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SATORI psychedelic fest 2015 @ Transylvania

In Bucharest, 17.07.2015 17:001 - 19.07.2015 17:001

The 2nd edition of this intimate psychedelic gathering tucked away in Romania's breathtaking wild nature. Discover, share and dance - all to the beating drums of high power trance.

The stage will play 48 hours straight of dark psychedelic, forest and hitech vibes. Of course, all gushing from a crystal clear "blood red" sound system... 

Meeting points/carpooling/travel info:

130 RON (30 eur) - until 15 JUNE
180RON (40 eur) - gate 

Contact: for tickets. 

If you're traveling and have no place to go in the meantime, you're more than welcome to come to the location earlier, meet the crew, hang out, maybe lend a helping hand. Just be sure to announce them through Facebook in advance.



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Transylvania Calling - Psychedelic Fest @Transylvania

In Bucharest, 24.08.2015 11:001 - 31.08.2015 23:591

The 11th anniversary of this gathering of love, rhythm & open hearts.

Transylvania Calling has become a platform for individuals to express themselves freely and peacefully, learning by playing and working with each other to achieve one goal: creating a wonderland far away from concrete jungle, jobs, daily routine & issues of the daily life. leaving behind the comfort of home to be far away for a week's timeframe in truly beautiful landscapes of the mighty Transilvanian Carpathian Mountains.

Living, creating, learning and dancing as one family.

Tickets: 70eur @
The exact location is SECRET and will only be disclosed to the participants by email.


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WAHA psy fest @Transylvania (TBA)

In Bucharest, 23.07.2015 11:001 - 26.06.2015 23:591

Music sounds free in nature! The 4th edition of this psychedelic manifestation will be held in nature, under the moonlight, in the fresh summer air.

There will be 4 stages, all under the clear sky: Deep, Psy, Live & Chill, all blazing sound from morning till morning. The festival highly supports free expression & performances in any form: costumes, body painting, juggling, workshops, you can do anything you feel to contribute to a more colorful festival for everyone. Even more, there is Luminish, a gathering place for exchanging ideas and practices including artistic workshops and craftsmanship, barter market, cinema, Visionary Art Gallery, a space dedicated to kids and the Healing Zone.

The location will be announced one week before the event.

Tickets: 55eur @

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SOUND & VISION | alternative music fest @Băneasa train station

In Bucharest, 18.09.2015 17:001 - 20.09.2015 23:591

3 days of alternative culture & music, 100% Romanian! While you're in town, check out the most beloved indie/alternative/underground local bands, both instrumental & electronic, along with hip visual artists - all in the loving embrace of the Băneasa train station :)

Friday the 18th | ALTERNATIVE HIP HOP
Saturday the 19th | ALTERNATIVE ROCK

Check out the full line-up on the listed event page on Facebook.
Entrance is free, dancing is mandatory!

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The New Levites // acoustic gospel & blues @The Blu'zz

In Bucharest, 14.11.2015 20:301 - 01.01.1970 1:001

In Memoriam concert by heartly brothers Dan & Manu Picu, bringing us a genuine gospel-blues performance. May there be peace, love and light.

Free entry :)

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Round The World New Year's Party @Journey Pub

In Bucharest, 31.12.2015 20:001 - 01.01.1970 1:001

A New Year's party for travel enthusiasts :) at Journey, everything is travel-themed, reflecting the passion of the owners... epic open bouffet, inspired from world cuisine, open bar all night (get a surprise drink if you come baring a souvenir from your travels), not to mention prizes to be won every hour (3 trips abroad & travel accessories). Live DJs to keep you up 'n dancing... 

Entry fee: 360 lei (full price - 50% deposit to be paid before the 16th of December) | earlybird 320 lei (50% deposit untill the 6th of December)
Reservations: +40752 285 286.

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Brașov City & Mount Tâmpa // free guided tour @Brașov Train Station

In Bucharest, 14.11.2015 10:451 - 14.11.2015 16:001

A nice guy called Andrei, founder of the "Archive of Geography" blog, will be hosting this epic FrREE tour through Brasov city, one of Transylvania's gems and old citadels, and up&down Tampa Mountain (which is small, don't worry). Just be sure to have water and wear your good boots and... enjoy the view!

Meeting point: Brasov Train Station (if you're in Bucharest, just hop on the train, it's only 2h, 25 lei, totally worth it!!!)

