Nou de la Rambla 113 , Barcelo...

Swans + Pharmakon @ Apolo

In Barcelona, 01.10.2014 20:001 - 01.09.2014 23:001

Experimental noise neo-folk rockers unleash their latest album "To Be Kind”. New York based noise artist "Pharmakon" will be leading the pre-Swan aural assault. Ear plugs not included.

Advance: 20€ +

Doors: 23€

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Carrer dels Almog?vers, 122, B... FB event

Ritual Cvlt Fest @ Razzmatazz2

In Barcelona, 02.10.2014 17:001 - 02.10.2014 4:001

Ritual Cvlt Fest will bring some of the world's best industrial, experimental doom metal and metal of all sorts to Razz2 for a complete day of non stop dark music exploration, round tables and market.


Pre-festival Full Festival ticket regular price:
50€ + distribution costs.

Pre-festival Day Ticket:

30€ + distribution costs.
Box office prices:
60€ full ticket
35€ day ticket

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Kulturni centar GRAD, Braće K... Facebook FB event

Novo Doba festival, Exhibition, Underground Music @ KC Grad

In Belgrade, 01.10.2014 22:001 - 02.10.2014 3:001

Miron Milić (1980) may be the most insolent virtuoso of Croatian alternative art – street art and fine arts, and of not so fine a kind. This academy-trained master of figuration, provocation, satire, and humorous erotica has established himself as a leading graphic artist of the more recent generation of Zagreb underground circle. His predominantly black and white drawings are spreading with great speed among the connoisseurs of the world and unsavoury characters with good taste.

Macani (Ljubljana/Zagreb/Belgrade)
An underground conspiracy, trans-ex-Balkans-Yu band, more than a band – a supergroup! Serbs, Slovenes, and Croatians, no Macedonians and Bosnians, without ceremony. Attenzzione! This is a rare occasion. The group gathers from time to time to count gray hairs on each other and to send out love, guitar melodies, white noises, polyrhythms, and gusle verses to this long-suffering people.

Point Invisible (Clermont-Ferrand)
Hollow flesh sheet and bone mite digging their own impasse nestled in the thickness of rage and joy to find shiny pupils and wet glutamate. 

Bonne Humeur Provisoire (Lille/Creuse)
Cocktail of dishevelled voices, pillage of successive test tubes of snowballs in a ball piloted by a remote control hidden behind a windshield.


Figurative theatre (Niš)
Figurative Theatre is an old school industrial-dadawave performance troupe with an affected and vulgar air, decent and minimal, leaving no room for indifference in their artistic expression. After many years on an independent scene, they still believe that the world will be perfect again. 

Language.Sex.Violence (Niš)
Language.Sex.Violence is a new wave, dystopian band that explores dystopian spaces, created in their own heads or based on real world. L.S.V descends into personal underworlds in order to light the trails blazed by individuals endeavouring to find the essence of their existence.
FB: Language.Sex.Violence

Autistik Front, a farewell concert (Belgrade)
Seize the opportunity to see and hear Autistic Front – the greatest cover band in the Balkans, for the last time!

DJ set Nema tog podruma (Antwerp/Belgrade) and Marina Džukljev (Novi Sad)
Strictly oddernational carnivals of headache! (cumbia cockroaches, Turkish housewives in psycho-space, novelty dust bowls, fake Thai nose jobs, etc. etc. etc.)

Live visuals: FŠK (Ljubljana) and Lina Rica (Makarska)
Boštjan Čadez FŠK and Lina Rica will transform audio signals into jittery pixels which they’ll throw at the performers and involve them in the battle between two- and three-dimensional spaces. If everything goes according to the plan, it would produce a black hole that would devour entire crowd.

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Teatr Piosenki, Mazowiecka 17,... Facebook

Zeitkratzer feat. Keiji Haino "Tribute to Lou Reed" - AAF @ Impart

In Wroclaw, 09.10.2014 21:001 - 08.10.2014 23:001

Zeitrkratzer - an independen collective of brilliant soloists, amazing performances with numerous artists. Their album with Lou Reed is considered a milestone in contemporary music, now - 1 year after the legendary guitarist passed away - they invited Keiji Haino (noise star from JP) to play a tribute to Lou.

Tickets: 20/25 PLN

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Carrer de Bruniquer, 59, Barce... http://www.festivalconnexions....

