice set ups will be at your service. and everything from bass amplifier, a good keyboard, drum,guitar and microphones is there and only you are missing.

Ps: Please contact the coordinators once you arrive the venue to take to stage.

check out some Music

Posted by:

... https://www.facebook.com/Karak... FB event

Spoken Word İstanbul @ Karakedi

In Istanbul, 07.04.2014 20:301 - 08.04.2014 1:001

who are they? they are Poets, novelists, stand-up artists, dancers, improv actors, musicians, jugglers, story tellers, actors and actresses and just anybody and everybody who loves to take to the stage to speak their words, and you, yes you, anybody is welcome to take the stage and let out his words and feel free to stutter, you'll ease the anxiety of the next performer. 

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Glatzgasse 4, 1190 Wien... https://www.facebook.com/londo... Facebook FB event

Bahuma live in concert @ London Club

In Vienna, 28.04.2014 21:001 - 28.04.2014 23:001

!!only german! - Bahuma, supercute and talented songwriterduo, following the tradition of Texta & Co, are coming up with their witty & rythmic music - all their texts are in german, but maybe their drive will catch you anyway at culty London Club!


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... http://www.babylon.com.tr/en/e... FB event

Headhunters @ Babylon

In Istanbul, 03.04.2014 21:301 - 03.04.2014 23:591

From the instant funk classic to the rare-groove sound, the Headhunters have redefined modern funk. 

Bill Summers: Percussions
Mike Clark: Drums
Patrick Clahar: Saxophone
Stephen Gordon: Keys
Reggie Washington: Bass

Posted by:

Hospůdka Parukářka, Praha-P...

Fire show and Drum jam session at park Parukářka

In Žižkov, 02.04.2014 20:001 - 30.11.-0001 0:001

Above Olšanské náměstí is a big park on the hill. On this hill is a lovely local small pub and buffet selling only beers and shots;) To this hill come tonight people with drums and bongos and when the dark comes there will start the fire show. U can enjoy fresh air, big open space of meadow on the hill, trible and the FIRE performance! all for free :)

Posted by:

CAFÉ NA PŮL CESTY centráln... http://www.greendoors.cz/cafe_... Facebook FB event

Global Beats - concerts, didjeridoo workshop@ Cafe Na Pul Cesty (central park Pankrac)

In Prague, 12.04.2014 16:001 - 13.04.2014 2:001

World music concerts and DJs playing with live instruments from 8 p.m. at Cafe Na Půl Cesty.

From 4 p.m. U can join didjeridoo and tibetan singing bowls workshop and open jam session in the park in front of the Cafe.

A lot of  music will be in indian style and U can also test indian vegan food there.

It is a charity action - entry is voluntary and money goes to a 1 year old child Martin who is in the process of healing from blood cancer.


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UK Parobrod, Kapetan Mišina 6... http://www.ukparobrod.rs/dasb... Facebook FB event

AFRIQUE MON AFRIQUE, live World Music @ Das Boot/UK Parobrod

In Belgrade, 03.04.2014 21:301 - 04.04.2014 1:001

Their music comes from the very roots of African culture. Bend is composed of two guys which playing African harp and drums and girl from Cuba which will add  extra spices with her exotic dance.

300 RSD 



Posted by: Beograd-Zeljko

Cekaonica, Bulevar Vojvode Mis... Facebook FB event

Waiting for a new life + Fish in Oil, Photography Group Exhibition and Jazz Concert @ Cekaonica

In Belgrade, 04.04.2014 19:001 - 05.04.2014 2:001

Art³ is a very interesting group of artist which will have pleasure to receive you on 4th April, at 19h at Jazz Club Cekaonica and show you their work. After opening of exhibition, as usual - jazz concert and the bend Fish in Oil.

Free entrance


Posted by: Beograd-Zeljko

Leila Records and Books, Kralj... Facebook FB event

Park, acoustic live Punk Rock, Grunge @ Leila

In Belgrade, 04.04.2014 21:001 - 05.04.2014 1:301

Bend Park is one of those bands which sound like something between Foo Fighters and Farside. They are preparing the first album and this will be premiere performance of their new songs.

Free entrance


Posted by: Beograd-Zeljko

Karađorđeva 2-4, Belgrade, S... http://resonate.io/2014/... Facebook FB event

Ilija Ludvig, Resonate Concentio, Kanda, Kodža and Nebojša and Hetem @ Promenada

In Belgrade, 04.04.2014 20:001 - 05.04.2014 3:001

Ilija Ludvig is a sing and song writer from Belgrade who has had a vast number unreleased but easily accessible albums. He opens this Belgrade music showcase with an intimate musical promise and a heart warming performance.

Resonate Concentio is a special project and a collaboration between two talents of Belgrade music scene, vocalist and trombonist Vukasin Markovic and a drummer Nemanja Acimovic.These guys are audio adventurists using improvisation as a way to a new kind of sound.

Kanda, Kodža and Nebojša is one of the best alternative rock bands in the region. Their history, from the early 90s until today, is unique for their political views, indefinite anti-establishment voice, and open lyrical arrangement. The innovative mix of rock, reggae and jazz collide unexpectedly with the energy of punk are the proof that Serbia in the 90s as an incubator for a unique type of sound, the world has not yet heard.

Hetem a post-eletronic one-man-band that delivers one step forward into the unknown future of sound, loud and unexpectedly noisy excess of the avant-garde Belgrade underground scene.

700 RSD


Posted by: Beograd-Zeljko

Placa Reial, 7 08002 Barcelona... http://www.sidecarfactoryclub....

Eagulls @ Sidecar

In Barcelona, 08.04.2014 21:301 - 08.04.2014 23:591

The English post-punk band from Leeds brings their sultry dark pop to Sidecar. Fans of Joy Division, killing Joke and other classic post punk bands will have their minds blown. Not  to be missed.


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Carrer dels Escudellers, 49 08... http://www.marulacafe.com/... FB event

Roy & The Devil's Motorcycle + The Outsiders @ Marula Cafe

In Barcelona, 10.04.2014 22:001 - 10.04.2014 23:591

Swizz punk-blues trio ROY and the Devil's Motorcycle bring their special blend of dirty garage hillbilly voodoo to Marula backed by local punksters The Outsiders.

5 Euros.

Posted by:

A38 Budapest... http://www.a38.hu/en/program/g... Facebook FB event

God is an Astronaut concert @ A38 party Boat

In Budapest, 07.04.2014 20:001 - 07.04.2014 23:531

Instrumental post rock from Ireland. 

Greg Gale & 
God Is An Astronaut

On A38 partyboat.

entry: 3500 HUF in advance -  buy here
         4000 HUF on the spot ( if there will be any left.... ) 



Posted by: Nedda

Budapest V, Erzsebet ter... http://www.akvariumklub.hu/... Facebook FB event

Tosca concert @ Akvarium

In Budapest, 04.04.2014 21:001 - 05.04.2014 3:001

Elelctronic lounge,  downtempo jazz dub duo Tosca from Vienna... @ the re opening party of Club Akvarium. 

Entry: 2900 HUF

Posted by: Nedda

UK Parobrod, Kapetan Mišina 6... http://www.ukparobrod.rs/#... Facebook FB event

Deca Loshih Muzicara, live Funky, Rock'n'Roll @ UK Parobrod

In Belgrade, 05.04.2014 20:301 - 06.04.2014 0:001

Children of Bad Musicians (Deca Losih Muzicara) are a funk rock band from Belgrade. They were one of most popular Serbian bands in the early 1990s. Most DLM songs are fast and furious funk rock, but melodic, adorned with trumpet and saxophone lines.

700 RSD


Posted by: Beograd-Zeljko

Gun Club, Miloša Pocerca 10, ... Facebook FB event

Jarboli, live Indie @ Gun Club

In Belgrade, 05.04.2014 22:301 - 05.04.2014 3:001

Jarboli is a Serbian alternative rock band from Belgrade which exists more than a two decades. On the 5th of April, they will present new album, music which they describe as a mix of control and chaos, laughing  and crying, eclectic noise and eclectic silence.

700 RSD 


Posted by: Beograd-Zeljko

Kampa Island 118 00 Prague... http://www.kampastredsveta.cz...

Kampa Stred Svet (Center of World) open air concert/show/FREE@KampaPark

In Prague, 12.04.2014 14:001 - 05.04.2014 20:001

The Island becomes the place to be again.. all day action & fresh air for free!

Celebration opening the gates of Kampa will 'happen' under the Chrales bridge at 14.oo...

All the park will be alive with possibilities & on top of that there will play 5 bands.

If you know the names then you will be delighted.. if not.. come discover something!

It's gonna' be a great day!




Posted by: Gordonsky

Holzmarktstraße 33, 10243 Ber... http://www.radialsystem.de/reb... Facebook

UM:LAUT - Denovali Swingfest Berlin

In Berlin, 25.04.2014 19:001 - 26.04.2014 23:001

An experimental music festival spanning 2 days, with live music and performances by;
Murcof, Greg Haines, Piano Interrupted, Origamibiro, Brandt Brauer Frick, Oneohtrix Point Never, Skalpel, Hidden Orchestra, Talvihorros and John Lemke.

Tix -  Friday 28€, Saturday 35€


Posted by:

Schönhauser Allee 6-7, 10119 ... http://www.whitetrashfastfood.... Facebook FB event

Berlin Psych Fest warm-up party

In Berlin, 17.04.2014 20:001 - 05.04.2014 23:591

Get ready for tomorrow's Psych fest with a warm-up party in White trash! Live performances by; THE HYPNOTIC EYE (Psychedelic/Garage/Soul - UK), THE ROARING 420s (Psychedelic/Surf/Garage - DE), TWO STEP HORROR  (Psychedelic/DreamPop - IS), BOB RUTMAN feat. NICO LIPPOLIS (Experimental)  + DJ RUDI PROTRUDI. 

Entry 10€

Posted by:

Columbiadamm 9-11, 10965 Berli... http://c-club-berlin.de/events... FB event

Berlin Psych Fest @ C-Club

In Berlin, 18.04.2014 12:001 - 19.04.2014 23:591

Spanning 2 days and Featuring 20+ live acts, Berlin Phych Fest has been developed to combine experimantal art and music with a focus on acts stemming from the German Krautrock Movement. 

Tix - 40€ a day, or 60€ for the weekend. 

Posted by:

Gun Club, Miloša Pocerca 10, ... Facebook FB event

BARZIN + DOJO + Zaokret DJ tim, live Americana @ Gun Club

In Belgrade, 06.04.2014 20:001 - 07.04.2014 2:001

Barzin is a Canadian singer-songwriter known for his slow and melancholic songs. Barzin has released three albums in his career, and his style has been compared to such bands as Mojave 3 and Mazzy Star. Through his work he continued to remain true to the aesthetics of quietness and minimalism. It still concerns itself with exploring the quiet side of pop.

1000 RSD 


Posted by: Beograd-Zeljko

Supermarket concept store, Vis... http://www.supermarket.rs/?la... Facebook

American style brunch + Jazz matinee @ Supermarket

In Belgrade, 06.04.2014 10:001 - 06.04.2014 19:001

Whole day event in Supermarket – from 10 up to 14 o’clock you can taste American style brunch. After that, when your sense of taste get satisfied, you can fulfill your ears with finest jazz.


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Dlouha 33, 110 00 Prague... http://www.roxy.cz... Facebook FB event

KLUCI (CZ) - elektro, punk - LIVE@ free monday ROXY

In Prague, 14.04.2014 20:001 - 14.04.2014 23:591

The BOYS are back in town..... KLUCI -

I think it is safe to say these young fellows really kick ass!! So if you like to jump around & get fresh.. then po go..

& all for free!!!.


Posted by: Gordonsky

... http://www.babylon.com.tr/en/e... FB event

Ellen Allien DJ Set @ Babylon

In Istanbul, 12.04.2014 22:001 - 13.04.2014 2:001

founder of the iconic record label BPitch Control, Ellen Allien will be at Babylon’s stage on the 12th to play some her old hits and many more from her new album  "Free Nation" (2014) with Thomas Muller.


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... http://www.babylon.com.tr/en/e... FB event

Carmen Souza @ Babylon

In Istanbul, 17.04.2014 21:301 - 17.04.2014 23:591

Discovered by jazz bassist Theo Pas’cal, Portuguese musician Carmen Souza brings together African cultural music with Cape Verde’s rhythms like Batuke and Morna. 

will be on stage with Theo Pas’cal.

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http://clubtoclub.it/2014-en/... FB event

19 #C2CISTONIGHT: Young Echo Showcase: Vessel / Jabu / Killing Sound + El Mahdy Jr @ Pixie

In Istanbul, 18.04.2014 22:001 - 19.04.2014 5:001

#C2CISTONIGHT is back once again to gather up music lovers on April 18th – 19th

One of Europe’s most significant contemporary music & art festival, Torino-based Club To Club visits ?stanbul for the fifth consecutive year in April

“#C2CISTONIGHT” is ready to bring to its audience the longest festival experience in its history. Building upon the concept of moving from a place to another in ?stiklal Street’s most important and dynamic night clubs, the fifth edition of  “#C2CISTONIGHT” will also take over different spots like book stores, record shops and art galleries to the festival schedule this year stretching over two days.

Started with an opening act at Salon IKSV on Friday April 18th, “#C2CISTONIGHT” will be spreading all over places such as Kontraplak, Robinson Crusoe Kitabevi, Analog Kültür, Urban Cafe with mini concerts, autograph sessions, DJ sets, acoustic performances, conversations and special discounts on the next day, Saturday April 19th. When the night settles in, the festival will be heading towards clubs like Babylon, Salon IKSV, Peyote, Pixie, Klub Karaoke & Kiki S?raselviler, allowing the audience to choose their own path through the night, until the first ray of light in the morning.

Prepare yourselves to experience a non-stop music and art festival!


check out the Artis HERE 

Promo Video Here 

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... http://www.babylon.com.tr/en/e... FB event

Brian Oblivion and Madeline Follin’s indie-pop project Cults @ Babylon

In Istanbul, 08.04.2014 21:301 - 08.04.2014 23:591

the duo forges their sound with elements of surf and hazy dream pop, performing for the first time in Turkey Brian Oblivion and Madeline Follin will be on Babylon stage on the 8th of april 2014. 




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Budapest V, Erzsebet ter... http://www.akvariumklub.hu/pro... Facebook

KOAN Sound & Digitalism @ Akvarium Klub

In Budapest, 12.04.2014 22:001 - 13.04.2014 4:001

An evening with many electro type music like indiectronica and moombahcore + plus some more commonly known ones like breakbeat and dubstep... 

UK and German djs


01:00Koan Sound



entry 3500 HUf on the spot
2900 in advance. buy here. 

Posted by: Nedda

XIV. kerület Ajtósi Dürer s... http://www.durerkert.com/...

Norma Jean (US) - metal @ Dürer Kert

In Budapest, 14.04.2014 19:001 - 15.04.2014 5:001

Some global hardcore / metal for tonight: 


samples here: 



ticket: 3900 HUF
can buy here.

Posted by: Nedda

1061 Budapest, Király utca 46... https://www.facebook.com/Kuplu... Facebook FB event

Henri Gonzalez / Fran Palermo ACOUSTIC @ Kuplung

In Budapest, 08.04.2014 21:001 - 08.04.2014 23:001

Solo night of Henri Gonzalez, fron man of Fran Palermo one of todays most succesfull up and coming indie band - a truly magical performer. - in Kuplung Club. 



Posted by: Nedda

1094 Budapest, Liliom u. 41.... http://trafo.hu/en... Facebook

Electrify Series 5 - EXPERIMENTAL ELECTRONICA @ Trafó

In Budapest, 12.04.2014 20:001 - 13.04.2014 3:001

Experimental electronic - musical abstractions full of emotions....  with Tim Hecker (CAN) 

Tim Hecker (live - CAN / Kranky)
Imre Kiss (live - HU / Farbwechsel)
Peter Bernath (dj set - HU / Plug & Lay)
Aftershow @ Kontra Klub:
Panel Trax Records Label Showcase
( free entry with ELECTRIFY ticket )

experiments & audiovisual excursions to outer space. 

entry: 2000 HUF. 

Posted by: Nedda

carrer Blesa, 36 08004 Barcelo... http://bodegasalto.net/... FB event

WOLF SAXON live @ Gran Bodega Saltó

In Barcelona, 13.04.2014 13:301 - 13.04.2014 15:001

Locals WOLF SAXON bring their mix of Rock and roll, Blues, Swing, Country, Polka, Cabaret, Surf, Chanson and Exotic sounds to Poble sec's cozy Gran Bodega Saltó on a Sunday.


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Placa Reial, 7 08002 Barcelona... http://www.sidecar.es... FB event

Dead Ghosts + The Saurs @ Sidecar

In Barcelona, 14.04.2014 21:001 - 14.04.2014 23:591

Vancouver garage rockers swing by Sidecar to perform their newest album. They are backed by opening  garage-punk pop locals THE SAURS.

 advance €10 (www.sidecar.es)

Ticket booth: €12


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Carrer de Comtessa de Sobradie... http://www.harlemjazzclub.es/b...

Blues Jam Sessions @ Harlem Jazz club

In Barcelona, 15.04.2014 22:001 - 16.04.2014 1:001

Every Tuesday free flow Blues, Jazz and Rock Jam sessions starring locals Chino and the Bet and an ever changing roster of top notch musicians.

22:00h - 01:00h · 7€ - consumició inclosa


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Placa Reial, 7 08002 Barcelona... http://www.sidecar.es...

Anti-Karaoke + DJ Nenazza @ SIDECAR

In Barcelona, 17.04.2014 22:001 - 18.04.2014 3:001

Rachel Arieff brings Anti-Karaoke back to Sidecar for a night of rockin covers where YOU the audience are the show.  DJ Nenazza closes the night from 1:00 with rock, indie and electro anthems.

Entrance fee of 8€ includes a free beverage and an invitation to enjoy the following DJ Nenazza session until 5 am free of cover charge.

Doors open a half-hour before the show, at 9:30 pm.

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?... http://www.demanoenmano.org/... FB event

Demanoenmano second hand and creative market @ CCCB

In Barcelona, 18.04.2014 11:001 - 19.04.2014 21:001

Demanoenmano open air flea market of vintage, crafts, vynil and other awesome things is back in the CCCB's court yard for two days. Get your shopping on with DJs, Live music and food/drinks in the open air.


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... https://www.facebook.com/pages... FB event

BiriBongo™ @ Leyla Teras

In Istanbul, 09.04.2014 23:001 - 10.04.2014 4:001

Even if you are not a dancer, these guys will lift you up from your chair and make you move with their Orient Soul music and at some point you will feel the greek influence.


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Gun Club, Miloša Pocerca 10, ... Facebook FB event

CHIAPAS, Rage Against the Machine tribute band @ Gun Club

In Belgrade, 10.04.2014 22:001 - 11.04.2014 2:301

When is lack of Rage Against the Machine, good substitute could be their tribute band (and if you get drunk enough u will find no difference between them).

200 RSD (around 1,8 euros)



Posted by: Beograd-Zeljko

Peron Savamala, Brace Krsmanov... Facebook FB event

BARKA DILO, live Gipsy Punk @ Peron Savamala

In Belgrade, 10.04.2014 21:301 - 11.04.2014 2:001

Through the sound of French cabaret and chanson, gipsy and punk music, Barka Dilo telling stories from margin, tales about wanderers, loners, travelers. 