P.S. please inform of your participation so that he knows to wait 4u

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Celebration of Subcarpați // live underground folklore @Arenele Romane

In Bucharest, 30.11.2015 21:001 - 01.01.1970 1:001

Subcarpa?i is a chain of mountains right outside the Carpathians, surrounding them like a protective spell - also a highly appreciated underground hip hop band with an oldschool traditional core, shooting an arrow straight into that archaic feeling, that ancestral calling of folklore...

A heartful, tight, inspirational performance. Gotta see it if you wanna get under the skin of Romanian culture and let it get under yours.

Tickets: 25 lei online @

Venue: inside Carol Park in the Roman Arenas (see the map listed here)

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8 Olari... Facebook FB event

DIY Christmas Fair // traditional crafting workshops @CARE Cafe

In Bucharest, 05.12.2015 15:001 - 05.12.2015 17:001

Winter faaaaair and all that falalala lala :) Traditional style edition - you'll be crafting your own souvenirs & winter decorations!! Using recycled materials, joyful colours (d'oh), textiles and a live fairytale. In a really special place that supports creativity & social responsibility... they also serve traditional food for affordable prices.

Falalala lala ka-ching: 30 lei

♦ the more thingies you create, the more xmas gifts to give to your beloved ones ♦ reservse your place @ or +4 0763.618.063 ♦

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The 4th Dimension // psy party @Buricu' Târgului (Cluj, RO)

In Bucharest, 28.11.2015 20:001 - 01.01.1970 1:001

A psychedelic celebration of love & light, in the heart of Transylvania... if you find yourself wandering around Romania, drop by & share some love <3 epic sound system, deco & visuals to enchant as many senses as possible. 

Line up:
♦ ZENESIS // goa, progressive [RO] //
♦ SHUVA // full on, progressive [RO] //
♦ AZTHURA // full on [RO] //
♦ V i t a lC // morning forest [GRC] //
♦ DEXTROVERSE // twilight/forest [RO] //
♦ COPACEL // hi-tech birthday set [RO] //
♦ SPECIAL GUEST // dark, forest [RO] //

Please, no smoking on the dancefloor there is plenty of space for that in the bar's interior cosy yard!
Equally shared Artist and Crew support 10 lions

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Paradaiz Beatbox Mașina // short film & afterparty @Control

In Bucharest, 03.12.2015 21:001 - 01.01.1970 1:001

SYNOPSIS: In August 2015, PARADAIZ and beatbox instructor Tobias Hug held a 5 day beatbox workshop for the kids in a Roma ghetto in Baia Mare, Romania. The process and the show that was put on by the kids was documented by director Ira Merzlichin. A beautiful production capturing an important piece of Roma/Romanian underculture.

Dance Afterparty w/
GLUE EYES (visuals)

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13 Stelea Spatarul... FB event

Romanian traditional gathering #1 // culture & party @Manasia Hub

In Bucharest, 04.12.2015 22:001 - 01.01.1970 1:001

Around here, you can say the whole title in just one word: "?ezătoare" :) it's a very old word that brings people together, all welcome, and unites them in drinking & dancing!! You'll be swinging to rhetoric tangos, local 70's disco, 60's tropical salsa with a twist, 50's luxury fiddlers' music <3 If have no idea what I'm talking about, come CHECK IT


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3 Monetăriei... Facebook FB event

Dan Byron // live alternative art-rock @Clubul Țăranului

In Bucharest, 12.12.2015 21:001 - 01.01.1970 1:001

Dan Byron is a local musican, artist & the lead singer of Byron, a beloved jazzy alternative band. This time in a solo acoustic performance, he will be enchanting us in the traditionally inspired venue of Clubul ?ăranului (literally Peasant's Club). Traditional goodies are in order, not to mention the ear candy... <3

Artist support: 30 lei

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Byron // live alternative art-rock @Clubul Țăranului

In Bucharest, 19.12.2015 21:001 - 01.01.1970 1:001

Byron is a local alternative music band, sometimes jazzy, always dreamy... an enchanting performance hosted by Clubul ?ăranului (literally Peasant's Club), a venue inspired by local culture & tradition. Epic. But don't take my word for it, come check it out, taste it, smell it & listen carefully <3 complex musical stuff, including acoustic guitars, electric ones, bass, keys, drums & percussions, acordeon, glockenspiel, melodica...

Artist support: 35 lei

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36 Vasile Lascăr... FB event

Fair by the Fireplace // winter traditions & fair @Grădina Sticlarilor

In Bucharest, 18.12.2015 14:001 - 22.12.2015 18:001

A heartwarming folkloric fair & gathering at the "Garden of Glass Makers". Traditionally, during this time of year, the villages slow down their productive activity & begin an incursion into relaxation & spiritual practice... they plate & weave & wave & rave - traditional folklore style. And they do it all by the SOBĂ, a kind of fireplace like the burning heart of a house. While you're in Bucharest and wanna understand local culture, get into this & go way back with it. Mulled wine & local winter goodies are in order!