Os Meus Shorts @ Almo2bar

In Barcelona, 14.10.2014 21:001 - 14.10.2014 23:001

Os Meus Shorts  are a Pop-electro improve- -noise outfit from Brussels.  They will bring the freak on to Almo2bar as part of their latest live performance.

Entrada: 6€ / 8€

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Plaza Reial, 7 08002 Barcelona... http://www.sidecarfactoryclub....

The Suicide Of Western Culture vs MondoSonoro. (artista contra critic) @ sidecar

In Barcelona, 17.10.2014 22:001 - 18.10.2014 2:001

Post rock noise electronic local duo THE SUICIDE OF WETSERN CULTURE will perform at Sidecar. A discussion regarding their music by MondoSonoro's Joan S. Luna follows. If only Lester bangs were still alive he'd love this set up.

10€ (7€ en


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Unska ulica 3... Facebook


In Croatia, 11.11.2014 21:001 - 12.11.2014 2:001


Eclectic Poile who comes from Lyon with base of progressive rock, built a delirious and unpredictable music that knows no limits and prohibitions.They take the beauty of the melodies and harmonies from the complexity of chamber music, but the energy of punk are bringing their music to the industrial chaos, the system is ready to explode at any moment.

Vitas Guerulaitis

This Belgian noise-prog band, they sold out vinyl of his debut perce oreille and now finally coming to our town to show us why they agitated up the entire European experimental rock scene.

entrance: 40 kn



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Carrer Nou de la Rambla, 113, ...

Royal Blood + Bad Breeding @ La [2] de Apolo

In Barcelona, 20.11.2014 20:001 - 20.11.2014 23:001

The powerful and hard rock duo bring their live set to Barcelona after their tour opening for Arctic Monkeys and playing some of the most important festivals in UK. Rocxkout with your cock out! 

Early Bird: € 22 + booking fee

Box office: € 25

Price reduced from € 20 only to card holders fertilizer Primavera Sound 2014 Barcelona and Porto (available in the Portal and Shop Primavera Sound).

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Pavla Hatza 14... Facebook

ZAGREB: Artan Lili concert @ KLUB

In Croatia, 28.11.2014 21:001 - 29.11.2014 2:001

Belgrade noise-pop group Artan Lili has existed since 2013 and have attracted attention with his first single-video for the song Đoni. Listen the song and decide do you gona miss it ;)

entrance: 35 kn


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jeseniova 60, 130 00, prague... Facebook FB event

squat prague @ klinika

In Prague, 24.01.2015 14:001 - 25.01.2015 7:001 the local rising squatting for the CLINIC...

14:00 demo @ the evicted KLINIKA house (see map)

evening >>> soli party at these clubs:

Vlatavská + Podnik + Neone + Dejvická klubovna + Potrvá + Prostor Husitská 23 + Café na půl cesty + Kavárna Liberál + Dead Jack + Indigo Bar + Napa Underground + Klub Buben + Fatal music club + Kavárna Čekárna + Dejvická nádražka +Standart Café + Belzepub

more info at the facebook event page_

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Avinguda Parallel, 62, Barcelo...

Lee Ranaldo (ex-Sonic Youth) @ Barts

In Barcelona, 08.03.2015 20:001 - 08.03.2015 23:001

NY native Lee Renaldo swing by Barcelona proving that there CAN be life after SONIC YOUTH. He will be performing his latest solo work of Alternative Noise and Experimental No Wave Art Rock at BARTS. (With many acoustic quieter moments)

From 22 € 

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Placa Reial, 7 Barcelona... Facebook

AMFest (Festival Instrumental de Barcelona) Instrumental/Experimental/Noise rock Festival @ Sidecar/Apolo2

In Barcelona, 11.03.2015 21:001 - 14.03.2015 23:001

Barcelona's international Festival of  Instrumental , post rock, noise and other experimental LIVE sounds swings back into town to sidecar and Sala Apolo2. One full week of sonic soundscapes for your ears and brain's pleasure. Check web site for bands and times.

45 € or 55 € 


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Kulturni centar GRAD, Braće K... Facebook FB event

Trobecove Krusne Peci// live Post Punk & Noise @ KC GRad

In Belgrade, 13.03.2015 21:001 - 14.03.2015 0:001

Trobecove Krusne Peci were one of the best Croatian underground bands in the 80s, as well as the best-kept secret of Croatian rock music. They played avant-garde noise/post punk/no wave with a certain touch of black humor, easily comparable to other bands of that era, and their intense shows, often bordering between performance art and confrontation, are still well-remembered.

