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Bucharest PRIDE - LGBT March @Arc de Triomphe

In Bucharest, 23.05.2015 16:001 - 23.05.2015 23:001

Celebrating its 10th Pride March edition, this year the LGBT Community is focusing on change. On Saturday, 4 PM, the Diversity March will start at the Arc de Triomphe, followed by 2 parties: Pride Party (EVVOL Dj Set) at Control Club & Eurovision Party at Queens Club. Both parties start at 11 PM and the entrance is 10 RON.

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Zug der Liebe - techno parade @Karl-Marx-Allee

In Berlin, 25.07.2015 14:001 - 25.07.2015 22:001

Into the streets for love…techno for compassion & social commitment!

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Wroclaw for everyone- PARADE @ pl.Wróblewskiego

In Wroclaw, 05.06.2015 14:001 - 05.06.2015 16:001

Once again we meet on the streets of Wrocław to stress the fact that we form a community. A community of people who do not endorse policies of hate and exclusion. We do not want to build our reality on fear – which is the basis of nationalist, fascist, xenophobic and racist attitudes, still present in our city, although they should have been recognised as harmful, outdated and unproductive, and discarded a long time ago.
In Wrocław and in many other Polish cities, the rise of extreme nationalist movements is more and more visible. Their frustration-filled rhetoric leads to the spread of hate within our society. Even young people adopt discriminating attitudes to immigrants, representatives of various cultures and religions, individuals who look or think in a different way than they do.
We go out on the streets because we disagree with the public space being taken over by slogans filled with hate and aggression.
As usual, our parade will be colourful, multicultural and organised by all its participants. We want to fill the streets with respect to other people, regardless of their origin, appearance or sexual orientation.
Let's show that in our diversity we are equal, open and kind.
Together, only for a short while – let's create Wrocław as we want to see it every day – open and safe for everybody.

Join us! Dance with us! Make a better world with us!

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vaclavske namesti, 110 00, pra... FB event

Veggie Parade 2015 // vegefestival @ Stromovka

In Prague, 20.06.2015 14:001 - 20.06.2015 22:001

yep, its a vegan freaks walkaround the city...veggie parade festival starts at vaclavske namesti and moves towards nice park called Stromovka...whats more, making a stop at old town square for a 360° photo, later reading maniphesto at republic square and with little help of a soundsystem turning into a streetparade going to Stromovka park...chill, picnic, presentations and concerts at the evening is up to happen at the park...check out the program below this very very cute video...take it easy*


14:00 starts on the top of Wenceslaw square (look for horse)
14:30 start
14:45 old town square 360° photo
15:15 another stop.maniphesto reading
15:30 streetparty time
16:00 Stromovka (finally)

Program in the park:

17:00 presentation: ecological aspects of consumption
18:30 quick presentation of some local projects
19:00 presentation: lowbudget veganism
20:30 concert: Presento, Suvereno and DJ Sklicko

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kurfuerstendamm 18, berlin... Facebook FB event

Christopher Street Day - demo/parade @Kudamm/Joachimstaler

In Berlin, 27.06.2015 12:001 - 27.06.2015 23:551

CSD Berlin!

Parade starts @Kurfürstendamm/Joachimstaler Strasse 12:30, ends @Brandenburger Tor

Party @Brandenburger Tor

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washingtonplatz, berlin... Facebook FB event

Hanfparade 2015 - hemp demo @Washingtonplatz

In Berlin, 08.08.2015 13:001 - 08.08.2015 22:001

Use hemp!

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65-67 Bulevardul Marasti... Facebook FB event


In Bucharest, 27.05.2016 16:001 - 29.05.2016 22:001

East European Comic Con is here!!! It's all about fantasy <3 comics, big scary warriors and super expanded eyes everywhere. You're favorite animés, mangas & some star appearances too! Not to mention the COSPLAY contest... ;) More info @

Tickets from 40 lei @



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