Free entry. Possible harp performance.

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11 Ion Ghica... Facebook FB event

Quiet ODD #7: Green Hell | Creeping Garden // movie screening @Czech Center

In Bucharest, 13.12.2015 16:301 - 01.01.1970 1:001

"a QUIET ODD session in which we reveal our love for the future now"...

Program as follows:
16.3o Doors open
17.oo Premiere of The Green Hell is the New Heaven, 28', 2012, a film by ?tefan Tiron and Mihai Sălăjan
17.3o Discussion with ?tefan Tiron, Mihai Sălăjan, Claudiu Cobilanschi & Alexandru Petre
18.3o Screening of The Creeping Garden, 1h 21', 2014, a film by Tim Graham and Jasper Sharp

Free entry!

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Bucharest Christmas Market @Piața Universității

In Bucharest, 27.11.2015 11:001 - 27.12.2015 22:001

My OH My, talk about fairytales & XMAS cheer!!! & people going "cheers"... lots of little wooden houses packed with craftsmen & craftsladies from all over the historical regions of Romania have come to share with us the traditions of their part of land in a glorious market & fair, heartwarming, and it won't be just the mulled wine talkin'... come admire! and enjoy!! feast your eyes and soul & tummies of course, off this wonderful gathering of wonder & tradition!

Free entry & ocassional concerts <333
P.S. be sure to visit it by day & especially by night

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Rustic Christmas Fair @Museum of The Romanian Peasant

In Bucharest, 18.12.2015 10:001 - 23.12.2015 18:001

Some good old fashioned Romanian atmosphere, amplified by the spirit of winter & holiday cheer :) here you can find everything to visually and culinarily describe Romania... authentic farmers & merchants of all kinds come from forgotten villages all around the country especially for sharing with us their tasty & colourful traditions. A real treat!

Free entry. Open air exhibition.

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3 Soseaua Kiseleff...

Romanian Christmas Spirit @Museum Of The Romanian Peasant

In Bucharest, 16.12.2015 10:001 - 18.12.2015 18:001

... some more Christmas holiday cheer, as traditional & old fashioned as it gets! A heartwarming authentic fair, where farmers & peasants come from far & wide to share with us their traditions. The fair comes with theatre plays and live music too:

♦ Saturday, 17 Dec:
11:3o AM // LUPETO: theatre performance for children, in the Horia Bernea Studio
13:3o PM // TREI PARALE: traditional music & carols
, in the Horia Bernea Studio

♦ Sunday, 18 Dec:
1o:45: LUPETO: theatre performance for children, in the Horia Bernea Studio
12:15 TREI PARALE: very old Romanian music & carols, in the Horia Bernea Studio

Free entry, all welcome!

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3 Monetariei... Facebook FB event

Mighty Business // live liquid blues @Clubul Țăranului Român

In Bucharest, 18.12.2015 20:301 - 01.01.1970 1:001

The Blues scene of Romania is sizzlin' hot!! If you haven't found out yet, here's the perfect opportunity: a concert & performance by AG Weinberger & friends, they've all got it, a bad bad case of the bluesssss......

Bonus: epic fairytail traditionally Romanian location <3

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3 Soseaua Kiseleff...

Romanian Christmas Spirit @Museum Of The Romanian Peasant

In Bucharest, 16.12.2015 10:001 - 18.12.2015 18:001

... some more Christmas holiday cheer, as traditional & old fashioned as it gets! A heartwarming authentic fair, where farmers & peasants come from far & wide to share with us their traditions. The fair comes with theatre plays and live music too:

♦ Saturday, 17 Dec:
11:3o AM // LUPETO: theatre performance for children, in the Horia Bernea Studio
13:3o PM // TREI PARALE: traditional music & carols, in the Horia Bernea Studio

♦ Sunday, 18 Dec:
1o:45: LUPETO: theatre performance for children, in the Horia Bernea Studio
12:15 TREI PARALE: very old Romanian music & carols, in the Horia Bernea Studio

Free entry, all welcome!

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13 Stelea Spătarul... FB event

Cosmic Gathering #2 // culture & party @Manasia Hub

In Bucharest, 19.12.2015 22:001 - 01.01.1970 1:001

Around here, you can say the whole title in just one word: "shezătoare" :) it's a very old word that brings people together, all welcome, and unites them in drinking & dancing!! You'll be swinging to rhetoric tangos, local 70's disco, 60's tropical salsa with a twist, 50's luxury fiddlers' music <3 If have no idea what I'm talking about, come CHECK IT

Free happening!