500 RSD tickets for event

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Carrer de Bruniquer, 59, Barce...

Oneida + People Of The North’s @ Almo2bar

In Barcelona, 24.03.2015 21:301 - 24.03.2015 23:001

New York native noise krautrockers "Oneida" team up with Thrill Jokey's "People Of The North’s" for a hypnotic and psychedelic rocking noise experience at Almo2bar.



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Plaza dels Angels, 1, 08001 Ba... Facebook FB event

Movistar Livesoundtracks Festival @ MACBA

In Barcelona, 24.04.2015 19:301 - 25.04.2015 2:001

On 24 and 25 April, the Convent dels Angels (MACBA) in Barcelona will witness the first edition of Movistar LiveSoundtracks where musicians choose their favorite movies, create an original soundtrack and perform live. Check link for artists+movies and times.


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Rambla de Catalunya, 2-4, Barc... Rambla de Catalunya, 2-4, Barc...

God Is An Astronaut + Soul Aside @ Music Hall

In Barcelona, 07.05.2015 20:001 - 07.05.2015 22:001

Irish monsters of Post rock/ambien/noise rock stop by Music Hall to melt your ears and brains with their sonic assault. Earplugs not included


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Av. Francesc Ferrer i Gu?rdia,... http://agenda.obrasocial.lacai... FB event


In Barcelona, 05.06.2015 22:001 - 05.06.2015 23:301

Minimalist drones, post-punk, black metal y noise. This is the formula for Ben Frost who will be melting some faces (and possibly ear drums) at CAIXAFORUM'S DNIT electronic music nights.-



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Klub 007 Strahov, Koleje ČVUT... Facebook FB event

SPEED!! NOISE!! HELL!! (Jap) + MÖRKHIMMEL (Cz) + GOMORA (Cz) // extreme HC/metal punk/ crust @ 007

In Prague, 18.06.2015 19:001 - 19.06.2015 2:001

SPEED!! HELL!! NOISE!! at Prague on the occasion of release new split vinyl with czech band Mir.




Entrence 199 CZK

Klub 007 Strahov is situated in student campus Koleje Strahov, near a huge stadium called Stadion Strahov, in building/block number 7.

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Letenské náměstí 749/5, 17... FB event

Experimental Tuesday - noise, experimental, techno@YES CAFE-STUDIO

In Prague, 23.06.2015 12:001 - 23.06.2015 23:231

Experimental DJs on Tuesday night

- U can expect good Djs skills throught many styles , mainly  noise, experimental, techno

Lovely DJane Dash + DJ  Citty live + DJ dj Kredenc  

VJ Bee 

fair trade coffe, limonades and good beer

free entry

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rosa-luxemburg-platz, berlin... http://www.volksbuehne-berlin.... Facebook FB event

SWANS - live experimental music @Volksbühne am Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz

In Berlin, 05.07.2015 20:001 - 01.01.1970 1:001

SWANS live! Experimental no wave post-punk noise!

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Vyton, 120 00, Prague... Facebook FB event

Live Fluxion // electro @ (A)VOID Floating Gallery

In Prague, 17.07.2015 19:001 - 17.07.2015 23:241

i n d u s t r i a l a m b i e n t n o i s e a c o u s t i c d r o n e p o w e r e l e c t r o n i c s

live | CZ, Praha

live | CZ, Praha
violin drone industria

live PA | CZ, Praha
power electronics

free entrance

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Cafe na pul cesty, Centrální... Facebook FB event

JUNGBLUTH (Germany/emo HC crust) + ILYDAEN (Belgium/emo-post-rock) @ Cafe na pul cesty

In Prague, 17.08.2015 20:001 - 17.08.2015 22:001

JUNGBLUTH - Must see for fans of Fall of Efrafa, Tragedy or Childern of Fall. New band with people from Alpinist. This is dark emo hardcore, sludge and crust mixed together.

ILYDAEN plays a bit different genre - postrock emo. Check it! This will be a goog concert!

entrance by donation

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Klub 007 Strahov, Koleje ČVUT... Facebook FB event

WARCRY (usa/HC crust disbeat) + GATTACA (cz/dark emo HC) @ Klub 007

In Prague, 11.09.2015 20:001 - 11.09.2015 23:001

Warcry from portland are back in Prague after 8 long years to kill everything what you ever loved. Members of Hellshock, Tragedy or Talk is Poison released new album Savage Machinery on the principle of DIY. Less Motorhead, more Deathreat.