100 RSD 


Posted by: Beograd-Zeljko

Das Boot, Kapetan Mišina 6a, ... http://www.ukparobrod.rs/dasbo... Facebook

Jazz Cats, live Jazz @ Das Boot / UK Parobrod

In Belgrade, 10.04.2014 21:301 - 11.04.2014 1:001

These cats got some skills. You will find them in the way they are performing songs from Michael Brecker, Freddie Hubbard, Roy Hargrove and many others.

Free entry


Posted by: Beograd-Zeljko

Guardia 10 08001 Barcelona, Sp... http://www.miscelanea.info... FB event

Torn Hawk + Pina @ Miscelanea

In Barcelona, 26.04.2014 20:001 - 26.04.2014 22:301

Torn Hawk (Not not fun) is a Pitchfork favorite who will be bringing his lo fi, beaten down VHS kraut synth live set to Miscelanea art and music space. PINA (local) opens with a dark ambient techno set.

21h - 7€

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https://www.facebook.com/pages... Facebook

LIGHT DREAMS - Live Ukranian Electronica @ Cafe Szafe

In Krakow, 29.04.2014 20:001 - 29.04.2014 22:001

This electronic downtempo trio hails from Kiev and boasts a unique sound.  They hipnotize and mesmerize with their laid back groves and live arrangements.  They incorporate visuals as well so expect to be thoroughly entranced when they bring their sensory stimulating show to the Szafe stage. 

Posted by: thymn

Gun Club, Miloša Pocerca 10, ... Facebook FB event

Popecitelji, live R'n'R, Funky @ Gun Club

In Belgrade, 11.04.2014 22:001 - 12.04.2014 2:001

Popecitelji are explosive guitar band which began their life long time ago. Unfortunately, they stopped to play for a ten years and now they are bringing back noise in town with their come back party.

500 RSD 


Posted by: Beograd-Zeljko

Dom Omladine, Makedonska 22, B... http://www.domomladine.org/kon... Facebook

Ti, live Americana @ Dom Omladine

In Belgrade, 11.04.2014 21:001 - 12.04.2014 2:001

Melodic, melancholic band from Belgrade called TI (You) presenting their new album and all of you are invited.

500 RSD



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Gun Club, Miloša Pocerca 10,... Facebook FB event

John Paul Keith, live Blues, R'n'R, Americana @ Gun Club

In Belgrade, 12.04.2014 22:001 - 13.04.2014 1:001

A rootsy and clever singer/songwriter, John Paul Keith is a journeyman artist with a bent toward vintage Fender Telecaster-driven pop/rock twang. Keith grew up singing in church, learned to play guitar around age ten, and inherited a love of classic rock and blues artists like Chuck Berry and B.B. King from his truck-driving father.  In 2009 he released his debut album, Spills and Thrills, which garnered significant critical praise -- if not commercial success -- for its mix of driving pop, country, and blues. Retro enthusiasts will recognize strains of Creedence, the early Beatles, and any number of rockers with dashes of Farfisa and a loose-limbed twang to their sound.  In 2011, John Paul Keith & the One Four Fives released The Man That Time Forgot. 

1200 RSD


Posted by: Beograd-Zeljko

20/44, Savski kej BB, Belgrade... Facebook FB event

Kralj Cacka, live Americana, Indie, Folk @ 20/44

In Belgrade, 12.04.2014 22:001 - 13.04.2014 5:001

He is unusual figure on the music scene. His music can’t be put in any pattern. Curved with dark and smoke, this strange guy will sing you about his the most intimate feelings.

300 RSD


Posted by: Beograd-Zeljko

Dom Omladine, Makedonska 22, B... http://www.domomladine.org/... Facebook

World Music Festival “TODO MUNDO” @ Dom Omladine

In Belgrade, 12.04.2014 19:291 - 13.04.2014 22:301

Three bands and their World Music will fill hall of Dom Omladine.

Istanbul Night is band from Serbia which is presenting cultural-artistic travel from Mediterranean up to Balkan. Band is mostly inspired by sufi music, but they menage to develop their authentic expression.

Band Pristup is from Vienna but they are inspired with Balkan music, with traditional Croatian, Hungarian and Serbian song. You will have chance to hear how these songs sound in their new arrangement.

Band Divihana playing old Bosnian songs, called sevdalinke, but in modern way, mixed with jazz.

500 RSD


Posted by: Beograd-Zeljko

Inex Film, Visnjicka 76, Belgr... Facebook FB event

Peleton (CZ) + OR (CZ) + Replicunts + Ensh, live Punk @ Inex Film

In Belgrade, 12.04.2014 21:001 - 13.04.2014 3:001

Young crew from Czech Republic and Serbia gonna make huge mess in Inex tonight.

Free entry 


Posted by: Beograd-Zeljko

... https://www.facebook.com/Karak... FB event

This is IV.World @ Karakedi

In Istanbul, 12.04.2014 23:001 - 13.04.2014 4:001

how about some Ethno-jazz, soul-fusion, funk groove ?? this is the spot prepare yourself to dance till late. 


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Das Boot, Kapetan Mišina 6a, ... http://www.ukparobrod.rs/desav... Facebook

JAZZ(E)VREMOVA Ulica susreta, live Jazz @ Das Boot / UK Parobrod

In Belgrade, 13.04.2014 12:001 - 13.04.2014 18:001

On the Saturday 13th Jevremova street becoming echoing jazz notes place. Club Das Boot prepared program for whole afternoon – four jazz bands will playing more than six hours.    

12-14h/ DJ Miljko  - Swing, Bee Bop on vinyl

14-15h/ Alex & Fergusons

15-16:30h/ Serbian jazz Bre!

16:30-18h/ Tetratones

Free entry 


Posted by: Beograd-Zeljko

Supermarket concept store, Vis... http://www.supermarket.rs/?la... Facebook

American style brunch + Jazz matinee @ Supermarket

In Belgrade, 20.04.2014 10:001 - 20.04.2014 19:001

Whole day event in Supermarket – from 10 up to 14 o’clock you can taste American style brunch. After that, when your sense of taste get satisfied, you can fulfill your ears with finest jazz.

Free entry


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Josefstädter Straße 84, 1080... http://www.cafe-carina.at/live... Facebook FB event

Peter Franz live, excentric austrian folk @ Cafe Carina

In Vienna, 15.04.2014 21:001 - 16.04.2014 4:001

Alpine Pop Punk - that's what you're gonna get from that excentric leather pants (the austrian ones!)-wearing singer/songwriter Peter Franz - even if you don't understand the german he's singing, it's still gonna be a fabuluos concert & great chance for you to hear some nice austrian accent in the culty-cosy environment of Cafe Carina, which is located inside the building of U-Bahn-Station Josefstädter Straße - and don't miss the AFTERPARTY!

doors open: 6pm



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... http://www.babylon.com.tr/en/e... FB event

Club Bangkok @ Babylon

In Istanbul, 22.04.2014 22:001 - 23.04.2014 3:001

In April 23rd National Sovereignty and Children's Day Club Bangkok won’t be at Babylon.

In April 23rd National Sovereignty and Children's Day Club Bangkok will struggle with hangover, lay around all day long and talk to the empty vodka bottles. Why? Because on 22nd of April Club Bangkok will at Babylon!

Club Bangkok will play tracks from Disclosure, Arctic Monkeys, Tame Impala, The Libertines, The Magician, LCD Soundsytem, The Black Keys, Tiga... 22nd of April will be a good night to forget all the troubles.

Game will start at 22.00. Firstly DJ Sar?y?lan a.k.a Kaan Sezyum (Club Van Gogh) and Dr Evil a.k.a Bu?ra Orcan (Fake Doctor) will play. At 00.00 Club Bangkok will enter to the game.

The next day, 23rd of April is holiday, lets hit the stadiums together to celebrate Children’s Day!

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A38 boat Budapest... http://www.a38.hu/en... Facebook FB event

Laibach CONCERT @ A38

In Budapest, 16.04.2014 20:001 - 16.04.2014 23:001

Monumental Industrial vison-like Slovenian cult band...an impressive show twisting  totalitarian symbols...haunting, provoking and amazing since the 80s. now touring with tehir new album Spectre. 

on A38 party boat.

Ticket: 3900 HUF. buy here


Posted by: Nedda

1074. Budapest, Dob utca 15.... http://alampas.hu/... Facebook

Songoro Fatime jazz&funk&soul @ Lámpás Klub

In Budapest, 15.04.2014 21:001 - 15.04.2014 23:501

soul-funk-jazz performed by a sweet lady... in Lámpás cellar club.... free entry


Posted by: Nedda

carrer Nou de la Rambla 111 08... http://www.ventubcn.es/... FB event

VenTú! vs Somoslas @ Apolo(2)

In Barcelona, 20.04.2014 17:001 - 21.04.2014 6:001

Sunday Fundays continue with Ven Tu and Somoslas for a special easter party marathon. Live music from Fly-High Quartet (funk and electrónica) special guest DJs from razzmataz and nasty mondays; Gato + Viktor Olle + Push Forward + Bilbadino + Molt Riquet (live and dj) + Äadrik Synth + Ferdiyei.

Free admission before 0:30, free with facebook ready until 2:00, then 10 euros with a drink. Free Plastic Club members and season ticket validated at the Portal PS2013 before 2:30.

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... http://www.babylon.com.tr/en/e... FB event

Social Inclusion Band @ Babylon

In Istanbul, 15.04.2014 20:001 - 15.04.2014 23:591

Social Inclusion Band will be shaking the Babylon stage with surprise guests at the first concert of the season.

Düşler Akademesi who opens the doors of a journey to handicapped and disadvantageous young ones, is bringing together the talented young ones and volunteer musicians. Since 2010, the band has been on many festivals such as Akbank Sanat Caz Festivali, Efes One Love, ?stanbul Caz Festivali, Rock’n Coke and venues such as Roxy, Ghetto, Otto, Garaj?stanbul, Bronx, Babylon also shared the stage with many musicians and bands such as Cahit Berkay, Bengü, Şebnem Ferah, Hayko Cepkin, Baba Zula, Luxus, Kolektif ?stanbul, Selen Servi and Güntaç Özdemir.

To shout out Music For All!, we are inviting everyone to Babylon on this special night.

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... http://www.iccistanbul.com/def... FB event

David Helfgott @ İstanbul Congress Center

In Istanbul, 15.04.2014 21:001 - 15.04.2014 23:001

The famous pianist, David Helfgott, will be at Istanbul Congress Center on April 15th.

Helfgott played one of the worlds hardest piano concertos of Rahmaninov and 'The Last Great Romantic, Rahmaninov' has been selected the most successful classical album by Billboard magazine.

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... http://muze.sabanciuniv.edu/en...

The Lason String Quartet & Turkish Saz Ensemble @ Sabancı Museum

In Istanbul, 17.04.2014 20:001 - 17.04.2014 23:301

The Lason String Quartet will be performing at Sabanc? Museum with the participation of Turkish Saz Ensemble 

Turkish Saz Ensemble:
Derya Türkan - kemancha
Murat Salim Tokaç - tanbur
Serkan Halili - kanun
Fahrettin Yark?n - percussions
Cenk Güray – baglama

The Lason String Quartet:
Krzysztof Lason – I violin
Agnieszka Lason – II violin
Elżbieta Mrozek-Loska – viola 
Stanisław Lason – cello


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... http://www.tiyatrogercek.com/...

Flamenco Reina @t Maya Cüneyt Türel Stage

In Istanbul, 17.04.2014 20:301 - 17.04.2014 23:591

Flamenco Reina will be at Maya Cüneyt Türel Stage on April 17, 2014.

Music composition ve guitars: Alper Karg?n, Kerem Can
Cante: Pico De Triana, Ayşe Nur Özpekel
Percussion: Manuel Reina
Choreograph - director: Iş?l Reina Karaman
Dancers: Yasemin A??rd?r, Ezgi Çebi, Ayşe Nur Ertürk, Beyza Gümüş, Esra Kar, ?dil Zeynep Odabaş?, Dilek Üstünalan, Müge Yaz?c?


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Mikser House, Karadjordjeva 46... Facebook FB event

Jazz&Wine: Thomas Duvigneau trio, live Jazz Mikser House

In Belgrade, 16.04.2014 21:001 - 17.04.2014 1:001

An amazing Pianist, composer, arranger, Thomas Duvigneau together with musicians from Serbia are performing in Mikser House. Thomas started to play piano at the age of 8, and was focused on jazz music since he was 12. He has performed in various countries like France, USA, Switzerland, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg, Spain, Morocco, India, with many musicians in different music styles: Jazz, Salsa, pop music to name a few. He is also pianist and arranger for the Big Band”Le Red Star Orchestra” with the famous French pop singer Olivia Ruiz. 

Free entry




Posted by: Beograd-Zeljko

Republic Square, Belgrade, Ser... FB event

Dza ili Bu + Bolesna Stenad, live Punk Rock, Alternative Music @ Trg Republike

In Belgrade, 16.04.2014 20:001 - 16.04.2014 23:301

Dza ili Bu (on slang mean: „To be or, not to be”) is Serbian alternative rock band from Belgrade. The band officially started its 26th year of life. When they was younger, sound was more punk rock oriented and during the time band will still insisting on tough guitar parts and fast rhythm, but they enrich music with unusual sections and ironic/cataclysmic lyrics. Together with punk rock band Bolesna Stenad, they will have free concert on the main square in Belgrade. 

Free entry


Posted by: Beograd-Zeljko

Carrer Escudellers, 49 08002 B... http://www.facebook.com/marula...

Gumbo Jam @ Marula Cafe

In Barcelona, 23.04.2014 22:001 - 24.04.2014 1:001

weekly improve JAM sessions in the heart of the Gotico with an ever changing roster to keep you bumpin and rollin on the midweek hump day.


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Avinguda del Para?lel, 62 0800... http://www.barts.cat/...

Femi Kuti & The Positive Force @ Sala Barts

In Barcelona, 24.04.2014 21:001 - 24.04.2014 23:001

The Nigerian legend of African beat and world soul/funk will be playing a selection of his seventh album of her career, "No place for my dream" 

25 to 35 € (+ handling fee)

Posted by:


Record Store day LIVE bands + DJs @ Many local record stores

In Barcelona, 19.04.2014 13:001 - 19.04.2014 23:591

Yearly celebration of all things vinyl for music junkies. Live in store concerts and DJ sets from local bands all accross town starting early. Check link for times and store locations.


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Carrer D EN ROBADOR 23, Barcel... http://www.23robadors.wordpres...

XPÓSITO+ HARTO (Live Hip Hop night) @ Robador 23

In Barcelona, 21.04.2014 22:001 - 21.04.2014 23:591

Live HIP HOP jams with rappers, instruments, DJS and MCs  in the heart of the raval. Featuring locals;  XPÓSITO - HARTO - BALCAZAR - FALANGA


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pod budankou, 150 00, prague... http://www.pratelebudanek.cz... Facebook FB event

The Garden Party @ Budanka

In Prague, 26.04.2014 15:001 - 26.04.2014 22:001

in the ruins and old gardens, You can discover the secrets of Budáňka and it's history, presence and maybe even future...come and share the moment with local community trying to save this (almost) forgotten place...beneficial event to repair the walls and build up the roof...

guided tours at 3pm and 4pm, with bit of a help of old pictures presented at the exhibition..

also to be seen: vegebar, ping-pong, DIY pancakes, meeting the neighbours, piknicking...


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Spittelberggasse 10, 1070 Wien... http://www.theateramspittelber... Facebook FB event

Unplugged music competition @ Theater am Spittelberg

In Vienna, 20.05.2014 19:301 - 22.05.2014 22:001

Every artist has 15 minutes to stroke your ears with their unplugged sounds, you have 3 evenings to hear every acoustic artist/band who takes part in the category Unplugged of the Podium.Wien band competition. The only imperative: the band members' average age can't be over 25. Every evening from 19.30-22.00, evening box office tickets 5€, pre-sale tickets at WienXtra 3€

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Guglgasse 8, 1110 Wien... https://www.facebook.com/Spiel... Facebook FB event

Jazz competition @ Spielraum Gasometer

In Vienna, 19.05.2014 19:301 - 19.05.2014 22:001

It's time to be classy and all jazzy!  Every artist has 15 minutes,you have all night to judge them.  Fun fact about the Podium.Wien competition: The members of the band can't be older than 28 and their average age can't be higher than 25. evening box office tickets 5€, pre-sale tickets at WienXtra 3€


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Josefstädter Straße 84, 1080... Facebook FB event

Musikgruppe Unterhuber @ Cafe Carina

In Vienna, 20.05.2014 21:001 - 21.05.2014 4:001

For the first time, you have the opportunity to listen to that one band with the greatest name of all Vienna in a setup that is more than just acoustic: On a musical evening filled with mood, stories and grooves. See you there! And don't forget to stay for Pauer Michael and the afterparty!

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... https://www.facebook.com/Kadik... FB event

Eski Bando @ KadıköySahne

In Istanbul, 24.04.2014 21:001 - 21.04.2014 23:591

Young and talented doing what they love, Eski Bando just relised their debut album and inviting everybody to enjoy an evening at the Asian side of istanbul, at Kad?köySahne. 


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1061 Budapest, Király u. 46... https://www.facebook.com/Kuplu... FB event

King Khan CONCERT @ Kuplung

In Budapest, 27.04.2014 20:001 - 27.04.2014 23:001

a performer who looks like 'the son of n 80's Bollywood action hero and a bear tamer from Kazahstan' - :) Canadian garage rock dude straight for Berlin. 

King Khan & The Shrines
Xtreme Blues Dog
Wattican Punk Ballet

entry: 2900 HUF. 


Posted by: Nedda

A38 hajo Budapest... http://www.a38.hu/en/... FB event

And So I watch You From Afar @ A38 partyboat

In Budapest, 24.04.2014 19:001 - 24.04.2014 23:001

Instrumental Rock from Northen Ireland. - on ex Ukranian War ship A38. 
7pm starting is serious this time, they say on the website (and even on the flyer !! ) 

Ticket: 3500 HUF

Posted by: Nedda

A38 Budapest... http://www.a38.hu/en/program/m... Facebook

Mykki Blanco (US) hiphop @ A38 PartyBoat

In Budapest, 03.05.2014 19:301 - 03.05.2014 23:001

"cross dressing poet extraordinaire." - Mykki Blanco new hip hop Quuen from the US is making an appearance on ex Ukranian Party Boat A38. 

entry: 3000 HUF

Posted by: Nedda

Blaha Lujza ter 1-2... http://corvinteto.hu/... FB event

(un)dress up like Madonna - Madonna Party @ Corvinteto

In Budapest, 25.04.2014 22:001 - 26.04.2014 5:001

Madonna night. originas, bootlegs, mashups ... in rooftop club Corvinteto. 

(In the big supermarket on Blaha Lujza ter... enter from the left side, straight up to the top.)

enrty: 500 HUF. or free if you are un/dressed as Her. 

Posted by: Nedda

Schloss Schönbrunn, Schlosspa... http://www.wienerphilharmonike... FB event

Summernight's Concert @Schönnbrunn

In Vienna, 29.05.2014 20:001 - 30.05.2014 0:001

Yearly must go free open air concert by the beautiful castle Schönnbrunn! UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE

Who is playing? The Wiener Symphoniker, Vienna Symphony!