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38 Mihai Eminescu... FB event

Open Air Traditions & live music // electronic etno swing @Time In

In Bucharest, 19.12.2015 14:001 - 01.01.1970 1:001

A cultural & food experience in the heart of town. It's designed to recreate the wintery family atmosphere at the countryside, drinkin' mulled wine and other mulled traditional spirits and, of course, stuffing yourself with delicious goodies! aaand...

starting from 19:3o: Electronic Etno Swing, a performance of traditional music played on foreign rhythms <3

Free entry. Artist support for the concert: 25 lei

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120 Calea Victoriei... FB event

Traditional Carols Reharmonized to Jazz // live @Green Hours

In Bucharest, 23.12.2015 20:001 - 01.01.1970 1:001

A cozy Christmas evening with jazzy tunes à la Florin Răducanu who'll be twisting up traditional carols so they sound properly snazzy. Enchantors: piano, tenor saxophone, panflute, drums, double bass.

Tickets: 30 lei (in advance) / 35 lei (at the door)
Reservations: +4
0788 452 485

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46 Dionisie Lupu... Facebook FB event

Bounty Fair: traditional Dragobete edition @Casa Universitarilor

In Bucharest, 20.02.2016 10:001 - 21.02.2016 19:001

Dragobete is a traditional celebration of love, a sort of Romanian version on Valentine's day. Here is a fair full of presents to fall in love with! Also, 10 creative workshops to help you design the perfect gift to share your feelings... it will take place in the heart of the city, in a glorious building with beautiful architecture!


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25 Luigi Cazzavillan... Facebook FB event

Electric Etno Jazz @La Un Ceai

In Bucharest, 28.01.2016 20:001 - 01.01.1970 1:001

A performance of traditional music played on foreign rhythms <3 here's some Electronic Etno Jazz to thrill you up, warm jazzy vocals with a local twist, guitar, b-b-BASSlinez... you can expect everything from gipsy jazz to swing, blues, rock...

Artist support: 25 lei
Reservations @ +40734 195 395 

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SKY & SNOW Party @Sumuleu Ciuc Ski Resort

In Bucharest, 23.01.2016 6:001 - 24.01.2016 20:301

An event set at the beautiful mountainside deep in the heart of Romania! Ski till' you drop, refresh & dance till... you know :) Sumuleu Ciuc is a fresh ski resort, 4h away from Bucharest, and this is your chance to get with it!

Snow Party on the Slopes line-up:
♦ DJ Bully //
♦ Abasc //
♦ The Worst Guys //

Include accomodation (1 night, 2-3 star hotel), skipass (2 days), ski ensurance, price reduction for ski & snowboard lessons, access to the Party on the Slopes & free shots, goodies.

♦ early bird - 239 lei - untill the 3oth of Dec (transport not included)
early bird + transport from Bucharest - 289 lei
♦ reservations after the 3oth of Dec untill thr 15th of Jan cost 299 lei (without transport) / 349 (with transport)

♦ 23th of Jan 2016 - departure from Bucharest, o6:oo AM | arrival @Miercurea Ciuc aprox. 11:oo AM, check in, ski & snowboard | Snow Party on the Slopes from 2o:oo to o1:oo.

♦ 24th of Jan 2016 - slope acces from o8:oo AM | departure for Bucharest at 16:oo PM | arrival in Bucharest aprox. 2o:3o PM.


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Free Alternative Tour: Filaret - Uranus - Cotroceni

In Bucharest, 16.01.2016 10:451 - 16.01.2016 17:001

free guided tour in an alternative style - it won't show you the major landmarks in town, but it will take you a step further into understanding local culture, history & what Bucharest's all about. This edition zooms in on abandoned places, mausoleums, fountains, churches, old factories, gypsy markets and all the many corky things along the way!

Meeting point: at the end station of 783 bus, at Unirii Square
Time: gathering at 1o.45 AM untill about 17.oo PM (11 km tour)

*IMPORTANT: for explanations in English, request it on the FB event page listed here*

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120 Calea Victoriei... FB event

Maria Răducanu & Maxim Belciug // blues, folk @Green Hours

In Bucharest, 15.01.2016 20:001 - 01.01.1970 1:001

Maria Răducanu is a well appreciated local artist, she sings a very special genre that can not be translated into other languages, but surely you will feel it. It's all about a unique, event soul-shattering, blend of Romanian folk & the bluest case of the blues... a magical performance!