Price on doors: 150 CZK

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revaler str 99, berlin... Facebook FB event

UnReaL presents Unknown Precept w/ Maoupa Mazzocchetti, Nick Klein, Profligate and Miguel Alvariño - live techno @Urban Spree

In Berlin, 05.09.2015 23:001 - 01.01.1970 1:001

Unknown Precept dusts off its machines and hits the road to present the grotesque and damaged goods for which the taciturn label has become well known for. Expect an evening of mutated and flawed techno, lo-fi machine disciplines and intricate, modern hypnobeat; bringing together some of the most interesting and forward thinking talents of the moment, namely Maoupa Mazzocchetti, Nick Klein, Profligate and Miguel Alvariño to expose their inflexible live performances throughout the night — rushing in an unexpected pummeling noise techno session where shunting industrial sounds and pneumatic electro rhythms collide in a vigorous tussle.

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revaler str 99, berlin... Facebook FB event

Future Days presents MUERAN HUMANOS, INDIAN JEWELRY - live experimental music @Urban Spree

In Berlin, 13.09.2015 18:001 - 01.01.1970 1:001

TAU is to start the early evening proceedings with a two piece performance in the garden. Medicine Music, atonal chants that weave through the spirally ether's and help us connect to source, even if momentarily.

Venue 21.00
Mueran Humanos (Berlin/Buenos Aires)
A dark, danceable blend of krautrock, noise, punk, electronica, industrial, and lyrics sung in Spanish, who anyway maintain a definite atmosphere.

Indian Jewelry (Texas)
Doing easy. Looking good in the dark. Taking music apart. IJ wants to change your brain. Working on a new way. Getting in deep. Getting away with it. Not a band for people who’ve heard of music and think they might like it.

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Makedonska 22 Belgrade, Serbia... Facebook FB event


In Belgrade, 20.09.2015 21:001 - 21.09.2015 1:001

VVhile is Serbian indie rock duo from Belgrade formed in May, 2011. This is a weird reverberating noise of unforgotten sounds from your anti-social era, re-calling the common sense of The Wipers and Mission of Burma, abusement of the Black Flag, last days of My Bloody Valentine and sex drive that turned Ian Mackaye to a pop singer. 

Bag of Dicks is bass and drum duo

Jackson Reid Briggs (AUS)

Entrance 300 RSD


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schönhauser allee 177, berlin... Facebook FB event

Laura Carbone - live noise/wave @8mm bar

In Berlin, 07.10.2015 21:001 - 01.01.1970 1:001

Laura Carbone will perform an exclusive Ceremonial Show at 8Mm Bar Veranstaltungs Berlin.
Noise Guitar x Organ X LC
The amazing Laura Cherrygrove will spin some records for you after the performance. get ready for flower power & pole dance songs and psychedelic dreams.

entry: 3€

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revaler 99, berlin... Facebook FB event


In Berlin, 16.10.2015 22:001 - 01.01.1970 1:001

DEATH # DISCO presents

: Live :

Electronic/Post Punk/Industrial Monster (SE)

Post Punk (IT)

: DJs : G. Holger (Pure Ground / Chondritic Sound , US)
Ian P. Christ + Philipp Strobel (Death # Disco, DE)

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55 Calea Grivitei... Facebook FB event

Pandrea live // noise, rock @J'ai Bistrot

In Bucharest, 21.11.2015 22:001 - 01.01.1970 1:001

Local underground noise/rock band. Furious sound!!
Afterparty with Pandrea & friends DJ set.

Artist support: 10 lei
There will also be vinyl records for sale: 7" split PANDREA / BASTOS, march 2015

Posted by: Mieri

4 Constantin Mille... FB event

PFA Orchestra // live experimental music performance + afterparty @Control

In Bucharest, 19.11.2015 20:331 - 01.01.1970 1:001

Live experimental music & artistic experience by PFA Orchestra, from 20:33 to 23:33. Their performance is noisy & chaotic as well as a perfectly conducted harmony, a musical project made possible with the help and support of many open minded artists.

Somnoroase Pasarele // avantgarde, experimental // http://
Nava Spatiala // noise, drone, ambient //
Mimi Kawouin [FR] // improv noise, circuit bending //

eNTRANCE fEE: 20 lei (including a CD of Nava Spatiala live @ Asiluum).