Dirigent: Christopf Eschenbach

Solist: Lang Lang (Piano)


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Rossello, 515, Barcelona, 0802... FB event

Sant Jordi Musical @ Antigua Fábrica de Estrella Damm

In Barcelona, 23.04.2014 12:001 - 23.04.2014 21:001

Barcelona's "Saint Jordi" festival of books and roses gets musical at  antigua fábrica de Estrella Damm with a colorful roster of local Catalan bands to fight off the dragons kicking off at noon.



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Falckensteinstraße 48, 10997 ... http://www.magnet-club.de/... Facebook FB event

Tanzen bis der Mai kommt - 5 club party!

In Berlin, 30.04.2014 23:001 - 01.05.2014 12:001

Bring in the summer with a massive party spread over five clubs  - Magnet Club, Comet Club, Lido, Bi Nuu, Fluxbau - 18+ DJ's all covered under one ticket for just 8 euros!

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... https://www.facebook.com/Karak... FB event

Spoken Words @ Karakedi Kültür Merkezi

In Istanbul, 29.04.2014 20:301 - 29.04.2014 23:591

The mood is welcoming and the structure loose. People can volunteer to perform at any point in the night. It is not uncommon to see small clusters of friends gently prodding a shy member of the group to get up and try out their material.

Spoken word night proceeds with a mix of singers, poets, guitar players and writers. Each with their own style, the performers interact easily with the audience. In fact, the audience is as big a part of the experience as the performers; the group has a real generosity towards performers

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... https://www.facebook.com/Arsen... FB event

dysANATOLİA @ ArsenLüpen

In Istanbul, 23.04.2014 22:001 - 22.04.2014 23:591

First established in Greece,  Dysanatoli will play for you a unique fusion of jazz, Balkan, Greek folk, Anatolia and Latin-influenced tunes.


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Sancho de Avila 78 08018 Barce... http://www.begoodclub.com/... FB event

SASQUATCH (Live!) @ Salla Begood

In Barcelona, 24.04.2014 21:001 - 24.04.2014 23:591

The legendary trio "Sasquatch" present their new and fourth album 'IV'. Somehere between heavy metal, stoner rock and Soungarden. This wil mark the bands FIRST show in Spain! ROCK ON \m/

Presales 15€ (+ gastos) / Box office 18€

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Carrer de Tarragona, 141, 0801... http://www.kerclub.com... FB event

Matthew Herbert + Xosar and Alfonso @ KER

In Barcelona, 25.04.2014 23:591 - 26.04.2014 6:001

Electronic music guru Matthew Herbert will be playing some brain warping sounds accompanied by Alfonso / The Monkey Bar at KER's underground EDM sessions. Prepare to dance till the roosters crow.

00:30 - 01:30 Free with name on Face book event list..
1:30 to 2:30 € 12 drink included.

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Cekaonica, Bulevar Vojvode Mis... Facebook FB event

VASKO ATANASOVSKI TRIO / special guest VASIL HADZIMANOV, live Jazz, Balkan and World music @ Jazz klub Cekaonica

In Belgrade, 24.04.2014 22:001 - 25.04.2014 2:301

Vasko Atanasovski Trio is one of the hotest groups of Slovenia. Their concerts are always fullfilled with joy, deep emotions and high energy.Vasko Atanasovski succeede to create totaly new musical style that includes complex musical forms into joyful party dancable music.Since 2010 Trio released two albums, played many concerts in Europe and also toured China two times.

Vasil’s ideas of mixing Balkan traditional, folk rhythms and melodies with the western, modern musical styles (jazz, funk, world music…) in his own music, is completely authentic and a new approach to fusion and jazz music. 

For a two days their unique music will bring a joy in your hearts. 

300 RSD 



Posted by: Beograd-Zeljko

Cekaonica, Bulevar Vojvode Mis... Facebook FB event

VASKO ATANASOVSKI TRIO / special guest VASIL HADZIMANOV, live Jazz, Balkan and World music @ Jazz klub Cekaonica

In Belgrade, 25.04.2014 22:001 - 26.04.2014 2:301

Vasko Atanasovski Trio is one of the hotest groups of Slovenia. Their concerts are always fullfilled with joy, deep emotions and high energy.Vasko Atanasovski succeede to create totaly new musical style that includes complex musical forms into joyful party dancable music.Since 2010 Trio released two albums, played many concerts in Europe and also toured China two times.

Vasil’s ideas of mixing Balkan traditional, folk rhythms and melodies with the western, modern musical styles (jazz, funk, world music…) in his own music, is completely authentic and a new approach to fusion and jazz music. 

For a two days their unique music will bring a joy in your hearts. 

300 RSD 


Posted by: Beograd-Zeljko

20/44, Savski kej BB, Belgrade... Facebook FB event

ZAA / Music background Ivan Zupanc, live Reggae ++ Ska ++ Dub @ 20/44

In Belgrade, 25.04.2014 22:001 - 26.04.2014 5:001

The band ZAA has started working in the end of February in 2008. The music is stylistically very diverse, based on ska roots, with various influences from jazz to punk sounds. From very beginning the band started with very intensive concert activities at clubs and on festivals in the region, as well as in Czech Republic, Austria and Hungary.

300 RSD before midnight // 400 RSD after



Posted by: Beograd-Zeljko

Peron Savamala, Brace Krsmano... Facebook FB event

NAKED, live Nu jazz / Funk / Freestyle / World Music @ Peron

In Belgrade, 24.04.2014 21:301 - 25.04.2014 2:001

Music they play is a blend of Balkan traditional-music, funk and jazz , a new Mediterranean music.In a few years of existence, Naked noted many appearances at important festivals in the country and abroad.

Free entrance


Posted by: Beograd-Zeljko

Carrer dels Almogavers 116,, 0... http://www.salarocksound.com... FB event

Hotel Wrecking City Traders + Dos Piedras - Rocksound Music Bar

In Barcelona, 29.04.2014 21:001 - 29.04.2014 23:591

Heavy Psychrock duo from Australia "Hotel Wrecking City Traders"  kicks off their world tour in Barcelona. Get ready for some face melting sounds. Opening band local DOS PIEDRAS.

10 euros (only ticket booth)


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KC Grad, Brace Krsmanovic 4, B... http://www.gradbeograd.eu/... Facebook FB event

Ana Curcin & Dukat (Stray Dogg), live Indie, Americana @ Kc GRAD

In Belgrade, 25.04.2014 21:001 - 26.04.2014 0:001

Ana Curcin is a young artist from Belgrade. She performs original songs in English, as well as covers of foreign songs, performed in combination of vocals, acoustic guitar and drums. She is one of the "Best Representative local Americana scene" and her music blends elements of indie-rock and American folk. Together with singer from the band Stray Dog, she will try to touch your heart at Friday concert. 

500 RSD


Posted by: Beograd-Zeljko

Bozidarac, Radoslava Grujića ... Facebook FB event

Seven That Spells + + Temple Of The Smoke + + Jastreb // live R'n'R, Psychedelic music @ Vracar Rocks, Bozidarac

In Belgrade, 25.04.2014 20:001 - 26.04.2014 0:001

Seven That Spells - - - Modern, aggressive psychedelic wall of sound incorporating polymetrics and occasional Viking funeral rites; hailing from the 23rd century where rock is dead, Seven That Spells returned in time where its still possible to change the tragic course of the boring history.

Temple Of The Smoke - - - Sonic background in which they have positioned fundaments of their temple may be described as mostly instrumental echoing ride, that varies from psychedelic - space rock, hard rock and old school heavy metal, to ambient and drone sound waves in tradition of 70s kraut and progressive rock, with elements of “post rock”, all influenced by of electronic and dub music too.

Jastreb - - - Hailing from 13th century, these mystical troubadours failed to destroy the Earth in an apocalyptic event gone horribly awry. After this failure, making music seemed the only way to get cosmic redemption and women. By opening a diabolical rift and traveling to the future, they escaped the Catholic inquisition and are now getting ready for a second attempt at the aforementioned apocalyptic event.

500 RSD


Posted by: Beograd-Zeljko

Gun Club, Miloša Pocerca 10, ... Facebook FB event

Lollobrigida, live Electro-Pop @ Gun Club

In Belgrade, 26.04.2014 22:001 - 27.04.2014 4:001

Lollobrigida is originally a Croatian, female electro-pop/synth pop band. Lyrics, music and stage performance appear to be equally important elements of the way that Lollobrigida band communicates with its audience. By insisting on honesty, simplicity and originality Lollobrigida keeps distance from standard musical and textual stereotypes, choosing instead a sort of genre indeterminacy.

700 RSD


Posted by: Beograd-Zeljko

Escudellers, 49 Barcelona... http://www.facebook.com/marula...

The FUZZTONES live @ Marula

In Barcelona, 01.05.2014 21:301 - 01.05.2014 23:591

NYC legendary garage rockers will grace Marula Cafe's stage in the gotico for a very special and intimate rockin live show. IN FUZZ WE TRUST!  \m/

15 at door

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carrer Nou de la Rambla 113 08... https://www.sala-apolo.com/en/... FB event

Lindstrøm (live) + Dj Fra + Shelby Grey @ Nitsa

In Barcelona, 02.05.2014 23:591 - 03.05.2014 5:001

Norwegian self proclaimed; ‘universal boggie’ master will be doing one of his amzing cosmic voyage live sets that will take all you aural cosmonauts through neodisco’, ‘futuristic jazz’, ‘techno afrofunk’ and other dimensions. Local residents Dj Fra + Shelby Grey will be opening and closing the night.

Pre-sale: 15€

Door: 18€

(9€ Plastic Club members/ free Plastic Club members or Primavera Sound 2013 card holders before 2.30 am)

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Carrer de la Comtessa de Sobra... http://www.harlemjazzclub.es/...

Orquesta Ilegal de Barcelona @ Harlem Jazz Club

In Barcelona, 02.05.2014 23:001 - 03.05.2014 2:001

A jam with one of Barcelon's most global bands "Orquesta Ilegal de Barcelona" playing Gipsy Jazz, Funk, Latin and Blues live at the harlem Jazz Club. Jams till you drop.


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Avenida Parallel 62 Barcelona... http://www.barts.cat... FB event


In Barcelona, 03.05.2014 20:001 - 04.05.2014 3:001

Some of the best exponents of the Tropical and Tropical Electro culture join forces together for ELEKTROPICAL FEST FEVER. Live shows, DJ sets and visuals. World folkloric music with an electronic twist.

Pimeras 100 entradas 8€
Siguientes 200 entradas 10€
Anticipada 12€
Taquilla 15€

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Pannonia Fields, 2425 Nickelsd... http://www.novarock.at/jart/pr... Facebook

NOVA ROCK festival @Nickelsdorf

In Vienna, 13.06.2014 9:001 - 15.06.2014 0:001

10 year anniversary of the Nova Rock Festival @Pannonia Fields, Nickelsdorf

Must go for all metal fans, incredible line up, not even David Hasselhoff will miss it!

Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, The Prodigy, Volbeat, Avenged Sevenfold, Seeed, Soundgarden, Limp Bizkit, Rob Zombie, The Offspring, Slayer band, Mando Diao, Sunrise Avenue, Megadeth, Dropkick Murphys, CASPER (official), Fettes Brot, AWOLNATION, Steel Panther, Black Label Society, Anthrax, Bad Religion, SEPULTURA, BRING ME THE HORIZON, SEETHER, BLACK STONE CHERRY, ED KOWALCZYK, THE USED, MONO & NIKITAMAN, PHIL ANSELMO & THE ILLEGALS, TRIVIUM, ARCH ENEMY, CRAZY TOWN, SAMY DELUXE, IRIE RÉVOLTÉS, GHOST, KARNIVOOL, WALKING PAPERS, BUCKCHERRY, EMERGENCY GATE feat. HADDAWAY, PANTEÓN ROCOCÓ, K.I.Z., UNCLE ACID & THE DEADBEATS, EPICA, MISS MAY I, HUNTRESS, BATTLECROSS, WENDIS BÖHMISCHER BLASMUSIK... and many more to come!


regular 3 day ticket: 144,5 €

caravan ticket: 219,5  €

Vip ticket: 229 €

get them @ www.musicticket.at, www.ticketbox.at, www.oeticket.com or call 01/96096


Every hour from Vienna Westbahnhof to Nickelsdorf and return. Catch a direct train without interceptions.

 10 € to go there&back! - Make sure not to loose the ticket, you only get one for both ways!

- At the ticket machines
- At the counter at the station
- CallCenter 05-1717

When you get off the train there's a shuttle bus to the festival area for about 2-3 euros. Or you can walk for about 20 min, depends on how packed you are.

More info on how to get there: http://www.novarock.at/jart/prj3/novarock/main.jart?content-id=1264156206378&rel=en&reserve-mode=active


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Ada Huja, Belgrade, Serbia... http://www.supernatural.rs/... Facebook

Supernatural festival // Alternative music, Workshops, Cinema, Exhibitions @ Ada Huja

In Belgrade, 27.04.2014 12:001 - 27.04.2014 20:001

Supernatural festival celebrates Mother Earth day and is a fusion of all of our activities. It is an event that gathers variety of international and domestic environmental organizations, authentic and organic food producers, a place where you can have fun listening to good music but also achieve quality education. Supernatural festival promotes a lifestyle of love and harmony with Mother Earth. 


Posted by: Beograd-Zeljko

Atomkraftwerk Zwentendorf/Dona... http://www.tomorrow-festival.a... Facebook FB event


In Vienna, 29.05.2014 9:001 - 02.06.2014 23:001

GLOBAL 2000 is an environmental NGO and organizes the Tomorrow Festival - 3 days, 80 acts one goal: CHANGE for a better tomorrow

It is located by the nuclear power station which has never been in operation state due to activist's protests against it. Now the yearly festival sets the sign against nuclear power in Austria.

Line up:

Elektro, Psy and Mainstage:

CRO, DEICHKIND, Jennifer Rostock, Donots, KLINGANDE, Eskimo Callboy, ACE VENTURA, HEELIX, TIEFENRAUSCH.. and many more!


regular ticket for 89 €

2 day ticket: 74 €

one day tickets: 

thursday 19 €

Friday: 49 €

Saturday 55 €

Caravan Combi: 109 €

get them at www.oeticket.com


- Take a bike! There's a group starting from Vienna riding their way to the festival, about 50 km!

The bike group meets at 10 am on Thursday, 29th @Donauinsel, Schulschiff

There's a free organic food  picknick at around 1 pm and you'll arrive at 7 pm with the group!

Make sure to register: http://www.tomorrow-festival.at/workshop-side-events/festival-radln/

- TRAIN? Take a train to TULLN and from there it's only a few km with a shuttle bus!

- Eventbus Registration: http://www.kerschner-reisen.at/index.php/eventbus-buchung/?event=36


If you need a break from 24/7 party, you can check out the workshops and side-events going on there: http://www.tomorrow-festival.at/workshop-side-events/


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... http://www.babylon.com.tr/en/e... FB event

House for Homies without Home @ Babylon

In Istanbul, 08.05.2014 22:001 - 08.05.2014 4:001

While most of us are spending time at our warm apartments, thousands of homeless are fighting with cold. HOUSE FOR HOMIES WITHOUT HOME is a collective group of DJs using their creative minds and collaborate for only one idea: Love of house music and desire to help others...

Two friends from Berlin, Paul Technau and Bernardo Aviles-Busch are also the duo behind the project Mondaen. Compiling Detroit and Chicago House and Berlin Techno and Deep House the interaction can be seen in the DJ booth. When we question the meaning of Mondaen, a classic music which is chich and modernized comes out. After the local and international success of Paul’s early project Tiger Rag Club, House for Homies without Home project got many artists and photographers like Casso Wairy come together. The main idea about this project is to raise donation for homeless people through music.



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Carrer Escudellers, 49 08002 B... FB event

Reverie with Louden + Wreckinsile @ Marula Cafe

In Barcelona, 04.05.2014 19:301 - 04.05.2014 22:301

L.A's rap goddess Reverie drops by marula with the aid of turntablist Louden and local MC  trio Wreckinsile. Flava Flava's Dj Kisa will be opening and closing the night on the decks with hip hop and funky beats.

6 in advance/ 8 at the door


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Calle Bergara 3, Barcelona, Sp... http://www.belushis.com/bars/b...

4Hiverns (Primavera Sound festival at bars) @ Belushi's

In Barcelona, 05.05.2014 20:001 - 05.05.2014 23:001

Primavera Sound continues to spread the music building up to the festival. This time round Catalan indie popsters "4Hiverns" will be performing live at Belushi's bar. Beers and tunes for all :)


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Av. Parallel, 62, 08001 barcel... http://www.barts.cat... FB event

Yann Tiersen @ BARTS

In Barcelona, 08.05.2014 21:001 - 08.05.2014 23:001

Yann Tiersen has become one of France's most notable composers, not only for his soundtrack work, but in his own right. He will be blending indie rock, classical, world music and dreamlike sounds in this highly anticipated tour for his newest album.

Entries 22 to 28 € (+ booking fee)


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Escudellers 19 Barcelona Spain... http://www.carlitosgroup.com...

Hit The Robot (Primavera Sound festival at bars) @ Cafe Royale

In Barcelona, 06.05.2014 20:001 - 06.05.2014 22:001

Primavera Sound continues to spread the prefestival music all month with Mallorcan indie rockers "Hit the Robot" at Cafe Royal.


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carrer Nou de la Rambla 111 08... https://www.sala-apolo.com/ca/...

MARC FORD + ELIJAH FORD @ La [2] d'Apolo

In Barcelona, 07.05.2014 20:001 - 07.05.2014 22:001

Black Crowes' Marc Ford and son; Elijah perform their latest indie pop and folk rock ballets at Apolo's 2.

Presale: 17€ + despeses de gestió

Box office: 20€

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PARC DEL FORUM barcelona... http://www.primaverasound.es/i...

Primavera Sound Festival @ Parc del Forum

In Barcelona, 29.05.2014 19:001 - 31.05.2014 5:001

Primavera Sound is one of Barcelona's most popular music festivals with one of the most innovative and forward-thinking line-ups in Europe. This is a festival for true music aficionados. Check link for 2014 line up. MASSIVE!

presale and ticket booths 195 € (190 € at the Botiga del Primavera Sound - Ases, 1)


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Bernauer Straße 63-64, 13355 ... http://www.mauerparkmarkt.de/?... Facebook

FLEAMARKET @ Mauerpark

In Berlin, 25.05.2014 8:001 - 25.05.2014 18:001

Grab some friends and head to Mauerpark for berlin's biggest fleamarket! You'll find hand-made, second-hand, brind new, artist produced treasure of every kind. As well as local food, hot coffee and cold beers. The adjacent park is packed with street performers and picnicers. 

Don't miss out on the Bearpit karaoke, from 3pm.

Here's a little taste of what you might find there; 

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Bernauer Straße 63-64, 13355 ... http://www.mauerparkmarkt.de/?... Facebook

FLEAMARKET @ Mauerpark

In Berlin, 18.05.2014 8:001 - 18.05.2014 18:001

Berlin's biggest Fleamarket! You can find everything you've ever wanted here, so long as you're prepared to rummage.  Handmade item's and work by local artists, delicious food, hot wine, cold beer, and plenty of 2nd hand treasure!