Artist support: 35 lei in advance (call +40788 452 485 ONLY BETWEEN 11.oo & 18.oo) / 40 lei on the event day

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4 Constantin Mille... FB event

The Silent Shaman (S3, E3) // authentic live folklore @Control

In Bucharest, 20.01.2016 21:001 - 01.01.1970 1:001

Live music project, aiming to bring a glimpse of authentic folklore culture straight from its cradle and onto the stage of Control club, the very heart of hipster culture in Bucharest. This time, it's all about the Aromanians & their musical heritage. Let it sweep you to an archaic state of conscienceness!

Artist support: 20 lei

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... Facebook FB event

AIRFIELD FESTIVAL @Măgura Airdome, Sibiu

In Bucharest, 30.06.2016 10:001 - 03.07.2016 23:591

This epic festival takes place on an actual airfield in the Sibiu-Cisnadie region, in the heart of Transylvania. Alternative, electro, indietronica, hip hop, funky, BMX, skydiving & MORE, you'll find your thing for sure !! Check it out

Early bird tickets (limited): 100 lei @
Regular tickets: 289 lei


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2 Iuliu Maniu, Cluj-Napoca... Facebook FB event

WELCOME TO GOA #10 // psychedelic party @Flying Circus, Cluj-Napoca

In Bucharest, 14.02.2016 17:001 - 01.01.1970 1:001

The 10th edition of this psychedelic psychoactive party, celebrating humanity, music, goa, LOVE <3 and your connection to all of these :) as always, it will be held in Cluj-Napoca city, so it's a great occasion for you to see the Transylvanian part of the country [in case you're in Bucharest]. Some truly epic local artists will be honouring us with positive sound, check'em out below!

 E-Mantra [live act] //
♦ Eleusyn [live goa set] //
♦ Ajna Vitamin //
♦ CromoNova //

♦ Aum //
♦ Undersky //

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3 Soseaua Kiseleff... http://www.muzeultaranuluiroma... Facebook FB event

26 years celebration // free entry 5-7 Feb @Museum of The Romanian Peasant

In Bucharest, 05.02.2016 10:001 - 07.02.2016 19:001

In celebration of its 26th birthday, The Museum of The Romanian Peasant [Muzeul National al Taranului Roman] will be open for visitors, free of charge, from the 5th to the 7th of February, 1o:oo AM to 19.oo PM :) enjoy!!

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11 Occidentului Street... FB event

A world for each of us // photography exhibition vernissage @Galeria Occidentului

In Bucharest, 10.02.2016 19:001 - 01.01.1970 1:001

Psssst! This is the good stuff!!
This Julien ONCETE guy has captured some heartful moments in time & space around the country, photographs that will make you sleepwalk your way through Romania <3 dreamy, haunting photographs of real life

Free entry

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1-3 Piata Garii de Nord... Facebook FB event

Brasov's Old Time Railways // free guided tour @Brasov City

In Bucharest, 13.02.2016 6:001 - 13.02.2016 22:001

This is the first walking tour in a series of free guided walks&talks dedicated to exploring yesteryear's train stations & railways in Romania. In this edition, you'll be guided through Brasov and aspects of its history as well as present, and [apart from train stuff] you'll also see lots of the lovely Transylvanian city and its charm.

Meeting point: inside of Gara de Nord [Bucharest North Train Station], in front of the KFC fast food restaurant.
Time: you gotta be there at 6 AM sharp with your ticket already purchased; you'll be arriving back in Bucharest around 22 PM after a 10 km leisure walk through Brasov
Train ticket: it costs 25 lei for  one way; the train is Regio 3001 and it leaves at o6:23 AM
Free guided tour :) however, if you will want to show appreciation to your guide, he sells souvenire magnets with pictures of Romanian train stations for 2 EUR each

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8 Motilor Street... FB event

Aquarius Connection II // psychedelic party @Empire Club

In Bucharest, 05.02.2016 22:001 - 01.01.1970 1:001

This is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius \(^_^)/
... and the stars have spoken... it shall be... Love Knowledge Work Party !!! 
Embrace the psychedelic community of Romania and it shall embrace you right back :) a transcendent party honoured by local musical & visual artists.