Posted by: Mieri

4 Constantin Mille... FB event

FIRE! // live experimental music @Control

In Bucharest, 16.11.2015 20:001 - 01.01.1970 1:001

"This is not fusion. It is not even progressive jazz rock à la Soft Machine. It’s the endless psychedelic and epic – as yet unpolished – sound mastership of the early Pink Floyd in a more modern form with the magnificent voice of Gustafsson to add emotional power".

Entry: 30 lei @

Posted by: Mieri

48 Coltei... FB event

Mimi Kawouin [FR] x Nava Spațială [RO] // experimental, noise @Underworld

In Bucharest, 21.11.2015 20:301 - 01.01.1970 1:001

Experimental performance of music & mind-twisting!
Mimi Kawouin // Xperimental circuit bending costume DIY funny improvised noise from France // feat. Nava Spa?ială // local experimental noise/drone/ambient duo //

Artist support: 10 lei


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48-50 Calea Victoriei... Facebook FB event

Moro Moro Land [RU] // hardcore rock, sledge @Question Mark

In Bucharest, 25.11.2015 21:001 - 01.01.1970 1:001

Presenting Moro Moro Land, an underground hardcore rock band from Russia: . If you're looking for this kind of scene, Question Mark's your place, dedicated supporter up and coming artists from all over the world. 

Artist support: 10 lei

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4 Constantin Mille... FB event

Electronic Experimental Night @Control

In Bucharest, 21.01.2016 21:001 - 01.01.1970 1:001

A night of exploration and creating sense where there might not be any apparent one. Take it as electric brain relaxation, these guys'll lead the way:


♦ 21.oo-21.4o // BLN live [RO]
♦ 21:4o-22:2o // The Ghost of 3.13 live [RO]
♦ 22:2o-23:oo // Randomform live [RO]
♦ 23:oo-23:4o? // YVAT live [RO]
♦ 23:4o-oo:2o // DIRK GEIGER live [DE]
♦ oo:2o-o1:oo // ROEL FUNKEN live [NL]
♦ o1:oo [...] // PLAID dj set [UK]

Support: 20 lei

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wiener str 20, berlin... http://www.wildatheartberlin.d... Facebook FB event

WILD WDENESDAY "BlackFawn" (Eletro/Alternative/Bln) @ Wild At Heart

In Berlin, 02.12.2015 20:001 - 01.01.1970 1:001

BlackFawn - A Berlin based psych-noise-pop duo from Malta

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80-82 Marasesti... FB event

PFA Orchestra // experimental music @Centrul Național al Dansului București

In Bucharest, 30.11.2015 19:001 - 29.11.2015 20:301

A totally experimental project. To some, this is art, to others it may be utter noise. Nevertheless, this kind of performance is totally authentic, no draw backs. Come for the music, come for the people, for the experience and for putting yourself in front of something experimental, see how that suits you.

Free entry!! 

Posted by: Mieri

55 Carol I Boulevard... Facebook FB event

Ground Zero: Industrial & Beyond // powernoise & hardstyle party @KAFKA

In Bucharest, 19.12.2015 22:001 - 01.01.1970 1:001

Lovers of dark electronic dance music, UNITE! for an epic industrial rave...

♦ Dalek
♦  Nightfall
♦  Strife
♦  Whomever

Free entrance and glowsticks!

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schönhauser allee 177, berlin... Facebook FB event

ESCAPE-ISM (Ian Svenonius) & OLIVIA NEUTRON JOHN ––live rock @ 8MM

In Berlin, 19.12.2015 20:001 - 01.01.1970 1:001

Just in case you don't know..

Ian F Svenonius is an American musician, author and film-maker, notable as the singer of various Washington, D.C.-based bands including Nation of Ulysses, The Make-Up, Weird War, and Chain and The Gang. He performs solo in 8MM under the moniker ESCAPE-ISM.

With special guest Olivia Neutron John.

"RAW, GLITTERING, PSYCHEDELIC … OLIVIA NEUTRON-JOHN, is a NON-BINARY, POST-BRO one person music/dance declaration of war on the accepted and the expected.

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holzmarktstr 33, berlin... Facebook FB event

Einstürzende Neubauten - live noise @Radialsystem

In Berlin, 31.12.2015 20:301 - 01.01.1970 1:001

Einstürzende Neubauten invite you to a "Greatest Hits" concert and party to ring in the New Year at RADIALSYSTEM V. The band will play a selection of their repertoire of 35 years, a fabulous set with classic album hits such as "Perpetuum Mobile", "Ende Neu", "Tabula Rasa", and "Silence is Sexy".