Don’t forget to check out the Bearpit Karaoke in the adjacent park from 3pm!

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Bernauer Straße 63-64, 13355 ... http://www.mauerparkmarkt.de/?... Facebook

FLEAMARKET @ Mauerpark

In Berlin, 11.05.2014 8:001 - 11.05.2014 18:001

Grab some friends and head to Mauerpark for berlin's biggest fleamarket! You'll find hand-made, second-hand, brind new, artist produced treasure of every kind. As well as local food, hot coffee and cold beers. The adjacent park is packed with street performers and picnicers. 

Don't miss out on the Bearpit karaoke, from 3pm.

Here's a little taste of what you might find there; 

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Bernauer Straße 63-64, 13355 ... http://www.mauerparkmarkt.de/?... Facebook

FLEAMARKET @ Mauerpark

In Berlin, 04.05.2014 8:001 - 04.05.2014 18:001

Berlin's biggest Fleamarket! You can find everything you've ever wanted here, so long as you're prepared to rummage.  Handmade item's and work by local artists, delicious food, hot wine, cold beer, and plenty of 2nd hand treasure!

Don’t forget to check out the Bearpit Karaoke in the adjacent park from 3pm!

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Montalegre, 5 08001 Barcelona,... http://www.cccb.org... FB event

Demanoenmano social market and music @ CCCB

In Barcelona, 11.05.2014 11:001 - 11.05.2014 21:001

Monthly traveling market "Demanoenmano" lands back at the CCCB with their eclectic selection of vintage clothing/goods, home made crafts, vynil etc. Plus local DJS and live music all day long in the open air. Perfect way to spend a Sunny Sunday.


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Carrer D EN ROBADOR 23, Barcel... http://www.23robadors.wordpres...

Escandaloso Expósito + Hartosopas (Live Hip Hop night) @ Robador 23

In Barcelona, 12.05.2014 21:001 - 12.05.2014 23:591

Live HIP HOP jams with rappers, instruments, DJS and MCs  in the heart of the raval. Featuring locals;  XPÓSITO - HARTO - BALCAZAR - FALANGA.

4 Euros

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Passeig Olimpic, 5-7 08038 Bar... http://www.ticktackticket.com/... FB event

Crystal Fighters @ Sant Jordi Club

In Barcelona, 15.05.2014 19:301 - 15.05.2014 23:001

The Brit alt-dance group bring their 'CAVE RAVE' to Sant Jordi for one of their legendary explossive live shows. Prepare to get primal!

General Ticket: 25,00 Euros

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Carrer de la Providencia, 30 0... http://continentalbar.es...

Ljubliana & The Seawolf @ Continental bar

In Barcelona, 14.05.2014 21:301 - 14.04.2014 23:001

Barcelona based quinted with an indie balkan flavor gone psychedelic. A unique sound from a unique band to be experienced live.


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Placa Reial, 7 08002 Barcelona... http://www.sidecarfactoryclub....

Minor Alps @ Side Car

In Barcelona, 14.05.2014 21:001 - 14.05.2014 23:301

Nada Surf's Matthew Caws and Juliana Hatfield join forces to create the awesome pop rock duo; "Minor Alps" . A true collaboration that will brighten the stage at Sicecar.

16,70€ en sidecar.es y 16€ en entradasatualcance.com

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carrer de Escudellers, 49 Barc... http://www.facebook.com/marula...

Latin Jam + Dj Timber @ Marula Cafe

In Barcelona, 18.05.2014 22:001 - 19.05.2014 2:001

Every Sunday at Marula Café Barcelona's finest musicians gather to improvise and create live music. Expect a fun mixture of Latin rhythms and African beats with the purest sound of African American jazz. Closing DJ sets by local DJ Timbre.


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Pamplona 88 08018 Barcelona... http://www.salarazzmatazz.com/...


In Barcelona, 17.05.2014 23:591 - 18.05.2014 5:001

From the Clash to the Libertines, British The Heartbreak are delivering the best English pop/rock  traditions unapologetically. Opening and closing indie sets by residents AMABLE & GATO.

IN ADVANCE: 12€ + fee
TICKETS OFFICE: 17€Drink included on ticket price.Over 18 years old.
Limited access to the capacity of each room.

Posted by:

... http://beatistanbul.com/... FB event

#heartBEAT @ Beat Club

In Istanbul, 29.04.2014 22:001 - 05.05.2014 5:001

Beat Club just made this week more interesting!!!  a program rich with big names and great beats (no wonder!! the place is called BEAT) 

29.04 Tuesday / Hard Tuesday

30.04 Wednesday / The Working Class Goes to Heaven!

01.05 Thursday / DAY of REVOLUTION! VIVA MAY 1th!

02.05 Friday / Friday Fever!
* MUFIDE GENCER (Birthday) 

03.05 Saturday / Amazing Saturday!
* MARI KA (milano / italy)
* BARIS BERGITEN (dinamo fm)

04.05 Sunday / May the Fourth be With You! / STARWARS PARTY!

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Lübbener Straße 19, 10997 Be... http://www.madameclaude.de/... Facebook FB event

Campfire Sessions: Memory Boys + Plastic Flowers + Margaret

In Berlin, 06.05.2014 21:301 - 06.05.2014 23:591

A night of live indie-pop hosted by Berlin's favourite upside down ber - Madame Claude. Performances by; MEMORY BOYS (Gloomy Pop, Folk, Punk/US), PLASTIC FLOWERS (Crash Symbols, GR) and MARGARET (DJ-Set/NZ)

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zbraslav, 156 00, prague... http://fireshow.cz/sraz-bubeni... Facebook FB event

Fireshow @ Zbraslav Castle

In Prague, 30.04.2014 20:001 - 30.04.2014 23:231

Third time this year, jugglers and drummers meet for this special event to enjoy the unifying moments. Fire and drums in the middle of the wild nature. So, if You would like to spend this evening in more relaxed way, then the rest of the city, just come here and You wont regret. If anything, bring Your own sleeping bag and You can stay over the night and enjoy to the fullest!!

directions >>> either by train from main train station or by bus to the same stop - Nádraží Zbraslav, where You just step out and climb up the hill...walk takes about fifteen minutes, but its just a meditation before Your everlasting experience...if anything, here is a MAP

Posted by:

Tržiště 23/555, 118 00, pra... http://www.baracnickarychta.cz... Facebook


In Prague, 01.05.2014 19:301 - 01.05.2014 23:591

French band Platnec coming from Bretagne and czech band Vintage wine have similar way of understanding their music. Combinig the traditional feeling with bit of a newschool to it. Both in their own way and not just because one has roots in France and other, although coming from CZ, feeling the irish roots. All hapening in classic pub at Malá strana.

entrance 180,-

Posted by:

prague... http://www.m40.cz/program-akce... Facebook

live music @ prague metro

In Prague, 07.05.2014 6:001 - 07.05.2014 21:401

45 concerts might make Your day on Your underground trip of Prague or at least You can hide in the crowd from ticket inspectors...so don't let them fool You and remember, that public transportation should be always free*

Muzeum, Florenc, Budějovická, Vyšehrad and Hlavní nádraží are the metro stops, where You can listen to some live music all day long...check the bands for more info...

Posted by:

Biskupcova 31, 130 00, Prague... http://www.kinoaero.cz/en/cykl... Facebook FB event

Argentinian tango @ Aero

In Žižkov, 03.05.2014 19:301 - 03.05.2014 22:001

...if You feel like, just come and swing Your feet to the rhythms of the argentinian band called Cosae Mandinga or just enjoy the music, argentinian wine and the sky above Your head as the concert takes place in the courtyard of the Aero cinema...tango afterparty at Dancers club, located not far from the first concert...spring is already here, so lets see if You can do the summer dance!

entrance free

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dlouha 33, 110 00, prague... http://www.roxy.cz/idiot-moby-... Facebook FB event

Hip Hop @ Roxy

In Prague, 02.05.2014 20:001 - 02.05.2014 23:591

local hip hop artist Vladimir 518 from the legendary PSH crew having a show with a live band and many guests apparently, so we'll see whos gonna come or what...anywho, it should be great, so if You like hip-hop and You look for a bit more then simple beats and a onemanego show, then this gig is for You...

presale 160,- / on spot 200,-

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rokycanova 29, 130 00, praha... http://www.fatalclub.cz/index.... Facebook FB event

Young bands @ Fatal Club

In Žižkov, 02.05.2014 19:001 - 02.05.2014 23:501

rock'n'roll baby! fatal club giving a chance to young bands trying to get to the big stadiums! give it a try Yourself and see them, before they make it and one day You can say You saw 'em in good old days, when they were starting)) fatal rock'n'roll!!!

MindRape (crossover) 
Stand Back 20 Feet (rock-alternative)
Ice-Scream (rock'n'roll-punk)
Contami Nation (nu-metal-crossover)

entrance till 19:30 - 40,-, later 60,- 

Posted by:

Baumgasse 80, 1030 Wien... http://arenavie.com/web/... Facebook FB event

the big ups, concert @ Arena

In Vienna, 14.05.2014 20:001 - 14.05.2014 23:001

Want some Punk? Then have some Punk! Big Ups sound like 90s, but are a fresh, yet-to-hype (mtv says they're gonna be you're favourite band of 2014) Band from Brooklyn.  Support by Public Domain, so you get to know some Viennese Punk. prices: 8€ at WienXtra, 9€ online, 10€ Evening Box Office.

Posted by:

... http://peaceparade.at/peacepar... Facebook FB event

Peace Parade starting @ Christian-Broda-Platz

In Vienna, 10.05.2014 13:001 - 10.05.2014 23:001

Peace Parade is about regaining the streets, fee party, and PEACE of course -  the participants solidarise with all repressed sound systems and venues - the point is that playing music/making party and free party are not a crime - If you are pro free parties, free tekkno, self-organised happenings and against enforced consumerism & legitimation, join the rollin' party and reclaim the street together with a whole load of djs and bands! (it starts at that part between the end of inner Mariahilfer Straße and Westbahnhof)

Posted by:

Bozidarac, Radoslava Grujića... Facebook FB event

Shank, Varvarogenije & Gavrilo Princip, live Punk Rock, OI!, Ska @ Vracar Rocks / Božidarac

In Belgrade, 02.05.2014 20:001 - 03.05.2014 0:001

Spirit of rebellion is still alive in this region. To prove that, Croatian and Serbian punk rock bands will do their best to destroy guitar strings, break drums and scream as much as they can!

500 RSD


Posted by: Beograd-Zeljko

... https://www.facebook.com/beati... FB event

STARWARS PARTY! // May the Fourth be With You @ Beat Club

In Istanbul, 04.05.2014 22:001 - 05.05.2014 5:001

Grab your light sword and join an epic night, special STARWARS party that you wont forget at Beat Club, 3 of the best uprising DJs; TANGUN, SOULPOWER and HARDDIRECTOR will be called JEDI this night and they will be dropping beats all night till you drop. 

check out their music: 


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... http://www.babylon.com.tr/en/e... FB event

In BeTwin: Doğan Duru & Güneş Duru @ Babylon

In Istanbul, 02.05.2014 23:001 - 02.05.2014 4:001

The vocalist and guitarist of Redd, Do?an Duru and Güneş Duru will perform at Babylon with covers of local and foreign songs on May 2nd night.

here is a playlist of some of the songs that they will be laying for you. 

In BeTwin - Babylon Istanbul

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... https://www.facebook.com/Doroc... FB event


In Istanbul, 04.05.2014 20:001 - 04.05.2014 23:591

get a glimpse of local rock and hard rock turkish music, MILK HUNTER & INCARNATE will be sharing DOROCK bar stage, if it happens you knock your beer of the table dont worry that means you really like the music :) 

Posted by:

... https://www.facebook.com/Koope... FB event

Kooperatif closing (but it's no the end) @ Kooperatif

In Istanbul, 03.05.2014 16:001 - 03.05.2014 23:591

Got emotional and kinda of sad when i saw this event, but then the words of Safak lifted my spirit and gave me hope, i wont write my own wrods to introduce this event for you my dear CitySpy followers, am gonna just let you read his words;

"To the friends and all who have shared memories at Kooperatif… 

This is an invitation to come together at Kooperatif, the reason is we must move out from our space… its an forced migration, so called deterritorialization of a big family with different faces, experiences and individuals from all over the World.

Since the beginning “we” have hosted different disciplines of art, acts and meetings here. us all, lots of visitors, travellers, neighbours, have experienced another face of our city and had chance to experience the most and least possible/unexpected capacities of people’s acts in a unity, thus we felt a unity and freedom here, its been an ark in the night and a secret garden but a sunny square as well. While we have been hidden and open. after everything Kooperatif always found its own path from our plans and visions, it was unique and surprising, challenging…

Now, today, Kooperatif has an big obstacle in front of it and must climb over it. Temporarily, (we hope for a short time), Kooperatif will be homeless and looking a a new ark for its journey.…

Our ideas, ideals, acts and plans, dreams and words has changed our city, neighbourhoods and spaces. In this motion and evolution, some “spaces” occur, they appear even in a short time and change the meaning of our routines and face us with new coincidences in our everyday life. Kooperatif has been one of them, an independent and an inspiring one. However, our city has variant routes and agendas. Mostly the cultural capital of the city, she changes her face quickly and is effected by the new dimensions of balance of power and waves of capitals. Thus, the building where Kooperatif had taken place has been sold, to be an hotel or shopping mall. All we know is that we have to move out and it must be an immediate move. 

This weekend, right after our meeting on Saturday, Kooperatif will move out and pack all our memories, instruments, furniture and unfulfilled ideas. This unexpected move will not be an end for Kooperatif, we hope to find a new space as soon as possible, which needs struggle and effort. Now we invite you to join and be part of our last meeting here, for the near future to follow and support us for new journey as its been always shared and coincidental common act."

hope you can make it, even if you never been here before, this is a chance to meet wonderful people and share with them a very important moment and support them. 

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Vrch Svaty Kříže, 130 00, P... http://mmm.legalizace.cz/en/... Facebook FB event

Million Marihuana March 2014

In Žižkov, 10.05.2014 12:301 - 10.05.2014 22:001


altought it might not seems so_it°s still illegal_could You believe that_so? lets have a party!

first things first_meeting after noon_march starts at one_around two entering good old Žižkov

and then_concerts_djs_hemp market_discussions_NGOs_kids area*

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Rokycanova 29, 130 00, Praha... http://www.fatalclub.cz/index.... Facebook FB event

MMM afterparty @ Fatal

In Žižkov, 10.05.2014 22:001 - 11.05.2014 2:221

ska-punk afterpaty at Fatal music club with live band and later on dj's till morning..

beneficial entrance to all afterparties 80,- >>> to cover expenses of the MMM

Posted by:

plynární 23, 130 00, prague... http://www.crossclub.cz/cs/pro... Facebook FB event

MMM afterparty @ Cross Club

In Prague, 10.05.2014 21:001 - 11.05.2014 7:081

main stage with reggae bands and later on djs and second stage inna di dnb style..

for Million Marihuana March event >>> see Žižkov map+events list!

free entrance till ten..later_beneficial entrance 80,- >>> to cover expenses of the MMM

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Fidicinstraße 40, 10965 Berl... http://www.etberlin.de/product... Facebook FB event

Saudia Young Swing Caberet

In Berlin, 06.05.2014 20:001 - 06.05.2014 23:001

A New York transplant, and one of the hottest voices in Berlin, Sudia Young will perform a night of jazz, blues and dard rock & roll. Accompanied by her fellow musicians  Florian von Frieling (DE) on guitar, Henry Grant (US) on drums  & Dirk Schmigotzki (DE) on contra bass. 

Tix €10

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Hochstraße 46, 13357 Berlin, ... http://www.humboldthain.com/ho... Facebook FB event

Humbolthain Club's 1st Anniversary

In Berlin, 09.05.2014 23:001 - 11.05.2014 11:001

HUmblothain Club are celebrating a year since their opening, with a 2 day stellar lineup of DJ's and music.  The party will be held indoor and outdoor, so go for the night, and stay for the sunny morning!

Posted by:

Cuvrystraße 7, 10997 Berlin, ... http://www.lido-berlin.de/even... Facebook FB event

Miss Platnum @ Lido

In Berlin, 08.05.2014 19:001 - 08.05.2014 23:001

The German/Romanian Singer-Songwriter is set to perform a night of dark electronica, and Balkan beats. Supported by Sway Clarke II and Luck and Gasoline tour

Tox 20€

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Brunnenstraße 197-198, 10119 ... http://mein-haus-am-see.blogsp... Facebook FB event

DobBroMan @ handmade Music, Mein Haus am See

In Berlin, 12.05.2014 20:301 - 12.05.2014 23:591

A night of edgy blues/ slide music featuring both cover versions and the singer/songwriters own mucic, whcih has been largely influenced by his worldly travels. 

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Narodní 25, 110 00, prague... http://mujweb.cz/triffid/...

Ramones revival @ Vagon

In Prague, 04.05.2014 21:001 - 04.05.2014 23:281

yeah, it's a revival, but give those guys a chance...they LIKE IT! 

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Na Topolce 2, 140 00, praha... http://www.takavarna.cz/... Facebook FB event

Irish folk @ Ta Kavarna

In Prague, 05.05.2014 17:001 - 05.05.2014 21:001

CAIN DA BRETH > some like to call it celtic folk, but they prefer acustic doom metal!

...make a stop on Your way to lovely sourroundings of Vyšehrad castle*

+ from 19:00 concert of yet unknown band called Labyrint and playing pop_jazz

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Baryton , Husinecka 29, 130 00... http://www.baryton-cafe.cz... Facebook FB event

Jiri Hvezdon-live music@BARYTON

In Žižkov, 28.05.2014 20:001 - 28.05.2014 23:591

.... folky, punky, racy & raunchy romanticism, singer songwriter jiri hvezdon is gonna bring his songs to the baryton music cafe..... foosball, domaci hermalin, a backyard courtyard, and YOU........

Posted by: chrissy

... http://www.babylon.com.tr/en/e... FB event

Michael Mayer @ Babylon

In Istanbul, 09.05.2014 22:001 - 10.05.2014 2:001

DJ, producer and remixer, Michael Mayer  is one of the key figures of Cologne, Germany's electronic music scene and will be on babylon stage to play some of his old hit singls and some new once as well. 

Check out his music HERE

Posted by:

... http://www.babylon.com.tr/en/e... FB event

Belleruche @ Babylon

In Istanbul, 15.05.2014 21:301 - 04.05.2014 23:591

Formed by Kathrin deBoer, Ricky Fabulous and DJ Modest, Belleruche earned attention since their start with their bedut album "Turntable Soul Music" 

Listen to Belleruche HERE

Posted by:

... http://www.babylon.com.tr/en/e... FB event

Sun Ra Arkestra @ Babylon

In Istanbul, 20.05.2014 20:301 - 20.05.2014 23:591

U.S. free-jazz ensemble that emerged during the mid-'50s. Initially centered around Sun Ra for almost 40 years, the Arkestra went through various incarnations and is still active currently under the leadership ofMarshall Allen. 