21.oo - 22.oo ♦ Aquarius meditation with Anca [please save a place for this one, limited places]
22.oo - 22.3o ♦ warm up
22.3o - 23.45 ♦ Azthura // proggy, full-on...
23.45 - o1.oo ♦ Dextroverse // twilight, dark...
o1.oo - o2.15 ♦ Aum // forest, dark...
o2.15 - o3.3o ♦ Elepsy // dark...
o3.3o - o4.45 ♦ Gallyshay // dark, hi-tech...
o4. 45 - o6.oo ♦ Option Zer0 // hitech...
o6.oo - o7.15 ♦ Gotthard // dark, hi-tech...
 +++ psychedelic visuals

Artist support: [1o lei] from 22.oo to o1.oo / [2o lei] from o2.oo to o6.oo / FREE for Aquariuses
No smoking on the dance floor please. Palinca shot = 6 lei :D

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2 Zalomit... Facebook FB event

Jam Sessions // jam tasting & more @Londophone

In Bucharest, 11.02.2016 19:001 - 01.01.1970 1:001

Jam Sessions is a small jam makin' business based somewhere in the heart of Transylvania <3 they make amazing jams!! but it doesn't stop there... come discover so many natural remedies desguised in delicious treats!! some more traditional, others totally wacky...
responsibly made goodies, no conservants or taste enhancers of mumbo jumbo.

Free entry


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4 Constantin Mille... Facebook FB event

Amor Balkanik! // live balkan music party @Control

In Bucharest, 14.02.2016 20:001 - 01.01.1970 1:001

Balkanik love! You may not know it yet, but that's exactly what you were looking for and it's why you came to this town in the first place. Ain't nothing like it!!! Live musical entertainment & authentic local culture provided by Taraful de la Marsa. +++ Control makes it a fantastic gypsy - hipster fusion <3

Support: 2o lei

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13 Stelea Spatarul... Facebook FB event

Housing Stories ep. #7 // documentary & local culture @Manasia Hub

In Bucharest, 09.02.2016 20:001 - 01.01.1970 1:001

Housing Stories is an EPIC documentary & research project made for locals as well as foreigners to understand & appreciate local housing culture more accurately  & insightfully. Alternative culture at its best ;)

An evening of documentary screening [english subtitles], Q&A, discussions & drinks in an ex-police station, current Wonderland & alternative culture hub. This will be super informative & super fun, ain't nothing like drinking while learning something!!

Free entry - gotta reserve a seat though: +40730588651

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3 Monetariei Street... Facebook FB event

Trei Parale // live folklore @Clubul Țăranului

In Bucharest, 12.02.2016 20:001 - 01.01.1970 1:001

SUPER FRESH live sound journey from the Carpathian Mountains all the way to the CMiddle East !! A miraculously free exploration of Byzantine Empire party music twisted with local culture from here :) some instruments I couldn't dare try to translate... Amazing musical unit <3

Artist support: 3o lei @

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3 Soseaua Kiseleff... http://www.muzeultaranuluiroma... Facebook FB event

F R A G I L // art exhibition @Museum of the Romanian Peasant

In Bucharest, 16.02.2016 10:001 - 24.02.2016 18:001

A painting & drawing exhibition of local artist Felicia Ionescu, approaching the theme of fragility. 

Visiting hours: 1o:oo - 18:oo / 16th - 24th of February

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4 Constantin Mille... Facebook FB event

Red Bull Music Academy: iNSANLAR live // oriental electronica + @Control

In Bucharest, 19.02.2016 23:001 - 01.01.1970 1:001

iNSANLAR [ = "people"] is an electro-oriental music project formed by Turkish artists and soon to take over the world! They're super epic... they've performed all over the world... this is your chance to groove with them LIVE (: in the epicenter of hispter & hepcat culture in Bucharest... you're in for a real treat <3

+++ some of the best & twisted locally produced electronic music by
Khidja ♦
Dragos Rusu ♦

Access party: 2o lei

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4 Constantin Mille... Facebook FB event

BABY ELVIS // indie/garage rock @Control

In Bucharest, 16.02.2016 21:001 - 01.01.1970 1:001

"They blend these 60’s influences with modern-day indie/garage rock, creating something completely fresh!"

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11 Ion Ghica... Facebook FB event

QUIET ODD#8 // 80's underground Soviet exhibition @Czech Centre

In Bucharest, 21.02.2016 17:001 - 01.01.1970 1:001

ODD [an alternative style gallery] invites cultural critic Vasile Ernu to a screening that reveals aspects of the Soviet underground in the 80's and 90's.

The 80's were home to the last generation of young communists, who no longer wish to build the “bright future”, and instead break it apart through various means. The underground is a central element of this generation boycotting the regime through insubordination and constructing various survival techniques: from work to music, from visual arts and literature to sports and black economy. Ernu will paint the picture of this generation, telling its stories and playing films, videos and music.