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rosa-luxemburg-platz 2, berlin... Facebook FB event

SCOTT KELLY (OF NEUROSIS) & CHVE (OF AMENRA) - live dark folk @ Grüner Salon

In Berlin, 19.01.2016 20:001 - 01.01.1970 1:001

Drone folk w/ lyrics of nihilism and desperation.... Scott Kelly &CHVE present their debut album RASA

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Cetinjska 15, Beograd, Srbija... Facebook FB event

The Membranes // Post punk & noise live @ Elektropionir

In Belgrade, 08.09.2016 21:001 - 09.09.2016 0:001

Fronted by charismatic singer John Robb, the Membranes formed in the wake of Punk in Blackpool in 1977. The band made a huge impact on the post-punk scene of the 1980s, with John Robb also establishing himself as a music journalist of note. John Peel was a huge supporter and bands as disparate as Mercury Rev, My Bloody Valentine and Big Black have cited them as an influence.

After Membranes folded, John returned to the stage with Sensurround and most notably Goldblade, before rekindling Membranes a few years ago. Dark Matter/Dark Energy is the first Membranes album since 1989. It’s awash with their off-kilter mix of angular post-punk adventure, Krautrock-ish soundscapes and edginess.

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Ruzveltova 39, 11000 Belgrade,... Facebook FB event

AWOTT / VAT / Lenhart Tapes / EPP! // live Post Noise @ Kvaka 22

In Belgrade, 24.05.2017 21:001 - 25.05.2017 1:001

Awott - the Liberator, protects those who recognize it. AWOTT is either, air, fire, water and earth. All the physical desires are satisfied through it. Knows 64 Rithms, AWOTT gifts joy to the Creator. It is pure transcendental Note and timeless. Universal for any age, shapes, size and hights. Everybody loves and respects.




Posted by: Beograd-Zeljko

Glavna 29, 11080 Zemun... Facebook FB event

Tatsuru Arai (JPN) // live post noize @ MKC Kombinat

In Belgrade, 10.07.2017 20:001 - 10.07.2017 23:001

Serial music died 60 years ago, but one of cells has survived in the algorithm rainforest. This cell will try to widen the capacity of human perception.
This audio-visual performance from Tatsuru Arai is centered around the theme of “hyper-serial music” and will be focused on the algorithm he created, the “Arkhitek-ton”
Moving forward from classical Serialism, his algorithm creates a composition built with three main components: "structure”, "complexity” and "noisiness”. 
One facet of this system entitled “the Sounds Columms“ will generate 1728(12x12x12) acoustic Patterns over the span of about 5 minutes and due to the nature of the algorithm, each generated composition is 100% unique. The generated result is visualized as Columms in the Cube in real-time.

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Ruzveltova 39, 11000 Belgrade,... Facebook FB event

Prag, Hamburg, Beograd // live Noise @ Kvaka 22

In Belgrade, 24.01.2018 21:001 - 25.01.2018 0:001

Redkev formed in 2016 after relocating to Prague and some equally successful ebay purchases, Mr. Kev is a plunderphonic, beat and analogue synth driven experience. Having already brought this unique blend of kraut/acid/hip-hop to central and western europe , Redkev is a set of chaotic slow jamz that is best described as “mixtape of dank sound collage”.
Java Delle
Java Dellle does Harsh Pivo. A harsh pivo can build with absolutely nothing, anything.

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Braće Krsmanović 4, 11000 Be... Facebook FB event

Sudoku Killer by Caterina Palazzi w/ Belgrade Noise Speciala // Post rock & Jazz @ KC Grad

In Belgrade, 10.04.2018 21:001 - 11.04.2018 1:001


For the 2010 Italian prestigious press referendum JAZZIT AWARD Caterina Palazzi was awarded as best Italian composer, her first album “Sudoku Killer” was awarded as best 2nd Italian work.

After the success of the first album, the band recorded the second one (“Infanticide”, Auand Records 2015), characterized by psychedelic and post/rock atmospheres.

The band has shared stages with Zeni Geva, ZU, Uzeda, Gianluca Petrella and many others.

Belgrade Noise Trio is a local free improv band that after 6 years of break comes back to the crime seat in super special edition for the local support!

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