Current Memebers: 

Marshall Allen (Director, Alto Saxophone, Flute)

Tara Middleton (Vocal)

Fred Adams (Trumpet)

Michael Ray (Trumpet)

KNoel Scott (Vocal, Saxes, Dance)

Charles Davis (Tenor Saxophone)

Danny Ray Thompson (Baritone Saxophone)

Dave Davis (Trombone)

Farid Barron (Piano)

Dave Hotep (Electric Guitar)

Cash Kilian (Cello)

Elson Nascimento (Perc, Surdo)

Tyler Mitchell (Bass)

Craig Haynes (Drums)

Check out some Sun Ra Arkestra music HERE


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Mikser House, Karadjordjeva 46... Facebook FB event

DUB INC + Hornsman Coyote & Soulcraft & Dada Selectah // live Reggae, Dub, Ska, Hip Hop @ Mikser House

In Belgrade, 05.05.2014 21:001 - 04.05.2014 4:001

Originally from Saint-Etienne in France's industrial heartland, Dub Inc fuse classic roots reggae with dub, dancehall, ska, hip-hop and African influences. They create an intoxicating musical hybrid with highly charged and socially conscious songs which have earned them cult status in their native France. 

Their wild, high-octane live performances led to an ever expanding and loyal fan base. With a fierce independent spirit and away from the media spotlight, Dub Inc have become the most successful reggae band playing in Europe today, and are now a fixture at major festivals across the world, having already appeared at Paleo, Francofolies, WOMAD and headlined Rototom Sunsplash or Summerjam. Local support for their appearance in Belgrade are Hornsman  Coyote, Souldcraft and Dada Selecta.

1100 RSD 


Posted by: Beograd-Zeljko

dlouha 33, 110 00, prague... http://www.roxy.cz/free-monday... Facebook FB event

Free Mondays @ Roxy

In Prague, 19.05.2014 20:001 - 19.05.2014 23:591

...free monday night in roxy brings american bigband, with sweet bass rhytms and gentle vocal by Jimi Hendrix...yeah, thats right, Jimi Hendrix is back! Thanks!

Posted by:

dlouha 33, 110 00, prague... http://www.roxy.cz/free-monday... Facebook FB event

Free Mondays @ Roxy

In Prague, 05.05.2014 20:001 - 05.05.2014 23:591

this time, bit of a rock'n'roll in the Roxy club...straight from Latvia...ladies and gents > Foxthroat!

afterparty by dj Adam Cloud and his friends...

Posted by:

husinecka 29, 130 00, prague... http://www.baryton-cafe.cz...

punk @ baryton cafe

In Žižkov, 07.05.2014 19:001 - 07.05.2014 22:001

no anotation, no poster, no invitations...this is PUNK!

Napalm Raid (CAN)

Alert! Alert! (PL)

Chorygen (PL)

Posted by:

husitska 23, 130 00, prague... Facebook FB event

qaraba @ hus23

In Žižkov, 05.05.2014 20:001 - 05.05.2014 23:591

dive into the sounds of greek underground...get lost in time, space and sense of reality*

tip >>> ring the bell, make a good impression and say VEJCE as a secret code for the night))

Posted by:

husitska 23, 130 00, prague... Facebook

Yedhaki Nautika @ Hus23

In Žižkov, 15.05.2014 20:001 - 15.05.2014 23:231

Yedhaki Nautika's wicked sound takes You to the different universe, if You lose the focus*

tip > ring the bell, smile and say loud and clear ČTYŘI SLIVOVICE, PROSÍM...welcome*

Posted by:

narodni 20, 110 00, prague... http://www.rockcafe.cz/program... Facebook

Ska & Reggae @ Rock Cafe

In Prague, 09.05.2014 20:001 - 09.05.2014 23:591

...three czech bands, all playing fusion of ska, reggae and whatever they feel like to play...

Green Småtroll + Kšandy Industry + Chaotic

entrance 100,-

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Vodickova 36, 110 00, prague... http://www.musicbar.cz/en/prog... Facebook FB event

Dub Incorporation @ Lucerna

In Prague, 08.05.2014 21:001 - 08.05.2014 23:581

...french reggae classic DUB INCORPORATION coming to show their new album called PARADISE

entrance > presale 450,- and 550,- at the door...

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balbinova 6, 120 00, prague... http://balbinka.cz... Facebook

worldwide folklore @ balbinova poeticka hospudka

In Prague, 09.05.2014 20:001 - 09.05.2014 23:241

Piosenki band is already playing for about fifteen years and they play music from all corners of the world...czech/oldprague, polish, russian, bulgarian, greek, indian, mongolian, jewish and even bretagne kind of a style, turning more into the chanson style...simply You never know, whats gonna happen, but thats the beauty of life...isn't it? "unity in diversity" in practice*

Posted by:

plynarni 23, 170 00, prague... http://www.crossclub.cz/cs/pro... Facebook FB event

world music @ cross club

In Prague, 08.05.2014 20:001 - 09.05.2014 4:051

...their original sound has to please all the ears, which are connected directly with heart...fresh sound combining african world music, reggae and hip hop has to even please the doubting Thomas! so don't hesitate a minute and come and see for Yourself...reggae/dub at second stage..

entrance free till nine...later 100,-

Posted by:

Rokycanova 29, 130 00, Prague... http://www.fatalclub.cz/index.... Facebook FB event

hardcore @ fatal club

In Žižkov, 07.05.2014 19:001 - 07.05.2014 23:451

haaaaaard_coooooooore...nothing more, nothing less....mess is the bess!!!

ALEA JACTA EST (Toulouse, France)

BEAUTIFUL CAFILLERY (Žatec, Czech Republic)

AFTERCOME (Praha, Czech Republic)

entrance 100,- till eight...later 120,-

Posted by:

Kubelikova 27, 130 00, prague... http://www.palacakropolis.cz/p... Facebook

Boska + Fiordmoss @ Palac Akropolis

In Žižkov, 10.05.2014 19:301 - 10.05.2014 23:451

boska is one man electronic project and coincidentally at the same time a new drummer of Fiordmoss, who started their career with crowdfunding campaign to relaese their first EP...fortunately, the crowd was responsible enough to give life to this project and now, we can listen to their music_evidently inspired in scandinavian music, nevertheless with their own sound*

Posted by:

generala piky, 160 00, prague... http://www.klubovna.povalec.cz... Facebook FB event

fckn hipster disko @ klubovna

In Prague, 09.05.2014 20:001 - 09.05.2014 23:591

calling for all the hipsters inna di town...this is an oportunity to show up and expose Your saltless interest in punk'n'roll, hip hop and good old disco...thats all You can hear this night...so get ready Your best pairs of socks, cause this is gonna be a biG Time party!!!

Posted by:

... https://www.facebook.com/Doroc... Facebook FB event

MELİS DAĞ @ Dorock

In Istanbul, 06.05.2014 22:301 - 07.05.2014 1:001

Gifted with a wonderful voice and great confidence, MEL?S DA? will be taking over the Dorock stage tonight. 

Hold one to your beer cause this great vocalist can go really high (talking about musical note here folks) 

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Rokycanova 29, 130 00, prague... http://www.fatalclub.cz/index.... Facebook FB event

atmospheric metal @ fatal club

In Žižkov, 12.05.2014 20:001 - 12.05.2014 23:161

Dirge is a french band born in 1994. From the industrial metal genre that exploded in the first part of the 90's, the band slowly evolved towards more atmospheric sounds and progressive structures, related to the post-metal scene....well, it sounds like a HELL of a fun, so if You are not scared of Žižkov night streets, this shouldn't be a problem for You...make a stop and give it a shot of dark GRIOTKA!!!

Posted by:

Pod Bruskou 2, 100 00, Prague... http://kokpitkafe.tumblr.com... Facebook FB event

ambient @ kokpit cafe

In Prague, 08.05.2014 20:301 - 08.05.2014 23:201

Siberian ambient/field recordings and rebirth of czech drone/power electronics in the industrial space of KOKPIT café at Malá Strana! Lets get lost in time and space and feel the unity*

RE-DRUM (ambient/drone/experimental)

GLOUCH (dark ambient-drone/industrial/power electronics)


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dlouha 33, 130 00, prague... http://nod.roxy.cz/program?id=... Facebook FB event

sleepmakeswave @ nod roxy

In Prague, 07.05.2014 20:001 - 07.05.2014 23:591

...if You didn't have the chance to see Sigur Rós live, sleepmakeswaves are more than a good compensation...with their original sound, they will keep You awake for the whole night and You will hear the buzzing in Your ears days after...get lost in time and space and enjoy this magical music to the fullest*

presale 220,- / 280,- at the door

Posted by:

U Bozich bojovniku 3, 130 00, ... http://www.uvoka.cz/akce/akce.... Facebook

folkupunk @ U Vystrelenyho oka

In Žižkov, 08.05.2014 20:001 - 08.05.2014 23:221

young folk punk band playin at pub U Vystřelenýho oka (ask some locals for the translation)...well...we don't know how much folk is this, but punk? thats for sure..give it up for those young turks and make a stop to see them live, before they get famous!!!

entrance 50,-

Posted by:

Tachovske namesti 7, 130 00, P... http://stormclub.cz/program/ct... Facebook FB event

japanese punkrock @ storm club

In Žižkov, 22.05.2014 19:001 - 22.05.2014 23:591

...japanese punkrock band Uplift Spice makes a stop in Prague Storm Club on their european tour...apparently they are famous and they gain the fame and success all over the world...well, we have no idea about that and we don't care anyway...it took them long way to get here, so for us, it's already a succesfull band and as real emo's wo don't care about Your opinion anyway....weeeeeee for the Uplift Spice***

supported by czech band Dirty way...they didn't travel that far, but we give them credit anyway...go boys!!!

Posted by:

Kandlgasse 19-21, 1070 Vienna... www.chayafuera.com... Facebook FB event

Picnic with [dunkelbunt] & The Secret Swing Society@Chaya Fuera

In Vienna, 08.05.2014 19:001 - 09.05.2014 3:001

The well/known DJ of elektro-swing and balkan music together with  The Secret Swing Society.

Their new project is on europe tour now. Go to hear it! Go to dance all night!

Doors: 19 h | Picnic: 20 h | Concert: 21 h | DJ Set: 23 h
Visuals by Vijay Sikanda

Last tickets U can buy here: http://www.morgenlandstreicher.com/ticketvorverkaufsstellen/



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Sacré Coeur Park, Kartouzska ... http://tribofuego.org/meetings... Facebook FB event

Fireshow @ Sacre Coeur

In Prague, 14.05.2014 20:001 - 14.05.2014 23:591

...once again hippie gathering for all the drummers, jugglers and firebugs...why? cause FIRE, thats why!!! 

don't ask_don't tell policy...no hipsters, no metrosexuals and especially NO FIREMAN!!!

Posted by:

Za zenskymi domovy 125, 150 00... Facebook FB event

All Inclusive Schools Festival @ Kulturni sportovna Radlicka

In Prague, 15.05.2014 19:001 - 15.05.2014 23:591

...well yeah, it's kind of a NGO happy market full of NGOs and positive activity...no disrespect, but all You need to know is a PARTY...and probably only thing You can more or less understand from the program...so >>> Midi Lidi is the best electronic project from CZ...what's more...these guys realeased two albums full of happy electro, but their third album was annoying and simply different, than their fans expected, so they get rid of all the hipsters and poseurs!!! imagine the balls to do that...these wierdos rock!!!

oh and hip hop wierdos as a bonus:

presale 100,- / at door 120,-

Posted by:

Krymska 12, 101 00, Prague... http://www.cafevlese.cz... Facebook FB event


In Prague, 09.05.2014 20:001 - 10.05.2014 1:001


UnderTrees originates from the union of a French-Ivorian soul singer and four Slovakian classic rock band members. The band consists of Henry-Re?my Tiacoh (vocals), Stefan Palfi (keyboard), Michal Lorinc (drums), Pavol Jakab (bass guitar), Peter Jakab (guitar). UnderTrees sound is rooted in soul, pop and alternative rock.
The music of UnderTrees trembles in high notes, beating tracks but simultaneously flows in smooth melodies. Their lyrics are breaking down the barriers of what we feel is hard to express in every day lives.

Entry 100 CZK


Posted by:

Hlubocepy, 152 00, Prague...

Hluchbocepy @ Wild Prague Nature

In Prague, 15.05.2014 18:001 - 15.05.2014 23:591

...what would You like to hear? well, it's not that wild nature as it might look like, so You will still be close to Your holy right of consumption...nevertheless, this is small gathering for all the people of good will..so, if You can emancipate Yourself from mental slavery, feel welcome and share the good energy throughout the night...

meeting at six to collect the wood for the night...

concerts starts at seven and later on till late night...

take tram # 16, 12, 14 or 20 to the stop called Hlubočepy and follow the signs...or see MAP for detailed point of view...

Posted by:

Plynární 23, 170 00 Prague... http://www.crossclub.cz... FB event

MIGHTY CROSS SOUNDS/bands@Cross club

In Prague, 13.05.2014 20:001 - 14.05.2014 5:001


Warm up for the best Czech punk-ska-rock festival.

Guitars!!!!  Melo-punkrock/hc ! Come on!

bands: Restorations (USA), The Smith StreeT Band (AUS), Astpai (AT) and guests


free entry







Posted by:

Stepanska 61, 110 00, Prague... http://www.lucpra.com/program.... Facebook FB event

Joss Stone @ Lucerna

In Prague, 23.07.2014 20:001 - 23.07.2014 23:591

...come and listen to one of the greatest voices of contemporary soul music...

presale: 740,- / at the door 900,-

Posted by:

Vodickova 36, 110 00, Prague... http://www.musicbar.cz/en/prog... Facebook FB event

Busy Signal & Hi-Voltage Band @ Lucerna Music Bar

In Prague, 02.06.2014 20:001 - 03.06.2014 3:331

...light Your fire, cause the one and only Busy Signal is coming to Prague to represent jamaican dancehall culture...watch out for this!!!

presale 390,- / at door 490,-

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dlouha 33, 110 00, prague... http://www.roxy.cz/free-monday... Facebook FB event

Free Mondays @ Roxy

In Prague, 12.05.2014 20:001 - 12.05.2014 23:591

...it can't get more sweet, then this time Roxy free mondays with this cute little band called Giantree...perfect sound to take out your laydeee and have a good time...or just hang around and dissapear with your heads in the clowds, cause those guys are sweeter then lollypop with sugar flavour...supported by a pinch bitter czech band called Vivien's shadow...

Posted by:

Bozidarac, Radoslava Grujića... Facebook FB event

++ Goribor + Sizife Daj Kamen + Bulevar Vodenih Mozaika ++ Live Alternative music @ Bozidarac// Vracar Rocks

In Belgrade, 09.05.2014 20:001 - 10.05.2014 1:001

One of the best represent of Serbian alternative scene are performing at Friday. Goribor is a band who receive a lot of praises recent years and one of them coming from webzine Popboks for the best album in the previous decade. Crew from band grew in dominant labor city and their music mostly reflected such atmosphere – dark, moody, pessimistic, ironic. Their support for concert will be two bands from Belgrade. 

800 RSD




Posted by: Beograd-Zeljko

20/44, Savski kej BB, Belgrad... Facebook FB event

Ti // live Psychedelic Pop @ 20/44

In Belgrade, 09.05.2014 22:001 - 10.05.2014 2:001

Ti is a psychedelic pop duo from Belgrade, Serbia, formed in 2012. The band consists of Ilija Duni and Trajce Nikolovski who were both born in Macedonia and met in Belgrade.  Ilija and Trajce make music with electronic drums, bass pedals, keyboards and guitar, and they both sing. Ti's music is full of dreamy and memorable melodies, warm synth bass lines, simple but moving poetry and hypnotic rhythms which together create a pleasantly pulsating sound collage, reminiscent of a lazy, rainy afternoon spent on the dry side of the window, or waking up late on a sunny day without much to do.

Free entrance


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... https://www.facebook.com/Arsen... FB event

Mokoko All Stars @ Arsenlüpen

In Istanbul, 09.05.2014 23:001 - 10.05.2014 4:001

Arsenlüpen is the right spot where you can enjoy live music with a nice cold beer, the place have an outdoor sitting area as well for smokers, but i wont advice you missing any minute of the life music set. 

Minino- Vocal&Guitar
Alessandro- Percussion&Vocal
Karam- Accordeon&Vocal

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... http://www.arkaoda.com/eng/def... FB event


In Istanbul, 09.05.2014 21:001 - 09.05.2014 23:561

Monsieur Croque's (aka Markus Detmer/Staubgold) mixes are mixes without borders. For 15 years he’s playing in festivals and clubs around the world, presenting his sensitive sound collages of Psychedelic Music, Exotica, Jazz, Post Punk, Krautrock, Reggae and Electronic music from the 1920s to the 21st century. Creating warm and cosy atmospheres, Markus’ DJ sets are aural movies both for extreme dancers and adventurous listeners, telling love stories with always happy endings! Also founder and manager of the label Staubgold since 1998, Detmer created an acknowledged and acclaimed brand for experimental and electronic music from around the world. Its roster can boast internationally known names like The Flying Lizards, Faust, To Rococo Rot, Kammerflimmer Kollektief, Ekkehard Ehlers and Oren Ambarchi. In 2003, the label shifted its base from Cologne to Berlin and moved further to Perpignan in France in 2011. Markus Detmer is also part of Klangwart, a minimalistic electronic duo formed in 1996 with Timo Reuber.

Check out Monsieur Croque's music HERE

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... https://www.facebook.com/pages...

Necmiye Elitez – Mesut Mezarcı @ Arkaoda

In Istanbul, 10.05.2014 22:001 - 08.05.2014 23:591

Necmiye Elitez and Mesut Mezarc? will be rummaging through their Bismarck-colored Victorian overcoats and take their magnifying glasses out of their proper-noun-embroidered pockets. For the time has struck to leave postmodernity for posterity and to indulge in the acute observation of the multi-colored sins of modernity. This terrible endeavor entails the refraction of Arabic melodies, Berber rhythms, tropical fizzes (and fuzzes) through a wide-ranging spectrum of musical genres between 60s and 80s, ultimately crashing at the fickle attention of the honorable ladies and gentlemen. Queen Victoria will certainly roll in her grave, for seeing such a great deal of effort squandered in the dance-hall rather than in-and-for factories is absolutely preposterous. *(Garage, ye-ye, exotica, punk, post-punk, new wave, no wave, disco)


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... http://www.arkaoda.com/eng/ark... FB event

SOUL MATES // Recep Şencan – Cünort – Deform-e @ Arkaoda

In Istanbul, 16.05.2014 21:001 - 16.05.2014 23:591

Every month the best DJ’s of ?stanbul’s soul and funk scene come together for our Soul Mates event. This month’s cabin pilots Recep Şencan, Cünort and Deform-e will try to unite people under one groove.


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... https://www.facebook.com/Arsen... FB event

Komik günler@ArsenLüpen

In Istanbul, 10.05.2014 23:001 - 11.05.2014 4:001

A cold beer is always nice, but could be even better with some live Reggae and Balkan music.

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... http://www.araf.com.tr/araf.as... Facebook

Eski Bando @ Araf

In Istanbul, 09.05.2014 22:301 - 10.05.2014 3:001

You will dance, then stop!! not becasue you are not dancing well but just because you enjoy watching the locals dancing, pretty different and entertaining. 

cold beer, happy people, balkan and turkish music, what else you asking for?? oh wait hope you got a date with yaa. 