Free entry 

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10 General Eremia Grigorescu S... FB event

BRÂNCUŞI he[ART]beat // contemporary art exhibition @POINT

In Bucharest, 19.02.2016 18:001 - 19.02.2016 21:001

Constantin Brancusi was a Romanian artist & a pioneer of modernism. He was an idealist, of course, thinking art is the thing that can save the world. He believed in the power of playing as well, saying artists make nothing more than toys for grown ups (:

This exhibition follows the tone & heartbeat set by Brancusi, displaying 19 works of young artists. 
Access: 3o lei | drink included

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Maria Răducanu Quartet [RO/DE/USA] // traditional blues, fado @Cinema Elvire Popesco

In Bucharest, 07.03.2016 19:301 - 01.01.1970 1:001

Maria Raducanu has a very distinctive voice & brings across one of the most heart-felt performances of traditional folklore mixed with Portuguese fado & balkan-gypsy music <3 something I highly recommend seeing to better understand local culture :) 

Maria RĂDUCANU (RO) - vocals
Niko MEINHOLD (DE) - piano
Chris DAHLGREN (USA) - contrabass
Michael Griener (DE) - drums

Tickets: 12o lei / 9o lei @

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Mărțișor Fair // traditional Spring bazaar @Have a Cigar

In Bucharest, 27.02.2016 10:001 - 01.01.1970 1:001

The Martisor is celebrated on the 1st day of March as a symbol of rebirth, letting go of the cold season & coming into the light :) traditionally, people wear this little martisor [a small broche figurine] untill they see the first swallow fly by. You are welcome to check out this beautiful & colourful tradition, join in the love! Handcrafted martisor's, so nice you'll probably adopt the tradition :D

Free entry

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Mărțișor for our Furry Friends // fair & fundraiser @Miau

In Bucharest, 27.02.2016 12:001 - 28.02.2016 22:001

Miau café invites you to a charitable Martisor fair for helping stray or abandoned animals =^.^= 

The Martisor is a traditional Eastern European celebration where we honour rebirth & the coming of spring, & Miau is more than a cafe, it offers shelter & a loving home for many furry friends and a chance to get adopted :) This fair displays a colourful market with martisoare [traditional broches], vintage clothes, bijous, vegan treats & accessories for cats and dogs. Any donations welcome: either funds, animal props, food... and shall be given to 3 local animal sanctuaries .

Let's join forces this beginning of spring and give attention & love to souls who need it !! 


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Mărțișor Fair // handmade bazaar @La un Ceai Tea House

In Bucharest, 27.02.2016 15:001 - 27.02.2016 20:001

Martisor is an Eastern European tradition that celebrates nature's rebirth along with the coming of Spring :) this time of year it's easy to feel it on our own skin, and what a reason to celebrate indeed !! To honour this, La un Ceai tea house is hosting a cozy spring fair with traditional style stuff, from handmade jewelry to jams, raw vegan chocolate, henna tattoos & my oh my <3 it's close to Cismigiu Park, a pretty fairy tale tea house...

Free entry !!

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Mărțișor Fair & Bazaar // traditional celebration @Museum of the Romanian Peasant

In Bucharest, 26.02.2016 10:001 - 01.03.2016 18:001

Măr?i?or is a tradition found in Romania, Bulgaria & parts of Albania. People at the countryside have kept it alive for decades, always reviving it along with the beginning of summer as a lucky charm & protection from illnesses. The main symbol of Martisor is a red&white braided thread worn by adults, kids & also farm animals for this purpose - though iIn the modern world it has become a fashion thing. [it's awesome either way]

The fair at the Peasant's Museum encourages & praises the handcrafting & artistic expression of this Martisor, and here is where you will find traditional pieces, as well as some with a modern twist... breathe into the tradition !! Totally worth a trip <3

Entry: 4 lei / 2 lei for students

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Baba Dochia [RO] // electronic rock @Control

In Bucharest, 12.03.2016 21:001 - 01.01.1970 1:001

Baba Dochia ♦ electronic rock [Cluj-Napoca] ♦

A well appreciated band from Transylvania & a HOLiSTiC artistic performance through instruments, efx & electronix + some twisted hypnotiq visuals to wash it down... check it !!

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Bucharest Jazz Orchestra, 4th year anniversary at JazzBook

In Bucharest, 26.02.2016 21:001 - 01.01.1970 1:001

Four years ago a band came to life:
Bucharest Jazz Orchestra
Over the years, lineup and musical direction changed quite a bit, 
ranging from rather traditional arrangements of jazz standards to the more modern sounds of 90's Drum ’n’ Bass and Neo Soul featured in original compositions.