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rokycanova 29, 130 00, prague... http://www.fatalclub.cz/index.... Facebook

Hard To Breathe @ Fatal Club

In Žižkov, 14.05.2014 20:001 - 14.05.2014 23:591

...polish hardcore band Hard To Breathe on their tour, supported by two local groups_NWO playin alternative metal and hardrock Jamaron...swing Your head and let's rock'n'roll!!!

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U Bozich bojovniku 3, 130 00, ... http://www.uvoka.cz... Facebook

Joe Karafiat Trio @ U Vystrelenyho Oka

In Žižkov, 15.05.2014 20:001 - 15.05.2014 23:001

...sweet sound and rough voice of Joe Karafiat playin with his band at more than classic pub U vystřeleného oka...don't miss out, if You like those typical pub concerts full of smoke and dust* 

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josefstädterstraße 84, Vienn... http://www.cafe-carina.at... Facebook

BLUE CONNECTION concert @café carina

In Vienna, 16.05.2014 21:001 - 17.05.2014 0:001

Café carina spoils us with free concerts all week and sessions into early morning!

This time with blue connection: pop rock funk jazz mixture from Austria! Babble along under the bridge!

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Margaretenstraße 117, 1050 WI... Facebook FB event

Tribute to BOB DYLAN @Arena Bar Café Variete

In Vienna, 23.05.2014 19:001 - 23.05.2014 23:001

Not only to all bob dylan fans, to those who want to get to know more about dylan's work and meaning

Discussion round with reading of Dylan Chronicles and live music all night

Free entry, you can always donate to the musicians if you enjoy :)

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plynarni 23, 170 00, prague... http://www.crossclub.cz/cs/pro... Facebook FB event

Bongo Botrako @ Cross Club

In Prague, 27.05.2014 20:001 - 28.05.2014 5:001

...Bongo Botrako is a bigband coming from Spain and they sound like a combination of Manu Chao and Ska-P...no more introduction needed, this is going to be big, so get Your dancing shoes ready, cause these guys are no fun!

free entrance*

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Husitska 43, 130 00, Prague... http://www.blaze-zizkov.cz/kon... Facebook

worldwide folk @ blaze

In Žižkov, 20.05.2014 19:301 - 20.05.2014 22:001

well, we would let You know what to expect, but with these guys You never know...and who knows what it depends on...simply they play bit here and there from all over the world...oukej, might maybe not the whole globe, but they got pretty wide scale...they sing in czech, english and french as they are influenced by bretagne, scandinavian and irish music...but their biggest influence is by the legendary Jethro Tull...folk'n'roll blaze!!!

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... https://www.facebook.com/Arsen... FB event

Djelem @ Arsenlüpen

In Istanbul, 17.05.2014 23:301 - 18.05.2014 4:001

It looks quiet from the outside but inside everybody is dancing and having fun with one of the best Balkan music bands in istanbul. 


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... https://www.facebook.com/Arsen... FB event

JamSession @ Arsenlüpen

In Istanbul, 15.05.2014 22:301 - 16.05.2014 4:001

It will be an open stage where young and talanted musicians get together and play, and yeah! why not, dont be shy or shake it with couple of beer and get on stage if you wanna play, you will be more than welcome. 


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... https://www.facebook.com/pixie... FB event

Psycho Mantis @ Pixie Underground

In Istanbul, 17.05.2014 23:001 - 18.05.2014 4:001

For the lovers of Drum'n'Bass this is where you should be, GOLEM and GANTZ will be behind the mix table till early morning, kicking some great beats. 


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Peron Savamala, Brace Krsmanov... Facebook FB event

Fish in Oil, live Jazz @ Peron

In Belgrade, 15.05.2014 21:301 - 16.05.2014 2:301

If you want to enjoy chilly jazz notes and relaxed atmosphere, or to play table football and drink good, but cheap drinks, than u must come here. Peron Savamala is relatively new place, but very popular among the youngsters, so good fun is guaranteed. Tonight specialty will be Fish in Oil! 

100 RSD 



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Donji Grad, Kalemegdan, Belgr... Facebook FB event

Big Opening :: Idemo na Mars :: DJs and live Electronic music, Drum and Bass, Dub Step, Deep House, Americana, Psychedelic Pop etc. @ Barutana

In Belgrade, 16.05.2014 21:001 - 17.05.2014 6:001

Barutana is a unique historical warehouse built in the 17th century at the medieval castle of Kalemegdan. Its original purpose was to store significant amounts of gunpowder that was used to defend Kalemegdan in various historical clashes. Since 1995, this breathtaking arena became a regional cult event place that hosted a raft of domestic and international artists, but in 2003 it has been closed. After 11 years, Barutana is rising again to carry on with its cultural explosion. On Friday the 16th they are opening for audience who will have opportunity to see, hear and feel more than 15 DJs and bands. 

490 RSD 




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srbska 2, 160 00, prague... http://www.potrva.cz/cs/progra... Facebook

alternative @ potrva

In Prague, 18.05.2014 19:301 - 18.05.2014 23:001

...two inidie bands appearing at cafe potrva this Sunday...first is this minimalistic acustic quite psychadelistic band Tomáš Palucha, for all the dreamers and sweet sound of guitar lovers...and then...there is new project called Latviri, wich suppose to be another acoustic project with drums and guitar, so get Yourself suprised and come to enjoy this acoustic session*

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u vystaviste 21, 170 00, pragu... http://www.altart.cz/events/st... Facebook

indie folk @ studio alta

In Prague, 18.05.2014 19:301 - 18.05.2014 20:001

...Střídmí klusáci v kulisách višní is wicked band combinig music, theatre, poetry and stand-up comedy...as crazy as it sounds as it is...universal lenguage, so even aliens can enjoy*

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Avinguda Francesc Ferrer i Gu?... http://obrasocial.lacaixa.es/n... FB event

Fuck Buttons en DNIT @ CaixaForum Barcelona

In Barcelona, 23.05.2014 22:001 - 23.05.2014 23:591

Andrew Hung y Benjamin John Power are the monster minds behind ond of electronica's noisest distorted projects touring today. They will be doing a very special set at CaixaForum's DNIT sessions. 

Caixafórum. 6€ *

*50% discount session for memebers 

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Sancho de Ávila 78, 08018 Bar... FB event

The Underground Youth + Celestial Bums @ sala Be Good

In Barcelona, 22.05.2014 21:001 - 21.05.2014 23:001

Manchester based The Underground Youth blend the sounds of shoegaze, post-punk and psychedelic rock with their own hauntingly beautiful twist.  Barcelona’s Celestial Bums will be rocking out ther opening set.

10 euros presale

15 at door.

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Nám. Brigád 1520/1, Praha 13...

fun in a church@Komunitním centrum Žižkostel

In Žižkov, 23.05.2014 10:001 - 23.05.2014 23:001

There is night called Night of Churches all over the world when U can go in any church in the city for free. In Prague this night belongs to 23.5. But since the morning od 23.5, will be at the comunity centre nice program which is for free and U can take appart.

recyklate wood workshop - U can make your own furniturw, nice and easy and cheap!

Crazy dance - at 6 a.m. children from this neighberhood wanna show U how they can rap and dance

jam session - from 7 a.m. U can join jamm session

fire - sitting by fire in the city here it is possible

Dokumentary filmsfrom festival Jeden svět. Já, moje romská rodina a Woody Allen. Z popelnice do lednice. 7. am / at malý sál

book freeshop - Máte doma přečtené knihy, které vám zabírají místo? Je vám líto knih, které 

good food

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A38 Budapest... http://www.a38.hu/en/... Facebook

Yalta Club - concert @ A38 Party Boat

In Budapest, 17.05.2014 20:001 - 17.05.2014 23:001

happy world & street & pop music by a very French looking French band - :) Yalta Club

on ex Ukranian War Ship Aronovsky 38 (A38)

- free entry but reservation is required. 
book here




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Janáčkovo nábřeží 2, 150... http://www.jazzdock.cz/en/prog... Facebook

DoMa Ensemble @ jazzdock

In Prague, 29.05.2014 19:001 - 29.05.2014 22:001

...take it easy, enjoy yourself, feel like doma*

___DoMa Ensemble bAndcAmp___

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Generala Piky 26, 160 00, prag... http://www.klubovna.povalec.cz... Facebook FB event


In Prague, 22.05.2014 15:001 - 22.05.2014 23:231

Yellow Spots vs. Surfer Truckerz


till eight free entrance_later fifty crowns (!)

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Hernalser Gürtelbogen 72-73, ... http://www.b72.at/... Facebook FB event


In Vienna, 26.05.2014 20:001 - 26.05.2014 23:001

danceable beats, witty lyrics, well, if you don't know Grossstadtgeflüster, better check 'em out, either via video or, even better, live! // doors open 20:00, // pre-sale tickets 13€, evening box office: 16€ // pre-sale tickets i.e. @ WienXtra



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Nou de la Rambla 113, 08004 Ba... http://www.sala-apolo.com... FB event

Tigercats+The Free Fall Band+ Darren Hayman & The Trial Separation @ Apolo

In Barcelona, 26.05.2014 20:001 - 27.05.2014 2:001

Primavera Sound week kicks off with three indie, folk rock bands at the Apolo.

20h00 : Tigercats
21h00 : The Free Fall Band
22h00 : Darren Hayman & The Trial Separation



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Nou de la Rambla 113 08004 Bar... http://www.sala-apolo.com... FB event

Antibalas+Chicha Libre and others Primavera Sound @ APOLO

In Barcelona, 27.05.2014 20:001 - 28.05.2014 2:001

Primavera Sound week kicks off at Apolo with a roster of international talents. Antibalas bring their afro beat global sounds as well as a roster of indie rock and pop artists.

20h50 : Chicha Libre
22h00 : Antibalas

La [2] de Apolo :

20h00 : Coldair
21h00 : Anthony Corale 
22h00 : Hokei
23h00 : Furia

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Parque del Forum, Plaza Leona... http://www.primaverasound.com/... FB event

Primavera sound FREE @ Parc del Fòrum; Fira Fem, Temples Holy Ghost!

In Barcelona, 28.05.2014 17:001 - 29.05.2014 2:001

FREE music night at outdoor's Parc del Fòrum

17h00 : Fira Fem 
17h55 : Él Mató A Un Policía Motorizado
19h00 : Temples
20h10 : Stromae
21h15 : Sky Ferreira
22h25 : Holy Ghost!

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Revaler Straße 99, Berlin, Ge... http://www.urbanspree.com/blog... Facebook FB event

Beer & Beef Genussfestival @ Urban Spree

In Berlin, 30.05.2014 15:001 - 01.06.2014 23:001

Organised by Berlinpieces, The festival allows you to sample from local and ecological growers. You will find a market for take home goods, street food, slow-cooked products, craft beers, local berverages, and of course, live music. 

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Eichenstraße 4, 12435 Berlin,... http://www.arena-berlin.de/eve... Facebook FB event

Pool Party & Openair @ Badeschiff

In Berlin, 28.05.2014 14:001 - 28.05.2014 23:001

Sun, Sand, Music, and a pool floating in the middle of the Spree. Everything you need to bring in the summer with DJ sets from MARCEL FREIGEIST, REZNIK, LEON LICHT and ALEXANDER LORZ .

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Am Wriezener Bahnhof, Berlin, ... http://www.berghain.de/event/9...

YOUR ONLY FRIEND - Phuture Live @ Panorama Bar

In Berlin, 28.05.2014 23:581 - 29.05.2014 11:001

27 years in the making, Chicago-based Phuture are bringing their acid houe beats to you. DJ sets to keep you moving well into the next day by Dixon, DJ Pierre and Gerd Janson. 


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Stralauer Platz 33/34, 10243 B... http://www.yaam.de/date/grand-... Facebook FB event

YAAM Grand New Opening 5 day Festival!!

In Berlin, 28.05.2014 11:001 - 01.06.2014 23:591

Berlin's favourite Jamacian beach bar is back, in a brand new location! Now residing on Schillingbrüke (just down the road from the old loaction) They will be getting settled in with a 5 day party featuring DJ Vadim, Lee 'scratch' perry , and many more live acts yet to be announced! 

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Revaler Straße 99, 10245 Berl... http://urbanspree.com/blog/eve... Facebook FB event

Sun Araw and Laaraji Live @ Urban Spree

In Berlin, 26.05.2014 20:001 - 26.05.2014 23:591

In support of their individual recent album launches, Sun Araw and Laaranji will be performing at Urban Spree. Each scheduled to perform a solo set, and then appear together. All wrapped by a DJ set from Alex Grey aka Deep magic. 


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... http://www.araf.com.tr/araf.as... FB event

Eski Bando @ Araf

In Istanbul, 22.05.2014 22:301 - 23.05.2014 3:001

They are young, talanted and got a unique style, Eski Bando will be taking over Araf stage once again to make you dance and forget about the hard day you had and make your drink more enjoyable. 


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... http://indigo-istanbul.com/?ev... FB event

Maya Jane Coles @ Indigo

In Istanbul, 30.05.2014 23:301 - 31.05.2014 4:001

the one only British-Japanese, producer/dj Maya Jane Coles will be rocking it in Istanbul at indigo

This will be a night you wont regret it's hangover the next day. 

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... https://www.facebook.com/Arsen... FB event

Kirli Çıkı @ Arsen Lüpen

In Istanbul, 24.05.2014 23:001 - 25.05.2014 5:001

Not feeling hard party? no packed club? this is where you should be,  Arsen Lüpen is your spot for great selection of drinks ranging from draft beer to all kind of cocktails and great live band  Kirli Ç?k? that will make you smoothly dance on some Reggae Dub. 


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... https://www.facebook.com/Arsen... FB event

Thursday Night Jam session @ ArsenLüpen

In Istanbul, 22.05.2014 23:301 - 23.05.2014 5:001

Easy Thursday, that is what some people like me wants, so here is where i go to enjoy a cold drink and enjoy music of some local good guys jamming together, some knows each others and some are taking the stage for the first time, you see an instrument that you play? go for it, you will be more than welcome. 


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... Facebook FB event

melancholicore @ (a)void

In Prague, 29.05.2014 19:001 - 29.05.2014 22:001

...if You are into neverending songs full of all emotions in one, this is a gig for You...at a very special place, floating openspace for alternative culture, you can experience lovely spring evening, while listening to wicked tunes of bands Radare and Krautstomper...let Your body float away and enjoy Your mind get stucked into the musical harmony of the moment...

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Bachgasse 21, 1160 Wien... http://dasbach.at/... Facebook FB event

The Real McKenzies, Jack Disconnect @Bach

In Vienna, 20.08.2014 20:001 - 20.08.2014 23:001

In the mood for bagpipes? Well prepare for music with not only a celtic, but also electronic touch - supported by bagpipe-punk band Jackdisconnect. Put your kilt on and head over to BACH!

pre-sale tickets: 13€ here, evening tickets 16€

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Inex Film, Visnjicka 76, Belg... Facebook FB event

Dan mladosti // Alternative Music, Art Exhibition, Movies @ Inex

In Belgrade, 25.05.2014 16:001 - 26.05.2014 2:001

Time machine is installed in Inex which allows visitors to celebrate old Yugoslavian feast – Day of Youth. In honor to Tito, communistic party and all working people there will be big party, art exhibition and video projections.   

Free entrance


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... http://en.peramuzesi.org.tr/... FB event

A Long Night @ Pera Museum

In Istanbul, 21.06.2014 19:001 - 22.06.2014 23:591

Not like in the movies, this night at the Musium will be fun and full of music, Dj Kulakkurdu will be openning the night at 19:00 perfect timing as that is when the happy hour starts, then followed by "Karma” concert before handing the stage back to Dj Kulakkurdu.

19:00 – 21:00 “Happy Hour” with DJ Kulakkurdu 
21:00 – 22:00 Concert: "Karma”
22:00 – 24:00 DJ Kulakkurdu

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... https://www.facebook.com/nayah... FB event

OL'SKOOL Hip Hop & R&B Party @ Nayah

In Istanbul, 28.05.2014 22:001 - 29.05.2014 5:001

Let's go back in time and have fun, old school music Hip Hop and R&B forgotten hits, the music that impacted the 80s and 90s generation. 

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PZA. SAGRADA FAMILIA, 4, 08013... https://www.facebook.com/event... FB event


In Barcelona, 28.05.2014 14:301 - 27.05.2014 19:001

Singer songwriter Adeline will play an aucustic set at 15.30 and WOLF SAXON will be rockin the pub at 17:00 Rabid blues/ punk/ cabaret/ exotica. You want this. And it's absolutely FREE!


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carrer Nou de la Rambla 113 08... http://www.primaverasound.es/e... FB event

Primavera Sound 2014 @ Barts + Apolo

In Barcelona, 01.06.2014 19:001 - 02.06.2014 4:001

The festival winds up at Apolo and Barts with ending live sets and DJs.


19h40 : Joana Serrat 
20h45 : Grouper
21h50 : Juana Molina
23h00 : Angel Olsen 

Sala Apolo :

22h20 : Vàlius 
23h20 : Cloud Nothings 
00h40 : Chromeo
02h00 : Ty Segall
03h00 : Dave P

La [2] de Apolo :

22h50 : Cuello
23h55 : Fuckin' Bollocks
01h00 : No More Lies


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Barcelona Rambla Catalunya 2-4... http://cityhallbarcelona.com... FB event


In Barcelona, 03.06.2014 23:591 - 04.06.2014 3:001

DJS, cabaret and live acts from everyone's favorite Rocknroll/grunge bar in town. Featuring live performance by Misfits cover band MISTITS. At City Hall. 

Chicas gratis hasta las 01:30

Lista apuntandose en el muro FB o con flyer: 5€ con birra (y chupito para los primeros)
Fiesta Jägermeister y premios ARNETTE para los más molones. 


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... https://www.facebook.com/pages... FB event

Classical Sundays 1 - Orchestra in the Park @ Maçka Park Platform

In Istanbul, 08.06.2014 10:301 - 08.06.2014 17:001

Anadolu University State Conservatory Chamber Orchestra performance, join for some great classic music along with some sun. 

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... https://www.facebook.com/Karak... FB event

Spoken Word İstanbul @ Karakedi Kültür Merkezi

In Istanbul, 29.05.2014 20:301 - 29.05.2014 23:591

poets, novelists, stand-up artists, dancers, improv actors, musicians, jugglers, story tellers, actors and actresses and just anybody and everybody who loves to take to the stage to speak their words.

and so should you, yes you, what ever you have on mind, let it out. you'll feel much better :) 

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... https://www.facebook.com/Karak... FB event

We Are All Refugees @ Karakedi Kültür Merkezi

In Istanbul, 06.06.2014 20:001 - 07.06.2014 3:001

Benefit concert for Syrian refugees in Istanbul.

Yabangee crew & friends will be @ Karakedi Tunel on June 6 with a stellar line-up of six different bands - Turkish, yabanci and of course Syrian... and yes - there will be NO COVER CHARGE. 

Your TICKET IN will be any kind of DONATION – no matter how big or small, and of course support for the cause. 
For all Erasmus students and professional English teachers, if you have been here for a while and might be leaving soon,  you may have many things around your home or closets that you will not be taking on your voyage beyond.
And for all you other Istanbulites, Spring is finally here – so here is your perfect opportunity for a little spring-cleaning. Bring it on!
-clothes and shoes
-household items 
-children and baby items

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Husinecka 29, 130 00, prague... www.baryton-cafe.cz... Facebook FB event

Qaraba @ Baryton

In Žižkov, 31.05.2014 20:001 - 31.05.2014 23:231

...prague based musical groupment playin rebetiko_old greek music born in the prisons, "tearooms" and the dark corners of the old greek cities...enjoy the qaraba concert in the classic Žižkov cellar of the baryton cafe...best combination_greek underground meets žižkov underground!!! enjoy*

entrance 125,-

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zizkov, 130 00, prague... http://www.zizkovske-mezidvork... FB event

courtyard festival @ zizkov

In Žižkov, 14.06.2014 14:001 - 14.05.2014 23:591

...small local festival Žižkovské mezidvorky (well, don't worry, say it out loud*) getting together few places here and there to show some hidden courtyards or some classic places with courtyards aswell)) mostly concerts, but You can check some workshops, theatre and vernissage aswell...

places >>> Dvorek / Sklepení / Le Boudoir / Galerie Prokopka / Betlémská kaple / Bajkazyl / Dvorek U Slovanské lípy / Truhlárna / Hus23 / Tamjdem and whoknowswhereelse...

_some information on facebook*

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Wakata, Malířská 14, 170 00... http://www.wakataclub.org/cs/p... Facebook FB event

Deep Down 20th anniversary @Wakata

In Prague, 30.05.2014 21:001 - 31.05.2014 5:001

DJs Squib, Alex T, DANyo

20th anniversary of DEEP DOWN is here. Come to spend nice eve with us. There will be 3 resident DJs Squib & Alex T & DANyo as usually, supported by amazing singer Lucia Gogolakova a great tumpetist Tom Levechia and his friend ULTRAFINO.

U can expected lot of kinds HOUSE and DnB music and more music suprises!

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Donauinsel 1220 Wien, many uba... http://2014.donauinselfest.at/... FB event


In Vienna, 27.06.2014 11:001 - 29.06.2014 0:001

Viennas biggest free open air festival!

Music and drinks and just by the danube! Line up update beginning of june!

dog friendly, kids friendly, sports island for the overmotivated people!



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Obentrautstraße 19-21, Berlin... http://www.gretchen-club.de/de... Facebook FB event

DJ SLIINK @ Gretchen Club

In Berlin, 31.05.2014 23:301 - 01.06.2014 6:001

All the way from New Jersey, this up-and-coming 23 year old producer is in Berlin for one night only as part of ahis European tour.

Tix € 8Before midnight, €12 after. 

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Basta, Karadjordjeva 43, Belgr... Facebook

Duo Trioritet, live Jazz @ Basta

In Belgrade, 29.05.2014 20:001 - 30.05.2014 1:001

Another jazzy, relaxed afternoon in beautiful Basta Garden

Free entrance


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ladronka, 169 00, prague... www.respectfestival.cz/en... Facebook FB event

Respect Festival 2014

In Prague, 14.06.2014 14:001 - 15.06.2014 20:001

"Dogs are allowed to the festival only on a leash. Because we expect a large number of dog visitors, bring a muzzle in case needed." ...  thats the only rule of the festival...please RESPECT it...other then that, someone interested in the music, maybe? well...its a world music festival...that means, there is a music from around the world...what does that mean? well, in this case its France, Finland, Ethiopia, Thailand, Great Britain, Greece, India, Cape Verde, USA, Marocco and Niger...is that enough world to You? btw does anybody actually knows, where all of these countries are, on our lovely globe?

...for those who actually do know where all these countries are, there is a very special present ready for You at the cityspy247headquarters (see the very fresh cityspy edition of Prague) ... and then we can guide You to the festivals gate...it's not that far actually...and don't worry_we know the way*


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Lerchenfelderstraße 23,1070 W... https://www.facebook.com/replu... Facebook FB event

Escape Planet Dust, concert @ replugged

In Vienna, 05.06.2014 20:001 - 05.06.2014 23:001

wanna know what austrian music has to show around now? Prepare for an escape of this gruesome world, being led through the night by the otherworldly tunes of Klehi & BeLe's flute and acoustic guitar, spacy Post Prog Rock by Rhinozeros Rex, Musikgruppe Unterhuber's rock journey package, and come back home while chewing on Eppizentrum's tunes with your ears. evening tickets: 5€, doors open 20.00

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Petersplatz 1, 1010 Wien... https://www.facebook.com/garag... Facebook FB event

Walter Will Was Reissen @ GarageX

In Vienna, 02.06.2014 19:001 - 03.06.2014 6:001

Poetry Slam! Art Short Films!DJs + Great Visuals! Live Concerts! Art! Hell yeah! Walter Qill Was Reissen shows that not only art students do all the art - the ones studying liberal arts also make some nice stuff - to be seen at Walter Will Was Reissen - go therem mit's gonna be AWESOME.//

b4 21:00: 3€, after: 5€

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Burggasse 70, Wien... https://www.facebook.com/pages... Facebook FB event

Phat Jam + Amoeba @ Wirrr

In Vienna, 05.06.2014 20:001 - 06.06.2014 4:001

doors open 20.00 - entry 8-9:3€, after 9: 5€ you know, it's gonna be a music jam.later: irieology at the decks!


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... Facebook FB event

Veganmania vvegan summer festival @ MQ

In Vienna, 06.06.2014 10:001 - 09.06.2014 20:001

info, food, concerts - and everything vegan! It's gonna be a vegan feast with over 50 booths and live concerts every day! Clara Luzia, for instance:



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http://www.mqw.at... Facebook FB event

MQ summer of sound start @MQ

In Vienna, 05.06.2014 17:001 - 07.06.2014 6:001

concerts! workshops! summer atmosphere! Museumsquartier is one of the places to be in Vienna in summer, and the official start of a summer of sounds is today! head over and have some of everything happening, like a concert by hyped Ja, Panik! for instance:

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narodni 25, 110 00, prague... http://mujweb.cz/triffid/... Facebook FB event

zive kvety @ vagon

In Prague, 05.06.2014 21:001 - 05.06.2014 23:001

...lovely, cute and adorable slovakian indie rock band playin at vagon club*

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narodni 25, 110 00, prague... http://mujweb.cz/triffid/... Facebook

punk @ vagon

In Prague, 25.06.2014 21:001 - 25.06.2014 23:001

...good old punks playin for about a twenty years already...thats what we call a commitment!

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Carrer de Roger de Flor, 238 0... http://www.jazzmanbcn.com/...

Vanesa Grillone & Stefano Ferri @ Jazzman

In Barcelona, 02.06.2014 22:001 - 03.06.2014 2:001

Live blues soul and jazz from Italian vanessa Grillone and Stefano Ferrai. Free.

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Vrch Svaty Krize, 130 00, prag... http://www.palacakropolis.com/... Facebook

Zizkov sobe' festival 2014

In Žižkov, 11.06.2014 17:001 - 12.06.2014 23:591

...small local festival at very special much kůl Parukářka park! first day in ska/reggae/pop vibes and the other day all a long from the great islands_soul/funk/hip hop and who knows, what...just make a stop and enjoy Yourself...nobody cares about those celebrities on the stage anyway*




Ska´N´DaaL music ensemble



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Dworzec Kolejowy PKP Wrocław ... FB event

Musical RTW trip @ Main train station

In Wroclaw, 03.06.2014 19:501 - 03.06.2014 21:001

Musical Round The World Trip is a concert combining numerous pieces inspired by travelling, trains, railroads etc. From a choir chanting geographical names to classical instruments imitating railroads - for all of this feel invited to visit the beautiful building of Wroclawian main train station!

And don't forget to bring your mobile - after the event a compilation of movies from it is about to be prepared!

Posted by: Wojtek

husinecka 29, 130 00, prague... http://www.baryton-cafe.cz/... Facebook FB event

Where's the food?! @ Baryton cafe

In Žižkov, 18.06.2014 20:001 - 18.06.2014 22:001

...check out these girls from the lovely town of Broumov...they play kind of a poprock and these girls are not afraid of anything, so give it a shot a show some support...

WTF @ bandcamp

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kubelikova 27, 130 00, prague... www.palacakropolis.com... Facebook

Sebastian Plano @ Palac Akropolis

In Žižkov, 06.06.2014 19:301 - 06.06.2014 23:321

Communication knots between classical music and contemporary experimental electronics.

entrance 240,- _ fair enough in our humble opinion...

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Vystaviste Letnany, 199 00, pr... http://www.policeforpeople.cz...

Police for people 2014

In Prague, 08.06.2014 16:001 - 08.06.2014 23:001

...no shooting, this is a real deal my feezls...Police for people is an actual festival to promote police work...whats more, there is even a bands who agreed on playing at the festival...even kafka couldn't think out this gig, thats for sure...check it out, if You have courage to go there*

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dlouha 33, 110 00, prague... www.nod.roxy.cz/en... Facebook FB event

My name is Ann @ NoD Roxy

In Prague, 04.06.2014 20:001 - 04.06.2014 23:591

Hedonistic terorism, girly guerilla restraining wild synths, buzzing base, nintendo in the pocket, saxofon on the leash and admited pop – thats My Name Is Ann characterization by themselves. Audiovisual synthpop project combined with special dancing performance for this gig is a promise of a memorable cultural event...and if not, You can always go crazy and enjoy the party, right?

entrance 120,-

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srbska 2, 160 00, prague... http://www.potrva.cz/en/... Facebook

The Probe @ Kavarna Potrva

In Prague, 07.06.2014 20:001 - 07.06.2014 22:001

...cute indierockalternative band playin at the intelectualindiecafe Potrvá...

entrance 90,-

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tynska ulicka 2, 110 00, pragu... http://www.jazzungelt.cz... Facebook

Dede Priest @ Jazzclub Ungelt

In Prague, 08.06.2014 20:001 - 08.06.2014 23:001

...Dede Priest coming to Prague to present her unforgettable voice accompanied by the sweet soul&blues rhytms...enjoy Yourself in the smooth&chilledout style of the Sunday night...

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balbinova 6, 120 00, prague... http://balbinka.cz/indexE.html... Facebook

Sousedi @ Balbinova poeticka hospudka

In Prague, 08.06.2014 20:001 - 08.06.2014 23:001

...another chilled out session for the Sunday evening...sousedi_neighbours are actual neighbours playin together mostly improvised acoustic session, but this time with vocal aswell, so let's see how that goes...but it's quite sure it can't go wrong in the surrounding of more than classic pub Balbínova poetická hospůdka...even the name is guarantee of the nice poetic evening...


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bryksova 1002, 198 00, prague... http://strawberryfields.cz... Facebook FB event

Strawberry Fields 2014

In Prague, 12.06.2014 14:001 - 12.06.2014 21:001

...urban festival Strawberry Fields is presenting all the things You can do in the city and not get bored and use bad drugs for instance...music, workshops, theatre and kidshit aswell...


workshops_Juggling, screen prinitng, Origami, Stickers, Comics, Buttons, Art, Gardening...

whatelse_theatre, playground, Climbing Wall, trampoline, Foosball, Table tennis, Minigolf, foood!

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hradcanske namesti, 118 00, pr... http://www.ceskafilharmonie.cz... Facebook FB event

Czech Philharmonic @ Hradcanskem namesti

In Prague, 24.06.2014 15:001 - 24.06.2014 22:001

...Czech Philharmonic is closing its 118th season, so lets celebrate with them at this openair concert right next to the Pragues castle...

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U Bozich bojovniku 3, 130 00, ... http://uvoka.cz... Facebook

The Around Cube @ U vystrelenyho oka

In Žižkov, 05.06.2014 20:001 - 05.06.2014 23:001

...more or less american band playin at quite more than less classic czech pub...

entrance 50,-

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U Bozich bojovniku 3, 130 00, ... http://uvoka.cz... Facebook

The Screwballs @ U vystrelenyho oka

In Žižkov, 12.06.2014 19:301 - 12.06.2014 22:001

...are You ready to dance Your feet at the some sweet rockabilly tunes? Screwballs gonna take You of the seat at the U vystrelenyho oka garden...whats more_free entrance, so don't hesitate and get Your dancing shoes nice and shiny*


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U Bozich bojovniku 3, 130 00, ... http://uvoka.cz... Facebook

Secret 9 beat @ U vystrelenyho oka

In Žižkov, 19.06.2014 20:001 - 19.06.2014 23:001

...this week a rockabilly once again, so get ready to swing Your feet!!! 

entrance 50,-

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U Bozich bojovniku 3, 130 00, ... http://uvoka.cz... Facebook

S O CH O O K O @ u vystrelenyho oka

In Žižkov, 26.06.2014 10:001 - 26.06.2014 22:001

...well the fifth annual sculptures symphosium is going to be more entertaining, that it might sound...why? cause U vystřelenýho oka, thats why...check out the classic Žižkov pub...symphosium is happening all day long at the garden and evening concert is starting at 19:30 and Buzerant and Komorous are going to blow Your mind with their stunning improvisation skills...take it easy and enjoy Yourself*

free entrance_

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rokycanova 29, 130 00, prague... http://www.fatalclub.cz... Facebook

punkrock & dnb @ fatal club

In Žižkov, 13.06.2014 19:301 - 14.06.2014 4:001

Friday 13th Fatal edition bringing young punkrock bands together to show up and try to get the fame or maybe just survive the bloody night alive and get safe to mamas house...who knows, but later on there is a drum'n'bass afterparty, so get Your dancing shoes ready, baby!

entrance 50 for the concerts_afterparty for free*

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kubelikova 27, 130 00, prague... http://www.palacakropolis.com... Facebook

drummers session @ palac akropolis

In Žižkov, 04.06.2014 19:001 - 04.06.2014 23:001

You like drums? well, this is a concert of the musical elementary school and they are about the end the school...all they have to do is this last concert, so don't make them nervous and check it out if You are into drum instruments...whats more, there is going to be a drum battle aswell!!!

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Łubu Dubu Bistro, Odrzańska ... FB event

Celtic Wroclaw@ Lubu Dubu Bistro

In Wroclaw, 17.06.2014 20:001 - 18.06.2014 2:301

Our favourite team from Celtic Wroclaw comes back - different day, different people, but the same, green and celtic mood. They play, they sing, they invite you to take part!

PLUS: not only free entry, but also special promos at the bar :-)

Posted by: Wojtek

Updated by: Wojtek

20/44, Savski kej BB, Belgrad... Facebook FB event

Vlasta Popić & Triko uživo na Brodu /// live Psychedelic Rock @ 20/44

In Belgrade, 05.06.2014 21:001 - 06.06.2014 2:001

                                                          ….Psychedelic Rock night

…Band playing music in A Perfect Circle +++ Tool style…


                           250 RSD 

                                                        ......Vlasta Popić & Triko:


Posted by: Beograd-Zeljko

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Pobednik, Kalemegdan, Belgrade... Facebook FB event

S.A.R.S. /// Ničim Izazvan /// DJ Shustera /// live Alternative music @ Barutana

In Belgrade, 06.06.2014 21:001 - 07.06.2014 4:001

                            S.A.R.S aka Satriani’s Arm Recently Severed presenting a combination of pop, reggae, blues, jazz, hip hop, ethnic music and who knows what else….What u should know is that they are one of the most popular bands in Serbia nowadays and they have flammable live performances.

            600 RSD 





Posted by: Beograd-Zeljko

... Facebook FB event

James Harries @ Pristav 18600

In Prague, 13.06.2014 19:001 - 13.06.2014 22:001

...opening of a new café_Přístav 180 00_work in progress, but progress at its best...

...music_food_fire_stars above_opening like never before*

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kulturni centrum klubovna, 160... http://www.klubovna.povalec.cz... Facebook FB event

benefit concert @ dejvicka klubovna

In Prague, 14.06.2014 18:001 - 14.06.2014 23:001

soli party for iniciative against racism*


afterparty_Dj Uberpunx a Dj Nahanbě

vege-grill before the concerts...in case of good wheater...
voluntary entrace +- 80,-

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cafe na pul cesty, 140 00, pra... http://www.greendoors.cz/engli... Facebook

soli party for ABC @ cafe na pul cesty

In Prague, 29.07.2014 19:001 - 29.07.2014 23:001

solidarity party for local ABC!

bands_for hardcore fans mainly...

Landverraad / Lawine / Remek

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Spuistraat, Burgwallen Nieuwe ... FB event

Street festival with music, fashion, art, food and more on the Spuistraat

In Amsterdam, 08.06.2014 11:001 - 08.06.2014 23:001

The street festival with the motto NICE TO MEET YOU, involves the businesses and locals from the street. There will be music perfomrances, street art, food and drinks, fashion and for kids some entertainment and much more! Get to know the street and locals better.

No entrance fee

Walking distance from central station or the Dam, since it's right in the center.

This is how the street looks on a normal day, expect it to be much more colourful and loud on Sunady 8th June 

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Mikser House, Karadjordjeva 4... Facebook FB event

Mikser Festival /// Alternative music, Exhibitions, Performances, Fashion etc. @ Mikser House

In Belgrade, 07.06.2014 14:001 - 08.06.2014 3:301

                    ....one of the biggest festival in Belgrade, gathering crew from different areas of art...program is made of music part, live performances, street art, fashion markets and many more

     1000 RSD four days ticket for music program (300 RSD daily ticket) // free entrance for other events

Scedule for music program: 

Mikser house:

22.00h EastBeat feat. Vasil Hadžimanov 
23.30h DJ Željko Kerleta 
01.30h DJ Afrobot 

Depo magacin:

17:30h Finalisti konkursa Double Dare 
22.00h Zemlja Gruva
23.15h Dvadesetorica
00.35h Obojeni program
01.55h Kanda, Kodža i Nebojša


                 .....Obojeni program           


    ....Kanda, Kodza i Nebojsa


Posted by: Beograd-Zeljko

husitska 23, 130 00, prague... Facebook FB event

qaraba @ hus23

In Žižkov, 09.06.2014 21:001 - 10.06.2014 2:001

...once again_greek underground meets žižkov underground_unity at it's best...

_ring the bell_be nice_show some respect_enjoy Yourself_welcome to another dimension*

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Mikser House, Karadjordjeva 4... Facebook FB event

Mikser Festival /// Alternative music, Exhibitions, Performances, Fashion etc. @ Mikser House

In Belgrade, 08.06.2014 14:001 - 09.06.2014 6:001

 ....one of the biggest festival in Belgrade, gathering crew from different areas of art...program is made of music part, live performances, street art, fashion markets and many more

     1000 RSD four days ticket for music program (300 RSD daily ticket) // free entrance for other events

Scedule for music program: 

Mikser house:
21.00h Pobednik sa konkursa “Double dare”
21.45h Fish in Oil 
23.30h Miško Plavi 

Depo magacin:

17.30h Finalisti konkursa Double Dare
22.00h Veliki prezir
23.15h Svi na pod
00.15h Central Dance Event
Mehanika Live
Mistic Stylez
DJ Flip
Marko Nastić
Boža Podunavac            

             ....Marko Nastic       


   ...Svi na pod

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Avda. Reina Maria Cristina, s/... http://sonar.es/en/2014/prg/ar... FB event

SONAR International Festival of Advanced Music and New Media Art @ Fira Montjuic

In Barcelona, 12.06.2014 12:001 - 14.06.2014 7:001

3 days and 2 nights of the International Festival of Advanced Music and New Media Arts aka SONAR, a carefully balanced cultural offering, combining a playful nature, the avant-garde, and experimentation with electronic dance music's newest trends. 