Artist support: 30 RON

Reservations: +40752.206.746

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Emancipator @Control

In Bucharest, 02.03.2016 20:001 - 01.01.1970 1:001

A search for mind immersing, spine tingling tracks would land many stumbling upon Emancipator. Known for its etheric melodies, immaculately smooth samples, and addictive drum beats, Emancipator’s music has captivated a diverse audience across the globe. 

Tickets: 40 RON

Available here:

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Berlin Session #1, Molly Nilsson

In Bucharest, 03.03.2016 20:001 - 01.01.1970 1:001

Molly Nilsson has been running her own label and producing her own music since 2007, releasing 6 albums, several EPs and producing evocative videos that elaborate on the themes she is obsessed by. The music released under own moniker is a heartfelt rendering of romanticized pop music, gloriously DIY in method and honest in practice.
Clearly influenced by the minimal synthesizer pop of the 80s but also adept at timeless melancholic song writing, each song presents a compact sound world which twinkles with a sense of loneliness and the warmth of its opposite.

Tickets: 30 RON

Available here:

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Art Fashion Fair March 2016

In Bucharest, 05.03.2016 12:001 - 06.03.2016 20:001

A very cool fashion & lifestyle fair with a wide variety of Romanian artists, whom will bring their unique creations. Possibly the place to find some nice souvenirs or just to inspire yourself.

The entry is free for both you and your pets.

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Bucurie de Noroc la Orizont de Plai // retro documentary screening @Clubul Țăranului Român

In Bucharest, 11.03.2016 19:001 - 01.01.1970 1:001

Bucurie de Noroc la Orizont de Plai... how can you translate this to a foreigner... think with your heart: Joy and Luck at the Land's Horizon !! however it might make sense to you, come and check out what was meant ~ a beautiful heartdesign of a documentary about the evolution of Moldavian music (: some progressive & psychedelic stuff that will rock your socks off !! a true gem hidden in the belly of the Soviet Union. Come see what was happening in Moldavia's 198o !!

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Mărțișor Jam Session @Ceai la Cinci

In Bucharest, 01.03.2016 20:001 - 01.01.1970 1:001

Time to let the bird in your chest sing, sing for spring, jam with your brothers & sisters at Doors Hostel, in their magical teahouse of music & wonder !! Bring your instrument or share one with the peeps who you'll meet there (: or just come & enjoy self expression at it's finest & free-est

Free entry

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Gărâna Jazz Festival #20 @Poiana Lupului

In Bucharest, 07.07.2016 8:001 - 11.07.2016 23:001

• 20 years of Gărâna Jazz Festival • dedicated to the magical world of jazz music & to a growing community raised in the spirit of wilderness & freedom of Garana’s picturesque setting <3 The musical events will be accompanied by film projections, photo exhibitions and other connected experiments [soon TBA]

Location: Poiana Lupului, Hanul La Răscruce and Catholic Church in Valiug Village

Line-up preview:
♦ FOOD, experimental jazz duo including British musician Iain Bellamy and Norwegian partner Thomas Strønen
♦ Nils Petter Molvær, pioneer of nu jazz.
♦ Louis Sclavis Trio, led by French musician Louis Sclavis
♦ Yuri Honing Acoustic Quartet (Holland)
♦ Enrico Rava (Italy)
♦ Kari Ikonen Trio Kari Ikonen Trio (Finland/ Armenia)
♦ Magnus Öström Band (Sweden)

Tickets: online starting April & on the spot

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Discotecă *BoysBoysBoys* // RomPop retro party @Control Club

In Bucharest, 07.03.2016 22:001 - 01.01.1970 1:001

The night before International Women's Day, Discoteca collective shall teleport to Control Club for celebrating the voices, blazers, hairstyles & possible moustaches of everlasting RomPop [Romanian pop music] male stars !! <3 bringing all the testosterone you need, come audition & FREAK OUT! to local retro pop... you can't miss it, man. Just can't. Ride that wave !!

Entry fee: 15 lei

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Romanian Trains: screening, Q&A, afterparty @Manasia Hub

In Bucharest, 10.03.2016 20:001 - 01.01.1970 1:001

Local legend, train hopper & theatre photographer ~Adi Bulboacă~ will show us what it means to journey with our motherland's trains & the Romanian railway company. If you come from the wild West, it might be hard to understand why things [especially public transport] function so weird around here, but here is the perfect opportunity to see it explained in an artistic way :) Q&A as much as you wish after the screening and theeeeeeeen PARTY AFTERPARTY

Free entry !!
Yummy stuff provided by

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