Sónar by Day; Fira Montjuïc, with concerts and dj's, showcases and  Sónar by Night; in Fira Gran Via de L'Hospitalet, where the leading names in the current international music scene are staged.

Check link for full line up;

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c/ Nou de la Rambla 113 08004 ... https://www.sala-apolo.com/ca/...

Kid Congo and the Punk Money Birds + Le Secte du Futur @ Apolo

In Barcelona, 09.06.2014 19:001 - 09.06.2014 22:001

Live Punk indie rock and garage for your Monday musical fix courtesy of  WASHIGNTON DC's Kid Congo and FRANCE'S  Le Secte du Futur .

Anticipada: 12€+ despeses de gestió

Taquilla: 15€

ABONONAMENT 2 dies: 18€ + despeses de gestió

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Hala Orbita, Wejherowska 34, 5... FB event

Woodkid @ Hala Orbita

In Wroclaw, 10.06.2014 20:001 - 10.06.2014 23:001

Woodkid! This French producer, singer, songwriter and performer started with creating some top pop videos, before taking the show in his own hands. Now his live shows are directed just like his best clips and his music is beeing called a contemporary, electronic Beethoven. Isn't it a top recommendation? Check out the video from his live act :-)

Tickets: 100/120/140

Posted by: Wojtek

Bułka z Masłem, Włodkowica ... FB event

Wednesday Jam @ Bulka z Maslem

In Wroclaw, 20.08.2014 21:001 - 21.08.2014 1:001

Is it Wednesday afternoon? Grab your gear and run to Bułka z Masłem! Weekly jam session on the edge of rock, blues, jazz... And, actually, whatever you just wanna play, it's a damn jam session!

Posted by: Wojtek

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CK Agora, Serbska 5a, 51-111 W... http://ckagora.pl/ART_OF_IMPRO... FB event

Art of Improvisation @ CK Agora

In Wroclaw, 20.06.2014 17:001 - 22.06.2014 21:301

Art Of Improvisation - a small, yet international festival commited to improvisation, mainly in music. CK Agora invites us for a variety of events - concerts, workshops, contests and casual (!?) jam sessions. Just to show how jazz and improvised music are open and willing to be changed, developed, re-Created.

Tickets: 40/50 PLN.

Posted by: Wojtek

Petrovaradin Fortress, Novi Sa... http://www.exitfest.org/sr... Facebook FB event

Queens of the Stone Age @ Petrovaradinska Tvrdava / Novi Sad

In Belgrade, 11.06.2014 18:001 - 12.06.2014 2:001

              ROCK@EXIT, one-day R’n’R festival headlined by Queens of the Stone Age is going to be held on 11th June at Petrovaradin Fortress in Novi Sad, on EXIT’s Main Stage! This monumental event gives EXIT ADVENTURE its eighth day, one month before the start of EXIT festival! There’ll be more than just QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE at ROCK@EXIT – other featured performers include other famous bans from Serbia: PARTIBREJKERS, EYESBURN, RITAM NEREDA and REPETITOR. 

             .We’d like to invite ROCK@EXIT Festival visitors to come to the Fortress as soon as the gates open because there’s going to be a load of additional interesting content waiting, apart from the great concerts and lovely weather of course. We’ve set up an ART MARKET for fans of more fierce music – it’s a unique rock’n’roll market with the best European ’second hand’ shops, which will offer not only vinyl records but unique vintage clothes as well.

         ......There’s also going to be an art installation and sculpture exhibit by students of the Academy of Art in Novi Sad! There are going to be many more surprises at the festival itself, too!

18:20 - Repetitor
19:10 - Ritam Nereda
20:00 - Eyesburn
21:05 - Partibrejkers
22:30 - Queens of the Stone Age

ROCK@EXIT will be FREE OF CHARGE for those who bought a 4-day ticket to EXIT FESTIVAL...Regular price is 999 RSD. 




Posted by: Beograd-Zeljko

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Thelemanngasse 4, 1170 Wien,... https://www.facebook.com/pages... Facebook FB event

Humor release party @ mo.e

In Vienna, 13.06.2014 20:001 - 14.06.2014 4:001

HUMOR is a magazine. Find out more about it at the nice nice release party featuring 2 lectures, 2 bands between sleazy glam listening and elektro songwriting and a dj set promising eclectic mixes  - 4 € to get in, soli-cocktails & buffet should convince the yet sceptical.

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Dom omladine, Makedonska 22, B... http://www.domomladine.org/... Facebook FB event

Americana Night Festival @ Dom omladine

In Belgrade, 12.06.2014 21:001 - 13.06.2014 2:001

….Americana, as a music style, which is starting to be very popular thing is Serbia.  

      …..come and hear the best of Americana music which this country have to offer!

700 RSD

 ... Lovely Quinces


   JR August....      

 ...Stray Dog

Posted by: Beograd-Zeljko

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Lijnbaansgracht 238, 1017PH Am... http://www.sugarfactory.nl/ai1... Facebook FB event

Wicked Jazz sounds - Club night at Sugar factory

In Amsterdam, 20.07.2014 23:001 - 21.07.2014 5:001

Wicked jazz sounds invites you for a night with some live music and Dj's that will be mixing funk, soul, jaz, house and more. Prepare for a funky night on the dance floor.

Entrance: €9.5

Line Up:
Phil Horneman / DJ 
Leroy Rey/ DJ
Berenice van Leer / vocals
Floris van der Vlugt / sax
Gilian Baracs/ keys
Yishaiy Glick / Guitar


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lucerna, 110 00, prague... http://www.musicbar.cz/en/prog... Facebook FB event

Soulfly @ Lucerna Music Bar

In Prague, 18.06.2014 20:001 - 18.06.2014 23:001

...newday prophets coming to Prague to preach about the modern day slavery...

presale for 400,-

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Overtoom 301, 1054 HW Amsterda... http://www.ot301.nl/... Facebook FB event

World cup game and eclectic party with live music mixed with electronic sounds at Overtoom 301

In Amsterdam, 13.06.2014 20:301 - 14.06.2014 3:001

Start by watching the world cup game Holland vs Spain and continue with a party full of dancing. The Red Light Radio takes over OT301 with their eclectic sounds, from heavy bands to noisey ectronics and Dj's.

20.30 World cup fotball game
22.30 Party

Line Up:
Suzanne Kraft (LA / Dublab)
Robert Bergman (LIVE)
Lower (Copenhagen / Matador)
The Wizard (Red LIght Radio Boss)

Entrance: €5 before 22.00 / €10 after 22.00

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SKC, Kralja Milana 48, 11000 B... http://www.skc.org.rs/... Facebook FB event

ROK (OD)BRANA /// live Rock'n'Roll @ SKC

In Belgrade, 14.06.2014 20:001 - 14.06.2014 23:401

                                       ….as you know, Serbia was hit by massive floods

   ….damage is huge – people lost their homes, shops, cars….

                 ….city close to Belgrade was totally destroyed…

 ….this concert, besides giving a good fun with the best Serbian guitar bands, also seeking to help threatened areas….

                                    …..300 RSD ticket


::::: Disciplina Kitchme ::::    

    :::: Eyesburn ::::

:::: Popecitelji ::::     

Posted by: Beograd-Zeljko

Sancho de Avila 78, 08018 Barc... FB event

Acid King+ Saturna @ Sala BeGood

In Barcelona, 19.06.2014 21:301 - 19.06.2014 23:591

San Francisco’s stoner rock band Acid King formed in 1993 by singer/guitarist Lori Crover, bassist Peter Lucas and drummer Joey Osbourne. Opening band by local rockers; Saturna.

17 Euros advanced

20 at door.


Posted by:

Nad Ohradou 17, prague... http://www.praguecamping.com... Facebook FB event

MITCH WALKING ELK & WADE FERMANDEZ Indian USA folk/country@ Camp zizkov

In Prague, 07.07.2014 19:001 - 07.07.2014 23:591

Two men, Two steel guitars & a whole heap of soulful songs.

Supported by an open fire & a western style ambience.

Beers & sausages in full supply!! Get your boots on!!

Posted by: Gordonsky

Lijnbaansgracht 234 A 1017 PH ... http://www.melkweg.nl/... Facebook FB event

The Wailers at the Melkweg

In Amsterdam, 25.06.2014 19:301 - 25.06.2014 23:001

They are the biggest living musicians from the Jamaican reggae world, mostly known from playing with Bob Marley. They also have played together with many big stars sucha as Carlos Santana, Steve Wonder, Alpha Blony....

Tickets: €28.40 + membership fee €3.40
Get your tickets online here

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borivojova 79, 130 00, prague... http://nadviktorkou.cz... Facebook

Zavis @ Hospudka Nad Viktorkou

In Žižkov, 17.06.2014 20:001 - 17.06.2014 23:001

...more than a classic performer, as they claim_his 164th performance at this classic pub...

Posted by:

borivojova 79, 130 00, prague... http://nadviktorkou.cz... Facebook

NAZARENO el VIOLENO @ hospudka NAD viktorkou

In Žižkov, 22.06.2014 20:001 - 22.06.2014 22:001

...these mexican guys really know, how to pick up the place for their hardcore gig...

Posted by:

borivojova 79, 130 00, prague... http://nadviktorkou.cz... Facebook

ivan vrana blues band @ hospudka nad viktorkou

In Žižkov, 26.06.2014 20:001 - 26.06.2014 23:001

...if You gonna sit long enough in this pub, You'll have a voice like this guy...

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biskupcova 31, 130 00, prague... http://www.kinoaero.cz/en/film... Facebook FB event

sound and chaos @ kino aero

In Žižkov, 17.06.2014 20:001 - 17.06.2014 23:001

...premiere of a documentary about the legendary BC studio, with live afterparty performance of the studio founder Martin Bisi...

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kubelikova 27, 130 00, prague... http://www.palacakropolis.com/... Facebook

newcomers night @ palac akropolis

In Žižkov, 19.06.2014 19:301 - 19.06.2014 23:591

...three new czech musical projects performing for free at Palác Akropolis as the part of United islands festival...give it a shot...You can be at the beginning of the legend...maybe_

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kubelikova 27, 130 00, prague... http://www.palacakropolis.com/... Facebook

samaris @ palac akropolis

In Žižkov, 23.06.2014 19:301 - 23.06.2014 22:001

...another amazing band from Iceland...we don't know how they do it, probably because of the surroundings, but these guys really know, how to make some wicked music*

presale 240,- / at door 300,-

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kubelikova 27, 130 00, prague... http://www.palacakropolis.com/... Facebook

Zea + King Ayisoba & Band @ Palac Akropolis

In Žižkov, 29.06.2014 19:301 - 29.06.2014 23:001

King Ayisoba is bringing hiplife_fusion of hip-hop and traditional african music*

+++ Zae_one man protest pop +++

presale 300,- / at door 400,-

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kubelikova 27, 130 00, prague... http://www.palacakropolis.com/... Facebook

Bomba Estereo @ Palac Akropolis

In Žižkov, 02.07.2014 19:301 - 02.07.2014 23:001

...pure energy from columbia_bomba estereo is an indefinable new wave of music...take or leave it, but enjoy Your life 247 to the fullest*

350,- presale / 450,- at door

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Zamardi, Hungary... http://www.sziget.hu/balatonso... Facebook FB event

Blaton Sound Festival - Zamárdi

In Budapest, 09.07.2014 8:001 - 13.07.2014 14:001

electronic festival by/in lake Balaton. 



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plynarni 23, 170 00, prague... http://www.crossclub.cz/cs/pro... Facebook FB event

Jah Shaka @ Cross Club

In Prague, 19.06.2014 18:001 - 20.06.2014 6:001

...dub legend meets legendary prague space...

entrance 120 before nine_later 160

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Studentski trg 5, 11000 Belgra... http://www.kolarac.rs/... Facebook

Aaron Goldberg, live jazz @ Kolarac

In Belgrade, 17.06.2014 21:001 - 18.06.2014 1:001

         ….Aaron Goldberg is a pianist and composer performing at the vanguard of jazz music....

                                    … Aaron has spent many of the last 15 years touring with some of the most brilliant voices in jazz--Joshua Redman, Wynton Marsalis, Betty Carter, Freddie Hubbard, Mark Turner, Al Foster, Kurt Rosenwinkel, Nicholas Payton, The Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra and Madeleine Peyroux--among others….




 “On this lush and superlatively swinging set, Jackson, Goldberg and Avital explore the value of time and space, and what happens when those musical principles are measured with grace and a little grit. The YES! Trio seemingly knock back a few cool ones, take their own sweet time and put some serious soul to CD.” - DOWNBEAT.

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Donji grad, Kalemegdan, Srbija... http://www.ironmaiden.com/... Facebook FB event

+++ IRON MAIDEN +++ MAIDEN ENGLAND 2014 TOUR +++ @ Kalemegdan

In Belgrade, 17.06.2014 20:001 - 18.06.2014 3:001

34 years on, and with over 85 million album sales, more than 2000 live performances in 59* countries, tens of millions of satisfied customers and 15 studio albums of unerring quality and power to their name, Iron Maiden have more than earned their proudly-held status as one of the most influential and revered bands ever.  

The 2014 Tour will include dates in countries not visited during the 2013 leg and will be a much shorter run than is usual for a Maiden tour. Manager Rod Smallwood explains,

“The Maiden England 2013 Tour was incredibly well received everywhere and there is much demand from fans to see more and for the band to visit some places in Europe we couldn’t make it to this year so we thought we should play a few more shows. However this will be a relatively short tour in Maiden terms, starting towards the end of May and finishing at Sonisphere, Knebworth in early July. During 2014 we have something new we need to start thinking about, and on which we will be wholly and firmly focused going into 2015 and beyond!”

Fan Pit: 4500 RSD SOLD OUT (3 months ago:)
Parterre 1: 3500 RSD AVAILABLE
Parterre 2: 2990 RSD AVAILABLE



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Dom omladine, Makedonska 22, B... http://www.domomladine.org/... Facebook FB event

::::: Erlend Øye Concert :::::: live Indie @ Dom Omladine

In Belgrade, 18.06.2014 21:001 - 18.06.2014 23:301

Erlend Oyeis the geek spectacled half of Norway's Kings of Convenience, a two-man outfit that utilizes acoustic guitars, wistful vocals, and the softer side of computer music to make hipster pop ballads. Oye's success with Kings of Convenience, after the 2001 album Quiet Is the New Loud, drove his desire to make music, but his Convenience partner, Erik Boe, was studying psychology and wasn't as keen to make music a career.

Øye began working with fellow Norwegian group Röyksopp, and thus the Erlend Øye solo project was born. He began recording after an electronic music festival in Finland, where connections with the emerging scene prompted his interest in the indie dance movement. This led to the album Unrest, ten ambient dance songs recorded in ten cities with ten different collaborators.


             Although beats like those of Boards of Canada and other bedroom electronica artists predominate the album, the main focus is on Øye's melancholy, whispered musings and the occasional flourish of party-down kicks like the handclaps of "Every Party Has a Winner." Live, Øye often sings over his own tracks and has been known to dance with the audience while the beats drop sans his hands.

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http://unitedislands.cz/en/... FB event

festival UNITED ISLANDS@Prague

In Prague, 19.06.2014 15:001 - 22.06.2014 3:001

Open air festival in Prague. Some stages are for free. Some U must pay. Afterparties in the clubs are for free. Check the program:


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Carrer de l'Aviacio 08029 Barc...

Trumbelekys @ New Underground

In Barcelona, 24.06.2014 22:301 - 25.06.2014 2:001

Local youngins "Trumbelekys" rocking out the ska, reggae and rock-punk live. Mosh out!! 


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Avinguda Diagonal, 686 08034 B... http://www.festivalpedralbes.c...

Simple Minds @ Jardins Palau Reial Pedralbes

In Barcelona, 25.06.2014 22:001 - 25.06.2014 23:591

The band of a thousand and one faces best know for their 80's anthems are back for a Greatest hits tour at the beautiful Jardins Palau Reial Pedralbes. Breakfast club t-shirts not included.


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Placa Reial, 7, 08002 Barcelon... http://www.sidecarfactoryclub....

Rachel Arieff's Anti-Karaoke Barcelona @ Sidecar

In Barcelona, 26.06.2014 21:001 - 27.06.2014 5:001

American comedian Rachel Arieff's Anti-Karaoke is an inimitable mix of rock concert, freak show, and Las Vegas spectacle.

8€ includes a free beverage and an invitation to enjoy the following deejay session until 5 am free of cover charge. Doors open a half-hour before the show, at 9:30 pm.

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Pobednik, Kalemegdan, Belgrad... Facebook FB event

//// MARČELO & ISKAZ /// live Hip Hop /// @ BARUTANA ////

In Belgrade, 21.06.2014 21:001 - 22.06.2014 3:001

   ...young and talented...

                                                                   ...writer, journalist and MC...

             ...his lyrics are characterized by non-compromise attitude toward reality and it strong critics....

...even if u don’t understand what he talks about, u will feel his energy....

                                                                                 ...the finest from Serbian hip-hop...

 600 RSD 


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Kalimegdan, Beograd, Srbija... http://www.darksideusa.com/... Facebook FB event

DARKSIDE: Nicolas Jaar & Dave Harrington @ Kalimegdan

In Belgrade, 24.06.2014 21:001 - 25.06.2014 3:001

DARKSIDE is the collaborative duo of guitarist Dave Harrington and electronic producer Nicolas Jaar. The two musicians have vastly different backgrounds, but over the course of several years of touring together they found common ground: DARKSIDE. Dave and Nico use each other as mediums, working on primal instinct and summoning a hybrid of electronic music and psychedelic rock with the kind of artistic depth and breadth for which the term “progressive” was coined. 


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Baryton - Husinecka 29, 130 ... http://www.baryton-cafe.cz/... Facebook FB event


In Žižkov, 28.06.2014 20:001 - 28.06.2014 23:591

...Kopyrajt makes alternative, experimental music utilizing Accordion, Singing ,Bass,Beatbox ,Bongo, Kajon ,Vocals, Rap--- the Baryton basement continues to fill itself with music almost nightly... summer lovin' , had me a blast!!!!!........


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zizkov, 130 00, prague... Facebook FB event

Summer Zizkov Night Festival 2014

In Žižkov, 27.06.2014 15:001 - 28.06.2014 6:001

...zizkov night is here again and the summer aswell, so the summer edition comes along...

5 open air scenes /// 4 clubs /// more than 40 performers

entrance_minimum 60,- (!)_recommended 130,- (still more than cool) and then as You wish, but its more than worth to support these guys...detail info at facebook_

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Teniski tereni Partizan, Kalem... Facebook FB event

Trio Sveti + Tivon Pennicott, live Jazz @ Summer Stage BitefArtCafe

In Belgrade, 25.06.2014 22:001 - 26.06.2014 2:001

St. Trio (Trio sveti) meets joung jazz musicians Tivon Pennicott...